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Cerata wrote:Cursed aircraft.

... I don't see it.

Chizale wrote:Kea reads his mind

It shows someone, a noble, clearly, dying inside of a palace, with a tan interior... its in a hall, the location is not known.

Untecna wrote:It shows someone, a noble, clearly, dying inside of a palace, with a tan interior... its in a hall, the location is not known.

Kea: Well it seems I'm not the only one who sees things.

Chizale wrote:Kea: Well it seems I'm not the only one who sees things.

Calstor goes back to playing with his stuffed animal.

Cerata wrote:Cursed aircraft.

it isn't that cursed smh

Technically I can take one Xeosian, have it eat dirt, and then one year later have an army of millions of juvenile Xeosians. No I will not elaborate.

Untecna wrote:Calstor goes back to playing with his stuffed animal.

Vita starts walking around taking off her headphones

Chizale wrote:Vita starts walking around taking off her headphones

Jyan follows her.

Untecna wrote:Jyan follows her.

Vita doesn't notice.
Seems Vita just went to her room to play video games

North American Imperial State wrote:
Map of the Island


Skullsbrough City

Skullsbrough Instruction of Magic


Skullsbrough Naval Harbor

Thomas-Skullsbrough Wooloosian Royal Airforce Base (TSWRAB)

Skullsbrough City

Basic Description: The Captial of the Territory of Skullsbrough, and the largest population center, host to over 85% of the islands population, it also a toursit destination that is commenly visted for its amazing views, esspecially for hiking deeper into the island across its main trails, it commonly gets exteremly foggy at night in this area, as do much of the islands on the oider river, its largest bulding is named "Astell Tower"

Skullsbrough Insustion of Magic

Basic Description: The Largest Magic School on the island, its quite isolated and only reachble by train or road as it is nested in a flat patch of plains nearby a mountian, although some nearby settlements have no issues getting it, it is funded by the Wooloosian Ministry of Eduction Directly and teaches all diffrent forms of Noion Magic, however it has admission fees that go to funding the nearby isolated settelments


Basic Description: - .... . / .- -. -. . -..- .- - .. --- -. / --- ..-. / - .... .. ... / .. ... .-.. .- -. -.. / .-- .- ... / -. --- - / .- / .--. . .- -.-. . ..-. ..- .-.. .-.. / --- -. . --..-- / -.. --- / -. --- - / --. --- / .... . .-. . / - .... .. ... / .. ... / --- ..-. ..-. / .-.. .. -- .. - ... / -.. ..- -.. . / - --- / ..- -. / . -..- .--. .-.. --- -.. . -.. / -- ..- -. - .. --- -. ... / .-- .. - .... .. -. / - .... . / -... ..- .-.. .. -.. .. -. --. / .- -. -.. / --. . -. . .-. .- .-.. / .- .-. . .- / - .... .- -. -.- / -.-- --- ..- -.-.-

Skullsbrough Naval Harbor

Basic Description: A small Naval base on the other side of the island, it is host to the islands coast gaurd, along with a small naval detachment to defend the island against enemy invasions and generally to tell the other noion nations that a attempted invasion of the island would be a hard and difficult one

Thomas-Skullsbrough Wooloosian Royal Airforce Base (TSWRAB)

Basic Description: A small airforce base, named after the WRSF Thomas that was destroyed over Artemis, it is a new addition to the islands defence, and host the 85th Noion Air Detachment, mostly stingray fighter group, but it has some swift charge naval figthers just in case

Read factbook

The first one, btw, is the MAIN aircraft in Wooloos, most civilian airliners use it.

Chizale wrote:Vita doesn't notice.
Seems Vita just went to her room to play video games

Jyan sneaks into her room.

North American Imperial State wrote:[quote=north_american_imperial_state;47991275] [/quoteThe first one, btw, is the MAIN aircraft in Wooloos, most civilian airliners use it.

Quote failure

Untecna wrote:Jyan sneaks into her room.

Vita still doesn't notice

Chizale wrote:Vita still doesn't notice

Jyan: "<Hi>"

Untecna wrote:Jyan: "<Hi>"

Vita doesn't hear sign language...

Max Barry should add a downvote button for posts

Chizale wrote:Vita doesn't hear sign language...

Jyan is unsure of what to do. She approaches Vita.

Chizale wrote:Vita doesn't hear sign language...

No one can lmao

Untecna wrote:Jyan is unsure of what to do. She approaches Vita.

Vita then does notice her

Vita: ...?

Chizale wrote:Vita then does notice her

Vita: ...?

Jyan: "<I said hi>"

Nora States wrote:Max Barry should add a downvote button for posts

aggressively dislikes this post

Nora States wrote:Max Barry should add a downvote button for posts

Passively upvotes this post

Untecna wrote:Jyan: "<I said hi>"

Vita: Um hello?

Socialist States of Ludistan wrote:
General Tizian would make it clear that he would want to limit civilian casualties. And that he thought it wasn’t worth it to use so many resources to produce the Samekh clones, since the Orienmentians were already losing. He would also make it clear that other than that, he would not want the war to drag on. And would therefore prefer Proposal Heliacophos, if anything.

