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Glacial Empire contains 6 nations, the 2,620th most in the world.


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The Largest Publishing Industry in Glacial Empire

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Glacial Empire is ranked 5,809th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of WhaydanFather Knows Best State“Sow knowledge - Reap wisdom”
2.The Traveling Diplomatic Circus of Glacial EmpireMoralistic Democracy“Representing the frozen lands of Glacial Empire”
3.The Founders of The Glacial EmpireRight-wing Utopia“Guardian of the Frozen Lands”
4.The Federation of Greater NevariaDemocratic Socialists“Conquered by none”
5.The Free Land of LjosavatnPsychotic Dictatorship“Det är aldrig för sent att ge upp”
6.The Provisional Government of ShigicesPsychotic Dictatorship“Twirling Toward Freedom”

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I'm Korsinia, the MoFA of Thaecia

Am here to say hello!

Whaydan and Komasernah

Korsinia wrote:Helllo!
I'm Korsinia, the MoFA of Thaecia

Am here to say hello!

Hello and thank you for the embassy! Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship. We will appoint an ambassador to Thaecia in the next few days.

Korsinia and Komasernah

Whaydan wrote:Hello and thank you for the embassy! Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship. We will appoint an ambassador to Thaecia in the next few days.

That's great!
Hopefully, I can find an ambassador to you guys as well!
Until then, please do consider me as an ambassador but I'm just not around XD

Whaydan and Komasernah

Centrum terrae


Hey guys, I am from Thaecia and I wanted to give you a link to a forum that I made
I saw a bunch of forums about a Nation States World Cup and decided why not do one for track and field? Spread the word, tell me what you think, and telegram me if you are interested.

Whaydan and Komasernah

Hello nations of the Glacial Empire, I'm G from Librexis, the Thaecian ambassador to the Glacial Empire. Im looking forward to interacting with and learning more about the nations of this region, and am excited to see the strong friendship that stems from our embassy. If you have any questions about Thaecia, Librexis, or the embassy, feel free to reach out and send me a telegram.



Greater Nevaria, Komasernah, and Titanne

Your friend from Thaecia here! Check out our political dispatch! If you’d like to add your take, rate all the candidates on a scale of 1-10, and then telegram that and whatever you’d like to comment on to me to add it!

On the Dem. Debates
Edited by: Titanne
With Contributions From: Arirang hill, Count Struck Global Defensive, Titanne and Andusre
Titanne’s Take

Well, we’ve survived the second round of the USA Democratic Presidential Debate. We’ve seen heroes rise, then fall, then rise again. We’ve seen policies flip and flop. We’ve seen some stuff. I’m here to analyze each and every one of the Democrats on their Debate performances.

2nd Debates:

20. Tim Ryan 1/10
Tim Ryan somehow looks like a deer stuck in headlights. He failed to get in on the action between moderates and progressives, and failed to differentiate himself like Pete Buttigieg. And, most importantly, he failed to deliver substantive policies.

19. Bill de Blasio 1.5/10
No. Just no. He’s only higher than Ryan due to his policies being… mentioned.

18. Michael Bennet 1.5/10
Oh poor Michael Bennet. Poor, poor, Michael Bennet. He may have fallen the farthest between the debates, from a better-than-expected first showing to a very poor second showing.

17. John Hickenlooper 2/10
Ok, I’m going to cut him a tiny tiny bit of slack. He seemed to have policy, he didn’t make any terrible mistakes, but then again: who is this guy?

16. Beto O’Rourke 3/10
He didn’t take part in the moderate attack, but he also didn’t do much at all. I think that he outperformed his last performance, but it’s just not enough.

15. Amy Klobuchar 3.5/10
Klobuchar was part of the moderate attack on Bernie and Warren. It just… didn’t connect, unfortunately for her. She did generally get her policies across, even if it wasn’t delivered the best.

14. Steve Bullock 4/10
Bullock actually performed well as a first-time debater, but I’m not quite sure it was enough.

13. John Delaney 4/10
He started off well, and he likely was the MVP of the moderate attack, but… it wasn’t that impressive over all. Then he was killed by Warren. Oh well.

12. Jay Inslee 5/10
The whole herald of doom thing worked for a while, and he was likely the best performing nobody white male in the debates

11. Andrew Yang 6/10
I don’t know about him. He’s the economy guy, which he did well, but he left a bit to be asked for by mainly ignoring other issues.

10. Kamala Harris 6.5/10
Oh how heroes fall. Kamala Harris would have been at the top of my list last time, but this time, she meekly defended herself, barely went on the attack, and was beaten by…

9. Tulsi Gabbard 7/10
Tulsi landed the only effective blow on Kamala Harris all night. That takes skill. Other than that… meh.

8.Joe Biden 7/10
Joe did so much better than the last debate, I can’t even tell you. And he mainly escaped unscathed. That’s a win for the front runner in the field.

7. Marianne Williamson 7/10
I don’t know how the hell Williamson nabbed this spot, but she did. She held her own and mostly refrained from talking of “love and dark psychic forces”. She also got some cheers.

6. Bernie Sanders 7.5/10
Undoubtedly the lesser progressive from the first night, Bernie did enough to keep the moderates at bay, but proved to ultimately be upstaged by Elizabeth Warren.

