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Hegiroth RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Nomadic Peoples of Alpha Force

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A place where the glorious liberators of The Wolf Clan can remember what We once accomplished to save a group...that later betrayed us. Named The Clover Confederation Just like the former founder of Hegiroth.

In Memoriam of a once mediocre region that gave many people a place to argue, complain, and fight.

Strange how history repeats itself..

Tags: Minuscule and Password.

Hegiroth is home to a single nation.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in Hegiroth

World Census agents infiltrated a variety of out-of-the-way towns and festivals in order to determine which nations have the most developed Basket Weaving industries.

As a region, Hegiroth is ranked 10,914th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federal Republic of Brigadier GeneralCorrupt Dictatorship“My trophy value exceeds my military usefulness”

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Post by The excalian-wolf clan puppet suppressed by Brigadier General.

The excalian-wolf clan puppet

The Wolf Clan

super L: Galrythia

[That's a twist.]

Brigadier General and Hermes express

Whatís the story with this region
Why is it so important


Post by The excalian-wolf clan puppet suppressed by Brigadier General.

The excalian-wolf clan puppet

The Wolf Clan

Hermes express wrote:Whatís the story with this region
Why is it so important

Long story. Summary:

Any inaccuracies? Telegram me! This is mainly written from my point of view and not biased at all. ALSO UPVOTE THIS IN THE TOP RIGHT.

'We are all pawns on a board.
Playing a game whose rules we do not know.

- ???

This is where it all began.


RF was a calm and peaceful region. One in which I learned the basics. Puetavisa was there too. He was a security officer.
RF homever had issues underneath the facade of tranquility...
An oligarchy was in control. There was no future. The corrupt elite ruled the region with an iron fist. The oligarchy decided to induct the region into their far-reaching unholy alliance... Which you may be familiar with... well, maybe not. There was no vote. The induction progressed day by day... The RMB declined both in quality and in number of posts. And so I reached out... and was denied the democratic process of voting.
That is when I realized. There was no solution... except bail out and find something new and better...
Fortunately one of the residents - an exception in the corrupt system - reached out to me and many others.
And so the VALTIC was founded.
Disillusioned people flocked there, as well as a minority of the corrupt elite from the RF. A danger, at the moment unseen, loomed over the newborn region...
What would happen next, nobody could predict. Was it fate? - for something so great to collapse into disrepair?
All this because of neglect, that, unfortunately - was not benign?

'Was this happiness not meant to last?'

The Valtic. This is where we met and where some started their venture into NationStates.

There are two perspectives on the creation of the Valtic. Take both with a pinch of salt.
Let me tell you how it was created, by the testimony of Puetavisa;
"Myself and K formed the VALTIC as a roleplay alliance within RF. We invited the Forefather because he was our friend."
The forefather says otherwise: "Puetavisa and Kentalia were not the ones who created the alliance. It was me and Kentalia, actually, and then he joined us."
This concept then evolved into a standalone region.

This is where New Excalibus started. Free of the corruption of RF, he later became a figurehead in the fight against the oligarchy - a vivid critic of their policies. The Greater Low Countries was also active during that time. Puetavisa at the time was Commander-In-Chief - an officer in the region as he was one of the people who influenced the Valtic heavily. According to him, he lost his role because his "NStats were too 'authoritarian'".
According to the forefather homever; "He CTE'd when we were still an alliance in RF and came back 5 months later - when me and Kentalia have worked our asses off and asked for founder. We were not going to give him something for literally nothing."
This is where we all met. We became comrades.

Other persons of note include:

"The UV-Imperium was not a 'fun' region-mate"- New Excalibus
ValticOllie - if my memory is not failing me, a member of the Valtic government, he kept the region going for a while before CTE'ing, possibly a RF cronie but I was never sure
UV-Imperium - if I remember right: nasty person, one of the RF crooks, he sucks the big bad bosses pindas on discord to this day
Yappar surfers - (does someone know this guy?)
Northern therchawers - fun guy, can't remember much else
Siderian reich - good roleplayer, me, Puetavisa, Certainopia and him formed an alliance in RP against some people, later founded Karrimore which CTE'd after some time
Certainopia - VCS (Valtic Safety Coalition) founder along with Puetavisa and me, roleplayer
Craiser - roleplayer
Cross - can't remember
Milotska - can't remember
Trylobite - uhh?
Commie manifesto - had an island in the RP, can't remember much else
Alakopia - literally tried to make our VSC flag an a**hole, very annoying
Kahlifornia - Valtic Direct Democracy founder, basically the opposite of VSC
Beliski lupolvic - government guy
Independence systems - no idea
Voyaslavia - still active somewhere, good RP'er
Vent nathland - this guy was some kid roleplaying the SCP foundation, got epicly wreckt and had to remake his nation. Has a Roblox picture on discord, LMAO
I will later visit the Valtic RMB to gather more names.

