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India RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Free United Samrajya of Neo Kerala (elected )

Founder: The Community of Nirupama

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It's going to be WAD elections!!!

Want to join India? Move to Indian mars till we are open.

New nations, Linkdon't forget to fill the citizenship form![/u][/b]

LinkThe RolePlay poll is here !!!

From the great rainforests of Assam to the glittering Golden Temple of Amritsar, from the mountains of the northeastern Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala, India is a diverse and wonderous country, which has culturally existed from the dawn of agriculture along the Indus Valley.

We are proud partners of these Interregional Organisations
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Embassies: 10000 Islands, Southfield, United States of America, Scandinavia, Antarctica, Poland, USSR, Israel, Argentina, The Commonwealth of Crowns, China, Australia, NationStates, One big Island, Non Aligned Movement, The Western Isles, and 78 others.Deutschland, The Atheist Empire, Indonesia, International Debating Area, Singapore, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Embassy, Novo Brasil, Ireland, The Sands, Japan, World Conference, The Srivijayan Consortium, Philippines, Dauiland, Union of Democrats, Universal Pact, The International Polling Zone, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The Independent Newspaper, New West Indies, Altay, The NewsStand, Region Name, The Democratic Republic, Indian Mars, nasunia, Novus Lucidum, Enadia, Sunalaya, Greater Middle East, Soviet Democracy, Yuno, CISB, Krillin, The Moderate Alliance, The Interdimensional Community, Latinoamerica Libre, Thaecia, Texas, Sonnel, Melayu Archipelago, Portugal, Northern Utopia, Assembly of Regions, Africa, Thalassia, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, The Wolf Clan, Refugia, Codex Ylvus, Wintreath, Abydos, Virtuous Nations, The Global Democratic Union, phoenix partners, Old Zealand, The Sportsbook, Aissurian Union, Indian National Parliament, Yggdrasil, First World Order, Oatland, New Western Empire, 21st Century Rome, Gay, The Moonlight Battle Born, Eastern Europe, Caer Sidi, Spiritus, Commonwealth of Liberty, The Democratic Union, Late Nite Festival, Red Wolf Alliance, The south India, The League of Conservative Nations, The Twitter, and United Empire of Islam.

Construction of embassies with South Pacific has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Greater Nasunia has commenced. Completion expected .

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Regional Power: Moderate

India contains 113 nations, the 146th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Avoided in India

Nations ranked highly are considered by many to be the most inhospitable, charmless, and ghastly places to spend a vacation, or, indeed, any time at all.

As a region, India is ranked 9,603rd in the world for Most Avoided.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Democratic Kingdom of SilvicInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom, progress and nationalism.”
2.The Socialist Powerhouse of EuphrateansPsychotic Dictatorship“State before Person”
3.The Viceroyalty of New ChandigarhIron Fist Consumerists“Such men dare take what they want”
4.The Kingdom of Al MaktoumPsychotic Dictatorship“We shall always travel by air.”
5.The Dictatorship of South KonkanCapitalist Paradise“नमस्ते सदा वत्सले मातृभूमे।”
6.The Dominion of ClimateChangeAnarchy“Oops we done messed up..”
7.The Democratic Republic of Al RabhaPsychotic Dictatorship“We shall always travel by air.”
8.The Allied States of A Gentle BreezeAnarchy“Ever Seen A Baby Pigeon?”
9.The Chinese Republic of RajporeAuthoritarian Democracy“Rajpore-Mangasia relationship is the strongest -Bossku”
10.The Dictatorship of OogaoogaoogachakaIron Fist Consumerists“We Put the Ooga in Ooga Booga”
1234. . .1112»

Regional Poll • WAD ELECTIONS: Exit poll; Who should be the new WAD?

The Community of Nirupama wrote:Upon the request of Homeland of great

Voting opened 1 day 1 hour ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Regional Happenings


India Regional Message Board


As you know, I was elected as the First Recruitment Minister for India. Being at my post, I sent a total of 1821 Telegrams inviting nations from all over the NationStates to join us.

Also, I have been involved in publishing statistics for this for this region which is present on discord and would be featured on TMT (Monthly Tabloid) from the next edition.

I am a member of Parliament and already have 17 endorsements making me a trusted nation of our proud region India

Being the WA Delegate for this region, I will be active in discussions over proposals in WA for which I will ensure that a proposals which harms the interest of our nation doesn't get through (Delegates of all regions review the proposal before it comes out for Members to vote).

I'll also guide new WA members about WA and ways to interact with International community.

You might doubt at my capabilities so I would like to point out that I am an influential writer, good negotiator and a follower of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's Values.

I support Democracy, International Peace ( till no one harms our dignity), Centrist Ideology and also Wellfare over capitalistic gains.

Here is my plans for our region India if I get elected :

1) Making the Monthly tabloid informative, and in a way to ensure transparency with full report of activities of all the cabinet ministers including me. I plan to include Facts, Some articles and Interview of Experienced players for Beginners.

2) Getting more regions to support us to make us strong internationally and also ensuring that we stay on our words in bilateral talks as 2 regions were really annoyed with us as we couldn't come in time to help them come out of raid.

3) I prefer more RolePlaying and shifting it to NationStates for more engagement. Also, I would focus on better monitoring of our RMB as we experienced NS Mods flagging down posts on our RMB

4) I also plan to run a full fledged WA Membership Drive to get more WA participation from our region.

