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Welcome to the Greater Middle East!

The Greater Middle East is a role-playing community that started out primarily focused on the Middle East, but has since grown and evolved to include the rest of the world as well.

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Greater Middle East contains 175 nations, the 94th most in the world.


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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Nova IranCivil Rights Lovefest“Unity, Freedom, Justice”
2.The Jingoistic States of OMG ITS RUSSIAN BIASAnarchy“People still believe we threw men at the Germans”
3.The Sunrise Kingdom of YerehaLeft-wing Utopia“養正之心ヲ弘ム”
4.The United States of The Greater IranCorporate Bordello“Freedom, Motherland and Unity”
5.The Federal Republic of Nineveh PlainsLeft-Leaning College State“Christian, Yaizidi, Nineveh”
6.The People's Republic of Socialist TransnistriaIron Fist Socialists“E”
7.The Federal Republic Yugoslavia of Dvaistic Republic of SerbiaDemocratic Socialists“Brotherhood and Unity”
8.The State of Azania-Civil Rights Lovefest“Uhuru na Umoja | Inkululeko Nobumbano”
9.The Commonwealth of Southern Arabia and The HornInoffensive Centrist Democracy“One nation upon the free, one nation for all”
10.The Empire of Nigerian EmpireLeft-Leaning College State“The Mufhasa Royal Family; God has blessed us.”
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OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Coup d'Etat Launched; Almeida Government Ousted, Massive Changes Inbound

In a shocking turn of events, the Brazilian Armed Forces, led by General Diogo da Silva Telo e Meneses, launched a coup d'état against the Almeida government, following six years of political and economic crisis.

In cities across the country, soldiers were deployed and the main roads were blockaded. The military deployed troops to the Praça dos Três Poderes, capturing the Palácio do Planalto (presidential office), the Congresso Nacional (National Congress), and the Supremo Tribunal Federal (Supreme Federal Court). Hundreds of civilian staffers were seen being led out to trucks, with their hands on their heads, as soldiers raided the offices and seized the buildings. In Manaus and Rio, soldiers subsumed the police in ongoing public security operations, with authorities sending hundreds of soldiers from the Army and Military Police to further increase security in the cities. In Rio, this involved besieging favelas, with special attention being paid to the Morro Da Providencia favela, which has hosted a hostage crisis for over a week.

President Almeida was reportedly arrested at his doorstep in the Palácio da Alvorada, as Commander Diogo replaced him as the leader of Brazil. He later ordered all media to replace their regular programs with the military's programs whenever he required, and imposed a ban on publishing magazines, newspapers, and books for a week. He also directed all government agency chiefs to report to him, an order which was followed.

Members of the previous government were assembled at the Praça dos Três Poderes, where Major General Bob Ma Li, Commander Diogo's second-in-command, proclaimed the dissolution of the government. This event was televised. The military subsequently pledged to "release a line of directives that would improve the lives of the Brazilian people, including uplifting them from poverty, granting them jobs, education, and punishing the corrupt, and reigniting the sparks of the Brazilian economic machine". The new government, named the Brazilian Restoration and Salvation Council (BRSC), vested executive and legislative powers in its leaders, and ordered the judicial branch to operate under its directives.

In addition, the 1988 Constitution was partially repealed, and a 10PM curfew was declared nationwide. All social and political gatherings were banned, and an interim constitution - which granted the NRSC amnesty - was issued. Across the country, the people rejoice, seeing a new government which will finally be capable of protecting its people, and resolving decades of corruption and economic stagnation. Many called for a strong military government to defend the integrity of the state.

    Should Germany strive for Great Power?

Economically the unified Germany is the largest in Europe, and stands 4th worldwide. The unification of Prussia, Rhineland, Saxony, Bavaria and Austria in 1997 would shift the European power balance westward permanently, coinciding with Russias decline, Europe has never been so tranquil. So that raises the question, why does Germany not seek Great Power status? The country already has the 3rd largest defense spending budget in the world, an armed forces that could go toe-to-toe with the Russians, and the obvious diplomatic weight that Berlin wields. It very well has the tool to define global events, but it chooses not to.

This is undoubtedly due to a phobia of conflict within Germany, immediately after the most devastating conflict in history, Germany would be split between four states that were all essentially puppets of the Western and Eastern camps of the Cold War. So there was always the fear that these four states would fight amongst themselves to appease their respective alliances; thankfully it never occurred, but the Cold War was most definitely a large enough conflict that the agreement of non-aggression between the four states could have been violated and Bavaria could very well have gone to war with Prussia. But the four states were meant to be a buffer zone, left to its own devices. Legally all four states were free to do anything of themselves so long as it was not in direct violation of the four countries neutrality. All four states would develop very capable armed forces, and upon the unification of the German state, alongside Austria; Germany would easily become Europe largest and most capable defense force. Even obtaining a sizeable nuclear arsenal through Rhineland, which developed the weapons secretly until announced in 1968.

