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Europeia RMB
Europeia was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 234

WA Delegate: The Delegate's Galactic Republic of Aexnidaral (elected )

Founder: The Europeian grandfather state of King HEM

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to The Republic of Europeia, a beautiful tropical archipelago founded on March 6th, 2007.
A beautiful tropical archipelago where all nations, regardless of size or government type, have a place among friends!

LinkStart your Journey on our Forum | LinkApply for Citizenship | Get Involved in Europeia | WA Advancement Program | Europeian Republican Navy | LinkJoin us on Discord!

High Executive Government

President: Ambrella
Vice President: Jermeny

Join in our EndoTarting Program! Find WA nations of all Europeian citizens here to get started.

Do your duty! Help increase our regional power by endorsing our World Assembly Delegate Aexnidaral!

EndoCap: 285

Embassies: The North Pacific, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Balder, the West Pacific, World Assembly Legislative League, The East Pacific, United Kingdom, West Europeia, and Kantrias.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Commended, Democratic, Featured, Game Player, Gargantuan, General Assembly, Independent, LGBT, Offsite Forums, Regional Government, Security Council, and 2 others.Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Extremely High

Europeia contains 909 nations, the 23rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Nudest in Europeia

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, Europeia is ranked 6,781st in the world for Nudest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Communist Monarchy of TyaneliaCorrupt Dictatorship“Happiness, Justice, Environnement”
2.The Republic of Greater ColandiikaNew York Times Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
3.The Republic of United VisegradDemocratic Socialists“See the future. Be in present. Remember the past”
4.The Constitutional Empire of TanuvarDemocratic Socialists“Quo fata ferunt”
5.The Free Land of TarichaniaCapitalist Paradise“Get all the moneys!”
6.The Kingdom of Dum BumCorporate Bordello“Freedom is strength!”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of Western ZarathustraNew York Times Democracy“Ordnung und Würde”
8.The Republic of Random number genNew York Times Democracy“From Many, One”
9.The Confederacy of SnoopyIron Fist Consumerists“Why can't we get all the people together in the world?”
10.The Most Serene Republic of OsickIron Fist Consumerists“We will not be denied”
1234. . .9091»

Regional Happenings


Europeia Regional Message Board

Pretty good

Quick question how do we gain people?

United States of Cancio wrote:Quick question how do we gain people?

You basically gain population by each day, as you progress! it can span from 5 to 8 million citizens gained per day, but usually 1 million when your brand new.

Vyata Temor wrote:You basically gain population by each day, as you progress! it can span from 5 to 8 million citizens gained per day, but usually 1 million when your brand new.

Ah, thank you!

United States of Cancio wrote:Ah, thank you!

Your welcome! Enjoy your stay in Europeia!

United States of Cancio I see you are new! Welcome to Europeia. This might be useful, as well as the telegram you will have received welcoming you!

Europeia is a very large place, and it may be difficult for you to get involved because you don't know where to go, or what there is to do! However, there are a bountiful amount of things to keep you staring into your computer- forever.

1) Join the Upvote Squad! The Upvote Squad consists of a multitude of nations who make it their duty to upvote our region’s dispatches to ensure they're out in the public eye more! The more people we have in this squad, the more upvotes we get- which ensures our dispatches are always at the top of the list! If you want to join the Upvote Squad, join our Linkdiscord and join the role @UpvoteSquad in the #admin-bot channel. New dispatches are posted to the Regional Message Board (RMB), but you can check your telegrams for updates as well.

2) Chat on our Regional Message Board, which you can find on our regional page: Often times we hold lively discussions or small cultural games on our RMB, and you can always chat there to get involved! Don't worry, we only bite a little bit. Usually, if you don't make an account on the forums, the RMB is always the second-best socialization option.

3) Join the World Assembly! Joining the World Assembly (WA) is a great way to get involved with international politics as resolutions passed by the WA affect all WA member nations across Nation States. Check out these Frequently Asked WA Questions for more information on why you should join the WA - and more! Joining the WA also means that you can help us break the WA Delegate endorsement record.

4) Vote on Regional Polls! Europeia enjoys its polls! Voting puts the decision in your hands, and, as they say, every vote matters, even yours. If you happen to change your mind about what you vote about during the duration of the poll, do not fret, you are able to change your vote until voting ends!

In addition to all of this, we run Weekend Games (Cards Against Humanity, Board-Game Online, Tiny Tanks, etc)! For questions about the schedule for these games, please contact the First Minister of Europeia! If you do not know who the current First Minister, check the World Factbook Entry (WFE) on our Regional Page!

On top of that, Mixlr is a streaming site which Europeia uses to host all sorts of radio shows, talk shows, news discussions, and interviews with foreign and domestic figures. If you're wondering just what everyone in Europeia sounds like, or if you're interested in listening to some examples of what we do with Mixlr, check out our Linkshowreel. For more information on upcoming Mixlr events, please contact the First Minister of Europeia (you can find that in the WFE on our regional page) or be aware of any RMB messages announcing upcoming events.

As you can see, Europeia is filled with exciting things to do. Now, once you join, we can be sure that you'll never leave. Maybe staring at your computer 24/7 will ensure your infinite survival in our region? Don't forget, most of these things need you to Apply for Citizenship!

Read dispatch

Somebody banject me.

Oileron one wrote:Are you literally following my advice I once said you woke up 30 minutes earlier and starting from there you slowly kept waking up  30 more minutes earlier

Wake up oileron one, its really 3 hours before dinner

Im proud of myself we have over 200 million citizens
Anyways, United States of Cancio welcome!!!!!

Why do we have a large gdp per capita 9 trillion

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