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Founder: The Corporate Imperium of Dyzistrolux

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Dyzistrolux welcomes you to Eetrador!

We hope you make a home for yourself here.

Featured 6/6/18

  • Eetrador accepts embassy offers.

  • Recruiter nations will be banned immediately.

You can check out some cool stuff Linkhere.

Embassies: Yarnia, The Embassy, The Great Universe, SECFanatics, Lardyland, Bus Stop, Gypsy Lands, and Hollow Point.

Tags: Featured, Future Tech, and Minuscule.

Eetrador contains 3 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Eetrador

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Eetrador is ranked 111th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Corporate Imperium of DyzistroluxCapitalizt“Inefficiency is evil.”
2.The United Christian States of Signum CrucisMoralistic Democracy“For Lord and Country”
3.The Parliamentary Republic of LockwoodeLeft-wing Utopia“Forgive and Love”

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Just chilling


In the year of our God Emperor 2018 on the 17th of May, Alexander VI personally entered the Eetradorian Civil War.

Though he was assumed dead, in reality Alexander VI had simply allowed Alexander VII to assume leadership of Signum Crucis while he chose to protect the holy empire from behind the scenes. Alexander VI headed the top-secret Project Archangel GBRL-XII, or simply Project Gabriel. The top scientists of Signum Crucis hooked up Alexander VI's body to a massive machine of war, capable of sustaining Alexander VI's body indefinitely while performing several Miracles of War.

With Project Gabriel finally complete on Signum Crucis's own moon base, Alexander VI personally descended upon Project Utopia and seized the moon base single-handedly from the grasp of the Supreme Archgouda. The Supreme Archgouda, donning his advanced battle armor, did battle with Alexander VI's Project Gabriel, and the battle was said to be long and trying for both sides. However, in the end it is said that Alexander VI finished off the Supreme Archgouda by unleashing a pillar of vaporizing light from the massive sword of Project Gabriel, annihilating the Supreme Archgouda and critically damaging Project Utopia. With the Supreme Archgouda slain and Project Utopia crippled, Project Gabriel then descended upon Eetrador to turn the tide of war.

Project Gabriel descends.

Utilizing the machine's capability to generate bread and water by absorbing water and organic plant matter around it, Project Gabriel first nourished the armies of Eetrador. Then, as the ground conflicts returned to the devastated lands of Dycetrolux, Project Gabriel unleashed twin miracles of pillars of vaporizing light and swarms of bees upon the dread armies of Vecna and the EEUC.

With Dyzistrolux withdrawing aid from the EEUC, the dread army was noticeably weakened. Finally, the tide of battle changed in favor of the allied forces of Eetrador under God Emperor Dennis, and it finally started to seem like the war could be won. The devastated land of Dycetrolux was recaptured, and the forces of Vecna and the EEUC were forced to retreat.

At least, the darkness started to be pushed back.

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The empire of utopian cheese

This war of far from over, Alexander VI.

On the year 2018 of the Common Era on the 17th of May, news hit the Empire of the Empire of Utopian Cheese that their beloved leader, Legatus Maximus Falkor Havarti Vinolo, The Supreme Archgouda, had fallen in battle against the dreaded Alexander VI. Overcome with grief, the empire's future seemed grim as it was left without leadership in the middle of the greatest war in the history of Eetrador.

Then, a miracle happened. On the morning of the 18th of May, year 2018 of the Common Era, a broadcast was shown across all of the empire showing Legatus Maximus Falkor Havarti Vinolo, The Supreme Archgouda, reborn and giving a passionate speech to his people. Though his form was now withered and skeletal, the Supreme Archgouda announced that he had achieved a dreadful arcane power known as "lichdom", thanks to his cleverly made alliance with the Occluded Empire of Vecna. The Supreme Archgouda proclaimed for all his people to hear, "Though the fool Alexander VI's attack destroyed my body, my WILL is ETERNAL!"

The Supreme Archgouda is no more. He has now assumed the following title: Lich King Falkor Havarti Vinolo, The Eternal Supreme Archgouda. May his reign span eternity, and may he bring victory to the empire in the Eetradorian Civil War.

Lich King Falkor Havarti Vinolo, The Eternal Supreme Archgouda contemplates his next move in the Eetradorian Civil War.

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Just chilling

The battle for Signum Crucis has begun.

