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Frozen Panem RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: Greater turquoisia

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Frozen Panem!!!

Founded by Right-Wing refugees from fallen Baylen Peninsula and persecuted Trump supporters.

Motto: "Let it go, since the odds be ever in our favor." -President Elsa Snow, First President of Frozen Panem

Official Map of Frozen Panem: Map

Projects/Buildings of Frozen Panem: Regional Facilities & Infrastructure

History of Bills: Bills of Frozen Panem

Research & Technology: Interstellar Research / Construction Projects

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Rules on Military and Tech Tree: Rules

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    Regional Proposition # 8: Regional Investigation Bureau(R.I.B)

    FactbookOverview by United Continental Republic . 55 reads.

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    Frozen Panem Regional Times

    FactbookOverview by United Continental Republic . 62 reads.

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    Frozen Panem Regional Council

    FactbookPolitics by Greater turquoisia . 121 reads.

Embassies: The Illuminati and Regionless.

Tags: Anime, Anti-Communist, Capitalist, Conservative, Founderless, Minuscule, Password, Post-Modern Tech, Regional Government, Role Player, and Totalitarian.

Frozen Panem contains 2 nations.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Mining Sector in Frozen Panem

World Census experts measured the volume of stuff removed from the ground to determine which nations have the largest mining industries.

As a region, Frozen Panem is ranked 2,532nd in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Conglomerate States of United Continental RepublicCapitalist Paradise“Its just business.”
2.The Queendom of TurquoisiaMother Knows Best State“Forward for Progress”

Regional Happenings


Frozen Panem Regional Message Board

Quote of the day:

“I see a bad moon raising!”

- lyrics from a popular song amongst UCR and Turquoisian soldiers deployed to Shuajan.

United Continental Republic, The mythical creatures coalition, and Bludhurs

Quote of the day:

“Better run through the jungle!”

- lyrics from another popular song amongst UCR and Turquoisian soldiers deployed to Shuajan.

U.C.R News:

The conflict in Shuajan continues to ramp up over tens months of fighting, as new plans of operation are in full swing to counter the communist regime. Chancellor Visari stated "In recent months, attacks on Shuajan were stepped up. Thus it became necessary to increase our response and to make attacks by air. We fight because we must fight if we are to live in a world where every country can shape its own destiny. And only in such a world will our own freedom be finally secure. We do this in order to slow down aggression. We will not be defeated. We will not grow tired. We will not withdraw, either openly or under the cloak of a meaningless agreement, I've signed a proclamation to enact the draft to meet lacking requirements that the Trapagon needs in order to win this conflict". A professor with a degree in foreign relations from the Garblovian University stated "This war was at first unofficial but this public announcement from the Chancellor may spark more involvement and repercussions for their involvement in Shuajan by another power, and it seems the rescue operation has shifted to a full on take over". Public opinion at the moment is holding strong and rallied after the Chancellors speech in support for the war.

The discovery was made by U.C.R.'s search and rescue operations team, which was triggered by lost expedition's black box.

Nation: Shuajan
Geography: Massive, Jungle, Volcanic island
Population: Unknown
Government: Socialist

Satellite Image:

Recon photos:

Incident of CN956

CN956 Airbus has officially been destroyed by a surface to air missile, confirmed reports by both U.C.R and Turquoisia missile detection system. All crew aboard the aircraft of nine military personnel and two civilian specialists were killed instantly. The wreckage was found one mile of shore but none off the bodies have been recovered.

Campaign: Operation Rolling Thunder

Early War-Landing

06:00, Sunday morning:

Before the dawn of the sun, thirty Saint Helen transport jets from the 97th Airborne Division roared behind enemy lines, making land fall under heavy enemy fire. The amphibious assault begins. Turquoisia's 7th Fleet begin bombardment, pulverizing the beach head and jungle, ejecting large plumes of smoke and debris into the air. The first wave, of a hundred assault carriers from the 4th Marine Infantry Division descended upon the island's south shoreline. The battle of Shuajan has begun.

Journal Entry: Pvt. Ramon, 4th Marine Infantry Division. "I've never met nor seen the enemy we are about to face but I don't rightly give too s#### what or who they are, we are gonna make theses bastards pay for what they did to our brothers. I'm ready to hit those beaches, and embed my bayonet deep into those commie sons of b######. Command said we'd be out of here in a weeks time before the enemy begs for mercy".

Journal Entry: LT. Markus, 97th Airborne Division (Lilliputia War Veteran ) . "Sometimes I wonder what the hell are we doing in a land so damn far away from our home, this isn't a rescue operation for the expedition team. I fear there is larger reason for us being here. I dread commanding these boys under me, only a handful of recruits actually witnessed the hell-scape of war, death is coming".

Early War-Recovery

16:00, Tuesday evening.
The battle for Shuajan south shore had finally came to an end after thirty six hours of dreadful fighting. The ocean water colored in red, and bodies, craters and smoke scattered across the field only then to be filled with silence. U.C.R.’s 4th Marine Infantry Division, and 97th Airborne Division captured the beach head and secured twenty eight miles of territory but sustained over two thousand casualties. The enemy slipped back into the dense jungles without a trace but embed footprints lay at the jungles edge.

5:00, Saturday morning.
Soldiers, trucks, ammo, and everything nestled on board the ships were brought on shore. The sound of bull dozers crunching trees down in preparation of the first HQ called “Kong Air Base”. This combined effort to build half of this this new air base, would take weeks of constant work and manpower to be declared variable for the jumbo jets to land supplies. Over twenty five thousand troops have touched down into the newly constructed base and are expected to grow. The recent edition of Turquoisia’s forces have already settled down into the newly constructed barracks, as they bring different strategies to the table, and will make steady progress in the weeks to come.

