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VG.fn - Fosnian News

Cabinet pushes through Alcohol sale reform
People on the street have mixed feelings today, after the cabinet deregulated the sale of wine (or more spesifically, alcohol up to and including 15%), to be made available for sale in Supermarkets.
Previously, it has been illegal to sell alcohol outside of bars and restaurants above 4.7% anywhere else but the shops of the government-owned alcohol monopoly, "Vinmonopolet". This reform will open for the sale of wine and other weak liqeurs in supermarkets.

Jews of Nidaros completes second synagogue
The construction of Nidaros' first Reform synagogue has been completed in the neighborhood of Lademoen, a predominantly Jewish neigborhood in the city.
The synagogue replaces the old Lademoen church, which was destoryed in an arson fire in 2014. It stands 34 meters tall, 4230 m2, and rooms 1800 people. It is built in a classic stone "Jugend-Style" to fit the theme of the old church building.

Southeastern asia

Romanovskaya wrote:To: The Soviets of Southeastern asia
From: Viktor Volkov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Romanovskaya
Subject: Embassy Exchange

To whom it may concern,

I wish to thank you for your invitation to establish formal diplomatic relations. As you stated, we share the wish to build prosperous and mutually beneficial relations with our partners across the globe. As such, we are happy to engage in the development of diplomatic relations with Southeastern Asia.

I have held a meeting with my colleagues here at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to select a candidate to become the Romanovan Ambassador to Southeastern Asia. After we concluded our selection process we decided on appointing Ms. Marina Danshova. Ms. Danshova has previously worked at our diplomatic mission to Infiny as well as serving internally within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for several years. I have the utmost confidence for Ms. Danshova to represent Romanovskaya with dignity and respect, as well as working hard towards peaceful cooperation between our nations.

Please respond with your selected Ambassador as soon as you can. From there I will arrange a date in cooperation with the Office of the Sovereign for said Ambassador to present their diplomatic credentials to H.S.H. Princess Zephyrine.

Yours Truly,

Виктор Волков
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Principality of Romanovskaya

To: Виктор Волков

Thank you for accepting our offer of diplomatic negotiations. We believe that mutually beneficial relationships between nations is a major step in encouraging a united world under the ideals of Socialism, where every human being is equal. We are eager to show that Socialism can work and hope that every nation around the world will build a mutually beneficial relationship with us.

We have decided to name Comrade Mily Bokeo as ambassador to your nation. She has all valid diplomatic credentials and will present them to the Princess on your chosen date.

Comrade Muy Makara, Minister of Foreign Relations

Southeastern asia

Vicintia wrote:The Federation welcomes the invitation for an embassy from a fellow socialist nation. We will send Shvetakarna Kakudmati as ambassador and look forward to welcoming yours in Mumbai.

To: The Government of The Socialist Federation of Vicintia

We are honoured that you have accepted our invitation to open diplomatic relations. We are eager to develop prosperous relations and friendship with a fellow Asian, Socialist nation.

We have named Comrade Phan Nam Sơn and he will depart as soon as permission is granted.

Comrade Muy Makara, Minister of Foreign Relation

Central Federation,site of the Soviet base

President El'Snake and his personal guard are seen looking over the site of the base from the Federation's support Allie and to check on new plans for the Air force and navy which is so far one helicopter and 3 patrol boats small(unarmored weak)

Greetings from Anzoania!

Our citizens give you free passage in establishing robust diplomatic relations with us.
We encourage the establishment of embassies or consulates, as we believe that this is the best way to strengthen day-to-day tranquility, and communication within our region. Over the following months we look forward to establishing our own strong diplomatic relations with you.
I assure you, our kindest wishes for your nation as we believe in our regions success.

- Yours faithfully, President Joan B. Kennedy of the Federation of Anzoania.

JNN: Breaking News

Earlier today, a member of the defunct National Diet has stepped forward and has brought The Third Diet Act of 1948 to the attention of the public. The act was put into place to make it impossible to disband or make the National Diet defunct. It also prevents the enactment of Article Three of the Japanese Constitution.

What does this all mean? As stated by the member of the Diet, who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being: "the Emperor has no right to take full control over national duties and does not hold absolute power. This being said, those that were previously on the National Diet are to return and carry on as they did before Article Three. Despite what the Emperor commands, he is a figurehead as stated by our constitution which is still in effect."

It is unclear as to what this means for the future of Imperial Japan, but Grand High Minister Kyoji has stated that there was no presence of this act passed in 1948 or any other year. This claim by Kyoji falls on deaf ears, however, as the documents were certified as authentic. JNN will follow this story as it unfolds in this odd time here in Japan.

