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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Divine Federation of Sanctaria (elected )

Founder: The Free Land of The IDU

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Welcome to the International Democratic Union! Founded on 24th July 2004, the IDU is a friendly and welcoming longtime region with a storied history in the WA. We're a region with a close-knit community, and a love of roleplaying and storytelling.


Regional Government

Laeral currently holds the regional presidency.
WA members, please endorse our WA Delegate, Sanctaria.


Links: Getting Started In The IDU | LinkIDU Media Center (IC regional news) | LinkIDU Regional Forum | LinkIDU Regional Wiki | LinkIDU Regional Map | LinkLIDUN (our IC assembly) | LinkBecome a Citizen | LinkPrimary Discord Server | LinkIn-Character Discord Server | Embassy Policy

Current RP: LinkIt's Dark in the City of Lights | LinkRising From The Ashes

Embassies: The North Pacific, 10000 Islands, Forest, Antarctic Oasis, World Assembly Legislative League, Yggdrasil, Texas, Europe, Balder, and the South Pacific.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, Featured, General Assembly, Multi-Species, Offsite Forums, Role Player, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Very High

International Democratic Union contains 120 nations, the 167th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in International Democratic Union

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, International Democratic Union is ranked 1,202nd in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The White Crowned Boreal Lights of North CrossLiberal Democratic Socialists“We come from the land of the ice and snow”
2.The Free Bears of Bears ArmedCivil Rights Lovefest“Do we WHAT in the woods?”
3.The Democratic Federation of GrosseschnauzerCivil Rights Lovefest“Liberty Equality Justice Security”
4.The Diplomatic Immunity of Bears Armed MissionCivil Rights Lovefest“Talk softly, but carry a singlestick”
5.The Free Republic of South Pacific RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest“Long live the Free Republic”
6.The Community of Bears Armed Broadcasting CorporationCivil Rights Lovefest“Nationstate shall speak peace unto nationstate”
7.The Free Land of The Ursine NorthlandsCivil Rights Lovefest“On Land and Sea, The Bears are Free!”
8.The Confederate Dominion of Separatist PeoplesCivil Rights Lovefest“vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem, NationStates”
9.The Demarchy of NaessiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Quantum Satis”
10.The Second Allied Provinces of LaeralCivil Rights Lovefest“Prosperity through wisdom, equality, and honor”
1234. . .1112»

Regional Happenings


International Democratic Union Regional Message Board

The United Nations Of Syria wrote:Hello

Howdy! Welcome to the IDU!

IDUFC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IDUFC
The IDUFC is our in-house football/soccer championship. It follows a similar format to the NS World Cup, with participating teams needing to place in the top 50% of a group stage before they can progress to a single-elimination bracketed finals tournament.

What method of score simulation ("scorination") does the tournament use?
We use LeagueSimulator to synthesize scores for the tournament. While not as complex as the popular "Xkorinator," which is used to simulate scores for the NS World Cup, IDUFC hosts in the past have found that LeagueSimulator provides equally robust results while being much easier to pick up and use.

Who can join?
If you're reading this message, congratulations, you can join. Any member of the IDU is eligible to register their national team to play. For the current tournament, visit to sign up. It almost goes without saying, but we're looking for players who will actively roleplay during the tournament, so please don't sign up if you're region-shopping or just passing through. Otherwise, we would love to have you whether you've been in the IDU for seven days or seven years.

How many nations can participate?
Using the current format, participation is limited to 16 teams. In the event that a huge number of players were to register, the tournament could easily be modified for 32 participants, but I seriously doubt that will be a problem. Importantly, we need exactly 16 participants in order to have a tournament, so we encourage anyone even thinking of participating to visit the above link and sign up.

Can I sign my secondary/puppet nation(s) up?
Simple answer, yes. Long answer, probably. If you have two nations that you RP equally, absolutely. In the event that just a little over 16 nations were to sign-up, making the jump to a 32-team tournament illogical, puppets would be cut before main nations, but this has never happened before. The main thing we don't want is puppet spam (i.e. signing up 6 nations), as it diminishes the quality of roleplay and limits other player's chances to participate. Luckily, we've never had to turn away a nation, puppet or main, in this tournament's history.

What happened to IDUFC 2021? Is this 2022 tournament a reboot of '21 or its own thing?
IDUFC 2021 died. Luckily, it died in such an early stage that we can carry almost everything over to this 2022 tournament. From an in-character perspective, it's only ever been IDUFC 2022. All the locations for matches remain the same. I'm still hosting and will be running the score simulator.

Will my output of roleplayed content surrounding the championship influence my team's performance?
No. This is a thing in NS World Cup but we never felt the need to make people feel like they were "forced" to churn out content. While registering a team for the tournament, you'll be asked to allot points to defense and offense stats. That's literally the only influence you have over your team's performance.

"Hrarroom!" ("Greetings!"), to The United Nations Of Syria, Fantaysia, Lambaridia, and Jekyll Islands: Welcome to the IDU _

To the national governments of each of those countries, Bears Armed's government sends a set of vouchers that can be exchanged for a selection from our native delicacies: These include fresh salmon, smoked salmon, orange marmalade (which goes nicely with the salmon), honey, maple syrup, mead, treacle-rrum (distilled using locally mined & refined treacle), refined treacle, murrn nuts (similar, & related, to pecans), and various other nuts and berries...


We seem to be receiving new nations at quite a high rate recently: Has somebody been publicizing us somewhere?

It is currently 4-0, of WA member nations in this region voting, FOR the current Security Council resolution at vote, so I'm casting my vote in favour.

Although I've already posted about this in the Discord server, I wanted to drop this here as well in case it caught anyone's attention:

For over two years, the concept of an IDU "Great War", a world war taking place in the region's history, has been an idea that regional RPers discussed and considered. I'm now pleased to propose that we move to the next stage of embarking on this RP project together. I've created a Google Form with a variety of questions intended to help gather people's thoughts and ideas for how the conflict should proceed. Please fill out this form if you're interested in helping to develop the course of the Great War.

This form is open to anyone interested in helping develop the lore for the war, although filling out a form is not at all a requirement to have your nation participate in this conflict. You can plan to allocate about 15-20 minutes to fill out the form, and I recommend completing it on desktop. You can also return to the form or edit your responses later on. Looking forward to seeing what we create together!

It is currently 3-0, of WA member nations in this region voting, FOR the current General Assembly resolution at vote, so I'm casting my vote in favour.

Sanctaria wrote:It is currently 3-0, of WA member nations in this region voting, FOR the current General Assembly resolution at vote, so I'm casting my vote in favour.

According to the GA's actual voting page, you seem to have cast your vote 'Against' instead...
(15 hours to go until voting ends, now.)

Whoops! My bad!

I can't remember if I voted Against and the region was actually For, or if the region was also Against, and I just posted the wrong line from my notepad (I have the same 4 lines saved so I don't have to manually type out over and over...).

Sorry if I misvoted! If the region was in favour, the resolution seems to have passed handsomely.

EDIT: It looks like I did indeed vote Against instead of For. Sorry again, I hit the wrong button. I must have done it while on a call and distracted.

It is currently 3-1, of WA member nations in this region voting, FOR the current Security Council resolution at vote, so I'm casting my vote in favour.

(Voted correctly this time!)

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