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Welcome to glorious Elparia!

Raiders are kinda cringe, yo.

Feel free to join our region and participate in our RP!

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Please endorse stand-in delegate Minachia.

No, embassies do not reflect our region's views. That would be lame.

Embassies: Association of the Countries of the Free, International Debating Area, POLATION, Solid Kingdom, Australialia, Future Earth, The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Solar Alliance, Underworld, The LCRUA, The Graveyard, Avadam Inn, Pax Britannia, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Sands, and 21 others.Eientei Gensokyo, The Alterran Republic, The Democratic Commonwealth, United League of Nations, Novo Brasil, Right to Life, Nordic Lands, Ikuisuus, Portugal, Slavija, Dythinia, Japan, Nakari, Greater Arcadia, Yuno, Gypsy Lands, Fredonia, Allied Conservative States, Free Market Federation, The Great Monarchical Nations, and Turkic Union.

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Elparia contains 22 nations, the 793rd most in the world.


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The Most Politically Free in Elparia

These nations allow citizens the greatest amount of freedom to select their own government.

As a region, Elparia is ranked 16,290th in the world for Most Politically Free.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Roman Empire of MinachiaNew York Times Democracy“insert less cliche motto here”
2.The Commonwealth of Elparia FounderLiberal Democratic Socialists“Gallifrey + Rossferry = Elparia.”
3.The Grand Federal Republic of EntariaNew York Times Democracy“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
4.The Holy Empire of VangrerjanzakAnarchy“Motto...”
5.The Grand Duchy of VaadekoenieConservative Democracy“Servamus Servientes”
6.The Most Serene Republic of SantomareCapitalist Paradise“Evviva la Serenissima”
7.The Unitary States of ChuukangoScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Dirigo”
8.The Federation of Zi0nCapitalist Paradise“Service Guarantees Citizenship”
9.The United Socialist States of KonzaskInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Proletarians of the world, unite!”
10.The Confederacy of AquiasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Weave Trust with Trust”

Regional Happenings


Elparia Regional Message Board

Castle Securities Chuukangan purchase

From the Zionian private sector a company named Castle Securities, a subsidiary of the much larger Castle Industries, formally requests the purchase of all available non-uparmored Chuukangan humvees being sold. Castle Securities forwards that the company is ready to pay the full price as listed for the vehicles via wire upfront.

Quangsuh budget changes
As the Quangsui Federations population officially reaches the 180 million mark, budgeting teams inside the State Tangshi are in a panic. With the new democratic government struggling to even govern the Quangsui mainland, many are skeptical if the government is even capable of keeping order in its newest New Russian regions. Current issues such as the Qi Dong military reforms, Wadiya crisis and Berinsky Union settlements are forcing the government to seriously rethink its budgeting.

BU Naval exercises
In celebration of the completion of the second largest naval base in Quangsuh, The State Tangshi extends and invitation to the KCP to participate in an opening ceremony with a ship "row past" at the Wansu Naval Academy. This will then be followed by a joint arctic exercise, to hopefully familiarize Quangsui and Konzaskan Sailors with each other and promote further co-operation.

Military Budget Cuts
The Qi Dong Military Reforms, activated by the newest head of defense Qi Dong. The reformations are a step by step deconstruction and reorganization of the QPLA from infantry training (the entire QPLA infantry will be absorbed into the Mobile Infantry) and equipment upgrades (thermal vision eyepiece, new uniforms, body armor and rifle). Despite this, The annual military budget will be cut from 12% to 11%, saving up to 864 Millon TSD which can be put towards aiding in the other, more pressing aliments.

Distribution of Hao's Funds
The government, in all its wisdom has finally found designation for the 125B TSD of his total 200B net worth that was seized from Hao's accounts, mostly on shore accounts from xichang bank however a significant portion has been traced overseas, due to this some of these funds cannot be immediately injected into their sectors. The New Russian Settlement/Development will be made a priority and will receive its funds from Hao's onshore accounts. This is how the money will be distributed, for a one time payment into these sectors.

