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Bennisia wrote:wth is this

sorry, I thought I had the right of free speech in this region

Zinocan Occupied Wisconsin wrote:sorry, I thought I had the right of free speech in this region

You have! So does Benissa!

NationoOfEls wrote:You have! So does Benissa!

if I do then how come a message of mine was suppressed

Zinocan Occupied Wisconsin wrote:if I do then how come a message of mine was suppressed

It wasn’t suppressed, just it doesn’t appear that anyone’s interested.

NationoOfEls wrote:FYI, the issue “A Gun in Every Hand and a Tank in Every Garage?” has improper outcomes to the selection of an answer. I do not think that restricting citizen’s uncontrolled access to military grade ammunition, while they can buy tanks, is a restriction of liberties.
If you select the answer with restricting the possesion of military grade ammunition your civil rights will decrease substantially. I would advise to dismiss the issue if it appears to you.

Civil rights can be a little weird and tricky in NS, since it kind of counts crime-related freedom :P
100/100 is Anarchy, 80/100 is Decent.

Zinocan Occupied Wisconsin wrote:if I do then how come a message of mine was suppressed

sorry, I sometimes suppress messages without thinking :P

Welcome Zhytopia to Heart!!!


Good day, RMB! Here to announce the the FUP's first release of the CommUnity Newsletter! In this edition:

  • Headlines

    • The Drewpocalypse's Impact on Force

    • New Governors of Power and Canterbury

    • Interviews with the Newcomers in the House + Justice Tigslarlowducken

    • The Best of RMB Questions and Answers

  • Party Platform

  • The Party List, an interview with Sir Lashnakia

  • From the Desk of The Chair

Grab a Copy Below:

The CommUnity Newsletter is owned and operated by the Force Unity Party and aims to bring the latest in Union Politics, FUP Happenings, and a good time. Full releases are published irregularly, so the CommUnity also releases individual Articles and Exclusives which can later on be re-released in full releases. Founded on the 23rd of June, 2020, the CommUnity is independently published under the Media Policy of Force and is protected by freedom of speech and press.


"For a stable and safe present, and a glorious and ready future - Choose Unity"

On the 20th of April, NationStates saw a large influx of new nations arrive and scatter across the metaverse like never before. The reason? An event appropriately dubbed by the community as the "Drewpocalypse", in which YouTuber Drew Durnill, at 590 thousand Subscribers at the time of this article's writing, released a YouTube video showcasing the very game you're reading this on right now, NationStates. This, obviously, caused the massive wave of new nations to arrive. While dozens of articles have already been written about this topic before when it was more relevant, this article will focus more on the event's impacts on our Union.

The event seemed to have made no visible impacts on other territories in terms of population booms, so this article will mostly talk about Force. The CommUnity made the graph below using the population graphs available on NationStates, and includes the four most important events of the "Drewpocalypse" - the First and Second Waves, marking the releases of the two videos Drew made on his channel; and the First and Second CTEings, marking 30 days away from their respective Waves.

Before the First Wave, we can see population steadily increasing from the efforts of past and present administrations. It can very visibly be seen however that after the first wave, the population just skyrockets with 20 to 40 more nations, many of which were confirmed to be from Drew Durnil's videos. The Second Wave was much less impactful, but could be potentially the cause of the slight increase seen a couple of days later.

The population is maintained for the next weeks after the Drewpocalypse with the natural newcomers and nations ceasing-to-exist (CTE), but once it came to the First CTEing, it can be seen on the graph that it very clearly declines rapidly, and the Second CTEing obviously made no negative impacts since the Second Wave did have any positive impacts, and the natural increase of nations can be seen kick back in action after that point in time.

Overall, the Drewpocalypse was much much more impactful to the other, larger regions - and while it did certainly boost and maintain the population numbers in Force, that was just about it. The event will, however, be a historical moment across NationStates that dared to challenge the responsiveness and welcomeness of regions across the metaverse, and Force surely did not disappoint.

With recent expansions and appointments, the Union of Force's development and participation in our territories have been greater than ever, with more and more people interested in getting involved. This hyper-development began on the 9th of June, where through an Executive Order, the region of Canterbury was annexed into a province of the Union after having past history of involvement with Force. Later that day, another EO created the first unique territory of the Union, the province of Greater Arcem, in which the former provinces of Arcem and The New United Commonwealth are integrated under a joint government structure, signaling potential plans in store for Greater Arcem. Later on that week, two more EOs would appoint Chundukeratopia and [DPP] Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia (more known on Discord as Nevertheless) as Governors to Canterbury and Power, espectively. The CommUnity had the honor of interviewing these new Governors and their plans in their provinces.

Good day, Governor! First off, congratulations on your most recent appointment as Governor of Canterbury. We hope we might ask you for a brief interview?

    Thank you, I'd be more than happy to share my thoughts!

Wonderful, let's dive right in! First question, In what direction do you want Canterbury to go towards in a governmental aspect?

    Well, I'm very interested in restoring the region to what it once was, but with some minor improvements to the governing structure. I'd like to give it's residents more power in every decision the government makes, rather than it being representative as before. More of a true democracy

Do you plan to make Canterbury stand out? If so, how?

    For starters I'd like to give Centerbury a whole new look to make it feel less outdated. I've changed the region's flag so far, and plan to update the WFE accordingly to suit the new style. The main goal, hopefully, will be to engage the community on discord though, while the RMB will be for more specific discussions relevant to NS as a whole. I hope that with these efforts, the region will start to stand out more, especially among newcomers to the game

Wonderful! Those seem like excellent plans - [and] since you've stated your plans, which will be your main priorities now that you've started as Governor?

    For the time being, my full attention is turned towards recruitment. Once Canterbury has more residents, I can begin to focus on other things such as community events, and hopefully raise the activity level across discord and the RMB

Sources [i](totally not just me) show that you, along with other well known Force individuals such as Tigslarlowducken and New Legland, have had previous history in Canterbury. What was the region like before?

    Canterbury was originally made as something for us all to work on together while we were at school, so it was a very casual and tight-knit community. After a while however, the government started encountering some issues, namely with our original founder, and after he was overthrown the activity level slowly started to dwindle. It's never quite been the same since then, but I'd like to bring it back it to its former glory

I'm sure Canterbury will be as glorious as ever soon enough under you! In the long run, do you plan to make Canterbury more independent from the Capital or more connected to it?

    Even before Canterbury and Force were affiliated, I've always strongly supported an alliance between our two regions, and now I'd like to strengthen that bond even further

The flag currently flying in Canterbury appears to also have had a long history behind it with several versions similar to it fly before. How did this flag come to be and what does it mean?

    As I've mentioned previously, Canterbury was originally a region based on our school, and even though many of us have moved on from it now we still have a strong connection to that place. The strong blue and gold as well as the knight mascot actually come from the football team, and represent strength and honor

That's quite wonderful to read, and a good note to conclude on. That's all the questions we have planned for you, Governor Chundukeratopia. But before we end this interview, would you like to say anything?

    For now I believe that's all the news I have, but I hope that soon there'll be more to share about the reconstruction of Canterbury!

Thank you very much for your time and the best of luck in Canterbury! Have a safe and wonderful day!

    You too, I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule for this

Good day, Governor! Congratulations on your most recent appointment as Governor of Power. We hope we might ask you for a brief interview?

    Yes, I am available to do an interview

Great! First off, In what direction do you want Power to go towards in a governmental aspect?

    I would love for Power to take form of governance similar to that of Force. The Cabinet, in terms of actual positions, will be nearly identical with the minor change of being a Presidency instead of an Office of Prime Minister.
    There will also be a bicamerial legislative with one being the House of Representatives that all Force territories share and a Senate, filled with citizens of Power.
    And then like what Heart and RGBN does, share the Court.

What will be your main priorities now that you've started as Governor?

    My main priorities are now to grow Power's population through recruitment as well as the creation of on-site Info Dispatches and the Discord.
    Once I obtain a recruitment key Power will be gaining population through a API, manual recruitment, and Disboard.

