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Frozen Panem RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Matriarchy of Greater Turquoisia

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to Frozen Panem!!!

Founded by Right-Wing refugees from fallen Baylen Peninsula and persecuted Trump supporters.

Motto: "Let it go, since the odds be ever in our favor." -President Elsa Snow, First President of Frozen Panem

Official Map of Frozen Panem: Map

Projects/Buildings of Frozen Panem: Regional Facilities & Infrastructure

History of Bills: Bills of Frozen Panem

Research & Technology: Interstellar Research / Construction Projects

Foreign Nations [NPC]: NPC Nations

How to make a Bill?: Bill Template

How to format my text?: Help

Rules on Military and Tech Tree: Rules

Embassies: The Illuminati and Regionless.

Tags: Anime, Anti-Communist, Capitalist, Conservative, Minuscule, Password, Post-Modern Tech, Regional Government, Role Player, and Totalitarian.

Frozen Panem contains 5 nations, the 2,895th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most World Assembly Endorsements in Frozen Panem

World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, Frozen Panem is ranked 7,936th in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Queendom of TurquoisiaMother Knows Best State“Forward for Progress”
2.The Conglomerate States of United Continental RepublicCapitalist Paradise“Its just business.”
3.The Federation of The Mythical Creatures CoalitionInoffensive Centrist Democracy“A Safe Place For All”
4.The Empire of BludhursIron Fist Consumerists“Safety in chains”
5.The Matriarchy of Greater TurquoisiaMoralistic Democracy“Auferstanden aus Ruinen”

Regional Happenings


Frozen Panem Regional Message Board

OOC: I'm drawing up a "visual representation" of the Regional Council Seating. Besides Kelsey & Makana. Everyone please choose your number you would like to seat yourself, there are 24 seats to pick from.
Council picture:
Once this is done, I will remove this post. Just telegram me your seating number or just tell me through any other means of contact.

Update on Seats Taken:
Seat #12: Bludhurs
Seat #5: The Federation of The Mythical Creatures Coalition

Prime Minister Kanaken is heavily engaged in hushed whispers with a nearby aide before turning to face the council and quickly raising a hand to acknowledge his presence as he returns to the conversation.

Chancellor Aurelia Visari takes another look around the chamber once more and before turning and moving toward the Matriarchy of Greater Turquoisia with a paper in hand. "Here are the people in attendance, you may proceed with the session Founder". The Chancellor turns and makes her way back toward her seat.

President Elsa Snow stood up and nodded, "I thank you madam Visari, I now would like to welcome you all to the annual regional meeting. Before we begin, I would like to thank all of you for taking the effort to attend this function and help us propagate peaceful resolutions and welcome our newest member, Prime Minister Alexander Kanaken." She then turned turned toward the Mythical Creatures Coalition representative. "He has politely requested that he be allowed to speak first today, and in-light of being a new member, I have graciously allowed it." She then nodded at Kanaken to speak before taking her seat.

U.C.R News:
A CN956 Airbus (Duel jet engine), took off early this morning from Amora Airforce Base, setting course toward the open sea. This aircraft is mainly used for search operations and it is a mystery what may have triggered the response. We asked questions but have received no answer from any of the government officials.

U.C.R. News:
Time: Four weeks after. General Tiberius, from the Department of Defense. He stands before a room full of reporters and news agencies.
"Chancellor Visari is currently under the weather and I'm here on her behalf to share this news. As of 1300 hours on the day of the discovery, we've received a distress beacon from the lost expedition's black box about nine thousand miles away. Satellite images located the general area of the site, we've sent the CN956 Airbus operational search team on countless reconnaissance missions to the area. The location is a massive uncharted island, and it is inhabited by a nation called Shuajan who are [Redacted]. Search team Bravo has landed on the island but has encounter hostile resistance and has sustained substantial causalities. It is also stated in the report, the CN956 Airbus has officially been knocked out by a surface to air missile, according to U.C.R. Missile Defense Alarm System and then confirming these reports with Turquoisia's defense alarm systems. We have made countess attempts to contact the civilization and sent an ambassador as a diplomatic approach to a peaceful solution but no response has come about. The ambassador is currently airlifted off the island by special forces due to a recent attack on his escort group just barely escaping with his life. It appears that the expedition may still be alive but it is unsure at this time. I've made preparations to launch the first stage of an appropriate retaliatory invasion forces under the operation nickname "Rolling Thunder" as an unofficial declaration of war with authorization by the Chancellor, no further questions".

News agencies show footage at various military airbases, as thousands of soldiers covered in jungle camo begin boarding the jumbo jet called Saint Helen. Jet bombers are heard screeching off the tarmac toward the island accompanied with fighter jets. A few transport ships were available to be use and loaded with various equipment,amphibious crafts, helicopters and construction vehicles, but are requesting more transport ships from fellow nations due to not having deep water ports.