Germany has the tools to become a major global player. And it should.

The events that occur in the Middle East, Asia and Africa have started to shape the politics of Europe, and the internal affairs of Germany. Instability in these regions lead to economic uncertainty in Europe, and most importantly instigates a domino effect of anarchy. Berlin can shape the affairs of the world, and with the Americans being unable to work with Europe, or the Russians constantly threatening Europe, despite lacking the economic incentive to do so, the world requires a third pole of influence. One that is ran and controlled, by the largest economy in the world. Europe. But the problem lies with trusting Germany's vast resources in states that do not share the same values of the German state. Many of its supposed allies and neighbours, have gone to great lengths ensuring that Berlin does not wield the power to play a major role in determining the defense of the continent. Fortunately many of these belligerent allies, have long been ousted, due in part to their inability to lead or even coherently run the very international institutions they sought to protect. Weak and ignorant. Germany will require to work with its allies, some old, and some newly forged. It should act with the integrity of being one of the worlds largest economies.

A few days ago, Germany had acquired the right to operate several facilities in Cyprus, the facility of the township of Akrotiri, will be transferred to the operation and maintenance of the German Armed Forces. Giving Berlin unparalleled access to the Middle East. The facility that has been renamed Abdülhamit-Wilhem, will allow Germany to protect its interests in the European border with Africa and the Middle East, as well as allow Germany to play a more significant role in securing the sovereignty of Israel. The purchase of the facility will also mark a significant turn in German-Turkish relations, as Germany would be the first foreign country to install military facilities within Turkey, and honour that is recognised greatly by the Berlin government.

The base will have a permanent stationing of:
70 nuclear warhead - V-4 intercontinental ballistic missiles

These ground units and equipment:
5,000 troops
30 Leopard 2E
120 Marder IFV
200 TPz Fuchs APC
15 M270 MLRS
60 PzH 2000

These aircrafts:
30 Eurofighter Typhoon
20 Panavia Tornado
15 Eurocopter Tiger
8 Eurocopter AS532 Cougar
2 Airbus A400M Atlas
10 AgustaWestland AW101
3 Breguet Atlantic

as well as these vessels:
Baden-Württemberg class frigate
- F238 Ravensburg
Sachsen-class frigate
- F229 Schwarzenberg
Braunschweig-class corvette
- F309 Quenzsee
- F310 Hengsteysee
Type 212 class submarine
- S196 U45
- S197 U46
- S198 U47
- S199 U48

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

The Eleven Directives To Fostering Stability, Prosperity, and Security in Brazil

The Brazilian Restoration and Salvation Council (BRSC), with all vested powers and authorities, has dictated a set of 11 Directives, aimed at driving policy decisions in the near future:

    1. Ensuring energy security at all levels:
      Brazilian energy policy must aim to become as self-sufficient as it can over the next few years. As Latin America's bio-energy superpower, it is Brazil's duty to ensure that we continue our trend of providing safe, clean energy to the millions that rely on us. There is rich wind potential in the south, in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso do Sul. The state will ensure that the nation's cheap and easily accessible wind resources may be exploited, especially to rural communities which need it. By 2025, the BRSC aims to build 10 more reactors, 3 extra than its previous goal.

    2. Ensuring universal access to clean water:

      Despite having one of the largest economies in the world, there remain 4 million Brazilians without access to safe water, and 24 million without access to improved sanitation. For those who do have access to safe water, the water supply downtime, disruption in service and deficiencies in drinking water systems remain challenging.
      The BRSC shall take resolute steps to combat waterborne diseases such as cholera or parasites. Greater resources shall be devoted to establishing essential prevention efforts, including the provision of nationwide clean drinking water, thorough restaurant hygiene standards, the establishment of more sewage treatment plants, intensive monitoring of public waterways for contamination, and public education on proper hygiene.

    3. Protecting Brazil's fisheries:

      Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese fishing vessels are the largest culprits when it comes to distant water fishing. The waters of Brazil belong to the Brazilian. The BRSC will begin to enforce its claims to Brazilian territorial waters, its EEZ, and continental shelf with deadly efficiency. Fishermen who are registered to Brazil will have their registrations centralised to a federal database, accessible to local and federal authorities. They will be required to present a new form of identification - a Fisherman's Pass - which they should present when questioned. Fishing vessels will require a GPS beacon to be activated at all times, which is pegged to their Fisherman's Pass, along with the vessel itself. This is to ensure that all fishermen can be traced and tracked for their own safety and security, and to ensure accountability.
      The Brazilian Navy, local maritime police agencies, and others, are encouraged to enforce Brazil's maritime claims. Foreign distant water fishermen are outlaws under new BRSC regulations, and no criminal prosecution will result from any actions taken while defending Brazil's territory. We shall not be bullied into giving up our resources. Foreign fishermen who are not registered under Brazilian regulations shall be maimed on sight.