Journal Entry: Pvt. Ramon, 4th Marine Infantry Division
Status: KIA

Journal Entry: LT. Markus, 97th Airborne Division (Lilliputia War Veteran ). “The mission objectives were successful in taking out the artillery and AA but upon landing, most of the troops were ambushed and killed as they descended from the sky. It was like, serving breakfast to the enemy, I’ve lost more than I can remember. I know I can manage my sanity but I can’t say for my boys”.

Early War-Offensive

Span: Ten months. 8:00, Thursday morning.

The conflict continues to drag on in Shuajan, little to no progress against the socialist. The 1st Cavalry Division arrived shortly after the construction of Kong Air Base, but the unit was grounded for a month, due to a category one hurricane. Command knew the jungle was the next obstacle to overcome, mainly using the 1st Air Cav to move troops throughout the island and deploy into the dense jungle with the assist of the daisy cutter bombs to clear landing zones mainly in small skirmish battles. The island does consist of villages, towns, and a few large cities but majority of the combat currently takes places in the countryside or rural areas of the jungle. Intel is sparse of the enemies potential but a few reports confirm the use of a tunnel network. General Tiberius gave an order to launched the 1st Air Cav to Lin Ko Valley in its first large inland battle against the enemy.

General Tiberius consulted with his command staff and with Colonel Stanley Sobrians about the 1st Independent Air Assault Brigade about another ongoing operation concerning Plei Yue port, the Colonel Stanley will oversee of this operation. The deep water port is a strategic importance for the navy and a priority for command to bring this territory under control but it is except to be heavily guarded from the recon reports. The 4th Marine Infantry Division is currently being resupplied and replenished with new recruits from the last battle and are expected to support the 1st Independent Air Assault Brigade.

The 7th Artillery Group are stationed at Kong Air Base and deployed in or around the jungle to various places ready for targets inland and are available on the radio of any units. The artillery has only fired during recon missions, spotting various targets but a close fire mission to support units hasn't been issued yet. The upcoming battle of Lin Ko Valley should provide its first creeping barrage to soft the areas before the 1st Air Cav lands.

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Bludhurs Capital News

A rally was held and the populace was polled by the BCB (Bludhursian Census Bureau) In overwhelming support for retaliatory strikes on the Island Nation of Shuajan. In response to his people's cry's and his own outrage at the situation Commander Daverus has declared all out War on Trapagon, any nation that would rise to defend them will feel the same horror that the crew of the expedition vessel felt One hundred times over.

The shear audacity of such a pathetic nation to due this not just to a Bludhursian affiliated vessel but a Frozen Panem people, Means this nation surely Lived under a rock and had no idea what there getting into.

Two naval combat groups left The Captial of Bludhurs Early in the Morning. Task force Gleipnir, And Task Force Longinus.

TF Gleipnir Will be providing Long range Standoff engagement asset's to the Area. Usage of the Volkhur And Fenrir Airframes was Approved, As well as deployment of One Hrimfaxi Nuclear Strategic engagement Submarine.

Task Force Longinus Is the forward deployment force. Comprising of Landing ship's and Off shore bombardment unit's.

The Land force is Comprised of the 45th Assault core. A primarily Special operation unit, And Irregular warfare trooper's.

Commander Daverus has assured to prevent mass death incident's within highly populated area's atleast by his hands. And will wait for the UCR's approval to deploy Large scale Ordinance.

Ooc: its Shuajan we’re fighting, not trapagon. Trapagon is UCR high command. And welcome to the “Green Inferno War” #NoWarWithUCR

Turquoisian National News Service:

Kong Airbase, Shuajan
Late last night, the 1st Independent Air Assault Brigade along with elements of the UCR’s 4th Marine Division made a coordinated nighttime Heliborne and Amphibious Assault on the Shuajanese port of Rhan Yue, one of the few cities and the largest port in southern Shuajan. It is now reported intense urban fighting is now taking place within the port.

Meanwhile, an overland offensive was launched from here at Kong Airbase by the 100th Mobile Group, with light artillery support from the UCR’s 7th Artillary Group and heavy Air support from the 7th Fleet, into Plei Yue area between Kong Airbase and the Port of Rhan Yue in hopes of securing a land route. There is reports of heavy jungle fighting along the road leading to Rhan Yue, now designated Highway One. We will keep close tabs on any new developments.

Quotes of the Day:

“Now this is what I was trained for!”
- UCR Soldier of the 4th Marine Division in Rhan Yue.

“****ing Heat, ****ing Grass, ****ing Jungle.”
- Captain, III. Battalion, 114th Infantry Regiment, 100th Mobile Group on Highway One prior to being ambushed.

Post self-deleted by Turquoisia.

Greater turquoisia

Region Wide Emergency has been declared with President Elsa Snow Closing the Regions borders and has authorized the deployment of REDA. REDA is to be lead by the UCR in a cure development.

Special News Report:

Government officials have declared martial law and enforced a curfew for all residents to reside in their homes. REDA forces have gone on full alert and have begun the the deployment of troops to certain points of infection. The Chancellor from a unknown location made a live report "The infected are deranged, fast, and highly dangerous, it is advised to stay away from anyone showing symptoms of infected behavior, I've called upon all service members active or reserve to report to your post under Act III of the emergency protocol. God have mercy on us all".

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