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I understand it's basically cheap labour for a year.

But you work hands on with whatever you're doing, while at the same time study for an industry degree, in my case an MCIT (Microsoft Certified Information Technician) Or something like that.

Basically, it's like doing a degree but it's like constantly placement, and no studying.

But like I said, it's just cheap workers for companies. Thats there incentive. the pays 95 quid a week for the first year.

Erk... that's peanuts.

Still, it's 95 more a week then i'm getting now.

Job Center want to cancel my application because I don't have a letter from my university proving I have left. I can get one, but the e-mail system we use to communicate with lecturers is totally sh*te. Most lecturers don't even use it, so it's very hit and miss whether he even receives the e-mail.

So I rang them up asking what I could do to stop them closing the account. They said right a letter explaining whats happening, and will make a decision based on that letter. So basically their a bunch of c*nts unwilling to demonstrate common sense.

153 USD more or less, or in my home country..1050.3 ZAR (South African Rand)

You could just wander into one of the admin buildings and get those sorts of letters from my old uni. You sure you can't do that at your place, Adpt?

Nah. Everything in a different building. Go to enquirers, they send you to your faculty, your faculty sends you to your department, you go to your department, they give you a form then tell you to get your lecturer to sign in. Then it gets tricky. The only communication system we have with lecturers outside of lectures is e-mail. And it's a purely office based e-mail system. So if their out the office, it's a no go. It's a totally unreliable system. Only other thing is to turn up at the office and prey to god they are in the office. But that doesn't always work.

Crysis 2 is incredibly pretty, but that's about it.

No real plot, bad voice acting and bland combat and gunplay that I've seen done better a hundred times before.

I Thought It looked amazing, and played really well, a lot better then I expected. The Story was good, it worked, kept me playing, and wondering. But didn't wrap up well. The ending was dull, and it almost ruined the whole game. I thought the gameplay was really well done though. However towards the end, every encounter with the Ceph, seemed to be the same but in a different place. I also thought they relied way to much on the nano suit for plot fillers.

"How did you defeat the Ceph?"

"Oh the suit done it."

That kind of thing.

Definitely worth the 40 quid though for a good 10 hours play.

Glad I didnt pay that kind of money for it, although to be fair it will be awhile before I do play it, there are so many games ahead of it as of yet unopened.

Is there a way to become citizen of another country? Mine is being an embarassment just now.

It's called immigration, Emakera. :P

Barring that, you can always see if dual citizenship is available for your country of choice.

Wish I had the money to emigrate. To Australia. Apparently there a sh*t ton of decent jobs there, and no one to fill them. Just don't have the money to move.

Foreign placements happen all the time Adapt. Cruise lines, hotels, should check it out.

I thought about applying for a Cruise Ship. But the pay was in US Dollars. And it came to like 3000 dollars for 6 months work, which is like just over 2 grand in Sterling. It didn't seem worth it.

A job is a job, Adaptus. And hell, that sounds like a pretty cushy one, considering cruiseliners are just floating hotels.

2 and a bit grand is really not worth it for 6 months work mate. Considering the minimum wage in the UK can get me a grand a month just working full time in a shop. Even on an Apprenticeship i'd make more. Might be good wage in the States, but thats peanuts here. I'd probably spend it all on living costs anyways.

It's like working abroad in Europe in the holiday season. People do it because they think they will come home with a nice pay packet. But really they just end up making enough money to live on. A mate of mine worked the holiday season in Greece. Said it was amazing. But after a while it got to the point where he was barely scraping to get by week by week.

And considering, food and such are not payed for on the Cruise ship, my pay would probably be gone before I even got home.

Nevermind, Neymar just saved us from the scottish. Good for him!

Spice sushi rolls, check. Double stuff oreos for desert, check. We're a go!

Back att the salt mine for another horrible week to finish this pos month off. And yay its another day where they all can't unddrstand a single goddamned word any of us say.

Tomorrow is going to be stressful as hell also as it is more administrative bullcrap and recruiting more poverty stricken brats who won't listen.

I hate this month.

Government cuts are a scam!

I hate release days, especially for games that no one will play. Meh. Marketing morons in my life..again. Blah.


I want to play, too!

I was basically chasing my own tail with customers today, including one who hung up before I could explain that I was doing this for something he's already bought. Then yet another artist who'd been missold a product by sales. Our websites don't have the functionality needed for them.

Oh, well.

I've got to spend a lot of tomorrow morning chasing customers I couldn't reach today, including Mr Hang-up and a woman who I reckon was avoiding my calls as well.

I'm going to post some more pictures from Japan in the regional. My visit to the seafood market comes to life!

Heaven hieghts

I feel ill. Which sucks because I have performance to do tomorrow, hopefully I'll get over it in 12 hours.

Illness is irrelevent.

Hope is irrelevent.

We will add your biological and cultural distinctiveness to our own.

Resistance is Futile.

You will be assimilated.

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