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Imperton RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Democratic Noble Kingdom of Niewe Makent

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World Factbook Entry

Imperton has sadly closed after nearly a year of existence due to inactivity from our members. I am so sorry I ever had to make this shocking announcement. We will no longer accept embassies.

-I am sorry, Autvia

Embassies: SECFanatics, Hollow Point, Gypsy Lands, The Embassy, Westlandia, The Moderate Alliance, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wealth, Fredonia, Farkasfalka, Redlandia, Union of Justice, Westfalen Westphalia, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, Fifth Empire, and 8 others.North Carolina, Debate Region of the Rhine, La nova Terra, Roman Byzantine Union, Kebabistan, Latinoamerica Libre, Free Union Capitalist States, and The Music Box.

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Imperton is home to a single nation.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Pro-Market in Imperton

This data was compiled by surveying a random sample of businesses with the question, "Do you believe the government is committed to free market policies?"

As a region, Imperton is ranked 16,899th in the world for Most Pro-Market.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Principality of CalouviaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“It is a long way home”

Regional Happenings


Imperton Regional Message Board

Athena-Helios wrote:Hello! How are you guys doing? How is the region doing?
Hey, I have a question, are you interested in being advertised? I have another nation called Puppet01 in The Music Box...

Sure we can do that. We need advertising.

Autvia wrote:Sure we can do that. We need advertising.

Great! Then I will need you to send the following info:

Region name
The concept
The lore
Who you are looking for
and who to contact if interested

This would make it so much easier so I would really appreciate it!! ^_^

This week we go to good old Albion where we ask:

"Should Boris Johnston be allowed to suspend parliament with the Brexit deadline so close?"

International Business Times:



Thoughts Of The People

Q: CLM Wonder & Livoniapolis, as a citizen of Westfalen Westphalia, what are your thoughts on the region and its affairs?
CLM Wonder:"I am enthusiastic about the future of this region. I was a former member of Westphalia for a short time, and despite the raid and all that happened, we all stuck together. I see great things for this region, and the leadership."

Livoniapolis:"I believe it is vital that we as a region extend our diplomacy and gather what we need for our population and for the defense as well if that is needed. So each nation has it's individual responsibility to facilitate that to the greater good of our region and it's affairs internally and externally. I wouldn't mind an ambassadorship program to weed in and out those whom can withstand the burdens and the demands of it."

The Weather

In today's weather forecast, temperatures today across Westfalen Westphalia have ranged from the low fifties to the low seventies (51-73°F) and high humidity. Later today, we should see a decrease in temperatures into the low 50s. As already stated, humidity will be at an 95% high, with low winds, and with low chances of precipitation for today (0-12%), despite being cloudy.
As for the rest of the week, it will continue to be cloudy with some expected rain Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. As for temperatures, they will dip slightly, with temperature averaging 48-64°F.
That is all for this week's weather! Keep cool, and have a great day of school!

A Christmas Carol

In a response to a request from The Westphalian Post, Yuletide Yggdrasil of the region Christmas provided a dispatch written of the history of Christmas which, to those who aren't aware, has an embassy with the region Westfalen Westphalia. Usually quiet and remote most of the year, Christmas has been known as a haven for those who love celebrating the winter holidays, or perhaps just want to sit down with a hot cup of cocoa. Now, visitors can have access to this newly-provided piece of knowledge, and experience another part of what the region has to offer. Readers can find the dispatch link below:
This is The Westphalian Post, out.
To be noted, this news piece is not meant to act as an advertisement of another region, but to educate readers on events outside their own

Literary Expeditions

In the last couple of weeks, Wandering Wallabies came out with a dispatch detailing a Writing Competition event he's hosting, the first known competition of it's kind in Westfalen Westphalia. The dispatch details that writing pieces that will be judged should be less than 500 words, with the theme being "Seasons". As a bonus, this competition is open to Westfalen Westphalia's embassies, as well as the main region itself. We couldn't get anything from the creator himself, but if you are interested, contact Wandering Wallabies, and check out his dispatch for more details:
This is The Westphalian Post, out.

The Oats Are In!