5) I'll also ensure a good system of hearing out problems that our citizens face so that they don't decide to leave us

6) I'll also try to make our Engagement with each other more interesting so that Nations don't Cease to Exist

About my Nation, You can go through this :

[b]Finally, I would like to promise progress and growth to our Proud India

Pointing out against the allegations of Armenasia about the daily updates, I sent them directly to Indusse who is PM of the region and thus is responsible for working of any minister. There has been no fall in the rate of nations arriving to our region.

Maximum no. of Nations that we lost were due to Ceasing to exist

Proof of Daily Reports :

LinkProof of few of many recruitment Reports sent to Indusse

Also do read this (sourced from NS Faqs :page=faq ) :

How successful are recruitment telegrams?

Sadly (for recruiters), the great majority of recruitment telegrams are ignored, blocked, or never read. In general, you should expect:

10-20% of your telegrams to be blocked by spam filters.
0-1% of your telegrams to convince a nation to move to your region.
These numbers vary by region: Feeders and Sinkers have more inactive nations, and they are targeted more often by recruiters. Newly created and refounded nations are guaranteed to be active, but are targeted by recruiters even more frequently.

Note that telegrams can be delivered but then deleted before the recipient ever sees them, due to limited space in their inbox. This is especially the case for recruitment telegrams sent to new nations, who often receive more messages than their inboxes can hold, with newer messages pushing out older ones.

Lastly, I would like to state that I will uphold this region's Integrity, Dignity and Morale till the last.
I am grateful to People like Indusse , Neo Kerala , Awell Islands who guided me and supported me.

[b]I request you for a chance to a new era for our region. Vote for me , Lets make India proud together

Read dispatch

The Updated Campaign !

I request you for a chance to a new era for our region. Vote for me , Lets make India proud together !

My telegram is flooded due to WAD Elections, Lol.

Hindu Mahasabha wrote:My telegram is flooded due to WAD Elections, Lol.

Maf Kar bhai

Hindu Mahasabha wrote:My telegram is flooded due to WAD Elections, Lol.

Kya karen karna padta hai.

Hindu Mahasabha wrote:My telegram is flooded due to WAD Elections, Lol.

I apologize for sending two telegrams.

Announcement : One of my supporters , Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam conducted a QnA with me so as to be sure of the concerns. He asked me a variety of questions and soon I will release them as QnA sessions

Indusse wrote:Maf Kar bhai

Homeland of Great wrote:Kya karen karna padta hai.

Armenasia wrote:I apologize for sending two telegrams.

It's Okay

@Citizens here are your most asked questions :

Dear Citizens,
Here you find my answers on the most asked questions via telegrams or discord chats :

Q1. What is my view on Foreign Policy ?

Answer : I am of the opinion that while on one hand we focus on increasing our international representation, India should also go forward in providing a helping hand.

We should continue our current policy of establishing embassies while getting involved in more inter-regional programs such as Global Roleplays , Events such as Night Light and more.

The international interaction will also help us gain popularity and eventually grow as in increasing the no. of nations joining us

Q2. How will you increase engagement with citizens ?

Answer : We should make them more engaging by Role-playing here in Nationstates only rather than third party apps such as discord. Yeah, Discord should be there but for more engagement , NS is the best platform.

Also making engagement more interesting by including a variety of things in The MONTHLY TABLOIDS as well as hosting some kind of events in our region where we even allow inter-regioonal participation

Also More transparency would be of immense help which will also be a part of TMT

I deduced one thing quite clearly that because of nations not taking interest in our engagements, they loose the spark to come over and visit their nation leading to more Non-existing nations.(CTEs, I mean)

Q3. Who would be your cabinet ministers ?

Answer : My Cabinet Ministers will be decided after WAD elections basis the criteria which will include skills like communications, negotiations and diplomacy.

They will be elected by the citizens and there will be no discrimination.

Even my colleagues standing against me for WAD elections can be elected

Q4. What will be your policy of approving WA proposals as WAD ?

Answer : The opinion of citizens will matter before I take any decision. All the proposals would be discussed with WA members of our region before I take any stand out in front of other Delegates and approve or disapprove the proposals

Q5. What about your role as recruitment minister ?

Answer : So as I mentioned, a total of 1821 telegrams were sent inviting a variety of nations to our region. I also engaged in answering their questions as to what they could expect in India.

There is always only 0 to 1% of the total recruitment telegram sent to be fruitful.

29 nations had joined us while 3 left us and many ceased to exist which was a major factor and was out of our control. Only thing that can be done is to make all the citizens feel interested in regional events.

Read dispatch

Please send me all your queries via telegram or discord as comfortable. I'll answer them as early as possible and you definitely can grill me, No worries :)

Mukh wrote:Data Studio Project is now Live!


At present, the form to submit data records the name and photo of your Google account, along with your email address and a link to your nation. This is not the sort of information that anyone on NS should be revealing to other players, as there are predators in the world who would misuse this information.

I have no reason to believe the player will misuse this information, but there is no need for them to have it.

The project is a good idea, but this is a bad way to run it. If changes are made to keep players safe, I will be happy to lend my support.

My apologies to Mukh, I don't want to spoil your project by posting this everywhere, but player safety is an important issue.

Congratulations to Indusse to submit their first piece of work!

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