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Ekaterinburg Arena
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Ekaterinburg Arena is home to a single nation.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in Ekaterinburg Arena

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Ekaterinburg Arena is ranked 10,609th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

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1.The Kvas Stall of NamedStateCorrupt Dictatorship“Find me when Santa comes”

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Ekaterinburg Arena Regional Message Board

кровавые голуби

*The pigeon raises it's head from the pancake, and looks around. It swallows a berry, then pecks at the bacon.*

Hi all,

Probably keep it relatively simple but fun to start with.
We've four regions, so we could pair up to play rock paper scissors.
We can then switch pairs around, so that every region plays each of the others.
That would give us three games each.
We can keep a league table of games just for fun.

Rules (suggest changes!)

Both regions publish polls at exactly the same time.
The polls last 7(?) days
Polls are open to all nations
Poll titles include both region names, and the game title - eg "Rock, Paper, Scissors - Gypsy Lands vs SECFanatics"
Poll options are "Rock", "Paper", and "Scissors"

Whichever option has most votes for your region is the hand you show.
The winning region scores 3 points. Draws score 1 point. Losing scores 0 points.
If the votes are tied for your region's options, you forfiet the game - (unless both regions are tied, in which case we call it a draw.)

The rules are based on this:

The Rejected Realms has invited its allies to a unique, rock-paper-scissors competition. How do regions compete in a rock-paper-scissors competition, you may ask? Great question.

Our regions will compete against each other, two at a time, using regional polls. Each region will hold a regional poll with "rock", "paper" or "scissors" as their options - allowing the regions to choose their hand over a three day period.

With foreknowledge of what the other side is choosing, both regions will have to mobilize their voters to counter the other region's hand before the three days are up!

Rules of the Game

Section 1: Preparation

1. Both teams will begin their regional poll at precisely the exact same time.
2. If it becomes clear that one teamís regional poll is running earlier than the other teamís regional poll, the match should be restarted and the poll discarded.
3. There will be three options in these regional polls: Rock, Paper or Scissors.
4. Both regional polls will be set to last three days and remain open to all residents.

Section 2: The Game

5. In any match: Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock, Scissors beats Paper.
6. At the conclusion of the polls, if the option with a plurality on oneís teamís regional poll is a winning option (see 2.5) against the option that holds a plurality on the other teamís regional poll, then that team has won the match.
7. At the conclusion of the polls, if both teams hold a plurality with the same option, then the match is a draw.
8. At the conclusion of the polls, if one team has two or more options tied for the most votes in its poll, then that team must concede the match by default.
9. At the conclusion of the polls, if both teams have two or more options tied for the most votes in their polls, then the match is a draw.
10. Players are allowed to change how they vote during a poll at any time.
11: Draws will be resolved with a random winner selected by the lead event organizer.

Section 3: Poll Raiding and Good Faith

10. All residents ought to refrain from ďpoll raidingĒ or manipulating either regionís poll.

The matches will run according to Linkthis schedule.

Read dispatch

The polls would work very differently if we restricted voting to residents. For example, because I'm in a small region, I could ask my region mates not to vote at all, then at the last minute before the poll closed, cast my vote so as it would beat my opponents vote. I prefer for there to be less control over the outcome.

By opening it up to all nations, the polls can easily be manipulated. Whereas that should be a downside, it means we're all equally open to being manipulated, and we have no control over it. Which to my mind, makes it more of a level playing field, and so more fun.

What do you think?

I'm agreeable to any suggestions, subject to my availability.

During the recent holidays my number of nations expanded considerably. Plus, there are always time demands in real-life. So, I may not be around as much as I would like.

Thanks to Her Ladyship, Gypsy Lands, for volunteering the use of this region.

*Sets out tables of goodies from SECFanatics: Florida oranges, Georgia peaches, Alabama pecans, South Carolina barbecue, bottles of Tennessee sour-mash whisky, Kentucky bourbon, Missouri St Louis-style pizza, Louisiana crawfish etouffee, Arkansas pork-steaks, Mississippi southern fried chicken, and Texas chicken-fried steak with jalapeno poppers*


Actually it wasn't me who volunteered the use of this region. And until I get a personal TG from Bookmaker Eight giving me permission, I will not use it for any group discussion.

Gypsy Lands wrote:Actually it wasn't me who volunteered the use of this region. And until I get a personal TG from Bookmaker Eight giving me permission, I will not use it for any group discussion.

Oops, should have mentioned that I'm The Ambassadors Reception.

This is a region that was used to host polls during the 2018 Russia World Cup. It accidentally didn't CTE, so we can use it for the meantime, and kill it off at some point in the future if it's no longer needed.

I accept your explanation and will participate in any discussion.

**Sends over a basket of assorted muffins, butter, jam, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and Hershey's kisses**


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