In the last week, the first distribution of Cannula's (WA of Westfalen Westphalia) famous batches of 'Oatcaine' have commenced across all of Westfalen Westphalia. As Oatcaine is technically legal in the region, supply networks have remained uninterrupted by Westfalen Westphalia security. So far, there has been an overall positive reaction to Oatcaine returning to the markets, reflected by large profits made over the weekend from initial sales. However, there has been one casualty from the drug; Ecotopia2 was reported shipped to the hospital after nearly dying from overdose.
According to public witnesses, it happened right after Ecotopia2's reportedly "daily dabbing session", when he suddenly had a seizure and collapsed. According to the most recent reports from authorities, 500 batches have been found in Ecotopia2's home, indicating he was an frequent user. Ecotopia2 is alive and well, but still in recovery, and expected to be released on Friday of this week. After asking for comment on the incident, Cannula has kept silent. As for whether this will inflict damage on his run in future elections, it is unclear. Now remember, if you're taking Oatcaine, make sure to intake no more than half a batch weekly to avoid any health risks that may be caused. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Politics, oh boy!

In a recent move by The Council of Elders and the region's WA, Cannula, elections have been delayed. Originally planned for September, elections on proposed positions of government have been a indecisive topic within the halls of Westphalian government. The main reason for this being the plague of inactivity that has hit the region during the summer months of this year, making some officials uncertain of the level engagement that would be given at this current moment of Westphalian history.
"If I’m completely honest I really don’t think we’re in any shape to have elections as of yet. There’d be no substance to them." - Cannula
Nonetheless, with more and more dormant nations waking up, elections & the creation of political parties have started to become topics of popular interest.
The region Republican Antilles had recently had their council elections, with roughly around 50% participation. After several nations vying for the 5 seats offered, the elected members are Hulldom (Liberal, winning 1-0), Sanchee2020 (Progressive Front, winning 8-5), Evile Puppet (Republican Afternoonist, winning 11-1), Armenia-Kronia (Greenleft, winning 8-5), and Cascadian tribes (Progressive front, winning 7-4-2). After election, a council session was in process, where the nation Saariset, a former candidate in the election, was nominated as president of the Interim Council.

This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Question Of The Day

How's the start of the school year for everybody, and how many of you are crying because of it?

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Life After Death

Yesterday, in Westfalen Westphalia, everyone was pleasantly surprised to find an old Westphalian who was presumed dead, Flame1, come back and introduce himself in the rmb. He has received warm feedback, and has now been caught up with the current events in the region. He even has expressed interest in getting into politics, and has even offered to contribute to Westfalen Westphalia's RP and Writing Competition by Wandering Wallabies. As a personal statement from this newspaper, we are glad you have come back to us, Flame1, and you are welcome to stay! This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Inspecting The Afternoon

In Nationstates, it is not uncommon to find certain aspects in-game that are similar to real life, such as government, political parties, and enjoying kinship between fellow regions, or with our fellow nations. But what a about religion? While there is the example of Violetism that is seen in some of the issues written, actual original examples seem few and far in between in NS. Recently, there has been a religion created, called Afternoonism, based in the young and small region of The Order Of The Afternoon. By reader requests, and with pure curiosity of the bizarreness that the religion is based around, The Westphalian Post has chosen to meet with religious leaders of Afternoonism, and others, to attempt to understand and hopefully explain the meaning behind it.
We first met with Mesmersary Merftastic, the founder of Afternoonism, and High Priest Aafternoon, 2nd in command.