    4. Telecommunications coverage for all:

      Oi, a Brazilian telecommunications company, will have part of its equity sold to Anatel, with the BRSC covering the relevant costs. The equity will be valued at $1,400 million USD. Anatel, under BRSC directives, will provide telecommunications plans to 10,000,000 low-income households across the nation, which permit the connection of 2 devices to 10 gigabytes of 3G data, and 1 device to 60 gigabytes of 4G data per month. The data plans will be subsidised by the BRSC, to ensure that low-income households can connect to the internet like every other Brazilian. This is especially important for households with children, who may require the internet for educational purposes.

    5. Pension reforms:

      The pension reforms that have been in progress since 22 October 2019 will be further enforced to help combat the giant deficit in the pension system and the rapid aging of the Brazilian population. More cuts will be made to ensure that the deficit is filled as quickly as possible. The retirement age for both men and women shall be raised to 70 years of age.
      The Disability Pension shall be modified to a 55% pay contribution, plus an extra 1.2% pay contribution per annum afterwards. The Death Pension will be modified to accommodate a family benefit of 40%, plus 2% contributions per dependent. For Congressmen, the Congressional Social Security Plan will be scrapped completely, and the government shall provide legislators with no state pension. If a legislator truly represents the people, they shall work like an ordinary person, and be privy to the standard pensions like everyone else.

    6. Ensuring security against corruption:

      Senior civil servants who accept bribes will be liable to the death penalty, as of September 2020 onwards. Likewise, people who attempt to solicit or provide bribes will be treated in the same manner. Junior civil servants who accept bribes will be liable to 50 years imprisonment. Internet traffic of civil servants will be monitored to ensure compliance.

    7. A vicious crackdown on drugs:

      Drug trafficking makes up for an increasingly large portion of crime in Brazil. A total of 27% of all incarcerations in Brazil are the result of drug trafficking charges. The most common drugs in circulation are marijuana, followed by cocaine and crack.
      The BRSC shall institute new punitive measures aimed at punishing drug cartels, distributors, and makers. If one is found to be manufacturing illicit narcotics or distributing them criminally, a death sentence shall be handed to them automatically. Civilians shall be paid a R$1,500 bounty for each illicit dealer of an illicit narcotic they can find, dead or alive. The normative standards surrounding care for drug dealers and manufacturers in the criminal justice system shall be abolished. These people who profit off others at their expense shall be left to the wolves - quite literally.
      On the other hand, the BRSC shall ensure that drug addicts or users - especially members of the youth - shall receive appropriate treatment for their addiction. Therapeutical and medical solutions for the treatment of addictions, be it tobacco, alcohol, or illicit narcotics, shall be subsidised by the state.
      Marijuana will be decriminalized, with its manufacture and distribution to be exclusively controlled by the state. Anyone found to be manufacturing or distributing the drug, be it in raw or processed form, will be liable for death.

    8. A fair tax burden:

      The Brazilian tax burden amounts to 1/3 of the GDP share, and places Brazil in the list of countries with the highest burdens in the world, comparable to France, Germany and Sweden. However, the previous administrations have failed to provide the same return for the population that these aforementioned countries provide.
      The BRSC shall aim to ensure that the tax burden is fair and commensurate with what the citizens receive. Social programmes shall be expanded in scope, infrastructure properly maintained and provided, public housing to replace favelas, improved educational facilities, and the people shall receive what they truly deserve. The new budget for the fiscal year of 2021-2022 will be revamped to be commensurate with that goal.

    9. Ensuring the internationalisation of Brazilian goods and services:

      A free trade deal shall be signed with Central Hindustan and the Greater Indonesia Republic, to allow mutual economic benefits to take root. Our nations are tied together by the shared destiny of mankind, and we must cherish our partnerships to forge a bright future.