Staufferist Forces move to integrate final republican holdouts

Followiing the results of the UAN plebiscite and the ultimatum sent by the staufferist government moving past its deadline, forces loyal to President Emilie Stauffer have begun the final consolidation of communist control over Danubia. The agreement between Mészáros and Stauffer promised amnesty and free citizenship to all former republican leaders, politicians, officers as well as to any civilians who had sympathies for the republican government. Any who did not wish to accept this deal were given the time and resources to leave the country should they choose to do so.

However, not all sects of the republican movement have shown their support for this as many have begun to lead minor insurrections against the Danubian Forces, shouting that they'd prefer death to declaring any allegiance to the communists or abandoning danubia to their rule. These clashes have been largely contained and civilian casualties are minimal, with many medics on standby ready to assist any who need help should the fighting spread.

Stauffer has publicly attacked the rebels. Calling them arrogant and stubborn, she claimed that their actions prove that they do not care for danubia by continuing to cause conflict instead of accepting the wider will of the danubian people and working together to forge a danubia that can work for all within its borders, the reason the original coalition was founded in the first place. Despite these engagements, much of the country is now under communist control as it becomes clear that Stauffer and her socialist unity party administration are here to stay.

Post self-deleted by The Hellenes League.


Earlier today a suicide bomber attack on the Izmir Pride events in the Byzantine territory killed 17 people and injured another 42 people. Most of those people are in critical condition in area hospitals.

Those protesting the event seemed to be shocked. A small portion of the protesters however celebrated the event, caught on camera.

That group of people belong to the Byzantine Nationalist Movement, a group advocating for the independence of the Byzantine State and for the removal of Hellenes control over the Aegean Islands. They are largely known for protesting and have not been largely violent in the past.

The group has not claimed responsibility, nor has any other group. The Hellenes Investigation Department have started looking into who may be responsible.

The governor of the Byzantine State has placed a curfew on the city of Izmir, effective until further notice.

Geopolity Song Contest -- Orange-Bourgognian Results
~ OBBC Culture

Before we proceed to the announcement our the Orange-Bourgognian results, let us clear something up. There were no attempts of corruption or bribery that we discovered. However, the network shut-down for a moment due to the sheer amount of votes coming in. Our systems initiated measures designed to operate in the case of a DDOS-attack. Luckily, we managed to restore everything to normal rather quickly and we resumed voting in less than fifteen minutes after the first problems arose... With that being said, here are our official results:

The 11th place goes to the Union (Imperial Eagle)... thus resulting in 0 points for them from the United Kingdom.

Next up is Lanfang-, whose perfomance seems to have been liked by our audience and earns them a fourth place with 7 points.

They are followed by Loreira, whose performance has outmatched their immediate predecessors. Had the song been given a bit more positive energy, it might actually have won but for now they rose to the third place, earning a respectable 8 points.

We now come to the song from Romanovskaya, which was rather unpopular when compared to the last two songs. They were voted to the 10th place and thus receive one point.

Proceeding further, we come now to the song of Donau-Bundesreich, which did not too much better than that of the northern Principality. They managed to get the eighth place and earned the corresponding three points.

Next up is Danzigreich, which was returned with slightly better results than the previous two entries. They got a sixth place and thus got five points.

Even better did Infiny, which thanks a lot of its votes to the younger generations that cast their ballots. A respectable fifth place is the result for them resulting in no less than six points.

Now comes a song that was not quite popular with many Orange-Bourgognians, namely that from Tumolia. They got just enough votes in to secure the 9th spot on the leaderboard, resulting in merely 2 points.

The last of the non-top two songs goes to the hosts, the song from Novaya Rossiyskaya Imperiya, who managed to get the seventh place with 4 points.

And now, we come to the results that you have all been waiting for. Who would have won this year's Geopolity Song Contest? There can only be one winner, and with almost 15 per cent of the votes, it was... ...

Eulumia! 12 POINTS FOR YOU!

Of course, there is also a runner-up, which we recognise as a very unhappy spot but still represents a most remarkable performance. This year, the Orange-Bourgognians voted as their second-best performance the song from:

Furstia, whom we congratulate with their 10 points.

Danzigreich wrote:Danziger Morgenpost
Quik Software announces intentions to do business abroad

Ministry of Economy

The Danziger company known as "Quik Software" is officially invited to establish a subsidiary in the Bioko Special Economic Activity Area.

