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Genua RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Fascist Bordurian Reich of Numerous Currencies

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Genua is a strategic amalgam of fascist imperium and counter-jihad crusade. We are an international coalition of anti-Woke nationalist warriors, committed to halting the advance of weaponized progressivism, and freeing the world from the poisonous tentacles of Jihad, Sharia, and communism.

❗WA Mandate: All Genua nations are required to join the WA


Caeser Augustus: BORDURIAA
Consul: T-Rex
Praetor: Terra Gloria Sanctus


Imperial Capital: 🏛️ Carolingia
Military HQ: Legio I Genua
Spiritual Center: Church of Magdalene ✝︎ Jesus Christ
Emperor's Retreat: Palatine Hill
Soldiers' Retreat: Temple of Fortune

Military Inquiries: T-Rex
Current Raid Streak: 14/14

LinkGenua Discord

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Embassies: Eastern Roman Empire, New Reich of Bunicken, Farkasfalka, Christian Nations Union, United Fascist Workers Association, Predappio, The Atlas Union, The Union of The Greater Axis Powers, Knights of The Templar Order, Anti Fascist Regional Alliance, Hellenic Civilization, The Great Universe, Christians United, Carolingia, Sea of Okhotsk, Union of Nationalists, and 47 others.Third Hellenic republic, The Seventh Reich, Altmora, The New Iron Order, Southern Army, Gypsy Lands, Capitalist Libertarian Freedom Region, Imperium of the Wolf, Fifth Empire, Church Of Magdalene, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, Fredonia, Organization of United Sovereign States, The Cult of PCHS, Opus Dei, Virtual Roman Catholic Church, Estado Novo, United Democratic Socialists, Imperial Catholic Alliance, Katanar, Great Chuliu Empire, Barbaria, United Imperial Union, Altay, Lardyland, The Confederacy Of Kishkhat, The Savage Garden, Turkic Union, Black Brigades, Oneid, The Imperium of Man, The Greater Phoenix Alliance, The Metaxist Front, The Great Alliance of Fascist Nations, International Society of Julius Evola, Unionist States of Fatherland, The great german lands, Axis Nation Allianz, Albosiac, Sovereign Corporate League, Imperial world assembly, Sovereignty Defense Pact, The Reich, Aryan Resistance, White Salvation of America, Neo Rhomaioi, and The Deadzone.

The embassy with Aryan Resistance is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Capitalist, Conservative, Fascist, Featured, Game Player, Imperialist, Invader, Large, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Theocratic, and 1 other.Totalitarian.

Genua contains 57 nations, the 381st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Populations in Genua

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Genua is ranked 17,430th in the world for Largest Populations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The United Kingdom of BORDURIAAInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Victoire aux patriotes de Borduriaa ! Vive l'empereur K”
2.The Dominion of House of GriffindorInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In service of Genua”
3.The Republic of The Confederacy of BeastlandAnarchy“Defende Libertatem; Tunc Res Publica Conservabitur”
4.The Empire of Ruhed AristotleInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For the Empire”
5.The Exalted Confederacy of New DonetskInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For Genua”
6.The Union of Sir Oswald MosleyCorrupt Dictatorship“Tomorrow We Live”
7.The Dictatorship of Goldene DammerungCorporate Police State“Για μια ισχυρή και μεγάλη Ελλάδα”
8.The Fascist Bordurian Reich of Numerous CurrenciesCompulsory Consumerist State“For the glory of GENUA”
9.The Democratic People's Republic of SolhstanDemocratic Socialists“Justice for all”
10.The Catholic Theocratic State of NovorussiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Death to the enemies of Christ and Novorussia”

Last poll: “Condemnation of Genua World Assembly Proposal Nomination”

Regional Happenings


Genua Regional Message Board

BORDURIAA wrote:Did you have a nation called Beastland long ago in NS which was also the founder of a region?

Yes. I helped found the Federation of Free States. I was given control of the founding nation for a whole before I resigned as President (the president (originally the founder of the Internatiol Republican Union before it broke up: I also was involved there) appointed his successor if they resigned)

*sorry, for some reason I accidentally posted the same thing twice

The Confederacy of Beastland wrote:Yes. I helped found the Federation of Free States. I was given control of the founding nation for a whole before I resigned as President (the president (originally the founder of the Internatiol Republican Union before it broke up: I also was involved there) appointed his successor if they resigned)

*sorry, for some reason I accidentally posted the same thing twice

Yeah. The FFS. I remember very well now. It was a fledgling region with IRU and Libertatem as its allies.
Welcome to Genua. As TGS told ya, contact T-Rex for a job in the military. Please do visit our discord and abide by the requirements there.


This is a puppet of Beastland.

This is also a puppet of Beastland.

This is my third puppet. Unfortunately, I did not decline "rose" correctly in "Terra Rosarium" (which I meant to translate to "the land of roses"). Oh well: it should be Terra Rosarum with no "i" I believe.

Can I ask why you are announcing these in the rmb?

Welcome to Genua, Beastland! Thanks for identifying the wife and kids.

Beastland is Genua's newest military recruit. I know he'll be a valuable asset to us.


No problemo, amigo.

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