    10. Strategic cuts to government spending:

      Over the years, previous administrations have grossly dabbled in fiscal irresponsibility, resulting in a massive government debt that is worth nearly 90% of the nation's GDP. Brazilian congressmen, be they Senators or Deputies, are some of the highest-paying personnel within the government. However, they utilize their positions to harm the public, with many being implicated for corruption following Operation Car Wash. Legislators in the future will be prompted to take this post only for a civic passion, and not for money. Effective immediately, upon the restoration of the civilian government, a 60% pay cut will be instituted for all Senators and Deputies, and this will be enshrined in the Constitution to avoid repealing.
      Private work vehicles for Senators, Deputies, and their aides will be repossessed and used for the public benefit. If legislators truly represent the people, they shall be privy to the people's means of transportation: that of a bike, public transit, or their two good legs.

    11. Universal Education:

      7% of Brazil's adult population remains illiterate. The BRSC shall ensure that education remains universally accessible for all. Henceforth, the BRSC shall provide remedial high school level classes to high school dropouts, which have mired the education system due to their high dropout rates. Public educational institutes shall be granted more government endowments, with a R$35 billion endowment to be provided cumulatively to a collection of 27 universities - 1 in each administrative subdivision. The endowment will be used for the sole purpose of accomodating low-income students who are unable to pay for university fees fully or partially, via bursaries or scholarships.
      In addition, the 1,900,000 children and teenagers who are yet to be brought to school shall be schooled by the BRSC. The BRSC will employ and send soldiers to remote and dangerous locales in order to reach the most undereducated, neglected, and marginalized citizens, in order to give them with regular schooling and lessons.

France 24 - English

    September 21st, 2020

Pogacar poised for Tour de France glory after stunning Roglic in surprise turnaround

    | Paris - Yugoslavia's Tadej Pogacar pulled off a major upset at the Tour de France by stunning compatriot Primoz Roglic to claim the overall leader’s yellow jersey with a monumental victory in the final individual time trial on Saturday. The 21-year-old won the 36.2-km solo effort against the clock as Roglic, who had started the day with a 57-second lead in the general classification, cracked in the uphill section, a 5.9-km climb at an average gradient of 8.5%.

    "I don't know what to say, it's a dream," said Pogacar, who now leads second-placed Roglic by 59 seconds ahead of Sunday’s final stage, a largely processional ride to the Champs Élysees in Paris where only the final sprint is contested. "Getting the yellow jersey on the final day, we were dreaming of it since the start. I knew every corner on the road, thanks to the work of my team.

    "I think that my head is going to explode."

    Pogacar, who is set to become the youngest winner of the Tour since Henri Cornet in 1904, clocked 55 minutes 55 seconds - the perfection of the numbers matching his performance.

    Roglic only took fifth place, 1:56 off the pace after what appeared to be a cautious start turned into a major meltdown.

    The 30-year-old, who had controlled the whole race with his dominant Jumbo-Visma team, imploded on the climb and crossed the line with a livid face before sitting down on the road.

    A raw talent who holds no fear, Pogacar, who celebrates his 22nd birthday on Monday, now holds three distinctive jerseys - the yellow, the white jersey for the best Under-25 rider and the polka dot jersey for the mountains classification. The upset echoes that of the last day of the 1989 Tour de France when American Greg LeMond won the race by eight seconds over France's Laurent Fignon after starting the time-trial 50 seconds off the pace.

    There was another major change on Saturday as Australian Richie Porte leapfrogged Colombian Miguel Angel Lopez into third place overall by finishing the 20th stage in third spot. After losing all hope of overall victory following a crash in the opening stage, Frenchman Thibaut Pinot rode through impressive crowds and smoke in his hometown of Melisey, where the roads had his name and that of his goat Kim painted all over them, adding to the sense of surrealism on the day.

15:30 - Belgrade


For a second time this year, the National Assembly has received the poisoned letter this morning. It has been addressed to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, and reportedly poisoned with the anthrax powder. The only victim of the attack is I.A. (27), secretary of the Deputy Speaker, who opened the letter while he was absent and got herself covered with powder after the letter was opened. The National Assembly has released the statement that she has been hospitalized and that she's currently stable, but that she will remain in the Military Medicine Academy (VMA) for further health controls. No one else has been in touch with the poison and currently Special Police Force and BIA agents have closed the building, closing all the MPs who were present in the building in the moments of attack into their offices. Deputy Speaker's office and surrounding halls and offices are covered in the protective nylon, so that terrain examination and safe removal of the anthrax substance can be completed successfully.

It is expected that the situation will normalize up to 18h, when the President is to depart from the Zoran Đinđić International Airport to New York, to attend the OUN GA session. Currently, President of Yugoslavia Kristijan Konstantinović, Prime Minister of Yugoslavia Balša Božović and all other government Ministers are located in Dedinje hill presidential bunker, designed for this kind of situations. They are safely provided with food and drinks, and also with secured telephone connection and fast internet network. Bunker is under heavy security protection, with temporary ban of air travel over it, and the only person who's in touch with the public via press is BIA Director Vladimir Beba Popović, who updates the press from the press room of the Palace of Federation, official residence and the workplace of the President of Yugoslavia.