OOC: The nation has been posted in my fact-book under international, also the Campaign operation 'Rolling Thunder' will be included soon to the factbook. This will be changed as development continues.

An incident within Bludhursian border's has caused several citizen's to be round up and interrogated before the Capital. A public display. Due to the recent Car bombing that was recently disclosed to the public. The Individual's where questioned by even citizen's and state official's themselves. Many citizen's asking why hurt your fellow country men. One of the criminals was questioned by there family, asking where they went wrong. It seemed many of the more moralistic and heartfelt please fell on deaf ears. The populace was even giving a choice of punishment. A near unanimous decision by the Masses where to send them to the Gorlan Strip Mine. To be worked for the good of the country until there death.

In other news the 212th strike raven's, An air attack squadron Fielding the Fenrir Advanced strike fighter has been seen making way to the Turquoisia/ Mythical creaters border. Followed by a small transport jet. Public announcments said it was an attache being deployed to mediate any incident that may happen along the border due to the Turquoisia army acting out of the ordinary. Although no large force is deployed. Commander Daverus is sure to play a more heavy mediating approach. Than outright war, Daverus has stated he rather not have the MCC and QOA going at each other over some rogue element.

Turquoisian National News Service:

Lusselburg, Turquoisia
General Edward Marsing, Vice-Chairman of the State Law and Regency Council, stated in a press conference today that Turquoisia would stand by the UCR in its intervention in Shuajan, citing the Treaty of Friendship dating back to old Baylen Peninsula. The SLRC had already mobilized the 7th Fleet, which had detected Surface-to-Air Missile launches in that area, to deploy to the waters surrounding Shuajan. General Marsing also stated that an Expeditionary Task Force is being put together in accordance with the Treaty of Friendship to participate in the intervention. He also stated that the SLRC graciously welcomes the Bludhursian mediator in their assistance to settle the Nomonha-Khalka dispute, citing the Bludhurs City-Lusselburg Axis Pact.

Turquoisian National News Service:

Lusselburg, Turquoisia
The decision was taken today by the SLRC to commence building of an orbital elevator.

“Why not aim just slightly higher?” asks Anais Skywalker, CEO of Colossal Works Industries, while putting an arm around your shoulder and pointing to a hole in your ceiling you hadn’t noticed previously. “Instead of the conventional skyscraper, we could build a space elevator? We have enough money, resources, and initiative to make sure our Queendom is the first to develop one! We’ll need to overcome some tricky technical challenges, but such is the burden of the true pioneer! It’ll benefit us in space exploration, and that will serve to strengthen the legacy of our golden age!”

Following new legislation in Turquoisia, the ongoing space elevator construction project has elevated the national debt to all new levels.


Town Plaza, Turquoisia-occupied Khalka, Mythical Creatures Coalition, 6:00pm
Soldiers of the 5th Infantry Division and the 1st Reconnaissance Brigade stood at ridged attention as the Turquoisian flag was lowered for the evening as several buglers played the "Queen's Hymn". As the color was folded and was taken away and the buglers finished the anthem, the soldiers were dismissed. As they dispersed to several campfires around the plaza, a bugler, the blue knitted cap identifying her as a militiaman from the Nomonha Town Watch Battalion, struck up an old border tune and catching many of her fellow soldier's attention. Before long her militiamen comrades joined her song;

"March, march, Ettrick and Nomonha
Why me lads dinna ye march forward in order
March, march, Dahlbourg and Stalhgen
All the blue bonnets are over the border"

"Many the banners spread flutters above your head
Many the crest that is famous in story
Mount and make ready then sons of the mountain glen
Fight for the Queen and the ole' Turquoisian glory"

"March, march, Ettrick and Nomonha
Why me lads dinna ye march forward in order
March, march, Dahlbourg and Stalhgen
All the blue bonnets are over the border"

Come fae the hills where the hirsels are grazing
Come fae the glen of the buck and the roe
Come fae the crag where the beacon is blazing
Come with the targ the lance and the bow

"March, march, Ettrick and Nomonha
Why me lads dinna ye march forward in order
March, march, Dahlbourg and Stalhgen
All the blue bonnets are over the border"

"Trumpets are sounding war steeds are bounding
Mount and make ready and march in good order
Khalka shall many a day speak o' the bloody fray
When the blue bonnets came over the border"

"All the blue bonnets are over the border!!!"

As the song came to an end, the Turquoisian soldiers cheered and applauded the militiamen. As everyone went back to their evening duties, many now humming the tune.

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