Nice, best of luck with those! Now, I'm sure you know Power was previously under a different administration, and it seems you're currently using the Constution made by said administration. Do you plan to change or adapt this in the future or keep it as is?

    It will be amended before notable traffic comes to Power. The previous constitution is wellmade and can hold on it's own, however, it does not suit Power's current situation. It would work great back in Power's day when it had twentyfive or so members, but I do not think it will when it regains that lost population.
    It does set out specific ministries by the government, however that expectation of filling them can not be made when Power has so few residents as of current.

Excellent approach, I might say. Next question: How do you like the flag?

    It is a great flag and I feel like it works amazingly with the aesthetic of Force.

In the long run, do you plan to make Power more independent from the Capital or more connected to it?

    While I can not say for certain as Power does not have a defined culture separate or connected to the Capital currently, I would like to say more independent in the means self-governance with the exception of Foreign Affairs and Defense.

Wonderful! Now - For the last question; Perhaps the most important question in this interview, Pandas or koalas?

    Pandas without a doubt

This is so sad. That's all the questions we have planned for you, Mister Nevertheless. But before we end this interview, would you like to say anything at all?

    my pfp is a panda, what did you expect? Umm - I would like to say for anyone interested check out Power on Nationstates.

Thank you very much for your time and the best of luck in Power! Have a safe and wonderful day!

Disclaimer: Formatting errors in this article are either not preventable or more tedious and diffult to fix so we apologize for any issues you might have with them. Feel free to contact us for any underlying issues or requests.

Following an Emergency House and Court Election on the 11th of May to fill in empty gaps, we saw two newcomers out of three candidates enter the House Elections, [DPP] Rep. Silvedania and [FUP] Rep. EGM (the third being [DPP] Rep. Diabeetus); and only one candidate entered the Justice Election, [FUP] Justice Tigslarlowducken. All four of them won the seats they ran for and we have had the pleasure of interviewing the newcomers in the house as well as Justice Tigslarlowducken.

Good day, Representative! First and foremost, Congratulations on your election to the House. Granted, it's been quite a few weeks ago already - but we hope you don't mind us asking you a few questions?

    Thank you! That would be great!

Excellent! We'll get right in, shall we? First, What are your main priorities now that you have been elected as a Representative?

    My main priorities are just to scrap Amendment L, which is currently being voted on, and also cleaning up the relations between the Cabinet and the House. (Note: Amendent 22 has already been passed at the time of this article's publishing)

Very simple yet effective. Second, Are there any particular issues that stand out for you and would wish to resolve?

    Well, the issue of Libertatis Regalis stood out to me, and I want to try to and make sure something like that never happens again.

Ah yes, that was quite the issue. Any ideas specifically to combat that?

    Basically just trying to moderate our forums more, basically hiring moderators.

Ah yes, quite simple, one might think. Next, You've been seated as Representative for well over [a few] weeks now since the Elections, how was your experience been so far?

    It has been very good, but sometimes people can get a little sidetracked when meetings are in session.

How exactly?

    When we are talking about a new house bill, or anything, people have joked around, and started talking about gaming.

I've actually been to a few Cabinet meetings where the same happens as well :P We're gonna wrap up this very short interview after this, but lastly, would you like to say anything at all before its conclusion?

    I just am glad to be serving as a House Reprsentative.

Thank you so much for your time, it's been very much appreciated. Have a safe and wonderful day, Rep. Silvedania!

Good day, Representative! First and foremost, Congratulations on your election to the House. Granted, it's been quite a few weeks ago already - but we hope you don't mind us asking you a few questions?

    Yes of course. I'm happy to answer some questions

Great! First off, What are your main priorities now that you have been elected as a Representative?

    My main priority is to ensure the law is fair and just. I shall strive to improve it and make sure it is what the people of Force agree with. Also I shall try and engage with the community more and encourage others to join in too.

All very wise options! Secondly, are there any particular issues that stand out for you and would wish to resolve?

    I don't think there's anything in particular at the moment that I wish to resolve. As I am only 2 weeks into the role (at the time the interview was conducted) I'm still learning how the system works but when I get a better understanding of how it works, and also when I know what the people want, I shall start to investigate what I can do to resolve these issues.

Very straightforward yet smart decision. Next, as you said, you've been seated as Representative for well over [a few] weeks now since the Elections, how was your experience been so far?

    Well it's been interesting. Unfortunately due to most of the members, myself included, being new to the house is has been a little slow in functioning. I have attended a house meeting, which was successful in covering some amendments but it also got invaded by other people and turned into some kind of debate. Although it was quite entertaining, it really didn't help with the functioning of the house. Then there was also the PMQs, which had to be postponed and that meant I was unable to attend. All in all it has been an interesting experience so far. I feel with time all the members will be able to have more of an influence and the functioning of the house will improve once we've got a better grip of the operations that we partake in.

Well said, very well said. We're gonna wrap up this very short interview after this, but lastly, would you like to say anything at all before the conclusion of this interview?

    I would just like to thank everyone for electing me and I shall strive to serve you as best as I can. If anyone has any issues that they would like to be addressed, do not hesitate in making them known to me or any other house members. Wishing you all the best

Thank you so much for your time, it's been very much appreciated. Have a safe and wonderful day, Rep. EGM!

Good day, Justice Tigslarlowducken! Before anything starts, a quick congratulations for being elected as Justice! We hope you don't mind us asking a few questions?


You've been elected for around two weeks now (at the time of the interview), how's your experience been in the Court so far?

    Well I haven't really had to do anything because there haven't been any complaints raised and the House seems to be in a coma.

Do you have anything in plan to achieve as Justice?

    Facilitate the continuation of Force

Though not exactly recent, what is your opinion on the Libertatis Situation?

    He's a deplorable person

Anything else to add?

    I'm surprised he wasn't removed earlier

Indeed. That's all the questions we have in plan, really. To conclude the interview, is there anything you want to say before we end it?

    Not really

Thank you very much for your time, it's very much appreciated! Have a safe and wonderful day!

    No problem

Disclaimer: Formatting errors in this article are either not preventable or more tedious and diffult to fix so we apologize for any issues you might have with them. Feel free to contact us for any underlying issues or requests.

On the 18th of February, Minister of Internal Affairs [FUP] Caduceo announced on the RMB that he would do Daily Questions to help increase and maintain activity on-site, an area he claims needed more inclusitivity. Unfortnately, he fell off the "daily" part of the Daily Questions to allow for more people to be able to answer the questions, but activity is strong and at the time of this article's writing, Caduceo is nearing 50 questions asked on the RMB and some other individuals have even joined in with their Unnoficial Questions being posted as well! So we'll be taking the time here to look back at some of the funniest, weirdest, and greatest answers to these questions!

Question #1 - What is your all-time favorite book/novel and why?
Greatest Elysium wrote:The Force Constitution.

Reason: It was wrote by our glorious Kaiser renegalle. Yes

Question #2 - Which fandom is the best fandom? LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, My Little Pony, or other?

Karitsosia wrote:My little pony. I think that's fairly obvious.

Question #6 - if you had access to an armory with all the weapons that ever existed - fictional or not, magic or not, overpowered or not - which would be your one weapon of choice?

New Legland wrote:my dad

Question #7 - what is/are your preferred syrup/toppings on your pancakes, waffles, crepes, or otherwise?

New Legland wrote:ketchup

Question #9 - when you are stressed/tired/burned out, what is your go-to solution to relax yourself?

Alemputo wrote:In Our Equal State of Alemputo, we are all happy and willing to work hard to progress ourselves as a great and level nation. We accept our limitations knowing that happiness will follow. There is no need to relax ourselves, because we all know that we are working towards a cause that is greater than the individual.

-Starlight Glimmer

Today we have a double question!
Question #12 - for the Minecraft players out there, what's your favorite block in Minecraft?
Question #13 - among all the world's nations, which one is your absolute favorite?