While it remains unclear who's behind the attacks, BIA is actively working in tracing the attackers, and it is speculated that the ISIS might stand behind the attack. Letter itself doesn't tell much, because it was a blank paper without a typical message for this situation. Being the second attack of this kind in less than a year, it opens serious questions about the adequacy of the present security levels and possible need for update of the methods so that the National Assembly staff is better protected from this kind of attacks. One person away from the primary target of attack - the Deputy Speaker - seems to be far too close and analysts are speculating what might had happened if the target was the Prime Minister himself and if he was, unlike the Deputy Speaker, close to the secretary when she was opening the letter. Currently, the only thing we have is BIA Director Popović assurances that BIA will take the situation seriously and work to effectively protect the state officials from any sort of attack.


    20 SEP — 2020

      Portare l'Italia una fonte affidabile
      Bringing Italy a Reliable Source

      Talks Between Tortellini and Conte Fail; Prompting Early Elections Ahead of Second Vote

    Le notizie più importanti
    Top News

    | ROME — After nearly a week of negotiations neither the government nor the opposition have come to an agreement over the 2021 fiscal budget. With a vote pending tomorrow on Tuesday it’s likely the bill will again fail in parliament which many assume will prompt the president to call for early voting. Matteo Renzi, the former prime minister and leader of the Forza centre right party, and the Opposition Leader Giuseppe Conte have called the government unable to perform its duties. Protests in Rome have been bubbling over for the past few days calling for the Prime Minister to resign especially among younger voters citing the terrible social freedoms record of the party and populist rhetoric that has plagued the right wing agenda and political history within the country post-Mussolini. Prime Minister Tortellini has an approval rating of 39% and has ranked his party the lowest out of all the major political parties within government for their poor approach to a very sensitive issue. Spokeswoman for the President, Theresa Russo has informed the press that President Mattarella will address the nation tonight on the ongoing political gridlock within Italy’s government.|


    20 SEP — 2020

      Portare l'Italia una fonte affidabile
      Bringing Italy a Reliable Source

      Dichiarazione Presidenziale Ufficiale/Official Presidential Statement

    Le notizie più importanti
    Top News


      To my countrymen,

    As president it is my constitutional duty to uphold the constitution and the integrity of the legislative body. The people in 2018 have elected a government for which they believe will uphold their values and represent the interest of them domestically and abroad. Given the recent political climate in our country, it has come to my attention that the current government is inadequate to carry out simple fiscal responsibility for the upcoming year. Anger from the public for weeks, and weeks of government inaction in Rome I have consulted both the President of the Senate and the President of the Chamber of Deputies that as President of the Italian Republic I request the resignation of the current cabinet headed by the President of Council Stefano Tortellini, and call for the dissolvement of parliament noon tomorrow, and wish to see an election made as soon as possible. This isn’t the first time a president has dissolved the government, matter of fact this is my second time doing so which resulted in the current cabinet taking power in 2018. I strongly urge the Italian people to use their voice in this upcoming election, and I encourage all Italians to vote in this upcoming election. Passing fiscal policy must be the most important agenda for the new government whomever it may be. Thank you, and viva l'italia!|

OOC: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely unintentional and coincidental, and does not reflect the current real-life situation regarding said topics.

Spanish fishermen killed after violating Directive 3 of the BRSC

The Brazilian Navy announced the execution of Spanish distant water fishermen, after he violated Directive 3 of the BRSC by fishing in Brazilian waters.

Distant water fishing is typically defined as undergoing fishing activities outside a nation's 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ), whether it be on the high seas, or in another nation's EEZ. Spain is estimated to account for 10% of the world's distant water fishing fleet, and it is a significant contributor for the income of coastal populations. Fisheries in Brazil are responsible for around 800,000 jobs directly and 4,000,000 jobs indirectly - foreign distant water fishermen threaten Brazil's territorial sanctity and harm the environment.

The ship was detained near the state of Amapá, and all 4 of the crewmen were killed. The Navy then lodged a formal diplomatic protest to the Spanish embassy, warning them to "cease territorial incursions illegally".

