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Farkasfalka RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Imperial Decreeist Autocracy of Xenhe Lous (elected )

Founder: The Rendeletista Királyság of Vungar

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World Factbook Entry

In the name of the Lord we purify our lands!

Farkasfalka is mercenary and debate region, suitable for most right-wing nations seeking civil discussion and some Raiding/Defending.

Our purpose is to build upon our own lives and each other to create a more prosperous society.

God, principle, liberty, order, fatherland, and family are all tenants of our virtuous region.


Founder and proud member of the Virtu League

Farkasfalka is the birthplace of decreeism; a new ideological doctrine.

Our dream is to spread our ideas of a better society and build upon the foundation that we have laid.

Farkasfalka will stop at nothing to fight both degeneracy and tyranny for a better world!

Lehet a Farkasfalka Diadal!

Embassies: Altmora, Laotis, Imperial Coalition of Nations, The Union of the Axis Powers, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, United Imperial Union, Royal Assembly of the Third PCWZ Empire, Second Kekistani Republic, Lardyland, League of Capitalism, Lil Pump and Lil Purp, The Dawn of Unity, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, Knights of The Templar Order, American Patriotic Front, The Embassy, and 118 others.Nova Historiae, The Greater Nazi Empire, Christian Nations Union, The Larry Pact, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, The Reborn Foundation, The Reunited Resistance Against Liberals, Barbaria, Derovania, Russian Empire, Anarcho Fascism, Hellenic Civilization, Axis of Storms, Farkas Lovagok, The Italian Empire, American European Defense coalition, Omega Royal Order Base, The Imperial Dominion, Union of Nationalists, Sivella, International Debating Area, National Socialist Ministries, The Augusto Pinochet Vengeance Force, Edmundian Empire, Greater Aryan Empire, NationStates White Genocide Memorial, Federated States of Conservative Nations, Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, The Kriosian Belt, United Fascist Federative Coalition, Itaque Sanctus Defensus, United Fascist Federation, United Fascist Workers Association, International sovereignty pact, The Association of The United Continents, The Thuria Pact, National Socialist States of America, The Seventh Reich, The United Commonwealth States, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, Autonomous Confederacy of The New World, Union of Saxon Justice, Pax Britannia, The Imperium of Man, Snakeistan, Freed Oxiania, Nations of the New Right, Fourth Empire of the PCWZ, Nobody likes a Commie, The Greatestwoods, The Slide Countries, Mission Crabs, Europe but better, Fifth Empire, The Dominion of Abyssilan, Virtu League, Imperial Catholic Alliance, Despotic Europe, The Ros Empire, Ulthos, Nazi Europa, Legionary Axis, The United Nations of 9cord, Union of Free European Nations, The holy empire of Jordania, Nationalist Asia Union, Hexinati World Order, The Insurgency, The Gordo Alliance of Got Beef, Grand Conference of Fascism, United Alliances of TFR, Federation of Fascist Furries, NorthAfrica, ND Inc, Dream Land, The Nationalist Alliance Reborn, Phallic Tubers, The Counter Antifa Movement, J o J, Cross Bearers, Albosiac, Reminated Euromean Republic, The Declaration of War, Axis Union, Imperton, The Great Monarchical Nations, Official European Union, Federation of United States, The Monarchy alliance, The NewsStand, The Fascist Army II, The Fourth Realm, THE ELITE IMPERIAL LEGION, Republic Of Thanos, Mercenaries R Us, The First Imperial Battalion, New Reich of Bunicken, The New Weimar Republic, Otasija, Predappio, Ayuth, the United Federation of Fascist States, Die Schwarze Sonne, nasunia, Nuovoiork, Nuevo Amanecer, TheFreedomRealm, The New Iron Order, Order of Catholic regions, Regional Treaty Alliance, Deutschland Erwache, Friends of Assad Syria, Schutzstaffel, The Holy Reich of Bunicken, On Guard, Oxiania, Keep America Great, and Fredonia.

The embassy with Nuovoiork is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Construction of embassies with General Government has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Eco-Friendly, Fascist, Independent, Libertarian, Medium, Mercenary, Monarchist, Regional Government, Religious, Theocratic, and Totalitarian.