5. Pete Buttigieg 8/10
The South Bend mayor was the only person in the first debate who avoided the moderate vs. progressive fight. Only one. And, he made clear, concise points. You go!

4. Kirsten Gillibrand 8.5/10
Yep, her. She got the biggest cheers of the nights, AND landed a punch on Biden. And explained her electability. The first win in a while for what seemed like a doomed campaign.

3. Julián Castro 9/10
The most effective attacks on Biden UNDOUBTEDLY came from the former HUD Secretary. Castro may well move up with higher polling candidates.

2. Elizabeth Warren 9/10
She led the defense against Klobuchar and Delaney, and did it god damn well. Warren was the winner of the first night, but the ultimate title goes to…

1.Cory Booker 9.5/10
Cory Booker was the other MVP of the Biden battle. Not to mention his happy warrior jokes, clearing the health issue unscathed, and defending an ill-advised attack from Biden. His campaign is in a good place at the moment.

Arirang hill’s Opinion

Individually Scored
Joe Biden: 7
Bernie Sanders: 9
Elizabeth Warren: 9
Kamala Harris: 3
Pete Buttigieg: 6
Beto O'Rourke: 5
Andrew Yang: 8
Corey Booker: 10
Amy Klobuchar: 6
Julian Castro: 8
Tulsi Gabbard: 9
John Hickenlooper: 1
Kirsten Gillibrand: 2
Jay Inslee: 7
John Delaney: 5
Marianne Williamson: 9
Tim Ryan: 1
Michael Bennet: 7
Steve Bullock: 6
Bill de Blasio: 6

Ranked by performance:
Corey Booker

Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren
Tulsi Gabbard
Marianne Williamson

Andrew Yang
Julian Castro

Joe Biden
Jay Inslee
Michael Bennet

Pete Buttigieg
Amy Klobuchar
Steve Bullock
Bill de Blasio

Beto O'Rourke
John Delaney

Kamala Harris

Kirsten Gillibrand

John Hickenlooper
Tim Ryan

Andusre’s Rankings

1. Elizabeth Warren
2. Bernie Sanders
3. Marianne Williamson
4. Tulsi Gabbard
5. Jay Inslee
6. Cory Booker
7. Pete Buttigieg
8. Julian Castro
9. Kirsten Gillibrand
10. Joe Biden
11. Andrew Yang
12. Steve Bullock
13. John Hickenlooper
14. Bill De Blasio
15. Michael Bennett
16. Tim Ryan
17. Kamala Harris
18. Beto O'Rourke
19. Amy Klobuchar
20. John Delaney

From Count Struck Global Defensive

I would like to focus briefly on my losers and winners of these debates. That is, the candidates that I believe will either garner or lose support in the polls. Therefore, we will not spend time speaking of candidates who may be doing well polling-wise but who otherwise turned in middling performances and might not change their position in the polls. Specifically, I shall address only two candidates.

Winner of the 2nd Round of Debates - Cory Booker
Turned in the top-tier performance of night 2. While Booker's performance was by no means exemplary, it shined above the opposition consisting of that night's group of candidates.
Booker's character and sincereness have been something which I've been quite moved by if I'll be honest. And the way that he addresses issues is something which connects all the right dots for me. He managed to continue that tonight with a solid job during the back and forth of the debate while also scoring points against Biden.

Loser of the 2nd Round of Debates - Kamala Harris

Tulsi Gabbard slammed hard into Harris' past regarding her time as a prosecutor in the state of California. Many of those shots hit their mark and are substantiated by fact. The fact of the matter is that Harris has a mixed record from when she was a prosecutor. Harris was nonplussed. She was certainly not prepared for an attack on her own past to come up tonight, to contrast the attention given to attacking Biden that was apparent to all and expected to happen - which it certainly did.
With the first round of debates, she gained traction in the polls. I imagined something closer to the opposite of what happened the first time may happen this time around. We shall see though how large of a blow this has on the prospects of the campaign of Harris.

Average Candidate Scores

1. Booker: 9.125/10
2. Warren: 8.25/10
3. Sanders: 7.75/10
4. Williamson: 7.5/10
5. Gabbard: 7.375/10
6. Castro: 7.125/10
7. Buttigieg: 6.5/10
8. Inslee: 6.25/10
9. Biden: 5.875/10
10. Yang: 5.75/10
11. Gillibrand: 5.125/10
12. Bullock: 4.625/10
13. Bennett: 3.875/10
14. De Blasio: 3.75/10
15. Klobuchar: 3.625/10
16. Delaney: 3.5/10
17. O’Rourke: 3.375/10
18. Harris: 3.25/10
19. Hickenlooper: 2.75/10
20. Ryan: 2.125/10

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If anyone’s interested, my region, Chalyiaa, has tons of leadership positions available! Come and join the party!

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- We've an Imperial Gazette
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Our effort to rebuild the Shigices region has been largely unsuccessful. All involved parties have agreed to abandon the project and focus on increasing activity and membership in Glacial Empire.
Shigices will continue to exist as a state within the Empire.

Welcome Ljosavatn!

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