TRT World

President Meral Akşener addresses the 75th United Nations General Assembly

“I salute you all from around the world with the utmost respect on behalf of myself, and the Turkish nation. It is refreshing to see the world unified under one roof, rather than divided. First I want to take my fellow countrymen Volkan Bozkır for being elected as the next President of the UN General Assembly. I also thank the current President Tijjani Muhammad-Bande on the work he has done to help move this organization. Together, we have shown that we can do much more united, than we can divide. This year crisis after crisis we should who we really are as one planet in the face of evil. May it be Daesh, or the plague of death known Covid-19. The international effort allowed us to wipe this plague out by the end of June. We thought that the worst disaster of the year was over, but it sadly was not. Following the 2020 Olympics in İstanbul, forces of evil launched the single deadliest terrorist attack in history. The bloodshed caused by the Kadıköy Bombings, that ripped away 3,609 of our citizens, did not go unnoticed by the international community. Just as we had come together to conquer the plague that was Covid-19, the world rallied against the forces of Daesh. And together, it is without a shadow of doubt that we will wipe out Daesh and its allies once and for all. Once again will the Sahuri people enjoy the basic and fundamental right to be safe in Sahuristan. And let us be clear, this cause we have set ourselves to follow will not be abandoned. Not by us, nor by the Free Sahuri Authority.

Sahuristan was once a nation in the Levant that was one of prosperity, economic success, stability, and a model for its neighbors to follow. But since 2001 when the first Sahuri Civil War began, and the Islamic Republic came to power. A page of darkness was written into the nation's history. Today Daesh has resurfaced, Al-Nusra continues to expand, and external forces continue to try and rip apart Sahuristan. But the actions of Turkey in Operation Süleyman Şah have pushed Daesh out of Northern Sahuristan, and soon the great city of Aleppo will be liberated from Daesh. With our Libyan brothers, we will soon be beginning Operation Mehmet V against Daesh that is currently occupying parts of Libya. Together by the end of year, we will ensure that a second Kadıköy Bombing can never take place.

In January when the plague known as Covid-19 began to spread across the world, we all had different approaches on how we fight this virus. Turkey became one of the first nations to completely lockdown its borders, and transition into a war time economy in order to combat this unprecedented effort allowing us to save millions. Not just in Turkey, but around the world. Beginning on the 9th of April, thousands of packages of Covid Relief were shipped to our Iranian brothers, which the plague was ransacking. In no time, they were back on their feet. Over 100 nations, everyone who requested it, got more than they could ask for in Covid Relief. In the medical field, the brightest minds came together in an unprecedented effort to wipe the plague off of our planet. In just six months, the vaccine had been distrubed around the world, and the plague is now over. The 2020 Olympics in İstanbul went ahead as planned, nothing short of a celebration to the global effort against the plague, and how far we can come when we work together for a common objective.

The incredible work we have done this year in East Turkistan with the Chinese government is unquestionably one of this year's greatest achievements. No longer the false name of Xinjiang defines the people of East Turkistan, instead our Uyghur brothers will finally be able to openly and freely call the home they have known since the dawn of time Uyghuristan. The efforts of China to undo its past wrongs has not gone unnoticed by the Turkic World, and we welcome it with open arms. The Uyghur culture, language, and Islamic faith must be protected at all costs. And we will make sure it is protected, regardless of what it means. As a nation, we do not turn on a cause we have set out on. We were the first to answer the call to defend Korea from this organization, and we are still fighting the just cause against the madmen of Pyongyang. We are just as committed as our Sahuri brothers to see a free and successful Sahuristan as they are. We are just as committed as our Libyan brothers in the war against Daesh. Together we will succeed through cooperation, and the betterment of all people. And we wish we could do much more with all the nations to make the world we inherited from the past generation into a better and safer one for the next.

However, to reach such a reality . The majority of the world today does not enjoy the simple and basic principles of freedom, justice, democracy. The world continues to face unprecedented levels of terror, and the irreversible damages of climate change. The equality between men and women in most of the world still remains a noble concept. The failure of the World Health Organization, and this very organization to combat the plague that was Covid-19 shows the sad situation we are in. Yet, this organization was built in the ashes of the Second World War to eradicate these very injustices. That never became the reality. It is clear every passing year that all of us gather in the halls of this assembly, that the United Nations is gradually losing its ability to find lasting solutions against terrorism, hunger, misery, climate change, and poverty. Instead, it has created an unacceptable order in which one part of the world lives in nothing but luxury, while the other side suffers in poverty, misery, terror and illiteracy in order to sustain this order. This is unacceptable to us. While just a small percentage of the world population can sit and debate issues like digital technology rights, robotics, artificial intelligence and signs on bathrooms. Instead billions struggle living far under the poverty line, and billions more have work on farms for their whole lives but their breath smells from hunger.

