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Welcome to the Greater Middle East!

The Greater Middle East is a role-playing community that started out primarily focused on the Middle East, but has since grown and evolved to include the rest of the world as well.

We have an alternate history theme while striving to be as realistic as possible as well.

Always fill out this application before joining the RP community! Once completed, send a telegram to Afsharid Persia and await confirmation.

Useful links: Official Map || Rules || LinkDiscord || Guide to a Wiki Style Factbook || Complete BBCode Guide

As a general rule, all ideologies and ideas are accepted but please be mature and respectful towards other players. Failure to follow these rules could lead to your nation being kicked from the region.

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Construction of embassies with The Global Roleplay Region has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Enormous, Map, Modern Tech, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Moderate

Greater Middle East contains 177 nations, the 73rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most World Assembly Endorsements in Greater Middle East

World Census staff pored through World Assembly records to determine which nations were the most endorsed by others in their region.

As a region, Greater Middle East is ranked 853rd in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Commune of The Arab CoastLeft-wing Utopia“One Arab Nation With An Eternal Message”
2.The Imperial State of Afsharid PersiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Long Live Persia! | !زنده باد ایران”
3.The Republic of Islamic State of AfghanistanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is his messenger”
4.The Republic of KahokiaFather Knows Best State“For Love of Allah and The People”
5.The Third Republic of Dvaistic Republic of SerbiaDemocratic Socialists“Democratization! Decentralization! Transparency!”
6.The Arab Republic of BenhaDemocratic Socialists“Long live Banha”
7.The Democratic Republic of South Slavic Unified StatesDemocratic Socialists“Uzmite Oruzje kao sto bi ste alat.”
8.The Democratic Republic of FawaziyaAuthoritarian Democracy“Independence, Victory, National Glory”
9.The Jewish State of Great IsraelDemocratic Socialists“God's Chosen People”
10.The United Lands of CarjuangaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Liberté, égalité, fraternité”
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Greater Middle East Regional Message Board

Senate of the Confederation votes on Kurdish Recongition Bill

The Senate of the Confederation votes late last night on bill M-102, "a motion to recogize the Kurdish State in Iraq and Northern Syria". The motion was introduced by Movment for National Progress Senator Julio Palau, a Seantor from the Provinces of Mexico, who has been a staunch advocate for Mexico to expand it's relationship with the Middel East, and to advocate for the right of self determination around the Globe.

The motion, much to the dismay of Senator Julio Palau and the Movment for National Progress was overwhelimingly defated by the governing coalition. By the end of voting the Liberal Reform Movment, National Action Movment, and National Revolutionary Party, maing up 263 of the 500 Senators voted against the motion.

Following the vote on M-102, Laura Ordóñez, President of the Confederation and leader of the Liberal Reform Movment adressed the Senate;

"Honourable Senators, much our honourable colleague Senator Palau it is my goal and the goal of this governing coalition to advance the interests of our Confederacy abroad, and we hav saught to do just that. Our government has been working tirelesly to expand the Confederations relationship with the world and specifically the Middel East. However we must ensure that we are not working with governments or organizations considered to be terrorist by our allies. Indeed, it brings me great joy to see that this Senate has rejeted the proposal to recognize the Kurdish State in Northern Iraq, and its Occupational Regime in Northern Syria. We have now proven to our people, and the world that the Confederation of Mexico stands with our allies in the Middel East, and not against them."

The Arab-Federation
DC Kurdistan

Radio vietnam

reporter: You are listening to radio vietnam, broadcasting from Hanoi, we will now start our daily programing

The national anthem plays

reporter: Martial law has been declared in southern vietnam following a series of violent attacks by the Khmer liberation front. Two suicide bombers detonated themselves in Da Nang and Ho chi minh city. A curfew was established by the autorities.

In response to these attacks, the government of Laos condemned the group and declared martial law in its southern border provinces.

In vietnam the army has been mobilised in the provinces were martial law was declared, An official statement by the cambodian government is still to be released.

That is all for our news segment, stay tuned for more news.

Military and patriotic music plays.

Official Statement from the Office Of The Prime Minister

July 22, 2019

I am deeply horrified by the brutal attacks carried out by separatists in Canada. Skandinavia offers its sincere condolences to all those who have lost their lives in Saint Michaels Massacre and will keep their families in our prayers.

Domestic terrorism can never be justified. Canada is a beacon for freedom, opportunity and democracy in today's world and these barbaric acts by separatists are wrong and unjustified.

Skandinavia declares it's full support to the Government of Canada. The Quebecois Separatists are wrong in their actions and Skandinavia condemns these horrific attacks. To gain freedom, we should not compromise the freedom of others and what has happened in Canada is not just a separatist movement but a case of domestic terrorism. I am sure that the Government of Canada which is a beacon for freedom in this world will deal with the situation intelligently and in a democratic way.

God Bless our Canadian brothers and sisters.

Ernst Arthursson
Caretaker Prime Minister of Stor-Skandinavia


Presidential Address

The camera crew prepare, as President Trump reads through the teleprompter one last time, ready to address the American people in regards to the recent attack on America's closest ally Canadiq. He had spoken out on twitter earlier in the weak, denouncing the attacks. 'Five, four, three' the camera crew say mouthing the last two numbers, as the light turns red, the President speaks.

