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Finns RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Enihati

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Raider-proofing courtesy of Lardyland

Meat | Greater Lardyland| French Fry Frat

Enihati has been a naughty boy

Founded 10/07/18
Featured 23/1/19
Founderless 07/20/19

Recently, both Meat's region and discord were griefed by enihati, and several people were also banned by him from our discord. Because of this, we feel betrayed and Finns has been demoted from Lardy Historical Preservation site to Lardy Colony

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    To elaborate

    AccountDrama by Smashley land . 41 reads.

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    Donít worry I saved the WFE

    FactbookOverview by Epic Backflip . 81 reads.

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Finns contains 2 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in Finns

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Finns is ranked 17,100th in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Pinochet Executionists of ElhasedInoffensive Centrist Democracy“rip enihati”
2.The Oppressed Peoples of Second Anti-Lily DivisionFather Knows Best State“Push the right flank”

Regional Happenings


Finns Regional Message Board

Ard al Islam wrote:Who here is conservative?

Well how do you define conservative?


The Finnish USSR wrote:The region has been raided my dude

Would be appreciated if you'd stop spreading lies, as we're here to make good on our promise of protecting this region.


Elhased wrote:Would be appreciated if you'd stop spreading lies, as we're here to make good on our promise of protecting this region.


Finland-kebabistan and Elhased

Read all about it!
- Domino's ordered in Radio New Vegas (18 July)
- Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo, in The UEN Newspixels (14 July)
- Get a slice of π journal (30 June)


I see this region has been raided. Any plans on leaving it alive or using it?


Hyvšt naiset ja herrat!
The Regional government of Altay announces the first signifficant milestone, that is the first anniversary of the founding of Altay!
The Regional government ministery secretariate of propaganda sends you the following commemorative postcard:

The Finnish USSR and Finland-kebabistan


Since my region, Finns, the region that started this whole thing has been raided and i'm no longer in power there, i really don't feel like updating this now because of that. last official update, bye! (Might delete the dispatch after some time, just not now)

State of the regions as of 26-jul-19
Finns - Enihati - The original
Swedes - Finnish Aaland - The decent competitor
Scots - Newer xanderstralia - The one everyone forgets about
Poles - Mazurek-Dabrowskiego - The weird sequel that everyone also forget about
Norwegians - Chinquaq - The effortless knockoff
Afghans - Afghanistan-Kebabistan - The half decent knockoff
Danes - Jeysus - The one nobody actually knows or cares about
Liberals - Evil finns - Omega lul
Norwegians - Finnish Norwegians - The region yeeted by Finns
Hungarians - Adryvian hungary - Idk what this is
Danes - Finnish Danes - The second region yeeted by Finns
Germans - Bismark executionists - This region only exists because of the map (lol)
Scots - Finnish Scots - Yeeted again by Finns
Germans - Finnish Germans - Yeeted by Finns xd

Latest map (from 7-jun-19)

Read dispatch

Lol my region is still the only Asian one.

Ard al Islam wrote:Who here is conservative?


Epic nation name btw.

Puss in boots is a spin-off of the shrek character: puss in boots you idiot . Now the movie may not seem canonical to the shrek canon, but I beg to differ.

#1: location
Puss in boots takes place in Spain, and Spain is in Europe. Europe actually exists in the shrek canon; proven by the barn women.
Jill: Iím Jill. whatís your name?
Shrek: Umm... shrek
Jill: wow, are you from Europe?
Which proves that Europe exists in the shrek canon, and does prove that there could be a Spain

2: pussís 9 lives
In the potion factory scene in shrek 2: puss says ďin one of my nine lives I was the great cat burglar of Santiago postellaĒ
And in puss in boots he doesnít really recall the events of the shrek franchise, so we can assume that puss in boots is before shrek 2 or before the first shrek

Read dispatch

Finland-kebabistan and Elhased

Post self-deleted by Finnish.

Post self-deleted by 1tone.

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