New Legland wrote:i'll answer both:
in no particular order

Question #14 - what quote has been used by you in your life often or has influenced you the most?

Renegalle wrote:"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." ~Mark Twain

Question #20 - what is, in your opinion, the most epic historical name/nickname/event/location ever?

Azerubia wrote:Pee Pee Island in Canada

Question #27 - which continent is the best continent?

Silvedania wrote:none of them,
the moon is the best.

Question #28 - who, in your opinion, has been the best President of the USA?

New Legland wrote:garfield

Question #30 - if you could only choose one activity among the following, which would you choose - Rock Climbing, Spelunking, Skydiving, Hang gliding, Scuba diving, or Free diving? and imagine it's in the most extreme circumstances

Great allegheny wrote:I have 500 hours on Terraria and I use to play Spelunky on Xbox, I'm more than qualified to do irl spelunking.

Question #32 - What is your #1 source of quality memes?

EGM wrote:School meme accounts that went undercover as a student at another school got expelled for hosting a meme account.
Although I'm not sure they'd be classed as quality memes

Question #33 - do you classify yourself as an introvert, extrovert, or an ambivert?

New Legland wrote:just a vert

New Legland wrote:and why are you listing all of these shades of green

Silvedania's Unofficial question:
Do you like potatoes?

Caduceo wrote:Damn right I do

WWE World's UNOFFICAL Question #36 - who is your all-time favorite wrestler?

New Legland wrote:my parents

The anime tiddies wrote:Can confirm, their parents are great at taking my hits and fighting back

Question #36 - if you were to encounter an exact doppelganger of yourself, would you get along well and what would be the first thing you do together?

New Legland wrote:each other

Question #38 - I believe I've asked this before on the Discord, but I don't mind repeating it. If your favorite food item was served at a party, you already ate one, and came back for more but there was only one left - Would you take it for yourself or leave it?

Brothia wrote:The Might Nation of Brothia's Mighty Democratic Process has declared that it would be eaten. It is not Brothia's fault the other party goers are weak and have not taken their chance to eat the food.

Question #42 - if you can only spend the rest of your life with either YouTube or Netflix (one only), which would you choose and why?

Marmotville wrote:that's so mean I don't want to choose
insert gone cat

Question #43 - would you rather die painfully but gain immense fame after death or peacefully in your sleep but nobody'll remember your name?

EGM wrote:I would prefer to die peacefully in my sleep and be remembered by only those that really matter.
However, if the immense fame afterwards were to lead to something good and inspire change in the world then I would be more inclined to go with that, even if it meant a painful death.

Question #47 - which one do you use or prefer the most - Metric units, Imperial units, or US customary units?

Viethin wrote:Lived and raised with metric my dude. Ever had a problem converting your small values to you big values? I haven't. Take that imperial.

Disclaimer: to make the formatting of this article easier, the quotes in it aren't exactly quoted from the authors, and are instead copy-pasted into empty quote boxes. This just means that pressing won't lead you to where they said it

Click on the image to view Full Campaign

In This Edition:

• Headlines
• Party Platform
• Desk Of The Chair
• The Party List

Welcome to The Party List, a column dedicated to interviewing the People Behind The Progress inside the Force Unity Party

Today, we are speaking with one of Force's most decorated Citizens with a resume to match political powerhouses in the Union's history. He's been Former Deputy Prime Minister of three terms; Former Advisor to the Prime Minister; Former Minister of Defense, Communications, Foreign Affairs, and Internal Affairs; Former House Representative of [two] terms; Former Speaker of the House of two terms (one Acting); Former Deputy Speaker of the House; Former Prime Minister of two terms; Recipient of both Dot Citizenship and Knighthood; and of course, founder and Chairperson of the Force Unity Party. I'm talking about none other than our very own Sir Lashnakia, how are you today?

    I am fine, thank you. Yourself?

Very well myself, thanks for asking. Shall we dive right into the questions?

    Yes, we shall.

Wonderful! Now, you've been in Force for a notable amount of time now. How and when would you say your political career started in Force?

    Pretty much as soon as i joined Heart. I was MoComm for Heart for a month or so, then the at-the-time Prime Minister Libertatis Regalis promoted me to be his Deputy Prime Minister.

    Had a good term as DPM, but my next notable term as anything was really as PM, as I struggled beforehand to get certain ministries kickstarted, and wasn’t exactly instructed.

But it seems in the end you've done really well when it came to that part, wouldn't you say?

    After my term as Prime Minister, yes, i was able to kickstart into any job i got.

Next question, how would you describe your entire stay in Force in a couple of words?

    That’s a very good question! It’s also a very difficult one.

Take your time

    I would describe it as a rollercoaster of a ride.

In a positive way, I assume?

    A majority of it yes. There have also, obviously, been many negatives, some of my own volition, some which i had no control over.

Next off, what were your primary inspirations in pursuing progress in the Union?

    I wanted to make the region thrive with newcomers active, instead of the constant old guard, in whatever they wished to participate in, whether it be regional politics, RP or events.

A glorious aspiration, if I do say so myself. What was the most difficult obstacle you met during your time in Force?

    Leading the region in either term was no easy task, regardless of how well it went; My discouragement when active newcomers who looked good for the region leaving, and having the same people running, was frustrating; My constant bust-ups with Libertatis Regalis made it hard as well.

Was Heart your first region when you came to NS?

    It was not, no. I served some spells in other regions with another nation in Soviet Democracy and the Revolutionary Communist Alliance, at one point later on even becoming President of Soviet Democracy before it fell apart.

why are you so Communist?

    I'm not

Our next question is a simple one: what is your favorite part about the Union?

    The Community. Most veterans answer with that - A spirited, friendly and humorous community which only some people have managed to intoxicate.

I'd answer the same tbh. You've seen quite a few Prime Ministers come and go, including yourself. Would you call your past terms successful?


Epic. If you could change one thing about Force, anything, what would it be?

    Get rid of the constant political intoxication and rivalry, as it just frustrates people and isn’t needed, even if it is a politics game.

Well said. Our interview is coming to a close, so would you like to say anything - anything at all before we conclude this?

    Not of particular note, no. Do you have any further questions?

None at all Thank you very much for your time, Sir Lashnakia. It's truly been an honor. Have a wonderful day. Stay safe!


Hello, fabulous readers! At the time of this article's publishing, I am Deputy Chairperson Caduceo of the Force Unity Party, here to talk about the release of this Edition and progress in the FUP in this column, "From The Desk Of The Chair", a column specially designated for updates and messages from the Chairperson and will most likely appear in every published edition after this one. I'll be temporarily stealing the spotlight in this edition from our actual Chairperson Lashnakia, as he's only been recently reseated as Chairperson and I had stuff thought up to say in this column beforehand. Soooo...sorry Lash, but don't worry - I asked permission.

It's very likely that you'll skip this column altogether, but I'm here to talk about the FUP and its recent progress since its founding. As you may or may not know, we have been the minority party since our existence - and this is highlighted by our thinning membership and participation in government. I am not afraid to admit this, but I will tell you right now - the FUP has made sufficient progress on the foundations of our party. Let's break this statement down to the core goals we have achieved:

  • Inside the FUP...

    • We have established a Leadership Development Program that aims to accompany and guide newcomers to our Union's political field. This is a major step we have taken to grow our party ethically and rightfully.

    • This very piece you are reading - inside the CommUnity Newsletter - is landmark to showing the Union that we mean business. That we will make it happen. Not only has this crossed off another goal on the Manifesto but this is also the first independent newspaper to be registered on our Independent Media Policy (but not the first independent media outlet)

    • We have set up our party platform - our campaign for the coming July elections. You've seen it above this column and know this - we will make it happen.

We are in need of your support now more than ever. Taking the time to read our party platform, supporting our campaign, and voting for us in the July 2020 elections are vital to help achieve the best of the best for our Union. You might even be inclined to join and participate in the FUP and to that I say yes, it's the greatest help you can give us at this time. That's all for now - see you in the next issue of the CommUnity. Don't forget to always Choose Unity

Read dispatch

Question: What is your favourite Question?