TWP (The Westphalian Post): "Merftastic & Aafternoon, you two were the first nations to officially start the religion with the founding of your region The Order Of The Afternoon. It has been roughly a month since the founding of the region, with only a few members, in part thanks to the password-protection that has been in effect to this day. How do you feel about the growth of your region, and the recent spread of Afternoonism to other regions like La Nova Terra, and The Republican Antilles, in the form of the Republican Afternoon Party?"
A (Aafternoon): "I think it's great that we're spreading to other regions. It shows how strong the calling of Afternoonism is."
M (Merftastic): "Well, in response to your first question, I am personally pleased to see a pro-active effort by our members to pass the word onto other regions of what we stand for. To be honest, I didn't know where we'd be a month ago, and am now pleasantly surprised to see our spread, not for dominance, but for sharing our truth with others outside of the Order's small circle. As for the Republican Afternoon Party, I personally would like it if members of that party were more upfront about Afternoonism, but I don't control them, and I support their efforts to better The Republican Antilles, as The Continuation requires."
TWP: "I see. Can you both explain to readers how the religion came about, and what the principles for Afternoonism are?"
A: "The religion came about by pure chance, people saying "good afternoon," and developed into something much more. If you want to learn about our principles, just check out the dispatches pinned to the Order's page."
M: "Now, for the origins of the religion, more fundamentalist followers would tell you that it started with the 1st Mesmersary, Liam, after his discovery of the Continuation alongside the Afternoon. The thing that most people forget, however, is that Afternoonism already existed around his time. If you were to ask me personally, I think it all started one cycle when someone felt very happy, very in tune in his surroundings, and loved his neighbors so much that one day he vocalized that with a simple "Good Afternoon". I think it's beautiful, that origin, and speaks to part of the message of Afternoonism; there is the endless cycle, and then there's the Continuation, but you cannot live successfully and remain on path alone. In order to progress spiritually and in innovation of our development, it needs to be a great effort, and there needs to be heart in it. Along with that, some principles are living a complete life, taking the burden of those you take, and progressing with the interest of moving forward, not tearing everything down into a pit of chaos."
TWP: "Finally, what would you say to leaders across Nation States when it comes to the spread of fascism?"
A: "We do not advocate for fascism or support it at all."
M: "Remember when I mentioned avoiding tearing everything down into a pit of chaos? In a sense, that's the answer to your question; fascism as well as raider regions who do nothing with the "trophies" they steal are rather pointless. They say it's for the betterment of society, or for the purpose of empire, but where does it all end up? No where. So to those who are against these movements in NS, I say grow closer together, because that is the main thing you'll have in the face of overwhelming evil."

Next, I moved onto Evile Puppet, the main organizer of the Republican Afternoon Party, and the only Afternoonist to be elected into the Interim Council.

TWP: "Evile Puppet, as some readers of this newspaper may or may not know, you are one of the founders of the political party Republican Afternoon in the region of The Republican Antilles, and also one of the major advocates for Afternoonism in the region. What in your opinion is the purpose of the party, and can you name a couple policy proposals that your party advocates for?"
EP (Evile Puppet): "The purpose of our party is to protect the rights of the citizens of the Republican Antilles. As of right now, there are several vague laws that allow for political parties to be banned and free speech to be suppressed, which was demonstrated when one of my campaign posts was deleted by Interim President Hulldom for criticizing him. In addition, many of the procedures and the Constitution have been confusing citizens on their meaning, leaving its writer as the main person to interpret them. We want to rewrite these to clarity them. We also believe that we should speed up the process of developing the government instead of waiting. Something else is a revised embassy policy, as currently we seem to be getting ones with embassy collectors."
TWP: "Now, there are some in The Republican Antilles -I won't be naming anyone specifically- who in the past have vocalized concern that the Republican Afternoonist Party is nothing more than a bunch of theocrats who don't take the politics of the region seriously. There has also been someone from the region who has contacted us directly, and shared concerns that your party is acting as a foreign agent for the region The Order Of The Afternoon. Are these accusations true?"
EP: "On the topic of Afternoonism, we are not theocrats or foreign agents. Although we are united by Afternoonism, it is not our only tenet. We believe that there should be democracy, not dictatorship."

Unfortunately, we couldn't get Hulldom or RA President Saariset to comment on Evile Puppet claims, but we were able to meet with Cannula, WA and leader of Westfalen Westphalia to discuss his opinion on Afternoonism. Though Afternoonists have not found a home in the region of Westfalen Westphalia, there have been some Afternoonist statements occasionally stated on the rmb. And so, we want to know what Cannula thinks about it.

TWP: "Cannula, what are your stances on the slow rise of Afternoonism inter-regionally, the religion itself, and how do you plan on dealing with it inside your borders?"
C (Cannula): "Personally I think rather lowly of the “religion” as a whole. Their attempts to involve themselves in the business of the state make me seriously doubt whether they are who they say they are."
TWP: "What would you like have other regions' governments do to address the spread of Afternoonism?"
C: "I think it ought to be the duty of all governments whose domains House these “afternoonists” to watch this group with vigilance. Who knows what their true motivations are and how they may try to destabilize our sacred systems."