New Russian Settlement: $50B TSD

Xichang Port Development: $12B TSD

Ministry of Education: $36.5B TSD

Public Transport Development: $26.5B TSD

Other assets such as Hao's many villas, resorts and luxery items may be liquidated to ensure funds are returned to the public sector where they belong.

Early in the morning, a personally-signed letter from King Pierre himself gives the Minachian's the go-ahead. The letter is delivered by hand, a sign of absolute trust in the Minachians and respect.

As the letter is en-route, a bomb explodes at a bus stop in one of Trimainia's smaller metropolitan cities, wounding at least 60 and killing four. The Red Mountain Cult is presumed to be responsible.

Minachian Intervention

Upon receiving the letter, the Emperor immediately moved to authorize the deployment of Imperial Armed Forces troops to intervene in Trimainia. The special forces 4th Alpine Paratrooper Legion, along with the 7th Infantry Brigade of the Imperial Army and several units of the Imperial Air Force (including helicopters and bomber aircraft), are now rapidly mobilizing to be deployed to Trimainia. The 4th Legion is expected to spearhead operations against the Red Mountain Cult, as it is specifically trained for mountainous environments and has experience with counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism. Furthermore, a small squadron of ships under the carrier NMI Anna Unitrix is on its way to Trimainian waters to begin providing aerial support. The Defense Ministry and the General Staff have also contacted their Trimainian counterparts to form a joint command and to receive a briefing on the situation in the country, including full details on the recent bus stop bombing. The Minachian delegation to the Reman Council has also called for an emergency meeting of the League members for the purpose of further coordinating military operations and to request assistance from Santomare and Vanya.


Anything requested is provided, not much is known of the bus stop due to the relative state of it being recent. But, beyond that, the Minachians are given any resources or information requested.

Founding Day - 3/2/21

Chuukangans enjoyed an unusual 4 day weekend (Sat thru Tues) as the nation celebrates its 360th Birthday. The usual influx of international tourists has been sullied by recent terrorist attacks in Trimania and Minot City, however the usual travellers from Treka and Corusconia have crossed the border to enjoy the local festivities and cultural celebrations.

Sale (Zi0n) - One Month Ago
The Chuukangan DOD has approved the sale of one hundred (100) standard surplus Humvees and four hundred (400) ambulance Humvees to the Zionian Castle Security organization, for the price of 476.5K Unitary Marks, to be shipped at the discretion of said buyers.

The Haoist Phoenix Rises for the Ashes

"Revisionists, traitors, and cowards! For decades, the People's Movement in Quangsuh was making strides towards peace! It brought unity where there was anarchy! Hope, where there was despair! Security, where there was terror! Now, those three monsters have returned! People of Quangsuh, you may have residual feelings of negativity towards Hao, for he was too accepting of foreign merchants and economic blackmail, but grant him the opportunity to atone! The power of the people is infinite, the People's Party of Quangsuh represents neither the people, nor it's own ideals! It represents the interests of the banks, and of foreign charlatans!"

This was the speech given by Pharaoh Apocris, declaring the foundation of the Quangsui Government in Exile, founded on the late Brother Hao's estates in Kemet. This is widely received as an insult towards the contemporary Quangsui government. The funds appropriated from the late dictator's personal fortune have served to boost this government's budget, and feeding the local people. The true Quangsuh now invites men and women to build up a support base from which to destroy the revisionists in Quangsuh.

Santomarese Response to the Trimainian Situation

At the Reman Council, the Santomarese delegation has stated that the majority of the SDF is preoccupied with domestic duties and will be unable to support League operations in Trimainia against the Red Mountain Cult. However, the Air Force, due to a lack aerial operations being needed in Santomare, will be able to provide some support if requested from air bases near Trimainia. Furthermore, some land and naval units may be able to be spared to the counter-insurgency should the need arise, especially once Santomare has held its general elections and martial law is ended.