Well hello there I'm Azerubia, didn’t see you here. I guess you’re here for the Union Weekly Recap of this week, aren’t you? Well, I’m not gonna let you wait here, so let's start this 18th edition of the Union Weekly Recap. Let’s go:

- Following an executive order made by Prime Minister Salibaic, the Roleplay Committee has gone back to being a Ministry. Sumeka will still stay in charge of it.

- The Court has officially elected Marcelli as its Chief Justice.

- West Intermarium has been appointed Vice-President of RGBN by Suter.

- Gonecat has won the Third Force Discord Emoji Contest by defeating gondal.

- Bennisia has won the Democratic People’s Party primary.

- In RGBN, Betelgeuse Alliance and Plaugetopia have been appointed Minister of Roleplay and Minister of Activities respectively.

- Voting on Amendment 25 has currently been finished, the results haven’t been confirmed yet but the Communications team can almost confirm you it will pass.

Western Kanakystan wrote:Question: What is your favourite Question?

Why is my dad taking so much time to go buy milk?

Putikio wrote:hello

Hello and Welcome!

Putikio wrote:hello

Hello and welcome :-)

19 hours ago: The Islamic Country of Honour arrived from Thaecia.
18 hours ago: The Islamic Country of Honour departed this region for Thaecia.

Aurhany wrote:19 hours ago: The Islamic Country of Honour arrived from Thaecia.
18 hours ago: The Islamic Country of Honour departed this region for Thaecia.



Hello Heart, I am here today to ask a favour. The elections for the House seats in the territories are up for grabs and I would like to ask for your support. Although it has been rocky in Heart over the past few months, we are still united. I, Sir Salibaic (TSR) will be running for the House from Heart because even though I am retiring from Union Prime Minister, there is still work to finish. We need a house that represents you the people and that is what I stand for.

As part of my work as a co-leader of the Federalist Party, we aim to put the people first and build a party and a union that does not only care for the capital but all of us and especially Heart.

Although I may be seen as part of the establishment, what makes me different is I will always put Heart and this Union first and its people. As part of my plan as with my party, we will aim to place measures to help Heart and others grow strong and rise once again.

With me in the House, Heart will have an active and loud voice in the House and Capital making sure we are heard. For too long have we had inactive house members that achieve nothing. We need an active legislative that will hold the federal government to account and we need an active voice for Heart. If you elect me as your house representative, we will hold every politician account, make sure Heart is heard, and have a people's first democracy not a democracy for crony politicians.

As part of my campaign, we will listen to those who do not have voice forming a grassroots movement. That is what I stand for and that is what Federalist stands for. We need to usher in a New Brand of Politics, a kind of politics that means everyone is heard. Because of this, I shall open my doors to anyone who has a question or wants to suggest something.

Thank you for listening. To find out more about my campaign either contact Noctua the Owl#8671 on Discord, or Telegram me or head to the federalist party to join our grassroots movement. Thank you!

Federalist Party Manifesto:

The Federalist Party Manifesto


"The Federalist Party is the party of the Union. We are a party dedicated to representing everyone and putting a bigger emphasis on our territories. In this manifesto, we label what we would do to make as a party to make a change for the better. It is our ideals to bring liberty, democracy, unity to our Union and usher in a New Brand of Politics because it's time for progress." - Co-Leader Sir Salibaic

Territoral Reform

As part of our party policy, we will aim to have a party branch in each state and province. We believe this because all territories must be represented and that none should be left behind. This also because we believe that our policy should reflect those in each of the territories according to their needs rather than just the capital because of this we will make sure local party policy is decided by locals and Union policy is voted on by the whole party across every province and state as people should make decisions rather than just crony politicians.

As part of our policy is to make sure every territory is represented in the House. This will be done by sponsoring WA programs in each territory to raise the amount of the House seats so that each territory can send representatives to the capital. From this, we will aim to make sure we field candidates to fill those seats as we believe we are the only party who can give a true voice to the territories.

It is our utmost priority to increase territorial voter turnout as the lack of voters in territorial and federal elections is abhorrent. To help remedy this we will create programs in each territory encouraging voting as well as teaching how to vote. This program will work getting people to register to the Union Forum to make sure everyone can participate in the Union fairly.

We will aim to create a fully-fledged democratic government in each territory, this will be done by sponsoring legislatures across each province and state as well as an elected head of government. However, we recognise that some territories may have cultural traditions such The New Kingdom and because of this we are open to supporting un-elected heads of states alongside elected heads of government. We also recognise that this may not be possible due to population issues in some territories but we will make sure we do not rush into creating such institutions and making sure before they are established they can be filled and used properly.

Another keynote is that we will work to create properly functioning recruitment programs in each territory so they can grow and thrive. We will do this by making sure each territory's recruitment telegram is unique and eye-catching to make sure that not all the territories are the same. We will also make sure in our recruitment programs that they are sponsored by each territories Immigration Department or equivalent bolstering and making sure each territories government is strong and healthy. We will also make sure each territory has operating API recruitment as we believe it is vital each territory has such an indispensable and basic function.

Another important note is that we will aim to create stamp banks is every territory. These stamp banks would be used for stamp donations to that territory from its citizens similar to the already functioning Force Postal Service. This would also allow for stamp collection to be made without government interference as in the past we have seen bribery when it comes cutting off stamps and we need to learn from those mistakes and create a system where no one person can keep recruitment at a standstill in not just the capital but the entire Union.

We will work towards the federal government playing a bigger role in inter-union events. We believe this because that as of recent the federal government has not played any major or even minor role in bringing the territories together as one harmonious union.
To fix this, we will sponsor the culture department in trying to create inter-territorial events such as Union-wide competitions. This is important in our view as while each territory is unique we still need to make sure the bond that keeps us together is not broken.

We will work towards making sure each province has a governor and one that is active and willing to work hard. This is because it is vital each territory can grow and flourish and hopefully make it into becoming a state. We will make sure each governor has the tools required as well helping them to get them a full cabinet. This is important as an active and functioning government is a key to the success of a region and thus each province deserves the same.

As a party, we will aim to create programs to help territorial governments with law infrastructure as well as law writing. This is because territorial governments sometimes find it hard to start up and get on their feet and thus we should be able to aid them as much as possible if they so choose. This program will be derived from our party itself as we believe we are more likely to be more hands-on with help and will allow us to help spread our ideas of democracy and liberty across the Union.

The Federalist Party is strong supporters of the viceroyalty system as created under Amendment 25 of the constitution and we believe at our core that appointed governors should be picked based on merit rather than by politics. It creates a better system of communication between the capital and the territories allowing for a more harmonious Union in which is all interconnected with each citizen and territory being unique but united.

Federal Reform

A key role in democracy is a functioning free press, this is why we believe that we need a bigger press inside our Union. We support expanding the current media policy to help encourage more media outlets and startups including party newsletters, broadcasting companies, as well as plain newspapers. We will also aim to expand FBN and the Force Flyer by expanding the communications department to include more civil servants as well as allowing for non-civil servant articles to be added such as op-eds.

We must have transparency in our Union, this why we support a federal Freedom of Information Act. This will provide public access to information held by public authorities including territorial governments. It will require public authorities to publish certain information about their activities such as activity reports, ministerial logs, as well as any recorded document that has been deemed safe to release by the Founder. All-Union citizens are entitled to request information from public authorities as well as part of this act.

We will work towards increasing political participation inside our Union, from not just capital but every single territory. As with our program to increase territorial voter participation, we will aim to teach capital citizens how to vote and how to access tools to help them participate. We will also aim to encourage more candidates who are running for federal office to connect with their constituents rather just rely on their parties for support. We will also encourage all PM candidates to go and campaign in the territories as we believe that every citizen of the Union matters rather than just the capital.

