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Embassies Embassies Embassies RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Republic of Embassies Embassies Embassies

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Our goal?
Have more embassies than The Embassy!

We are also trying to make the largest Regional Message Board in the world, as EVERY nation in a region with an embassy can post on the RMB.

Established December 2, 2019

First Embassy: Youland December 5, 2019

100 Embassies: December 19, 2019

Embassy Count: 135

We are looking for more members! (Telegram Embassies Embassies Embassies for the password.)

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    The Reference Library

    MetaReference by All Wild Things . 1,573 reads.

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    NationStates Guide

    MetaReference by Amerion . 65,666 reads.

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    Thoughts on Suicide

    MetaReference by German Holy Roman Empire . 1,418 reads.

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Tags: Casual, Minuscule, Neutral, Pacifist, Password, Recruiter Friendly, and Silly.

Embassies Embassies Embassies contains 2 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Armed in Embassies Embassies Embassies

World Census experts took their lives into their hands in order to ascertain the average number of deadly weapons per citizen.

As a region, Embassies Embassies Embassies is ranked 7,300th in the world for Most Armed.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of NeotheaterCivil Rights Lovefest“Welcome to the Neotheater, won't everybody take their s”
2.The Republic of Embassies Embassies EmbassiesTyranny by Majority“MORE EMBASSIES”

Regional Happenings


Embassies Embassies Embassies Regional Message Board


I've voted "other" in your poll, having just changed it from "no".

I think that in most circumstances, the moderation team should have no need to be involved in copy-paste to multiple RMBs. However, as with any type of other post, there may be occasions where mod intervention is required.

For example, if the post is unwanted and the "natives" have taken reasonable steps to prevent future posting, and these steps have been ignored, then there is a case for getting mods involved.
Say I posted my newspaper on your RMB. You then asked me not to. I posted my latest edition at a later date, against your wishes. You then ban my nation to prevent me posting again. I then create a puppet to get around that ban...

You get the idea.

Voting "no" was just a bit too black and white, but that is where my instinct is.

I think we should eject Gemmu. Then if he wants back in, we'll give him the password.

I clicked 'other' on the poll and I think that instead of reporting it, ignoring it e.t.c, you should read rules regarding this more carefully. Then you could just go by what the rules say.

Check it out!


[Verses: Razor Music]
It's the Remix
Yeah Baby, It's your boy, Razor Music

I often commit lyrical crimes
Coz of my burning rhymes
Grab a wine, Yeah, Yeah,
Grab a Wine, And
Catch my Fire on Amazon Prime

I always stay Jiggy
People call me silly
But I never mind,
Coz I'm always busy Killin'

Hey Yavin, Go On!

[Verses: Yavin Republic]
Knowledge savage in pursuit of happiness
Shake me shape me make me face loneliness
But left without love then I have no happiness
In my pursuit of god, I thirst for holiness

[Verses: Razor Music]
Yeah Baby it's True
Nostradamus wrote my fortune
It ain't so dark, it ain't so bright
But it tells 'bout my profit margin
It's always so high high high!!

[Verses: Yavin Republic]
Getting evicted, you little idiot, pitching tickets
I kick a Band-Aid for cuts
Hope you in prison suckin on nuts
All you feminists hate my guts
Diamonds bling, priceless cuts
Heard you grew some nuts
Sweepin the flo' for some cigarette b*tts
Damn, Damn, got all in her guts
We come with the bomb and best cuts
Serenate but no getting engaged with the nuts
Man; I pull the trigger, blow out your guts
I'm pimping through the south holding my nuts
Blow holes throught they heads like donuts

[Verses: Razor Music]
It's never a party if you don't feel dizzy
Scotch Rum Wine and Whiskey
What are you lookin' at Girl!
Just Grab and Kiss Me!

Yeah! Yeah!
It's the Remix
Yavin, Skrtt!
NS Musix Studio
It's Your Boy!
Razor Music

Released On: December 10, 2019
Artist: Yavin Republic Ft. Razor Music
Record: NS Musix Studio
Genre: Pop
Lisenced: NationStates Media Corporation
Server: Digital Medianet 2.0
Read dispatch

Hello, Embassies Embassies Embassies. This is the Battlemaster from Kraterocracy here to tell you that a roleplay opportunity awaits. Use our embassy to post in the RMB and one of our ROs will show you an application. Hail Victoria.

Merry Christmas Everyone!🎄🦌🎅🤶🎁

Finlandia Gives the right for embassy regions to post.

Please vote in my very important Deep Storage poll.

Hello Embassies Embassies Embassies,

First, how are you? We haven't been in contact lately. Second, I am encouraging everyone to vote on our poll. This poll is to elect a secretary. The two candidates are Abdumbugs and Osis. We have already had two ties on this poll, and I don't want another. So, get out and vote! The poll can be found at page=poll/p=152922

Thank You!

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