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Sea Roamers wrote:Bobby: I'm fine thanks

Riku: "O-Okay..."

Untecna wrote:Riku: "O-Okay..."

Bobby: ...

Sea Roamers wrote:Bobby: ...

Riku: "I'll leave you to it, then..."

She begins walking away.

Untecna wrote:Riku: "I'll leave you to it, then..."

She begins walking away.

Bobby starts to decorate his room

Sea Roamers wrote:Bobby starts to decorate his room


New Ryansville wrote:he was not i checked

Honestly if I was in the government I wouldn’t remember if I had a position or not either.

Untecna wrote:(So...)


North American Imperial State wrote:What where you in government again?

Associate Justice.

Sea Roamers wrote:(Sooooo.....)

( that it?)

Untecna wrote:( that it?)

(Guess so)

Sea Roamers wrote:(Guess so)

(Okay then)

Too bad to see Theberstan leave.
He obviously got addicted to the game, sad to see such a thing happen.

What should The Philippines be for Nora? A trading route or a large scale military base

Nora States wrote:What should The Philippines be for Nora? A trading route or a large scale military base

Have you gotten the Philippines?
On the Earth map?

Parecevela wrote:The President would immediately pull out multiple papers and place them in front of the prime ministers, all detailing the logs that the Conquistadors are required to sent to the government each day, then, Zulio would place his finger over one of the various logs indicated.

Zulio: "As seen here, Conquistador Fernatto landed exactly a week before your explorers, and he was soon followed by the other 4 that were sent from the nearby island of Fiji."

He'd point at other four documents, which were the logs of those other conquistadors

Zulio: "Alongside this..."

He'd place down a small picture of a stone monument located on one of the Parecevelan towns

Zulio: "And as seen on the text engraved onto this monument commemorating the founding of the town...

This settlement was founded five days before any Untecnan arrival."

Wentylo: "I see. But, there is a slight issue with your proposal to completely leave. We've already got settlers of our own, who left willingly to come here, and we can't just send them back."

North American Imperial State wrote:But...I don't have a mother, im just a humonid repersentation of wooloos that appears on the rmb

Wooloos, I am your father

North American Imperial State wrote:How dare you sir! That is insult to all humans everywhere!

Its kinda true tho

BTW, since I'm now on summer break, I'll probably be posting a lot less.

Xortica wrote:
Autonomous Kingdom of Xortica

Remember Qarus? That disease that almost wiped out the whole country had that meteor not existed? Well... It's back... So far, it has less than 6 million people infected, which is less than the first time we had it, it has quickly spread throughout nearly all of Eastern Northern Yenayrav, and is nearing the 6 million mark, so all we can expect is this is a much more severe strain, adapted to kill much more efficiently. Schotinoniconica is practically a lost cause, with no people needing any help from the disaster response units. Unovica and Wentichara are also near empty, with both having less than a thousand people needing help.

Just be quiet. They're usually attracted to loud urban centers and metropolitan areas.

December 25, 2380
Read dispatch

Socialist States of Ludistan
Ludi, you should figure out a response if it pops up elsewhere, or else your whole country might as well collapse.

Luis V would use his emergency powers to create a sort of martial law in Xortica. Red Agents would be flown to the Kingdom, and military bases and fortifications would be put up around the country. Here scientists would experiment on the infected, refugees would be kept safe, and when the scientists don’t need any more lab rats, infected would be slaughtered. Radio broadcast would be all around Xortica, letting the people know about these fortifications, and if there’s any near them.


Socialist States of Ludistan wrote:Have you gotten the Philippines?
On the Earth map?

non, on Ryuthen
The only earth territory I own is Arabia

Nora States wrote:non, on Ryuthen
The only earth territory I own is Arabia

Well, a trading route could be smart.
Also Arabia has a lot of oil, very good.

There has now been 2 furries in space

Sea Roamers wrote:There has now been 2 furries in space

Get a third up there

Teperkesi wrote:Get a third up there

Soon we will have space fursuits

Ethics Committee of the SCPF wrote:Depot in the sands || ULO RP

Before the arrival of the European settlers, the land of the Great Basin was empty aside from the roaming natives, now hundreds of years after the lands began their taming, it was much the same. Although no nukes landed near Hawthorne, the fallout forced those who survived into the formerly naval ammunition depot, where hundreds lived, survived, expanded in the sandy underground.

Thanks to the strategic location, of right next to Walker Lake and Mount Grant, the survivors and their ancestors, who passed down their skills in warfare, engineering and what else, with the aid of a scout mission to the local library were able to prosper, being fed by the lake and the irrigation that came from it.

After a brief period of violence and famine in the Early Nuclear Era, a republic was formed under north ye motto of “For the People, by the People.”

In this system, a Captain-Colonel-President would be elected every 4 years, and once elected the leader would inherit the military position of the original leader and head of the guard. They likely have Vice-Lieutenants under them.

Alongside the executive is the legislature which is divided into a higher and lower chamber. The higher is the Council of Officers, which must approve any decisions, under them is the Assembly of the People, which all citizens over 18 are part of. They can make proposals or oppose an act if a petition gathers 70 signatures, impeachment by of a government employee can also be done if 75% of the AotP votes to do so.

This system has been more or less unchanged, as nobody in a long time has ventured beyond the county, although with the decrease of radioactivity levels in the recent years people have begun to spend more and more time outside, establishing civilized control across the area.

With the time of revival coming near, engineers have worked harder than ever to find another civilization. This has resulted in the creation of the West Deserts Radio Wave Machine, something that generates such strong signals relative to the decreasing radioactive interference that it should be able to reach across the whole west and parts of the midwest and south.

Outside the bunker on a frigid winter day, current Colonel-Captain-President announces to a small crowd that today is the day that a new era will begin for Hawthorne and its people.

Soon enough the machine is turned on, looking for any active signals to connect to.

Missouri river compromise
Niko lets go bowling

On another unassuming day, only a few weeks after their contact with the people of Garret County in Maryland, another radio operator catches glimpses of another signal, this time from the Hawthorne Naval Depot. The possibility of another group of strategically important military survivors is too much to pass up, and the operator hands it over to his commanding officer, who attempts to initiate communications.

"Hawthorne Naval Depot, codename Resilience, this is the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, North American Aerospace Defense Command, codename Overseer. Do you copy?

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