"My fellow Americans, I am speaking to you this morning with heavy heart as our brothers to the north have been attacked. From a foe within its own borders, the terrorist organization known as the 'Quebec Action Group for Independence' has taken the lives of 117 Christian Canadians when they heinously attacked Saint Michael's Cathedral during weekly mass. We have always stood by the people of Canadiqin hard times, as they have stood by the United States of America, and these attacks will bring our people closer than ever before. I personally share my thoughts and prayers, just as the rest of the American people have, with the families who lost their lives in these attacks. The Untied States will not stand for these attacks, and we will work closely with Prime Minister Andrew Scheer to fight against these terrorist on all fronts. Thank you, and may god bless the Republic of Canadiq and These United States of America


Post by Unified Singapore suppressed by The Arab-Federation.

(Hi, my name is "Karen", and I will be your tiny but hella rich Singapore today. From now on, all my role plays will ONLY be about crazy rich asians, and I will take every opportunity to flaunt my wealth and regional power. Nice to meet you all.


Post by Unified Singapore suppressed by The Arab-Federation.

Asia One, Singapore News: Singaporean Naval Vessels Engages Somali Pirates In Gulf of Aden

Breaking news today, a Singapore Navy vessel escorting an oil tanker off the coast of Somalia engaged Somali pirates today according to a statement made by the Singaporean Defense Ministry. The Ministry said the vessel RSS Stalwart received a radio distress signal from the nearby Singaporean tanker Expedition. The Stalwart moved to the scene of the attack and arrived an hour after receiving the message. The vessel had been overtaken by armed pirates and the 21 man crew had been taken hostage. Of the incident, Defense Minister Ng said, "after hearing of an attack upon a Singaporean commercial vessel, we acted immediately and sent our warship to intercept." In the fighting, four pirates were killed and one soldier suffered minor injuries. The crew was rescued without any losses and taken back to Singapore along with their tanker. In response to the incident, President Yacob has promised further involvement by the Singapore Armed Forces in the Gulf Region.

Prime Minister Zhang Meets With Conservative Government Leaders Over Purposed "Refugee Rescue" Bill

Conservative minority leaders met with the Prime Minister today to negotiate the purposed "Refugee Rescue" Bill put forth by Prime Minister Zhang's Liberal Action Party. The bill promised sixty million USD in funding for a new program to house refugees fleeing from conflict around the world within Singapore. Among other things, the bill would grant working visas and other documents that would allow refugees a permanent stay in Singapore. Prime Minister Zhang said that the bill would mean that the government would provide a steady monthly payment to refugees for the first year of their time in the nation or until they became employed. They would also receive free healthcare, insurance, and education.

However the head of the Conservative Liberation Front, Yuan Shi, denounced the bill as, "the promotion of the alienation and destruction of Singaporean values and culture." Despite having a Parliamentary majority and a majority in the Cabinet of Ministers, the liberal government coalition has found many voters share Mr. Yuan's sentiments. After leaving the negotiations, Prime Minister Zhang said he was, "optimistic" that the bill would pass, however Mr. Yuan and other conservatives said that they would not give any ground in allowing it to pass. The developments have caused Singapore to encourage other governments around the world to open their borders and aid programs to the struggling peoples of the world.

Singapore Incorporates New Eco Friendly Smart City Programs

Singapore has developed new software which will more effectively control water consumption by the residents of the city as part of the nations "Earth First" government policy. Among other things, the system monitors everything from how many times a household toilette is flushed to how long residents shower for daily. These factors are taken into account by the system, and then used to generate overall data about the state of environment friendly water consumption. Using this data, the government can set targets for how it wants to increase or decrease a theoretical consumption goal, better manage the sewer system, and better distribute resources where needed.

Additionally, Singapore is introducing new electric buses to it's streets, which are set to completely replace the current fossil fuel reliant ones in two years time. Going further to limit automotive air pollution, lawmakers are hoping to pass a bill that will increase taxes on automotive companies that do not produce a set yearly quota of electric cars while also reaching a set yearly quota in decreasing the number of non electric vehicles they produce. If they fail to reach either one of these quotas by the end of the year, taxes will be increased by twelve percent towards that company. Additionally, the Parliament is voting on a law that will tax car owners if they go over a certain limit on fossil fuel usage. These radical steps have faced fierce but limited opposition in government. Energy production is next on the table for the tech and financial capital of the world as the government sets its sights on revolutionizing the electric industry. The government is seeking to encourage an Asian environment policy summit by years end.

(Hi, I'm assuming I'm clear to rp? If I'm wrong I'm sorry and I'll delete this. Anyway I hope to rp with you guys and will be looking to engage in roleplays with countries as soon as possible.)