Through this medium, the Central Bank of the Socialist Republic of Furstia also expresses its interest in establishing a joint venture in the Special Economic Area, similar to the one involving the VTB Bank in the Soviet Union.

Additionally, QuikMeet and QuikFlik could reap huge benefits should they introduce their services into the Furstian market, as long as all internal laws concerning cyberspatial activity are thoroughly followed.

We await for your response.

Best regards,
Alfredo Solanas, Minister of Economy

Southeastern asia wrote:Official Announcement on behalf of the Soviets of Southeastern Asia

The working people of South east Asia invite all nations, be they Capitalist or Communist, to establish diplomatic relations with The United Socialist States of Southeastern Asia.

Spaces for nations to establish consulates or embassies have been set aside in the Worker's capital of Saigon, and it is hoped that the founding of diplomatic missions will lead to more prosperous and peaceful relationships worldwide.

The Central Government on behalf of the Working Soviets of South East Asia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lanfang

To the Central Government of the Working Soviets of South East Asia,

The Government of the Republic of Lanfang would like to establish formal diplomatic relations by appointing Mr. Lim Chung-yin as our representative in Saigon. We invited the Southeast Asian government to submit an ambassador to reside in Wanjin City. We look forward to a productive and peaceful relationship with our neighbors to the north.

Hon. Chandran Ashant MP
Minister of Foreign Affairs


I am hoping to be a bit more active in the near future, a lots been going on

Eulumia, Furstia, Romanovskaya, Danzigreich, and 1 otherSoutheastern asia

Southeastern asia

-Greater Canada- wrote:Canada is willing to establish a embassy in your capital city. We appoint John Chen as the ambassador to Southeastern Asia.

To: The Canadian Government

Thank for you accepting our invitation to open diplomatic relations with our nation.

We have appointed Khem Lam as ambassador to your country.

Comrade Muy Makara, Minister of Foreign Relations

John Moses Brown Society unveils planned statue

The John Moses Brown Historical Society reported today that it intends to request funding for a planned 150 foot statue of John Moses Brown to be build near Harper's Ferry, W.V. in honor of Brown's stance against slavery and his attempt to show the rest of the nation of the path that it was embarked on. Slated to cost a projected 30 million dollars, it would also be host to a underground museum that would be home to some of Brown's belongings and historical documents and is planned to take at least 3 years to complete but with a possible projected completion time of 4 to 5 years pending any issues with funding and supply delays.

Board of War Accidentally Invades Mongolia

The Qing military has admitted it accidentally invaded Mongolia last night, but it insists its brief occupation of a small part of the country was simply a "misunderstanding."

Qing troops mistakenly crossed the country's border with Mongolia before setting up there, deep in a rural area. Due to the unmarked segment of the border, it was impossible for the troops to determine their exact location. The troops, who had orders to establish an observation post, but got disorientated and took a wrong turn due to bad weather conditions. As a result, the post was set up in Mongolian territory unknowingly.

The soldiers then accidentally started turning away Mongolian herdsmen who were attempting to forage in their own country.

The snafu led the Mongolian embassy to take "immediate action" and notify its Qing counterpart, after which troops withdrew.

The Board of War also acknowledged the brief occupation last night. "We have assured [the Mongolians] that this incident was merely a misunderstanding caused by the Qing military with no hostile intention. The placement of the border post was a result of misunderstanding, not a deliberate act. It was corrected immediately and the case was resolved", according to an official press release.

The incident occurred in Buir Lake, a small border subdivision in northern Mongolia that sits on a boundary point between the 2 nations, and is covered by forest. The Board of War did not confirm how long its soldiers were present in Mongolia.

Da Qing Empire wrote:Board of War Accidentally Invades Mongolia


Post invalidated for breaching Rule 12, subsection a.

How's my flag Everyone?

DNN - The Danubian National News Network
The Latest News, Politics, Sports and Media from Danubia and Beyond.



Richárd Mészáros, former General, Politician and Republican Leader has died.

He was found outside his estate by a security guard who was at the time performing a routine patrol of the grounds. Upon discovering Mészáros, he promptly contacted the emergency services and performed first aid and CPR. Despite the best efforts of the present staff, waswas declared dead at the scene by the paramedics shortly after their arrival.

The believed cause of death is that of a sudden unforeseen heart attack which could be related to recent rumors in news networks across the nation over the last few days, claiming that he had been having severe health problems ever since the closing months of the civil war but had kept it secret to preserve morale as Staufferist forces continued to push west.

President Stauffer has announced her condolences for the death towards the family and friends of Mészáros claiming that despite their differences she had a great respect for the man who fought well in the name of his ideals as well as respect for casting them aside when it was required to ensure peace in Danubia for the foreseeable future.