Farkasfalka contains 37 nations, the 359th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Farkasfalka

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Farkasfalka is ranked 4,433rd in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Decreeist Stratocracy of Confederate Nations of AfricaIron Fist Consumerists“Fire and Blood”
2.The Empire of The United Peoples of the SlavesIron Fist Consumerists“Work means Life”
3.The Holy Decreeist Empire of Cossack KhanateIron Fist Consumerists“Our Nation, Our Pride, Our Honor”
4.The Holy Patriarchal States of YebloinIron Fist Consumerists“Enrich the Soldier, help the people and scorn the other”
5.The United Federation of Eastern Federation of the EastAnarchy“Don't violate the N.A.P”
6.The United States of Apartheid AmericaCorporate Bordello“Separate but equal”
7.The Kaiserreich of N3w PrussiaIron Fist Consumerists“Für thron und Reich”
8.The Empire of The Legionary American StateAnarchy“This land is bestowed to us by God.”
9.The Colony of TanisaCorporate Police State“Van baie mense maar een hart”
10.The City State of FarkasMoralistic Democracy“Lehet a Farkasfalka Diadal!”

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Farkasfalka Regional Message Board

Vungar wrote:Neofolk? I’ve never heard of that, enlighten me.

The music genre Neofolk combines folk elements (culturally-specific tonal scales and chord progressions, archaic instrumentation and composition, lyrically völkish) with a post-industrial or experimental style.

Deuctland wrote:Goodbye beloved region, for I have chosen to leave seeing as how lies and corruption have trumped moral rights and logic.

Oh, sorrow day. How another flower withers away~!

Howdy folks, room at the inn?

The XIII Consociation of America wrote:Howdy folks, room at the inn?

For you, always. Hows it going, comrade? Where’ve you been as of late?

The XIII Consociation of America wrote:Howdy folks, room at the inn?

N3w Prussia wrote:For you, always. Hows it going, comrade? Where’ve you been as of late?

Of course friend. It's been quite around here lately, with the exception of Deuctland monologues.

Nowhere exciting, I’ve just been incredibly busy at work and my leisure time has been very brief.

i installed the big brother crime system and crime is still moderate!


“As racial nationalists, we are compelled to acknowledge the biological reality of race as the predeterminate factor in one’s identity. Race dictates much more than skin colour. Race determines one’s predisposition to certain diseases, eye colour, hair colour, height, athletic ability, intelligence, and even behavioral patterns. The theory of race has been proven valid by all legitimate scientific studies hitherto, and since the beginning of our existence on this Earth we humans have organized our societies tribally, on the lines of race and ethnicity.

It makes no sense to abandon all the traditions and forms of social organization our ancestors proved effective, especially not in pursuit of such a fallacitical concept as “equality”. Equality as the postmodernists describe it is declared a lie by every law of nature. Different groups and populations of organisms are bound to be different, especially when separated by physical geography. It is logical (and anthropologically correct) to assume that geographically distinct groups of humans will evolve differently based on the temperaments of their environment (i.e. Africans are more physically fit, generally speaking, than whites due to the demands of their environment; there are more predators trying to kill indigenous Africans than indigenous Europeans). Hence it is ridiculous to say that different Races of humans can ever be “equal”. That is, of course not to say that some groups are somehow “superior” to others. No . . . we Decreeists acknowledge that there is no objective metric with which we can compare the supposed superiority and inferiority of races and peoples . . . we note only differences, differences which make certain groups incompatible with one another and which demand, according to the laws of nature, a certain degree of separation between races to preserve the uniqueness of each group and to ultimately preserve the beautiful diversity of human physiological, cultural, and ethnic development.

Here we draw the line between our Racialism and our critics’ imagined Racism. To be Racist is to propound the superiority of one’s own race, where as to be Racialist is to acknowledge and celebrate the differences between races while encouraging the preservation of each, and the accentuation of each race’s interests within their own respective territorial imperative.”

I felt it necessary to repost this from my document of quotes...a beautiful piece of work from Starkad. When’s that book coming out, comrade :)?

Greetings from Schutzstaffel.

Kinda lonely out here. How goes the greater struggle against Marxism?

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