Overall, from an analyst's perspective, there seem to be some mixed feelings on the religion Afternoonism. On the one hand, some followers prefer to view it from an orthodox perspective, while some others believe in a watered-down version to be more palpable politically. Yet they both agree that Afternoonism is a force of good, and can benefit the NS community. On the other hand, at least one region leader suspects the religion, and the organizers behind it, are not honest with their intentions, and are not to be trusted. However, we can only know about what Afternoonism is really about, and how it will unfold inter-regionally in the future. This is The Westphalian Post, out.


Goings on in RHINIA

I met with the leader of RHINIA, The Liamese Empire, and Prime Minister Barlomia, to ask some opinions of theirs on Westphalia and RHINIA, who in the past have had a rough relationship.

TWP: "As you and a few of our readers may know, RHINIA was originally a region meant to be a secondary region for Westphalian refugees after a Black Hawks raid a few years ago. After Westphalia was taken back, however, there began a movement to make RHINIA more independent from its Westphalian heritage, with you, The Liamese Empire, on the for-front of that movement. After your swift and surprising rise to power, tensions between RHINIA and Westphalia were pretty high for a long period, before the successful Black Hawks take over of Westphalia. So with that background out of the way, I suppose I must ask the both of you, what your side of things was back then, and what your opinion is of the fall of Westphalia?"
L (The Liamese Empire): "Well, I was kinda made the boogyman to Westphalia after the new republic was set up since I had reigned as Emperor right beforehand and after being overthrown, my supporters and I founded the Union of Empires. After about a year, Tetros reached out to me with a merger proposition with Rhinia in which I would gain a permanent position in the Rhinian government and due to certain authoritarian moves by Tetros, I was elected Emperor and given power over Rhinia after redeeming my name. Around the same time, Petain returned and founded a new Westphalia free of the Blackhawks but I didn't trust him. He kept attempting to force us to unite with him but I believed that with his return, Westphalia would be doomed to the same fate as before. That was the birth of the Rhinian-Westphalian separation and rivalry between those who had been spiritually destroyed by Petain and those who hadn't felt the displacement yet. This was also the birth of a new idea in Rhinia, the idea of the region not as a refugee region, but as the true successor state of Westphalia. Rhinian government distanced itself even more when it allies with the NWA, rival of Westphalia. After relations soured, my predictions began to come true and with the Blackhawks raid, everything was complete."
B (Barlomia): "The fall of Westphalia is quite unfortunate, as they have been a very large region with a lot happening for a sustained period of time. I have been in Rhinia for a long time now, so I was a part of what could be called our "independence movement" alas, as a very minor player, as I didn't really have a full grasp of what tensions there was, but there were issues with election fraud from Westphalia which made me lean towards more separation, and the establishment of the Rhinian Electoral Commission. I do remember there were a few nations from Westphalia coming into Rhinia and trying to destabilise and recruit, which was very frustrating to work with, but I had some decent connections with Westphalian's at the time, and I even attempted to start up a news agency in Westphalia, which unfortunately didn't get off the ground due to my workload and the regional tensions leading me to withdraw the agency. As I said before, the fall of Westphalia is unfortunate, and certainly something that I don't like seeing, as raiders can destroy years of hard work, but hopefully things can get of the ground again."
TWP: "The Liamese Empire, After Westfalen Westphalia was founded by the exiled Westphalian government headed by Cannula, an embassy was set up between the region and RHINIA, much to some people's surprise. In fact, if anything, tensions at present seem to be at a record low. What changed, and why did you accept the embassy request?"
L: "When Westfalen Westphalia was founded, the new Westphalians realized how right we Rhinians were so there was no need to argue anymore. That's why we accepted the embassy. The newbies had received the same end as us and led to us becoming the siblings we were always meant to be."
TWP: "Now Barlomia, you were the author of the popular newspaper named, if I remember correctly, "RHINIAN News". Both Westphalian and RHINIANS seemed to enjoy the newspaper, and seemed to serve itself as a rare connection between the regions who were traditionally hostile towards one another. It even, admittedly, serves as an inspiration for the creation of this newspaper, The Westphalian Post. Can you tell me and readers the story behind the newspaper and your role in it?"
B: "Haha yes, it has been a long while since I did the news, and that question lead to me reviving my old puppet of Rhine Media with Barlomia. I certainly had a look into the archives of my google surveys, interviews and articles thanks to this question. If I remember correctly, Rhine Media was founded very early on in Rhinia's history by Actias (Former PM, now CTE'd), and I was very quick to jump on board as a way of raising my political influence and national prevalence. In the end, Actias CTE'd once and left me to keep running the news agency myself for over a year I think, I certainly gained a lot of experience and expertise in a short time having to learn on the job. In that time I did lots of changes to how I presented the news, culminating in the creation of a website, which unfortunately, I never really got round to promoting. I tried to bring in new journalists over my time, which was successful, but ultimately I ran the news for probably near two years. It actually prevented me from getting into government earlier, as I didn't like the idea of running the news and being in government, as I am there to represent the people's voice, but I was encouraged to step into the government. This did lead to me being less inclined to do the news, and it is one of my biggest regrets, letting the news slip. But I was very happy with how it ran and the way that everyone was included from every nation and the impartial way I presented.
I have tried probably three times to reboot it myself, and once I have had my successor Patek Phillippe who did a good job in my place, and I did contribute a weekly column, but overall, things slipped after I went into government. I certainly hope to work with you on a way to present news to the regions."