We support the revitalization culture ministry. What we mean by this is that the culture ministry has been lacking in-activity and we need to fix this fast. Our solution is to open up the culture ministry to all citizens rather having civil servants as well as having citizens vote on events proposed by culture to allow for a more involved populous with the government. We also believe we should revitalise the club program by encouraging more people to join and register clubs. We can also try to move club registration to the discord rather than just on the forum as it is known not many use the forum.

We support the empowerment of civil servants inside each of the ministry as we believe they should play a bigger role in the decision-making process inside each ministry. We will also aim to encourage more citizens into joining the civil service through a civil service recruitment program as well as a program to teach about how government works and how to get involved. We will also try to make sure that non-discord users can join the civil service by creating a special division of the civil service on the NS site of the capital. We will also sponsor recruiting civil servants from territories as it, not just a government for Force but the entire Union.

We promote a balance of onsite and offsite in terms of government operations. We want to encourage the usage of forums as well as the Discord as that is the best way to keep people inside the Union and not CTE. Onsite we will continue the daily question as well as to encourage government officials as well as house members to talk and interact with fellow citizens as that is key to making sure people feel welcome inside our region. Offsite we will support more activities such as cultural events as well as making sure RP is active.

It’s part of our core mentality to support diversity across the Union as it is an indispensable ingredient of our democracy. We want to encourage more freedom of thought and debate across the union no matter race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender of our citizens. But also the need to share our varying opinions, and beliefs, as it encourages those who wish to share a free and fair environment. For this reason, we believe all should be welcome into our community and be able to express their views and identity freely without discrimination.

Judicial and Moderation Reform

We will work towards establishing public defenders as well as a constitutional right to seek legal counsel. We believe this as no one should have to defend themselves in court alone without choosing too. We also want to make it a constitutional right to not have to bear witness against yourself. This is important as we need a judicial system that is impartial and fair.

A key important policy is to update the judicial fairness act to make it work for our modern Union. This is because the current act is outdated and now reaching a point where it can be deemed not constitutional. We need to fix this soon as the bill is important to keeping the court fair and impartial. It also stops citizens being prosecuted twice for the same crime they may have committed.

We support the establishment of lower courts inside each territory as well as inside the capital. This is because we believe having a two-tiered court system is fairer and allows for the current high court to act as a court of appeals as well as a supreme court.

As a party, we believe the Force and all its territories require an independent moderation team. This is because after the events that have happened previously inside the Union which compromised governmental and union integrity it is proved we need a moderation team that is separate from the actual government. This OOC moderation would be headed by the Founder and moderators would be hired by the Founder. Moderators would not be allowed to serve in government to keep the two separate.

Defence and Foreign Policy

As a party, we wish to maintain a pro-defender policy. We believe this is the best course of action as we want to maintain a healthy relationship with defender leaning regions. This is also because the Union itself has had a troubled past with raiding and we do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past as if we do not learn from the past we will not learn for the future.

We must support the revival of The Force Army. This is because the army can be a great source of activity as well as boost our standing on an interregional stage. We will support this by using the viceroy system to create army branches across each territory including the capital to recruit members into the army. We will also look into reforming military ranking as well as train the next generation of soldiers.

As a part of our revival method, we will use the local branches to not just recruit for the army but rather to act as each territory’s regional guard. This regional guard may partake in its

own missions as long as do not violate the Union’s defender policy. This will allow for territories to have more freedom with their local branch but also allows for more of an encouragement to join the army in the union while keeping the mentality of unique but connected.

The Federalist Party is willing for more interregional cooperation between the Union and our allies. This is because we believe cooperation and coming together is the best way to promote the Union in a positive light as well as bring peace across nation-states. We believe is expanding the already growing and successful Hootship Treaty which has benefited the Union greatly. We are also supportive of more treaties that bring us closer with our allies. We will also endorse the use of cultural exchanges between us and our allies to boost relations and spread a community spirit, in not just the Union but across Nationstates and to our allies.

We will work to reform the diplomatic service as it has been lacking and inactive for too long. We will do this by creating a proper diplomatic outlay for weekly updates to the Foreign Affairs minister as well as setting up fully functional consulates on our forum. We believe this is the best way to go about it as to be professional we need to act it. Consulates provide a place for an extra tier of diplomatic scoring as well as an exchange place for diplomats along with the capital Discord server.

We wish to devolve Foreign Affairs powers to states. Why? Well, we believe that have each state being able to handle more aspects of it foreign affairs is important to allow states to exercise and conduct relations with other regions rather than just the capital. However, we will put in place measures that foreign policy drafted by the states does not conflict with the Union foreign policy and ensure that they are conducting diplomacy with regions who do not endorse extreme ideologies such as Nazism.

Roleplay Policy

We believe in a unified Union roleplay. However, we believe in territories' right to choose to have their own roleplay if it can function on its own. We will support a federal RP ministry that will control and run the Union RP.

Copyright of the Federalist Party of the Union of Force and its Territories.

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The results of the elections of these months and who are the next ones coming, a good turn for the territories and a big sports event in roleplay - everything that you will find in this June's edition of the Force Flyer!

Issue XXXV

The results of the elections of these months and who are the next ones coming, a good turn for the territories and a big sports event in roleplay - everything that you will find in this June's edition of the Force Flyer!


On the 1st of June, a new election was called by House Speaker Sir Lashnakia. It was time for the June Justices Election and honestly, it wouldn’t have been a Force month without another election.

This election was the last one held without the new updated elections schedule introduced with Amendment 23. Amendment 23, which was sign into law on the 6th of June, introduces two new elections. General and midterm elections. Before, Prime Minister and House elections were held on the same month while Court elections were held on a different one. Now, the Court of the Union will now be elected during midterm elections with the capital’s House seats while the Prime Minister and the territories’ House seats will be elected during the general election, the most important of the two. For your information, general elections will be held in March, July and November while midterm elections will be held in January, May and September.

After the election was called, two candidacies were deposited which meant that even if the two were being elected, there would still be a missing Justice office that would need to be filled. Anyway, the two candidacies were incumbent Justice Tigslarlowducken and Governor Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia who had previously tried to become Justice in the last Court election but due to him failing to answer Debate questions he had been disqualified. After the three mandated days of candidacy announcements, people were ready to go to the next stage.

Due to House Speaker Lashnakia resigning, we had to wait for 4 days for former Deputy House Speaker Empire of Elysium to finally start the Debate stage. The Debate exists so that voters can know the policies of their possible candidates but also to know who’s actually serious about it because if you don’t answer them you are disqualified from the election. Anyhow, both candidates answered in the due time and it was time to pass onto the next phase.

Like most Court elections, the turnout was very low with only 6 people going to vote. In fact, the turnout was so low that the last time an official election had that much voters was in November 2019 Emergency House Election which had 6 voters but only 5 that had a valid ballot. The Force Flyer has found that most citizens do not go voting for Court elections due to them being non-important at their eyes since the Court is barely used in Force anyway. Nevertheless, all of the 6 voters voted in favour of each candidate making them both uncontested and easily elected.

Under the law, if there was a missing Justice in the Court following an election there were two choices. First, the House Speaker could call an Emergency Court Election to try and find a new candidate or the Founder could simply appoint someone. The second solution was the one chosen and on the 17th, Marcelli was appointed as Justice by Renegalle. Marcelli would also later become the current Chief Justice due to his experience at being one in the past.


As the first General election since the passage of Amendment 23 is arriving, we can already see that this will probably one of the most controversial and important ones Force will ever have. Like almost every election, the candidacies announcement phase will start on the 1st of the month. Currently, for Prime Minister the candidates that we all know will present themselves are, current Minister of Internal Affairs and Force Unity Party Nominee Caduceo, Democratic People's Party Nominee Bennisia, incumbent Prime Minister of the New Western Empire United Soviet States Of Russian Empire, also known as Texas, (under the nation United Soviet States of Russian Imperial) and incumbent Deputy Prime Minister, World Assembly Delegate and Cheese Party nominate New Legland (as Cumcision). For the House, the Force Unity Party has currently confirmed that they will support Empire of Elysium and Alludo for the Heart and RGBN seats respectively. If you still didn't know, the general election only elects territorial seats and currently, Heart and RGBN each have 2 seats in the House. Following some rumours, the Democratic People's Party will also be having candidates for the House but the Force Flyer still doesn't know who they will be. The Federalist Party will be having Minister of Communications Azerubia (as Suter) as a candidate in RGBN and incumbent Prime Minister Salibaic for Heart (as The Scottish Republic).