Little did we know, those times would not last. Dark clouds loomed over the horizon.

The agonizing DARK AGES have begun...

And they would never end. Our great founder, the one who united us in time of need... decided to leave us to the wolves I ran from. He gave a certain individual his founder account.
Another individual, homever, fought against the tides of darkness...
Prosperus happyland... He hoisted the flag that rallied us...
But even that...
He failed.
And with him, we all failed.
The population couldn't be maintained... Prosperus was a WA delegate, not a founder.
Content on gnawing at the remains of the Valtic... the wolf guards his trophy and denies those who hold the Valtic dear from paying respects...

The Extinction started...
Nations CTE'd (ceased to exist after not logging in for 28 days). En masse. Even Puetavisa succumbed. Not many remained. But before that... Lytchett founded Hegiroth, the successor to the flawed Valtic - a place we once called home...

And so, at the time of writing this account, the Valtic has atrophied to 9 nations. All of them puppets. The last RMB post was 102 days ago.
The wolf still continues to munch on the remains, eating itself like Ouroboros.

"If I wasn't ousted, we'd all be in the VALTIC still" - Puetavisa

'A wise man learns from the mistakes of others,
a fool learns from his own

We were exiles. Looking for our own place in the sun.


New Excalibus had found a new, green island on the horizon...
Founded by Lytchett, it was Hegiroth.
We, the people, had refuge at last. Excal brought The Greater Low Countries with him.
Soon after, I noticed the island too. A few warned me. "The only thing they do is complain about others." they said. I knew no one here was afraid to speak. So I joined. I was greeted with hospitality and respect.
That time was the golden age. A certain personage called Lewm joined. Little did we know, it had been someone we already met before...
Then - a miracle, Puetavisa had reformed and joined us!
So we chatted. Voted. Evolved our government. Posted memes. Made fun of Excal for living on top of a volcano (LOLZ).
We had a minor drama with The Democratic Republic Of Freedom over embassies. In the end, it brought us closer together - we resolved the matter and made friends in the process. A controversial defense pact was formed with The Wolf Clan - ultimately a neutral experience. An embassy with Kaiserreich was established. Life was calm here. Very relaxing...

We all should have enjoyed it while we could.
The golden age had ended. The first signs of a bigger problem could already be seen.

THE TROUBLED TIMES were ahead...

Lytchett had contacted a certain individual about a merge nobody wanted. Without discussing it with us first. Our reaction was predictable. Facing opposition to his plot of manipulating Lytchett into a merge, vile Q went to the telegrams and wrote many arrogant messages, as if he was superior to us. So I epicly roasted that sad existence in telegrams and on his own RMB. The post still remains in his former region to this day.
"Former region?" you ask? As it turns out, not even a hundred days later, his region collapsed. At the moment of writing Q resides in a NationStates equivalent of a trash dump - a parody of a raider region, locked in an eternal 69 with his crony I-M. As I said in my epic roast, sad existence indeed.
Then - A plot twist!
Lytchett returns, seemingly in touch with reason again!
The merge is called off and Q's region is eternally banned from the embassy list.
Relief washes over us, this calls for a celebration!

Life returns to normal for the next 3-4 months...
Tranquility makes us unsuspecting of the events to come. We thought the troubled times ended.
They did not.

Suddenly, Lytchett (again, without consulting us) proclaims that we have become a part of the Kaiserbund. People including me become miffed.
We call a vote to leave the Kaiserbund and the results come in...
If I remember correctly; 4 votes to leave, 1 vote to stay.
Then, a Kaiserreich representative joins and proclaims:
V. Secession of any Kaiserbund regions from the Reich is strictly prohibited.
Then - Uproar! How could this be? Someone from another region decrees our vote invalid? Disgrace!
I start cooking up a raider defence plan in anticipation of a tag raid by Kaiserreich forces. Homever, I lack the powers to do it, so I request an extension of privleges.
Excalibus: Granted!
but then...
Lytchett: DENIED!!!
Lytchett then proceeds to strip us of free speech for 'undemocratic behavior' and insults towards him. None of which happened.

New Excalibus wrote:It appears you would know about such unacceptable behavior.

This sends Lytchett into a rage and he starts suppressing EVERYTHING.
Our friend has went mad. We know we are out of options. We decide to do the unthinkable.
We have to leave.