TWP:: "Finally, for the both of you, what do you hope to get from RHINIAN ties with Westfalen Westphalia in the future, and what future do you think RHINIA will have in NS?"
L: "In the future, I hope for our two peoples to become closer as allies and maybe one day join together as a united successor state to Westphalia."
B: "I am the first to admit my premiership has slipped, and it's been very hard to try and increase recruitment without activity and stamps, so I hope Rhinia can maintain a nice place for itself in NS, however, I would like to have the glory days of 100+ nations and over 150 RMB posts a day, however unlikely that is to happen. What I hope to get from ties with Westphalia? Well I am certainly hoping that we can increase the amount of diplomacy and government interaction between both regions, maybe also a joint RP or Parliament. I am always keen to increase the amount of ties between nations, and I would be open to having those in Westfalen Westphalia come to Rhinia if they would like, just some ways to increase the amount of power we can present as a unified front. Hopefully my region will support that, but I am always open to ways to increase our ties. I am especially open to the idea merging or something similar, coalition like to preserve our history but move forward together as a united bloc. Hopefully I can enter discussions with the leadership of both regions on this point!"
TWP: "Thank you both for agreeing to this interview. It's been a pleasure!"[i]
B: [i]"Thank you very much for interviewing me! It's wonderful to have a new nation keen on the news and I wish you all the best, perhaps we could work in partnership on a joint news network to present the news to many regions!"

TWP: "Thanks! That sounds like a very promising proposition! I'll let you know if that will be possible, once I talk to my manager"
This is The Westphalian Post, out.


***The Westphalian Post is a Westfalen Westphalia non-profit newspaper dedicated to covering native events, as well as a few inter-regional ones as well. We provide our news to Westfalen Westphalia and most of it's embassies. If you have read The Westphalian Post and want to support it, contact us via telegram for a subscription, or if you have a news story you think we should cover. Thank you!***

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Hey, I hope everyone is starting to get back into the groove of school. Anyways, this week we will be looking at America's longest war in its history;

"Should the US negotiate with the Taliban to end the Afghanistan War?"

Washington Post:

CBS News:

How is the vegetation and weather where you live?


Thoughts Of The People

Q: The Westphalian Post, as the newspaper nation of Westfalen Westphalia, and a handsome devil, what are your thoughts on the region and its affairs?
The Westphalian Post:"I believe this moment in Westphalian history is certainly interesting, as we are headed into the fall. One of our allies has fallen and disbanded, NWE seems to be doing its own thing, and publication has been delayed thanks to many of my reporters having been kidnapped by the infamous 'Yang Gang'. Overall, I believe we should focus more on ourselves and building back up our culture."

The Weather

Absent, with screaming heads and pixie migrations...the satellite dish has been knocked off.