Not long enough, there was a controversy concerning the Democratic People's Party. The DPP was by far the most influential and powerful party of Force and when its chairman and leader Salibaic announced that he would not run for Prime Minister for the general election, it left a big hole that needed to be filled. Azerubia, Sumeka and Bennisia were all candidates for the nomination. Azerubia quickly stood down and endorsed Sumeka after he was elected President of RGBN. Sumeka easily won the voting intentions poll but it was now time for the real election. Bennisia won the election 4 votes to 3 and so went on to get the nomination. As soon as he was elected, Bennisia was accused by Azerubia and Empire of Elysium of having committed cronyism and harassment to get the nomination. They said that Bennisia was going on and talking to every party member and offering them cabinet positions if they voted for him and even harassed a voter so that he would change his vote. They said they had proof of Bennisia doing cronyism but he replied that he was basically just campaigning and was doing nothing illegal, he also said that he didn't harass anyone and they were just completely wrong. There was also the fact that one voter wanted to vote for Sumeka but due to problems with the forums, he couldn't. That basically meant that both candidates would have had the same amount of votes which left a clear division in the party. The people that voted for Sumeka clearly didn't like Bennisia due to them not liking his policies on territories and more. They also didn't like the fact that just after he was unbanned from Force for voter fraud, he was already trying to become PM. That lead to a massive exodus of members with more than 6 people leaving the party (the party had around 12 members) and even the chairperson Salibaic left the party due to the toxicity that the primary caused. Due to deputy chairperson Azerubia also leaving, the role of chairperson was given to Bennisia. Most of the members that quit the party would go on to join the Force Unity Party or become independent, Salibaic and Azerubia even decided to create their own new party, the Federalist Party, which is a party in favour of giving more rights to the territories.

The Force Flyer would also like to remind you that while preparing for this election, please inform yourself by looking at the candidates' and parties' policies before choosing your vote. Currently, the only candidate having released a program is Caduceo, we don't know if the other candidates wil release programs but Texas said he wanted to wait for a debate to release it, also parties have manifestos that you should definitely check. Here's the Federalist Party manifesto, Force Unity Party manifesto and Democratic People's Party manifesto. You should also wait for the Debate, with a capital D, to start on the forums because that is mostly where candidates will reveal their policies. The Force Flyer is also planning to organize a debate between candidates on the LinkForce discord server so stay tuned. We also want to remind you that the people that put the most efforts in their campaigning aren't necessarily the best choices and that policies should always come first.


This month, the Prime Minister and I undertook a massive project to revitalize the territories, an integral aspect of the Federal Union, which up until now had not been seriously tended to. Revitalization takes more than a simple pledge; it requires real steps to be taken. We did this by appointing (and for once, capable) new leaders to existing territories, helping them build up government institutions and resources, encouraging participation in federal elections and events, and reforming the laws concerning the territories.

The first concrete step we took to do this was the appointment of Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia (also known as Nevertheless and the current Chief Research Officer), on June 11, as Governor of Power. So far, he’s grown the previously inactive region from just one nation to 10, with plans in future to increase both that and the WA population (although progress has been admittedly slow, partially because of the well-known summer lull). He’s also started API Recruitment to help ensure the longevity of any population gains and hopefully in future, a steady population increase.

Then just a few days later, on June 15, Chundukeratopia (a former Minister at one point and former high profile member of the now-defunct alliance, the SCUT) was appointed as Governor of Canterbury. Since then, they too have started API Recruitment and begun the construction of new government institutions, including a Constitution for the region. Canterbury is a unique territory, due to its history. Prior to becoming part of the Union (and being refounded), Canterbury was a prominent region in the defunct interregional alliance known as the SCUT. It had its own government, complicated regional politics (which at one point resulted in a coup), and an amazing culture. After the SCUT went inactive and Canterbury itself did too, many of the region’s members came to Force, where almost all of them would assume prominent positions. The Chariot, a former member, became Deputy PM, Minister of Defense, a member of the Court, a House Rep., and ran a nearly successful PM campaign. New Legland, the current Deputy Prime Minister and World Assembly Delegate, who also once served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, was a highly prominent member of Canterbury who for the latter part of the region’s history controlled the Founder account. Chundukeratopia, the aforementioned Governor of Canterbury, who was also a former member, has also served in important positions in Force, including Minister of Internal Affairs. Due to this unique history that Canterbury has, a special focus has been made on honoring this. That includes the Governor inviting former citizens back to the region, the revival of the Discord server (the same one that once served the region when it was sovereign), and the naming of certain institutions, such as the Femoral Council, to honor regional icons.

Again on June 15, another major step forward was made for the territories. RGBN began its first election in a while, while after several days, resulted in the election of Suter (also known as Azerubia, the current Minister of Communications) as President. RGBN was different from most other territories, in that it had a stable population and a somewhat active government. Even then though, it suffered from chronic inactivity, which led its incumbent president to withdraw from the election race just prior to its conclusion. Since Suter’s election on the 20th, he has rearranged the Cabinet and added a new member to it as well as making a serious effort to revitalize the RMB’s RP, which drove much of the region’s historical activity. In his time so far, the region’s population has remained stable, at about 35. RGBN, similar to Canterbury, also had a history prior to joining the Union. As a sovereign region, it was Force’s first embassy (after The Embassy) and one of its members made Force’s first RMB post. Its members were always courteous and friendly in their interactions with us and they had a very active RP and lively discussion, which at one point helped their population surpass 130. Unfortunately, the region became inactive and at one point, when its population had gone into the single digits, announced they were shutting down. Luckily, we took notice of this and their Founder agreed to join the Union, in exchange for us doing our best to revitalize the region and increase their population. Ever since, they’ve been a Union territory and now hold the highest classification besides the capital, which makes them a state.

Finally, some changes happened in Heart. While the region hasn’t been extremely active since First Minister Salibaic became the Union’s PM, it has maintained a steady level of RMB engagement and First Minister Empire of Elysium has started doing manual recruitment in hopes of gaining new members. In addition, there is word of a potential change in leadership soon, which could potentially help increase the region’s engagement.

Beyond the appointment of new leadership and building of institutions, a territorial reform law (Amendment 25 to the Constitution) came into effect after periods of voting by the House and citizenry concluded on the 29th. The amendment shifted responsibility for the territories away from the Office of the Prime Minister (who term after term has shown itself incapable of effectively dealing with both the capital and the other territories) and to a newly created office, that of High Commissioner. The High Commissioner, unlike the PM, is appointed by the Founder. They are charged with appointing viceroys to each state (and other important territories) in order to coordinate the flow of information (news, events, elections, etc) and work to deal with issues that the territories face. The Prime Minister is still the leader of the Union, but their role has now changed to that of inter-union cooperation, rather than direct intervention. Some other changes were made in the amendment, including adding special classifications of territories which previously existed but weren’t formally recognized by law, such as Military Occupations. Finally, Territorial Law was recognized as its own form of law. They cannot contradict, amend, or suspend federal law, but only House Law and the Constitution can contradict, amend, or suspend them. Executive Law, the type of law created by the PM or Founder, can continue to do things it could before, such as appoint Governors to non-state territories but can no longer affect territorial law. This creates a special separation of powers and helps to achieve a more equitable federal system. In case of conflict between federal and territorial laws, the Court has the ability to strike down those which are illegal.