One of the largest reasons behind this is the failure of these institutions, which have been given enormous decision making power. The world must make it clear that the fate of humanity cannot be squeezed between the lips of two nations. The world is bigger than five. It is long overdue that we change our current mentality around this organization, and move to change how this institution works, and its rules. The inequality between nuclear weapon states and non-nuclear weapon states is alone enough to undermine the global balances. While every nation is today surrendered by nuclear powers which can destroy the planet within the blink of an eye, any nation which seeks to defend itself by developing nuclear weapons is punished at the highest degree. In every crisis these nations threaten the total destruction, and elimination of their opponents if they do not get what they want. The possession of nuclear power should either be forbidden for all permissible for everyone to use. For a peaceful future, let us solve this problem together as soon as possible.

First and foremost, we must strengthen the United Nations capability and efficiency. In particular we must reform the Security Council to be inlined with justice and equity. With an active and humane foreign policy, Turkey embraces all the world and humanity, and strives more than any other to fight these problems. Turkey leads the world in refugee efforts, humanitarian aid, and in Covid Relief. We once again invite all countries present in this Hall to support our policies and initiatives which we have formulated on the basic justice, and ethics that are needed to uplift the oppressed people of the world.

Turkey currently leads in the Middle East, North Africa, and in East Asia in peace. The support we have given to our brothers in Korea against the Northern Korea Occupier Administration has put the madman of Pyongyang on notice. The failure of NATO in Libya did not stop Turkey from working with our Libyan brothers to create a new and stable Libya, and together we will wipe Daesh out of the nation. Finally returning a sense of normalcy to Libya. In Sahuristan we led in the global effort against Daesh, and we will continue this fight until freedom is achieved for all of Sahuristan. Turkey has been at the forefront of peace in the Middle East by taking an approach that is now being adopted across the region. The Arab world is slowly waking up to the reality that is the existence of Israel. Since the founding of Israel, we have worked closely with them to ensure the safety and security of both nations. And in a week from now, Turkey will become the first Muslim majority nation to open its embassy in the Israeli capital of Jersualem.

In a world that is just now slowly recovering from the disastrous Treaties of Versailles, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Trianon, and Sevres. We stand in a unique historic moment in which we can transform the world order forever. Together we can reform the disaster of the United Nations Security Council, do away with the unfair veto, and permanent nation status. We should no longer allow our peoples future to be squeezed between the lips of just five nations. The nations of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia have been left out of the bargain for far too long. It is our nations that give these organizations any sense of legitimacy, yet it is our nations that suffer the most at its hands. It makes us ponder why do we not reform this organization, and if it fails to reform. We are more than capable of creating a new, and better organization to fit the demands of the world we face. Not an organization to hold together a post war order of nations. The world is changing rapidly, and we must adapt with the times. Peace at home, and peace in the world is within the horizon of possibility. But it is the joint global effort that can only achieve this. The same joint effort we showed in the defeat of Covid-19, and in the joint effort against Daesh. We must show a joint effort to restore and rebuild the United Nations, and international organizations that have failed to work for the nations for the world. Or else the simple truth will continue to remain true. It is nationalism, not globalism that leads us forward. The simple bargain that guaranteed each nation by joining this organization would be granted an equal say, and an equal voice has proven time and time again to be incorrect.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that we are in a new reality, a new normal, in which we can work together on an equal playing field for the betterment of all of our people. I would like to conclude my remarks with the following wishes.

As our Eternal President put it best ‘We work for peace at home, peace in the world’. To ensure peace can become the reality of our world, we must ensure stability for all.

Freedom for all, peace for all, prosperity for all, justice for all, peaceful and safe future for all!

I wish the work of the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly to be the success of a new and fair future for all. I greet you all with utmost respect on behalf of myself and my country. Thank you.”

The People's Daily

Paramount Leader Xi Jinping gives resouding speech to the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly

Mr. President, my fellow colleagues, the year 2020 has been characterized by many as a year of struggle. Many peoples around the world have suffered simultaneously over the course of the year. However, nothing compares to the global pandemic of COVID-19. This infectious virus ravaged the entire world in a quick and unprecedented manner, affecting the lives of billions of people. As the first nation affected by the virus, China, upon the discovery of the novel virus did all it could to both warn about and contain the virus. Weeks after the nature of this disease was discovered, the Chinese Center for Disease Control issued a report to the World Health Organization warning the world of the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, this statement of fact has been maliciously warped by other nations around the world in an effort to slander the People's Republic of China. To those I say, our scientists worked around the clock, producing new tests in order to prove the validity of those theorizing that this virus was, indeed, a new one from an already known family of viruses. However, by then, the virus had already begun to spread beyond China's borders. Like the rest of the world, China enacted several measures to stop the spread of the virus, including enforcing quarantines, the usage of masks, and placed an emphasis on hygiene. In July of this year, China and many other nations around the world developed and began the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines under the sponsorship of the WHO and international health agencies. Without the assistance of Chinese scientists, the vaccine may have taken many years to complete and the world would still be suffering the effects of the virus. The creation of a vaccine for a novel virus in less than 8 months is an achievement we should all celebrate as a global community.