'I mean, at least we're not communist' - New Excalibus
THE EXODUS begins.

Right after we leave, Lewm reveals him(her? I don't even know at this point)self as the original founder of the Valtic (the forefather). We all had no clue. Even so, Puetavisa claims to have known Lewm was the forefather all along (clearly not true) because of his bad english. We all LUL internally at that and Lewm proceeds to roast him. So we all laugh.
Quoting Lewm him(her?)self: "I do not know why I am even replying to this. I just wanted to make it clear how you have not changed. We both know you did not know it was me, so do not act like it. And we both know my English isnít so horrible that you can actually recognize me from it. And we also know that youíre funny. Not funny in the good way, funny as in laughed at. And.. if you didnít know the last know, I am happy to inform you that youíre funny." - about Puetavisa.
Now, back on topic,
We all move to The Democratic Republic of Freedom. We are welcomed with open arms. They, together with us and our puppets number 20 - an impressive number! We stayed there for three days - until St. Patrick's. We RP'd and relaxed. Bad news came from Hegiroth - in his madness, Lytchett turned the region communist! Ironically, this meant that the Kaiserreich would cut the ties with him. We had a good long laugh at that too. Then, we debated what our new region should be like.
We decided on a name: The Clover Confederation.
Puetavisa enjoyed his time at the DRF so much, he decided to stay there for the time being and sent his puppet to us - if we could foster activity he would join us with his main nation. Seeing that his place being hold open for him, he joined back regardless. Speaking of joining, new arrivals are here! Sirian, an individual from the forums joined to help us out, as well as Holerij, a puppet of Skundi.
After good news homever, come the bad news. Kaiserreich took Hegiroth to reorganize it into one of their kind - a monarchy. From a communist den. What a trainwreck of a story!
More new arrivals! Certainopia, a Valtic member and an acquaintance joined and started to help out with the RP. Republic de Tropico as well, an individual we know little about yet.
Now that we cooled down our heads a bit since the feud, the Treaty of New Hemlock has been signed - basically live and let live, and by that I mean something resembling reconciliation - we won't condone saying mean stuff about each other. Oh, also, we did some RP back in the DRF as well. Good times.
Couple of days pass. After a brief discussion, we decided to pull out of the Treaty of New Hemlock. It proved to be too 'uncomfortable' for some. Lytchett, of course, went crazy and took it as an attack toward him. The Treaty was vague and basically useless so it was not threatening at all to him if we pulled back from it. But hey, if you want to be offended, you will be.
This is the right move. We don't need a treaty for something that's dying anyway. We limited ourselves from endless bashing before, we don't need a treaty to do it again.
- The GLC

Not very related, but DRF introduced a political party system and folks from TCC founded their own party. Cool.
And then, on april fools, trivia day came. Guess who decided to make his move?
The one, the only, Dorito. By making a cringy proposal for a question for the quiz. This gem of a thread is still out there somewhere...
Now, for less fun stuff.
Our region was being infiltrated. Aivals, under the guise of a refugee from Hegiroth (which was burning down at that time) joined us together with some more people like Ezzo and Teoholden. Apparently, it was South Galskia on a diplomatic mission from Lytchett to improve relations.
Now, as you might expect, he did the opposite. Yeah, he called us trash on the Hegiroth RMB. The post has been deleted since but Excal reported it to the mods. Hopefully they will at least give out a warning. We had a misunderstanding among all of this and thought Aivals was acting on behalf of UoAS (Union of Allied States). It has been all cleared out, though I don't know the details.
That's that, Hegiroth died for good now. The helpers have left and Lytchett is on a break(?) from NationStates.
And now, a doozy. I've made a dispatch. It reached #2 on the dispatches page and 50+ upvotes. It's about the problems of NationStates.
With that came lots of notices in the top left as well as a degree of attention to our region by like-minded regions. So we got some new embassies. And some funny mail from a commie.

This is where we are now. What will the future hold? Will the Confederation collapse, or will we rise like a phoenix from the ashes?
Spread word of our liberty! Death to tyranny! We, the people should decide!
Join the Confederation today and help us crush injustice and the evil oligarchy!

We all depend on you!

Read factbook


Post self-deleted by Brigadier General.

A forgotten causality of an old war.


The Clover Confederation is no longer affiliated with this hole. This is my hole now.

Brigadier General wrote:The Clover Confederation is no longer affiliated with this hole. This is my hole now.

Over this hole, I do squat. Lytchett do you not agree?

New Excalibus and The Greater Low Countries along with original founder Lytchett drove this community into the ground. Let us all mourn what was lost, and the two headed dragon that emerged.


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