In the year of our God Emperor 2018 on the 18th of May, the Undying King launched his response to Alexander VI's assault: Project Whisper.

Project Whisper is unleashed as a counter to Project Gabriel.

With Project Whisper ready for deployment, Vecna began his plan to break the will of all who dared to oppose the might of the Occluded Empire of Vecna: an all-out assault on Signum Crucis. Quite suddenly, all of the allied forces of Vecna and the EEUC withdrew from any ongoing conflicts and redirected towards the Civitas Dei itself. An apocalyptic storm of nuclear warheads softened the defense forces of Signum Crucis, and shortly thereafter the undead horde swarmed the capital. Alexander VI responded, unleashing the full wrath of Project Gabriel and annihilating the zombie swarms with pillars of divine light. For a moment, it seemed the battle was drawing to a close.

Then, Project Whisper joined the fray at high speed, colliding with Project Gabriel and taking both of them high above the conflict. Up in the skies of Signum Crucis the Undying King himself dueled with Alexander VI, their conflict every escalating even past the atmosphere. Alexander VI fought with all his fury to defend the glory of God, while Vecna fought to become a usurper god and the one true king of existence.

The Undying King and Alexander VI do battle in orbit above Eetrador.

In the end, the aging Alexander VI could not best the Undying King. Project Gabriel was struck down, and Alexander VI was sent hurtling down into the Earth. Project Gabriel crash landed in the Civitas Dei, and Vecna ordered for his remaining forces to move in and finish the job. Project Whisper began its slow descent towards victory.

However, unknown to Vecna, Project Gabriel remained operational, though damaged. Alexander VI even survived the initial impact, living just long enough to utter his final words. In his dying moments, Alexander VI blessed Alexander VII, granting his successor permission to use Project Gabriel and unleash its full potential upon the False God. Alexander VII braced himself for the final battle for Signum Crucis, knowing that if Vecna was not pushed back now, all would be lost.

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Congratulations on being featured my friends!


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Just chilling

Vecna and the EEUC have returned. God Emperor help us all.

In the year of our God Emperor 2018 on the 18th of May, Alexander VII spearheaded Signum Crucis's last stand against Vecna himself.

As Project Whisper descended upon the Civitas Dei, Vecna made a fatal miscalculation: though Project Whisper was a truly terrifying war machine and he had just struck down Project Gabriel, it could not stand up against both Project Gabriel and the wrath of Signum Crucis's defense forces focused within the Civitas Dei, bolstered by weapons received from an unknown ally. The battle was long and terrible, but in the end Alexander VII used Project Gabriel to strike down Project Whisper. It is said that as the arrogant false god Vecna lay defeated in the ruins of Project Whisper, Alexander VII mercilessly annihilated his foe with a massive column of light emitted by Project Gabriel. With Vecna defeated, the tide of war seemed to have turned against Vecna and the EEUC.

Then disaster struck. As a last ditch effort to annihilate his enemies, Vecna apparently had arranged for the entirety of his nuclear arsenal to be launched at random targets across all of Eetrador in the event of his demise. At the same time, the mad ruler of the EEUC, Lich King Falkor Havarti Vinolo, The Eternal Supreme Archgouda, simultaneously unleashed the entirety of the EEUC's nuclear arsenal against random targets across Eetrador. To further add to this catastrophe, either Vecna or the EEUC regained control of Project Utopia via unknown means and fired the weapon across Eetrador. This event has been declared the Great Calamity of Eetrador, as the vast majority of its populace was annihilated in the ensuing destruction.

The Great Calamity of Eetrador, which destroyed many of its nations.

Not only were many nations annihilated by this catastrophe, both Vecna and the EEUC were seemingly destroyed in the process. The war seemed over at this point as the now devastated Eetrador settled into an uneasy peace. Just Chilling rejoiced as they survived the war by the grace of their mighty God Emperor, believing the war was won. But this peace was not to last.

In the year of our God Emperor 2018 on the 24th of July, both the Occluded Empire of Vecna and the Empire of the Empire of Utopian Cheese were revealed to have survived. Even worse, both of their leaders were revealed to have been somehow resurrected by utilizing ancient, profane magic. Eetrador is in ruins, and now Vecna and the EEUC's combined defense forces dwarf the remaining defense forces of Eetrador combined.

This war is far from over.

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