Furstia, Novaya Rossiyskaya Imperiya, and Southeastern asia

Southeastern asia

Central America Federation wrote:Federal Forgin Affairs Offices

Our Nation will gladly open relations with the Government of South East Asia and we hope to have a lasting friendship their is a open building in union city for a Embassy to the South East Asia we will have a small Embassy team ready to go to your nation


To: The Federal Foreign Affairs office

Thank your accepting our invitation to open an embassy in our country. We eagerly look forward to a long and peaceful relationship between our two nations.

We will send Comrade Yos Chariya to your nation as our ambassador.

Comrade Muy Makara, Minister of Foreign Relations

JNN: Breaking News

Hello everyone, my name is Kirishima Ryushi, here with breaking news out of Tokyo. After last week's revelation that the National Diet could not be suspended under any cause whatsoever, the Diet met yesterday and earlier today. Yesterday, a vote was held in both houses to remove Grand High Minister Kyoji from his position. This vote passed unanimously.

The second vote which occurred earlier today was to remove Emperor Shimamoto from his position. This passed with 68% in the lower house and 54% in the upper house. The vote also came with charging Shimamoto with treason against the state.

Both votes have seemingly put the Japanese government is limbo, but the Diet has also decided to allow the current leader of the Liberal Democratic Party to lead the nation as the new Prime Minister of Japan. The new passings of the National Diet have now made the Prime Minister the head of state and the head of government. The new Prime Minister is the current leader of the LDP, Izumo Sanjiro.

Tumolian News Network reports :

Tarmil Z. , the man responsible for the terrorist attacks of the 22nd of May has been captured. Tumolian national terrorist prevention units have confirmed this to the press. In a public press conference last night the Chief of special forces confirmed his capture. On the 15th special forces entered a compound on the coast of Cape State. Tarmil was found unconscious in the facility. Also in the facility special forces found large amounts of illegal substances and large amounts of counterfeit money. Tarmil has been transferred to Robben Island Federal Prison where he was immediately seen by medical staff. Medical staff has reported that his current status is stable. He will await his trail on Robben Island.

Referendum to join the ICC announced!

After heated debates throughout the country regarding the Senate's decision to not join the ICC President Aarth Juthani has decided to call a referendum to end the debate. In the announcement he stated "It is clear that Vicintia cannot move forward until we fully resolve this issue, and since the debate is still alive we will put it to a final vote". The question to voters will be Should the Socialist Federation of Vicintia petition to join the ICC? With the answer being either yes or no.

Both sides are now campaigning to the people with these current arguments


*Vicintia will finally rejoin the international community.
*Vicintia will officially throw it's support behind other Socialist nations, and in return be supported.
*Vicintia cooperation with other like minded nations will bolster the economy, education and will open up more opportunities for
Vicintian's abroad.
*Vicintia's progress has been stifled by isolation.
*Vicintia was the second country in the world to adopt a socialist government, as one of the oldest Socialist nations it is our duty to help those like us.


*Vicintia will be limited in it's diplomatic actions it can take.
*Joining the ICC may break the peace that has steadily been maintained in India.
*India will become another front in a potential global war.
*Vicintia will be alienated by currently friendly nations who oppose the ICC
*Isolation has kept the peace, why change something that works?
*Before isolation Vicintia intervened in many wars causing needless Vicintian deaths

It is now up to the people to decide on a new path, or to continue treading the same road.

Foreign Embassies Announcement

On behalf of the Anzoanian people, we extend our invitation to all nations to establish embassies in the States capitol of Santiago.

The allocation of space for your embassy shall swiftly be ratified upon your acceptance, we are very welcoming of whoever you see fit for ambassador and look forward to working with them in establishing a global network of diplomatic missions. We also looks forward to securing trade talks, securing the rights of visitors or immigrants from your nation in becoming great cooperative partners with the Federation of Anzoania in the future.

Yours faithfully,
Jerome D. Nelson Minister of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Anzoanian Peoples

Tumolian Times Report :

Counsel spokesperson Jamie Roberts has just released the intention of the Estate-Counsel to look into the election. This comes after a request by the TPF which claimed the districts in Tumolia are not equally distributed. It appears the Estate-Counsel sees this as a valid claim and will now look into the matter. If the Estate-Counsel agrees with the TPF claimes, it could mean that the outcome of the election is rendered unconstitutional. It is unclear where the judges stand on the matter. The Estate-Counsel will convene next week to debate the matter and soon after that, the judges will give their judgment.

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