Throughout the Union’s history, territories have played an important, but understated role. They have supplied us with some of our most capable leaders and engaged citizens, contributed to our laws and reforms that we’ve undergone, and continue to play an important role in Union politics. In recognition of this, these actions have been taken in order to promote the further development of the territories, elevate their status, and ensure cohesion in what is, after all, a Union.


So - here I am again. It really doesn't feel like a year has passed since the last time I wrote about Pride in Force, yet here we are - after celebrating Pride 2020 inside the Union of Force.

I don't think it's an overstatement to say that Pride Month in Force was much more extravagant this year than it was last year, with 80 nations more inside the region than it was last June, the celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies were much more vocal and impactful. In fact - last time I wrote about Pride Month I was able to enumerate the few people who changed their Discord profile pictures to various Pride variants, but now - so much people did it that I can barely list them! You know who you are, so good job 🏳️‍🌈

We also got a couple of fancy new Pride Month variants of the different flags being displayed across the Territories that make up the Union of Force. Force got a new design (because the one I made last year would literally burn your eyes out from all the bright colors :P), and so did the states of Heart and RGBN. Not only that, but the Force World Factbook Entry had a little change in the motto displayed - "Freedom, Justice, Reasonably Priced Love, and Freedom To Love" - which proudly stayed on the WFE for the duration of the month. Even the two major political parties of the Union - the Democratic People's Party and the Force Unity Party - had rebrands in their respective logos in celebration of the event, the DPP styled a rainbow background and the phrase "Love Wins" on top of their Snowy Owl, and the FUP logo waved a Pride Flag instead of their usual orange flag. Indeed, this month was one of the best experiences I've ever experienced - where I and the other members of both the LGBTQIA+ community and the Union of Force truly enjoyed just hanging out and talking freely and openly; And so in the spirit of embracing this wonderful community I am a part of, I sincerely thank all of you for giving me and everyone else such a warm and comfortable atmosphere to truly be ourselves in, not only during Pride Month but any other day as well.

It was truly a breath of fresh air for many of us - because in these times we need each other more than anything else. In times where it's dangerous to simply leave our homes; In times where injustice and discrimination are violently displayed; In times where people are forcibly and constantly divided - but in these dark times are also when the light is brighter than ever, for in these times are selflessness and kindness keeping us strong; in these times are when our voices sound louder together; in these times are when love matters most. Pride Month 2020 has helped amplify the beauty in humanity that is now often overshadowed - and we need to keep being the light even as Pride Month comes to an end. Be thankful, be loving, be human. This has been Caduceo greeting you a wonderful and beautiful Pride Month 🧡


This month, the Official Force Roleplay hold one of its biggest and longest event it ever had. It was the 1992 Force World Cup. Held in the United Socialist States of Azerubia and Niemaa, this competition was held similarly to what we can see with the NationStates World Cup. Pretty early up in the preparation of the competition, the hosting cities of the tournament were revealed and they were respectively in the azerubian cities of Zarevica, Smerot, Zvorventa, Obrejinova, Brelava and Crezevac. The tournament was scheduled to start on the 1st of June (RP Time) but before that, on the 1st of May, was the draft. The draft revealed what nations would be in what groups and here were the results:
Group A: Azerubia, Kingdom of Adlandia, Heonix and Pyrwen
Group B: Renegalle, Greatest Elysium, Niemaa and Appalachia (Great allegheny)
Group C: Salibaic, United Nations of Colombia, Dragvir and Silvedania
Group D: Sumeka, Matria union, Tigslarlowducken and Illyrus

The group stage started off pretty calmly with no real stress since only one nation in each group was going to be eliminated after the end of the group stage. The unlucky winners were Pyrwen, Greatest Elysium, Silvedania and Illyrus. Silvedania lost all of its games due to them forfeiting after the player decided to quit the roleplay while the tournament was ongoing, Illyrus and Greatest Elysium both managed to get one point due to ties but that wasn't enough for them to qualify and Pyrwen, even though he won one game, was behind Azerubia and Adlandia by one point and couldn't qualify. In contrast to them, Heonix, Dragvir, Niemaa and Sumeka had managed to be top one of their competition and so had the right to pass the first round.

The first round of the final stage saw the nations of United Nations of Colombia, Matria Union, Tigslarlowducken and Appalachia all get eliminated respectively by Renegalle, Adlandia, Azerubia and Salibaic. It was at this point that the competition really kicked off. People started cheering for their team to win, were disappointed when they were eliminated and whenever the daily matches results were revealed, people started talking about them. Even some news sources of some nations started talking about the event and people had really been starting to be excited to see the results. The second round was a surprise as all the frontrunners of the group stage were eliminated except Niemaa who managed to eliminate the host and their biggest rival, Azerubia, 2 to 0. We were now on to the semifinals. Renegalle would be against Adlandia and Niemaa would be the opponent of Salibaic. Both Renegalle and Salibaic managed to come out on top and sent the losers to the bronze final. Niemaa was the one to win against Adlandia 3 to 2 in overtime and we were now onto the big final. Results haven't yet been released in RP but the Force Flyer can now announce to you that Salibaic has defeated Renegalle 4 to 2 and is now the World Champion. Salibaic will also receive the $10 billion cash prize that was promised to the winner and he will be able to use it for whatever does he wants.


Following the latest RGBN election, I (Suter) have been elected as the new President of the region. Under my new leadership, I would like to work on reviving this region and trying to create a new golden era for it. I do not want to try and idolize on the great past of RGBN and trying to recreate it but more try to make a totally new RGBN with a totally new look. We currently have over 30 nations in the region but not a lot of them actually interact with each other. That's why I would like to try and recruit new people from here in Force. If you join RGBN, you will still keep your Force citizenship (and all of the rights that come with it) and the right to talk on its RMB since RGBN is part of our great union. We would like to become bigger and greater and you would have the chance to help my big project. RGBN always has been a region made to chill so you won't have a lot of responsibilities if you join and even the government is pretty chill. We even started our own roleplay but it is currently inactive due to not enough members. I also want to introduce a legislative branch for RGBN, I'm thinking about going for a representative democracy or even a direct democracy with an assembly where everyone could participate. I would love to hear your feedback on this. Anyway, if you are interested in helping me in this great project you can telegram me or even contact me on discord (Azy#4617).

Editorial Team for this Month

Azerubia/Suter - Minister of Communications, President of RGBN and Editor in Chief

Renegalle - Founder and Editor

Caduceo - Editor

We're hiring for new positions! Learn More...
For more information, contact Azerubia through Discord (teaman#4617)
or apply forLink Civil Services!

June 2020 Competition Results




Third Force Discord Emoji Contest





WA Nations


200 (-45)

59 (-14)


34 (-7)

13 (2)


28 (-9)

12 (1)

The New Kingdom

10 (1)

0 (0) =


9 (8)

1 (1)

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Please find attached the Democratic People's Party Manifesto for the upcoming election. Vote Benn for PM!

No flashy graphics. No fancy posters. Just hard work, a progressive manifesto and commitment to Force, Heart & the rest of the Union.

The Democratic People's Party Manifesto

Our manifesto is what we believe is the best course of action is for the Union. We are the progressive alternative to those wanting a better Union and those who wish to build an even stronger Union. These policies propose a bunch of changes, some radical some not. But they are here to create progress in our Union and make sure we prosper for years to come! As Prime Minister, I will invite all of my opponents to serve in my Cabinet, for unity, prosperity and success.

Domestic Policy

In order to build a successful region, you need a successful domestic policy. In the DPP we support the expansion of government roles in order to provide for the citizens of the Union. We also support the expansion of the civil service as well as the establishment of court clerks.

• We promote diversity in all forms; race, gender, ideology, etc. as a way to make the region welcoming to all newer residents and potential recruits that are eyeing a move to our region.

• We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to racial, homophobic, and sexist slurs that are aimed at certain individuals or minority groups. Furthermore, we in government will take immediate action against all forms of evident discrimination.

• We support a pathway to citizenship for all residents who are not puppets and are not habitual offenders of regional law.

•We believe that a free press plays a key role in democracy and thus we will encourage more media startups.