New Konzask Media Consumption

With the sharp rise in both anime consumption, and production within Konzaskan society, the style has quickly come to dominate Konzaskan media. However with this innocent side, comes a more adult side to it. With anime quickly dominating Konzaskan media, hentai as well as begun to circulate among Konzask citizens. With both these things into consideration, new industries and shops centered around the newly established media have risen, with multiple state ran animation studios, as well as new shapes for novel or comic adaptations, as well as for figurines and more, adult products. Considering things such as sex work are legal, and considered respected careers, these new additions within the Konzaskan market has been met with relative acceptance and excitement, as well as sucsess. The KCP has yet to make a comment on the new rising industry.

Konzaskans on the Kemeti Haoists

Largely, the response from the Konzask citizenry has been overly negative to the rising haoists in Kemet, however the KCP itself has been rather silent, the most being given have so far only been side comments, or unofficial statements given by individual party members. The closest the KCP has come to addressing the situation has been "If The Pharaoh wants to exalt the reign of a long dead tyrant that's their choice, it wont go anywhere and it never will, let them have their fun while we do our work". Over all from what can be gathered the KCP doesn't particularly care about the Kemetian Haoists. Although one member of the KCP did state that "This government in exile is either stupid, or a front. Quangsuh already has a Haoist Party within it's Federation, there's is quit literally nothing stopping them from returning to Quangsuh and cooperating with fellow Haoists. Quite frankly, they have 0 reason to exist and will more then likly die out in a few months".

Online Movement Sparks Controversy

A formidable online movement has recently been born from a small coordinated web of ideologues permeating the recesses of the Aesidian cyberspace, which have been gaining rapid mainstream momentum after an emotionally charged anti-monarchist rant on an obscure chat forum gained viral status as a widely consumed copypasta.

Said copypasta argued on behalf of anti-pluralism and meritocracy as it's OP's core tenets, with some of those exposed to the rhetoric allegedly being sucked into a digital rabbithole- often conspiratorial according to top media outlets weighing in on the situation.

Part of the rapid gain in popularity of the movement is attributed to the namesake of an increasingly relevant figure, Sverker Ahlborn, known as a political commentator and icon on various social media platforms, by the alias of Virvelström281. He has shown to be a highly divisive figure both in online rants and podcasts, often advocating on behalf of "elite governance", expanded bureaucracy, complete abdication of the king and dissolution of the monarchy, and even eugenics and population control. An excerpt from one of his rants read:

"Society and the broad body politic shift and fluctuate based on the whims and exalted word of social influencers, of charisma rather than merit, the lack of foresight- and equally hindsight, of the king and his ardent supporters, as well as the incoherent liberal masses. This places the inherent flaws of pluralism and inheritance both on a wicked pedestal of irrationality, as an incomprehensible naive mess of a thought-process, prone to corruption by the dark sides of elitism- social and idealistic elitism of those the masses prop up on their shoulders, rather than those who prop up themselves and can read between the lines of babble and wishful thinking, and can take action just as often as an elected politician can whisper sweet nothings to an entire generation."

Despite how this growing ideology appears to call out the general public as "ignorant," and "the primary flaw of plurality," it seems to attract the ideologically homeless in ever greater numbers, preying off those who are already socially distant.

Notable cyberwarrior groups and croudfunding campaigns have begun sprouting off of this popularity, given the energized nature of average proponents, a hallmark of radical ideology. Despite being in their infancy, these have been done under unusual coordination and competence, and law enforcement has had significant trouble tracing primary backers and even the scope of the crowdfunding campaigns themselves, while public knowledge of aforementioned cyberwarrior groups remains extremely shallow, presumed to be hierarchical and highly decentralized, though this remains merely as speculation.

Already, a handle of low-profile cyber-warfare campaigns have been engaged by unnamed entities affiliated to these groups, one of which left an entire city block without power for approximately 8 hours and 56 minutes before electricians could arrive on scene. Law enforcement is currently monitoring the situation closely.

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