Mr. President, my fellow colleagues, the economies of many nations saw themselves deeply affected by the WHO-recommended lockdowns, which saw governments around the world nearly halt their economies in an effort to prevent the spread. China's economy was one of those affected. As the world's second largest economy, it was imperative to achieve a balance between public health and the economy itself. The PRC central government made the difficult decision to impose harsh quarantine measures and other policies to not only protect the public, but also ensure the continued function of the Chinese economy in order to avoid a potential global economic catastrophe. It was these measures that allowed nations such as Italy to obtain much needed equipment such as PPE equipment, masks, ventilators and even tests to combat the virus. This noble sacrifice by the Chinese people became invaluable to nations who simply could not afford or produce these much needed items. To this day, China's economy has been instrumental to the world in the mass production of the vaccine to nations in Africa, Asia, and other nations around the world. For this reason, the CCP will continue its mission to transition China's economy into one that fits into the modern world. Our focus on sustainable growth, conservation, and socialist market values will define China's economy and ensure global economic stability for many years to come.

Mr. President, dear colleagues, China's continued rise as an important member of the international community has manifested in many ways throughout the years. Starting in 1971 with China being given its rightful place at important United Nations Security Council, the PRC has continued to exert its positive influence throughout the world. It has been China who has taken the lead in assisting other nations, particularly in Africa, with their struggling economies in an effort to bring them back from the brink and ensure sustainable economic growth. China's belief in multilateralism, mutual development and peaceful co-existence has defined my Presidency since 2012 and will continue to do so. Recently, China has undertaken the dangerous mission of fighting the Islamic terrorist group known as 'Daesh' in the country of Sahuria. Alongside our Iraqi friends, we will continue this campaign in an effort to rid the world of one of its greatest evils. Our presence in Sahuria is two-fold, to curb terrorism and to ensure the continued stability of the region by suppoting the legitimate and UN recognized Islamic Republic of Sahuria.

Mr. President, dear colleagues. The United Nations is celebrating its 75th anniversary. We should take this moment to evaluate where the UN began and how it looks now. I strongly believe that the United Nations requires reform in order to continue existing within the next decade. More and more nations have expressed concern at the operations the UN undertakes around the world. This Assembly must work together to ensure that the United Nations is reformed and that the programs within the UN umbrella continue to run smoothly and without controversy. I also encourage our fellow member states to look at their financial contributions to the United Nations and ensure the financial stability of the institution. Especially those of the UNSC. It is the members within this august exclusive body that ensure that UN mandates are executed and therefore, it rests upon these nations to ensure the continued existence of the UN. For this reason, the National People's Congress has approved an additional $900 million in funding to the United Nations, bringing the total contributions of the PRC to approximately $1.2 billion. It is in the interest of every nation represented in this chamber, that the United Nations continues to exist. We must not lose sight of why the United Nations was created in the first place: to ensure global peace and stability.

Mr. President, my fellow colleagues. Our world is threatened by the specter of climate change and pollution. China is among many industrialized countries that contribute to this crisis. For this reason, the Chinese central government has worked tirelessly for over a decade to reduce emissions, find alternative sources of energy and preserve our unique natural wonders. It would be a great shame if the natural wonders of the world were to disappear completely if we sit down and refuse to work together to address this ever present issue. Since 2012, China has become a world leader in investments into renewable energy, not only in China but around the world. The PRC also leads the world in renewable energy, but even then there is much work to be done. Our government has already put in motion a plan to ensure that all coal plants in China are either phased out completely or replaced with clean coal technologies by 2022. China is also looking toward the future, leading the world in nuclear fusion research to perhaps one day provide humanity with what could be the biggest breakthrough in energy since the invention of the lightbulb more than a century ago. But, right now, we are looking at the present. Already, China has spent over $60 billion in new nuclear power plants, wind farms, and solar panels, and has also moved to increase the usage of natural gas and biofuels. Our ultimate goal, not just as nation states but also as a human race should be to achieve emission-free energy generation. But as we work toward this goal, we must ensure a stable transition from fossil fuels to green energy.

Mr. President, my fellow colleagues. I would like to close by saying the following. The choices we make in the closing months of this year will define the decade. The way in which nations worked together to develop a COVID-19 vaccine shows the potential of what we can do if we work together. Only through a multilateral world order, where we search for mutual interests can we hope for a more peaceful world.

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