•We will work towards creating a research institute in the Union to conduct polling and carry out research on the feasibility of governmental policies.

•We will work towards increasing political party participation as we believe that the more citizens involved in the democratic process, the better the Union will be.

•We support the revitalization of the club program as we believe it can boost activity and help people create bonds in the Union.

•We support the creation of incentives to work in the civil service in order to boost activity across the ministries.

•We support a balance of onsite and offsite. But also increasing our onsite presence as we need to connect with those we are not on the discord or are in government.

Territorial Policy

The territories up until recently have been lacking in support. We aim to make sure that all our territories and especially our states and helped by our Federal Government and are supported. We will work to make sure all territories are well developed and have the ability to self sustain while being able to get support from the Federal Union Government.

•As part of our party policy we will have a party head and branch in each state and (elevated) province.

•We will aim to make sure each region in the Union has a governor or government.

•We will give territories the status they deserve by creating the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Territories.

•We will encourage territorial citizen's to run for the Federal House of Representatives.

•We will work to increase territorial voter turnout by making sure all citizen's across the Union understand Article K and Article E of the constitution.

Defence Policy

Our defence policy is key to future diplomacy and security of the Union. This is why DPP support an Independent Defender leaning Raid/Defend policy.

•Create a Pro-Defender policy while keeping our status as Independent.

•Create the Ministry of Defence and Intelligence

•We support creating an interregional military alliance with our allies and promote cooperation.

Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy is the key to a successful region and Union. We will work to create embassies with regions who share our values and maintain current embassies to bolster cooperation and friendship across NationStates.

•We need a strong Foreign Affairs department and thus we will try to boost the number of diplomats we have.

•We believe that we should promote cultural exchanges between us and our embassies to boost relations.

•We support creating treaties that will benefit both partners and allow greater cooperation between the Union and embassy region.

•We wish to devolve FA powers to states as long as they do not contradict Union FA policy.

The World Assembly

The World Assembly is one of the biggest parts of Nationstates and such we should aim to increase WA population not just in the capital but across the Union.

•We believe that we should encourage all nations inside the Union to join the WA and endorse the delegate

•The WA Delegate shall be recognized as a very important position. If the Founder ceases to exist, the WA Delegate is the lifeline of the region.

•We will aim to make the WA Delegate an elected position every 6 months by the WA citizens. Elections across each territory will decide who is the WA delegate for that territory.

•The WA Delegates shall form the basis of a council which will decide Union WA policy. There will also be elections every 6 months for WA councillors alongside the WA delegate.

•We will make sure that all WA citizens have the chance to submit proposals to the WA council.

•We will also introduce the position of Vice-Delegates in case the WA delegate ceases to exist or resigns or is impeached. They will take the position until the term is over. They will also act as the WA Delegates deputy.

Judicial Policy

The justice system is a incredibly important part of our Union. DPP supports a strong judiciary and more rights to those convicted of crimes. We also support introducing civil lawsuits to protect people from libel and defamation.

•We support the establishment of lower courts inside each territory and using the federal court as a supreme court.

•We will create a Minister of Judicial Affairs to act as a public defender to those taken to court and to act as the government's chief lawyer. They will also be tasked with making sure everyone knows the law.

•We will aim to introduce the right to legal counsel.

•We oppose the use of banning or ejecting nations without court approval.

• We oppose voter fraud regardless of who commits the action, and we endorse any government action be taken against these individuals whether it be a warning, ejection, banishment, or both of the latter two.

• We understand that mistakes can be made, and we support that minor offenses result in warnings rather than immediate punishment as the region is an opportunity for second chances.


Roleplay is one of the key cornerstones of the Union. This is why we believe that functional and well-developed roleplay is key to regional success and attracting new people into the Union.

•We believe that roleplay should be run by an independent governance committee.

•We support creating teams of people to run different aspects of RP

•We support the encouragement of nation writing to allow a more in-depth experience for everyone in the RP.

•We support the use of RMB roleplay to help connect with people onsite and allow them to get involved.

©The Democratic People's Party 2020 | Do not reproduce or copy in whole or part without express permission.

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I dropped from Scandinavian Liberal Paradise to Democratic Socialists in literally one issue

This game is brutal sometimes

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Krystallwan wrote:This game is brutal sometimes

it's just a slight drop in civil rights(so above 72.00 you have SLP but below you become DS) that causes that. You can easily recover.

Greetings, members of Heart. We ask you for a diplomatic alliance.

I come on behalf of Governor Elijah Stewarts of the United Coasts of the Pacific—the UCP. The situation in the UCP is dire after our loss to civil infighting two decades ago. The government that now reigns remains fractured politically, but newly appointed dictator Dendrite Seaborn has reigned supreme for 16 years and has brought an unstoppable tyrannical regime upon the Coasts. Protest had been banned, elections cancelled, businesses were completely shut down—often on religious basis—and Seaborn has recently signed executive orders requiring compulsory military service for five years. Capital punishment is used against the mere thought of resistance.

That executive abuse of power came last week. Governor Stewarts promises a change.

We have successfully used political influence to scale back excessive military spending to reduce Seabornist expansionism, brought business rights back to our people, and most importantly, have secured basic protections in free speech—although such legislation currently remains useless with Seaborn’s authoritarian regime upheld.

As we speak, Stewarts is using tactical espionage and political power to cause a large-scale coup of our current tyranny. We now seek diplomatic allies for economic trade to support our efforts, as well as diplomatic reputation for when the chaos is over—the new United Coasts will need political leverage and legitimacy abroad if it is to survive past Seaborn’s destruction of civil rights and democratic principles.

Governor Stewarts promises the secrecy of this friendship and requires no military assistance—merely economic.

Should our defense of democratic ideals and attack against fascism come to fruition, we can promise a number of exports from our developing information and technology industries; additionally, you will gain the full support of our navy which we will eventually come to control.

If you are willing to stand for democratic goals and humanitarian efforts, then Governor Stewarts asks you—are you willing to support our slowly growing rebel cause that will eventually become the New United Coasts of the Pacific, and accept soon-to-be President Elijah Stewarts into your region?

United Coasts of the Pacific wrote:Greetings, members of Heart. We ask you for a diplomatic alliance.

I come on behalf of Governor Elijah Stewarts of the United Coasts of the Pacific—the UCP. The situation in the UCP is dire after our loss to civil infighting two decades ago. The government that now reigns remains fractured politically, but newly appointed dictator Dendrite Seaborn has reigned supreme for 16 years and has brought an unstoppable tyrannical regime upon the Coasts. Protest had been banned, elections cancelled, businesses were completely shut down—often on religious basis—and Seaborn has recently signed executive orders requiring compulsory military service for five years. Capital punishment is used against the mere thought of resistance.

That executive abuse of power came last week. Governor Stewarts promises a change.

We have successfully used political influence to scale back excessive military spending to reduce Seabornist expansionism, brought business rights back to our people, and most importantly, have secured basic protections in free speech—although such legislation currently remains useless with Seaborn’s authoritarian regime upheld.

As we speak, Stewarts is using tactical espionage and political power to cause a large-scale coup of our current tyranny. We now seek diplomatic allies for economic trade to support our efforts, as well as diplomatic reputation for when the chaos is over—the new United Coasts will need political leverage and legitimacy abroad if it is to survive past Seaborn’s destruction of civil rights and democratic principles.

Governor Stewarts promises the secrecy of this friendship and requires no military assistance—merely economic.

Should our defense of democratic ideals and attack against fascism come to fruition, we can promise a number of exports from our developing information and technology industries; additionally, you will gain the full support of our navy which we will eventually come to control.

If you are willing to stand for democratic goals and humanitarian efforts, then Governor Stewarts asks you—are you willing to support our slowly growing rebel cause that will eventually become the New United Coasts of the Pacific, and accept soon-to-be President Elijah Stewarts into your region?

yes, we will be :)
(I'm one of Aurhany's nations btw)
Also you can talk in ooc if you want to ;D

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