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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Free Transhumanist Dominion of Sanctity Moonlands (elected )

Founder: The Free Market Republic of Complete and Utter Capitalism

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Say hello to the Free Market Federation, a vast trade federation reaching it's ideals across the galaxy. We advocate a free market or laissez faire economy and wish to spread this idea of economic freedom across the known universe. We love a good bit of roleplay, and all nations that support free markets of all degrees, no matter their politics on other topics, are welcome to join.

Universe Reset Counter: 11
Founded: November 9, 2015
Featured: 9/28/16, 6/01/17

REDCON Level: 5

Quote of the Week:
"Dewit. Execute Order 66."
-Free Terand

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    Lawlessness and Disorder: Tamiy V The people

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    The Constitution of the Free Market Federation

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Construction of embassies with The Nationstates Senate has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Capitalist, Casual, Featured, Free Trade, Future Tech, Medium, Modern Tech, Outer Space, Post-Modern Tech, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Free Market Federation contains 38 nations, the 440th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in Free Market Federation

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, Free Market Federation is ranked 4,893rd in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Deliberative Theocracy of Free TranshumanistsCapitalizt“Don't worry, you won't be forgotten! :-)”
2.The Free Land of Enterprise and PeopleCorporate Bordello“Waddya buying?”
3.The Armed Republic of The Deroniac HighlandsAnarchy“Donít Tread On Me”
4.The Voluntarist Lands of ViolanAnarchy“Walk your own path, unimpeded, and I shall walk mine.”
5.The Presidency of Bernard JohnsonAnarchy“You Can't Stop Progress”
6.The Atasian Dyson Ring of Edge of NihilityCapitalist Paradise“Welcome to the place so close to everything”
7.The Super Free Capitalis Society of New New ZajtahnAnarchy“Beer for you! Beer for me! Beer for all Nationstates!”
8.The Merchant Confederacy of Edegor and BamirCapitalist Paradise“Come and trade!”
9.The Free Market Republic of Complete and Utter CapitalismCorporate Bordello“You can't be convicted of war crimes if you win”
10.The Most Profitable Union of Mercan CorporationsCompulsory Consumerist State“For Profit and Progress!”

Regional Happenings


Free Market Federation Regional Message Board

The Ambassadors Reception wrote:*Sends you a diplomatic cable*

The polls seem somehow....biased.

Cerveskia wrote:The polls seem somehow....biased.

? I'm curious as to what way. There's definite personal bias in the way I wrote about them, but I don't think the polls themselves are.

The first one is designed to be difficult to answer. I'd expect the majority of people to agree that "Black Lives Matter". I'd also expect the majority of people to agree that having a police force is better than not having a police force. How do you weigh up which is more important?

The second asked who you thought would win, not who you want to win. And the third was just silly.

The Ambassadors Reception
Do the polls really reflect the general values of NS, or just a vocal minority who actually reads and participates in them? I've seen more than a few of those nations which seem to always vote in any major poll that exists.

Cerveskia wrote:The Ambassadors Reception
Do the polls really reflect the general values of NS, or just a vocal minority who actually reads and participates in them? I've seen more than a few of those nations which seem to always vote in any major poll that exists.

It's a few polls set up for fun in a browser game. I don't feel the need to go that deep.

Free Transhumanists wrote:Political sciences. Primary specialization - political economy and theory, secondary - policy analysis. :-)

Free Transhumanists wrote:Well in political science I'm focusing primarily on Austrian school - currently Ludwig Lachmann's theory of divergent expectations (I belong to irrationalist wing of the school). And Rothbard + Mises combo of course :-D. But I also deal with Public Choice theory, Arrow's theorem and it's usage in political systems.

In political theory I'm focusing on critical theory - mostly "classical" neo-marxists like Adorno, Horkheimer and Marcuse (my favorite). But I'm also studying post-marxist critique of post-industrial capitalist legitimacy, where are interesting concepts of "compensation" of this lost legitimacy like deliberative model of Jurgen Habermas, or Agoristic democracy of Chantal Mouffe. I would like to know more about postmodern structuralism and post-structuralism (Focault etc.). Oh and neoinstitutionalism... yes, neoinstitutionalism... expecially rationalist institutionalism :-D.

Things that I'm not focusing on (but in future I could I guess :-D), but know something about it as well is - Hegel and dialectic, Multiculturalism of Will Kymlicka and Yuli Tamir, feminism and it's development, classical Marxism, Classical political economy, Cameralist economics, Keynesianism, Lausanne school of economy.

...I really HATE political marketing (marketing overall), medial studies, theories of political systems, theories of parties and party system, international relations theories (except world-system by Wallerstein) etc etc... there is a ton of stuff that I really don't care about but still need to study it :-D.

Well hot dang. That's actually really cool. So, you gonna let your good friends at the FMF read your papers without the academic publishing paywall? I am still a humble undergrad, but this all sounds genuinely interesting.

Cerveskia wrote:Is everyone just burned out, or just me?

Being stuck in doors all the time is really doing a number on me

Cerveskia wrote:Is everyone just burned out, or just me?

I have other things that require my attention more than nationstates.

Cerveskia wrote:Is everyone just burned out, or just me?

Combination of being burnt out and having this pesky thing called "the real world" to attend to.

Environmental Support wrote:Isn't neoinstituionalism somewhat like normative theory applied to politics? I've only really studied institutionalism in reference to international cooperation or domestic social and economic development. Less theory and more hard application.

In my opinion it's more of an approach towards research and perception of social reality. Theory should be more narrow and focus on more specific phenomenon. In practice of political economy the theories of institutionalism and neonistitutionalism could be theory of psychological costs, or institutional theory of corporations, in pure political science there can be found for example theory of institutionalization of political parties, various theories of mediation of interest that are using neoinstitutionalist approach, etc.

Catos wrote:Well hot dang. That's actually really cool. So, you gonna let your good friends at the FMF read your papers without the academic publishing paywall? I am still a humble undergrad, but this all sounds genuinely interesting.

Of course :-D when I'm going to publish something, official or not, I want it to be available for free. At our university's department it is a tradition to make all outputs as transparent as possible and I'm going to follow that tradition no matter if I'm going to be the continuous part of our department of political science or not. Research and philosophy is for society, for public development and therefore it should be transparent and available at least in electronic form, yes I know I'm basically preaching academic communism :-D but there is a reason for that. Here in Czech republic if there is a private social research organization, they almost always do research which main goal is not knowledge or looking into phenomena, but to advocate some ideologies - sure, normative theories are not bad and are valuable, but this is barely a normative theory, they mostly do quantitative research where they misinterpret the numbers, or set the framework and datasets so purposefully that their hypothesis would be confirmed for sure. So if we are going to speak about serious research in CZ then we need to speak about public institutions that are financed by the state and the EU, here the research is both, qualitative and quantitative and because it's "not our money" we can't just publish anything, because it could endanger the financing from certain public funds, so making efforts to make unbiased answering to the research questions are not just of a moral, but also of existential importance :-D.

Cerveskia wrote:Is everyone just burned out, or just me?

I'm sharing this experience with you as well! :-D

P.S.: Guys I'm really really sorry for my inactivity, I know I said I would be more active, but after graduation there is still so much that needs to be done :-/. Currently I'm looking for research job for working practice (being theoretician is not that much of a 'thing' right now :-D), then I started to making preparations to the postgrad study, and of course there are some personal matters that needs to be taken care of as well. :-/

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