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Cantucks wrote:Everyone should write for the Istrazine! Its a way for you to help the rest of the region keep up with what is going on with your country! It also helps with the role playing aspect we are trying to enhance. Its simple! Just write an article about your country and send it to Transistria . They will help edit the article and fill in the coding for it as well!

This is very interesting!

Transistria and Cantucks

I apologize for not saying anything earlier (real life has kicked my butt) but.... Welcome Dorostrotum!!!!

Is anyone still alive?

well me

This region is about to collapse. Something needs to change or I will leave.

Guys, Im back, I had RL family issue that included death, so I was mostly off.
Ill try to be more productive from now on.
Hope you guys understand.

Sure. Good somebody is back. Cantucks left...

I've been dealing with strep throat. We will miss Cantucks very deeply

Yeah. But....can I get Cantucks territory now?

Very sad to see Cantucks leave... Ill try to get up to date with everything.

I got a question. I feel like i should get more involved in this region so what should i do to get more yknow, social

for now....just not be inactive


Who is in charge of sending recruitment telegrams? We need more [active] nations

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Hello! Wow, the server has gone a bit dead! If anyone has an suggestions or any Events they think can light a spark to the roleplay! Just suggest ^W^

Pirate castle iii


My friends , Ahklaq is now 1# in average income ans average income of poor in Istra. We continue to show Islam and moralism is the only right way in life and you can join us in this ways


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Merry Christmas from our region to yours!

**Sends a large tray of homemade Christmas cookies**

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