A Political Awakening

In the last week, after talks of the possibility, Westfalen Westphalia's first officially recognized political party has been created. Named the 'White-Mane Royalist Party', the political party created by Ecotopia2 wasted no time in setting down the issues it stands with. The party aligns itself with the Monarchist ideology, with the belief that we should empower the role of Emperor, stick by traditional Westphalian values, and strengthen the culture of Westfalen Westphalia. One proposal given in the party's dispatch (nation=ecotopia2/detail=factbook/id=1257487) mentions how the party wants to create a "museum" of arts in the region, filled with works from the regions residents, in order to attract new ones from outside our borders. The party currently has three members (Ecotopia2, The Evile Republic, and Flame1). When asked how he feels about the creation of the White-Mane Royalist Party, Ecotopia2 replied that he was "..glad that slowly, but surely, Westfalen Westphalia is moving towards becoming more politically proactive region. We White-Manes are fortunate to have the requirements, and are proud patriots of this great region".
Already, there is talk of perhaps more political parties on the way, with one example being the proposition of creating a 'Cheesecake Party', to which the Emperor Nuer-Texias would be welcome to join, according to the nation Wandering Wallabies on discord. Whether this will prove to truly be a revolutionary moment in recent Westphalian history is yet to be seen. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

The Emperor, Missing?

The Westphalian Emperor Nuer-Texias has not been seen that much, only popping out occasionally with a greeting or remark to the region, before returning to hibernation. When we sent the Emperor questions for the interview we were arranging with his majesty, we have not heard from him since, which is indeed very peculiar. Since that point, Nuer-Texias has not been seen in public.
This is not the first instance of a missing person's case in Westfalen Westphalia. For example, most of the staff being kidnapped last week, reportedly by the 'Yang Gang', which has delayed our reporting on the region for quite a while. Then there's the case of Eclandia, a former member of The Council Of Elders, who after missing for a month finally showed up last weekend deceased, lacking 4 fingers, as well as a head. Nobody knows if the 'Yang Gang' was behind this tragedy or not, though they are a suspect. Is it possible even, that our very own Emperor Nuer-Texias has been kidnapped, too? Will he reply to our messages?? Will Flame1 be the next Goku?
Unfortunately, we can only speculate, and pray for those lost to return to us. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Rest In Peace

Over the weekend, Hulldom, founder of the region The Republican Antilles, announced that the region, a known ally of Westfalen Westphalia, will soon be demolished. Proceeding to do so officially on Wednesday of this week, the reason behind this comes from the inactivity of the region, and the failure to attract new nations into its borders. Deciding enough was enough, Hulldom this week finally decided that it was time to pull the plug.
Unfortunately, because the region's discord was deleted, The Westphalian Post was unable to find a direct quote announcing the decision. In response to this news, many regions, including Westfalen Westphalia offered refuge to citizens of The Republican Antilles, who will inevitably be kicked our before the region itself shuts down. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

To New Web Forums, And Beyond

In a recent move by Cannula, leader and WA of Westfalen Westphalia, and Wandering Wallabies, a new offsite forum has been created.
"Greetings. Let me introduce you to the new off-site RMB:" -Wandering Wallabies 09/15/2019
According to its creators, the forum's purpose is to serve as a platform for information concerning Westfalen Westphalia. If things go according to plan, newcomers as well as current residents will be able to regularly use the site, and access sections relating to our region, helping promote what makes Westfalen Westphalia great. As of now, the site is up and running, Aside from the occasional update, the forum has largely worked upon, and has been made ready for public consumption. This is The Westphalian Post, out.

Question Of The Day

"Who is interested in forging a leftist and green political party" -New Technocratic Prussia


***The Westphalian Post is a Westfalen Westphalia non-profit newspaper dedicated to covering native events, as well as a few inter-regional ones as well. We provide our news to Westfalen Westphalia and most of it's embassies. If you have read The Westphalian Post and want to support it, contact us via telegram for a subscription, or if you have a news story you think we should cover. Thank you!***

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I am sorry, but Imperton is closed. Everyone, please move
To Autvia's new region:

Constituent Assembly Of Justice

I'm alive! I've just been settling into college life right now. I apologize for being gone longer than expected, but hopefully things should return to a semi-regular schedule from this point on.

"Should Trump be allowed to use foreign policy for political wants?"

The Guardian:

USA Today:

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