By trying to move the fortifications, the Orientemian soldiers would be putting themselves in a bad position, and so Magna artillery would be fiercely fired at them. However while that was happening, the Magna soldiers located to the North and the South would take advantage of the chaos, and begin making their way up the mountains, hiding every time the firing stopped.

The Magna Commonwealth would also send one of their own motherships, the Mater-05 model, over to the battlefield. It would release multiple smaller ships, called Parvus-23’s, that would exit the Mater-05, fly down to the mountains, and begin firing with their ion and laser weaponry at the fortifications. They would be shot at by the Orientemian forces, however not much of their weaponry would be strong enough to actually do any damage to the ships. And when they were damaged, they would simply flee back up tho the mothership again, and have the ships repaired.

This would only create more possibilities for the Magna soldiers to scale the mountains. And so slowly, but surely, they would be nearing the fortifications, unseen and hidden. The Parvus-23’s, although being great distractions, and also very good at killing off lone groups of Orientemians, would not do a great deal of damage to the Orientemian forces and their fortifications, as they would have to be careful not to be hit by their artillery.

The Orientemians, despite their many setbacks, would have finally moved some of their fortifications to more favourable positions, as once the enemy forces got up to them they would be as good as dead anyway. However they would notice that now almost only artillery remained, where the before were multiple Magna soldiers. This would worry them greatly, and when Matthew was notified, the situation became clear to him.

They were coming, and thanks to the Church, they couldn’t escape this time.

Operation Sacred Solitude

And so, the Nestoras-class cruisers would begin to assemble their weapons in the skies above. Weightlessly, effortlessly, the construction robots float through the ether and put the modules together and form up orbital platforms, and would lodge at the hearth of these platforms a set of launchers; In that launchers were rods of glistening silver - tungsten. The Custodian Matrix connects to the platforms assembled by the cruisers, and would make count. Twelve... thirteen... there were eighteen platforms at the moment, all of which are prepared to rain fire onto the grounds below. Cybele would contact the Magna government and request for coordinates of all territories currently confirmed to be containing fortified Orientemian hold-outs. As they do this, the Marinus-class frigates also begin to slowly but surely descend into the grounds below, landing onto Oranic-controlled Orientemian territory in order to refit their arsenal en masse, replacing their usual antimatter warheads with large payloads of napalm.

The tungsten fell, and fell hard, and reunited with the land from whence they came in brilliant, blinding, momentous flashes that carried with it thunderous claps that deafened those unlucky enough to have been too distant for a merciful death. The objective of the bombardment was not to cause death, however, but to modify the landscape of the Orientemian landscapes to such extreme extent that any advantage that comes with the preservation of one's position upon the high ground could be safely nullified by the approaching Magna. And, as the Church continues bombardments, Scholarch Cybele would hope that the fear of death or of the shock and awe alone would convince the Orientemians to hide even more desperately - deeper and deeper, away from it all, into trenches or into caves, so long as they might sleep knowing that the hailstorm of molten rods would not strike them. As the firing mission ends, and the Church waits with hope for affirmation that the Orientemians have indeed dug in as the tungsten rods lay waste to their fortifications, then came the next strikes.

Marinus-class frigates, that had been parked on the ground for refitting, would return to the heavens once more. As they do, they pass by the ruined, flattened mountains, and would strike into the chasm with payloads of napalm mixed with oxiders and other incendiary substances to obtain the perfect conflagration. As the payloads slam into the Orientemian positions, prioritizing dug-outs, bunkers, chasms, whatever isolated, defensible position there may be that might house enemy combatants lying in wait, the napalm melts and melts, and flares up material and flesh alike. As the fire ignites into the Orientemian positions, the unlucky would be immediately blinded as their eyes dry up while their hair spontaneously ignites and pierce into their skin and thrash at the nerves until they can feel no more. The effectiveness of the flames can be discerned by the pungency of the charred, creophagous stench.

Then, the process repeats. Tungstens fall like hammer strikes and destroy enemy infrastructure, and bury all combatants within. Napalm would be dropped and be ignited on the ruins, and would merge the rubble and the dead into blackened masses. As the mountains become shorter, and shorter, and shorter in height, the Church would await notice from the Magna to halt the fire missions so as to confirm if what was left of the enemy holdouts have been exterminated.

In Meadrin, Scholarch Cybele would proclaim the conventional stage of conflict to be "indubitably over", and would formally announce the creation of a zone of occupation to be called the "Africa Reutenica Orientalis (ARO)", which takes its name after Orientemia's original designation but in Oranic Latin. The ARO, which is to be administered by Oranic military personnel until the end of the guerilla stage of conflict, is to act as a sort of demilitarized zone where civilian functions, law enforcement, and previously frozen local economies can be restored to their pre-war status in the absence of a unified central government. On discussing why these Oranic soldiers did not opt to instead transfer control of occupied territories over to the Magna, Cybele would note that the retention of these zones of occupation is necessary to streamline and settle the large number of Oranic soldiers that had been deployed on the ground, and that the establishment of the ARO will "grant purpose" to these large quantities of personnel while the battle in the mountains technically continues on.

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