BREAKING NEWS: Vietnamese president plans to develop armed forcees

HANOI: President Nguyen Van minh announced that he would start the next phase of his policies by developing the offensive capabilities of viietnam in a vietnamese unity party rally. Here is a look at the event:

The camera cuts to the presidential palace in Hanoi, were the president is standing on the balcony above a huge crowd

VIETNAM WILL FLOURISH THANKS TO OUR EFFORTS! he shouts in vietnamese with a happy and firm voice while raising his fist in the air

The croud cheers histerically

I am happy to announce that our government has reached the next stage of its policies.
It is now time to work on our armed forces in general. From now on, a program of modernisation of our armed forces will be undergone This of course, is to guarantee the security of our nation and people. The program will include finding more suppliers for our armed forces at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, some of our older equipment will be repaired and upgraded and some of it will be sent to Zaire, North Korea and Laos in an effort to help them develop their armed forces.

In addition to this, the government announced that it would extend the conscription period to three years and lower the military age to 17.

OTHER NEWS: A vietnamese infantry battalion was embushed in southern vietnam by Khmer liberation Front forces. 50 vietnamese soldiers were lost before the KLF could be repelled

As a result, the vietnamese government started to send more and more troops to the south and in provinces bordering Cambodia and Laos

The Cambodian government condemned the move as it considered it to be a treat to Cambodian teritorial integrity.

Greater Kongo-Zaire

Radio & Television Tunisia | Evening Broadcast

Breaking News | Minister of Foreign Affairs Calls for Talks With Italy About Refugees:

In recent years, many refugees from areas of extreme conflict or poverty in Africa have been using Tunisia as a jumping off point for entrance into Europe. Since these migrations are often illegal, safety tends to be a low priority concern, and many die trying to cross to Sicily. Many others become too afraid to take the journey and end up stuck in Tunisia, undocumented, unemployed, and unprotected. In an attempt to solve this problem, and generally build better relations with our close neighbour, the minister of foreign affairs, Wassim
Khefaccha has proposed a meeting with his Italian counterparts to discuss a solution to the refugee issue, as well as trade and fishing rights in the waters between Italy and Tunisia.

"This flood of refugees is not just a Tunisian problem. These people want to get to Italy, so, since Italy is part of the equation here, our governments need to cooperate to solve this issue"

-Wassim Khefaccha, minister of foreign affairs

Trade talks with Iberia and Turkey proposed

The ministry of commerce has decided that it would be necessary to establish better trade relations with some of its mediterannean neighbours. Seperate trade talks with Iberia and Turkey have been proposed.

Other News

*Parliamend discussing recognition of Kurdistan, no additional information has been made available

*Non-Government organizations calling for investigation into government corruption and nepotism

*Tribal blood feud in Tataouine Governorate (OOC: I kid you not that's a province in southern Tunisia) finally ends

This is my first post here, so I'm not really aware of what's going on. I'm basically just posting something to prove I'm not dead yet & try to build some sort of relations with my neighbours (for now just Italy). If there are any major happenings right now, I would love to know becuase I feel that the best way to start off in an RP server is to react to world events until you find your place. Has there been some sort of equivalent of the Arab Spring? How interested is the US in middle eastern affairs and in putting bases up everywhere?

The Turkish-State

Beograd Danas
July 23rd, 2019.


After neo-liberal Prime Minister Adam Marković have named neo-liberal banker Ognjen Majstorović for his new Finance Minister, in a Cabinet that consists of SDP which is hardly divided by former neo-communists and fresh neo-liberals and DS which is traditionally pro-welfare but currently led by long standing neo-liberal party leader Martina Nastić-Stojičić, it looks that neo-liberals have slowly overtook power in Serbian governing cirlces. Still, opposition from within both SDP and DS is pretty strong, and both party elites are still swearing upon collectivistic vows because that is what traditionally passes among Serbian voters.

Suddenly, optimistic speeches made by President Lazar B. Jerkov about larger welfare, more social equality, larger progressive taxes, and larger public education and healthcare programs than ever before, are looking like a fairy-tale coming from the political past and pre-2010 era. Before 2010, in an era lasting since 1997, while Filip Mitenović was President, welfare state was pushed to it's limits by enlargerments of different social packages. After his retirement in 2010 and general elections when Martina Nastić-Stojičić took Prime Minister office, all that was cut. Since then, Serbian politics is strongly divided between pro and against welfare. Currently, it looks like the ball is in the presidential field, since he's the only one who can stand up against rising neo-liberal tendencies from Government and Skupština. The fact is that Third Constitution is pretty ambiguous about powers of the President, but press is speculating that he's powerful enough to confront both Prime Minister and his own party leader, or get impeached by very them and their allies in Skupština.

Statement from the Chancellor of the Rhineland

July 22, 2019

My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives in Saint Michaels Massacre. Canada, and indeed the citizens of Canada have been delt a brutual and unjust blow at the hands of savage domestic terrorists.

The Government of Canada has my full support, and the support of the Reichstag, and people of the Rhineland in the wake of this horrific tragedy. The Quebecois Sepratists are wrong, Canada is a strong Federal Democracy, and in Democracies we settle political disputes with peaceful protest and the ballot box, not with violence and certianly not with terrorism.

The Rhineland has stood with our Canadian Friends since the 1949, and we will continue to stand with them now.


Hinrich Reichart
Federal Chancellor of the Rhineish Confederation


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