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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Limited Democracy of J o J

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to J o J. Everyone right-of-center and third-positionist are welcome here. On the other hand, this region is strictly anti-leftist, anti-WA, and anti-ANTIFA. The RMB is open for RP, discussions, and general conversation, but do not post any needless messages or spam. Our region is an enlightened and true affront to the evils of the combined degeneracy facing our world.

Degeneracy will absolutely not be tolerated: this includes identity politics, communism, undead, anime, K-pop, and similar concepts. Default flags are forbidden. Degenerates will be banjected on sight without hesitation.

We stand by our friends across the pond: Nuevo Amanecer, Fifth Empire, and The New Iron Order

LinkRegional Anthem

Embassies: The New Iron Order, The Union of the Axis Powers, Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, Fifth Empire, Nuevo Amanecer, The Coalition of Fascist Nations, Lardyland, Nazi Europa, Mission Crabs, The Holy Reich of Greater Germania, Altmora, KAISERREICH, The Great Universe, Farkasfalka, Union of Nationalists, The Second Entente, and 13 others.American Patriotic Front, Regional Treaty Alliance, The Free Republican Commonwealth, Legionary Axis, United Fascist Workers Association, Barbaria, The Anti Leftist Alliance, Dixie, Nations of the New Right, The West Alliance, Committees for Promotion of Integralism, J o Jian Military Network, and New Reich of Bunicken.

Construction of embassies with The Metaxist Front has commenced. Completion expected .

Construction of embassies with Estado Novo has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-General Assembly, Anti-Security Council, Anti-World Assembly, Capitalist, Conservative, Fascist, Free Trade, Human-Only, Imperialist, Medium, Modern Tech, and 1 other.Religious.

J o J contains 28 nations, the 516th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Cultured in J o J

After spending many tedious hours in coffee shops and concert halls, World Census experts have found the following nations to be the most cultured.

As a region, J o J is ranked 7,968th in the world for Most Cultured.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Reich of CeskenIron Fist Consumerists“Pride, Strength, and Faith”
2.The Limited Democracy of J o JFather Knows Best State“Unity through Nationality”
3.The Dominion of BooJOJInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity through Nationality”
4.The Empire of Empire of PlanarMoralistic Democracy“You Can't Stop Progress”
5.The Colony of MoureelIron Fist Consumerists“God, Homeland, Liberty”
6.The Empire of PlanareFather Knows Best State“To find and/or create magic”
7.The Protectorate of Barce IslandsNew York Times Democracy“Hail Barcelonica”
8.The Kingdom of TheThotGangNew York Times Democracy“Kill all thots”
9.The Kingdom of WardtownNew York Times Democracy“Destroy all thots”
10.The Empire of DeshinFather Knows Best State“God, Homeland, Strength”

Regional Happenings


J o J Regional Message Board

Several voices among the J o Jian populace have called for J o J to stay out of foreign conflicts following the horrendous casualties of recent wars in Planare and Lodemantesistan.


Plots against the president have been identified and eliminated.
Barcelonican forces are still looking into the matter.

This is a fake socialist nation which was used as a sleeper agent and spy by J o J, but will temporarily be deployed here for extra support during N-Day.

This is a retired name/account for the J o Jian 66th Heavy Tank Division. This account will be used in N-Day, but the representative of this military division will remain as 66th Heavy Tank Division.

This is a retired name/account for a J o Jian ambassador which shall be staying here for N-Day.

This is a J o Jian capture squad that was not assigned to hold a region, and is being deployed here for N-Day.

These puppets and more shall be re-deployed here for now in preparation for N-Day.

Across J o J, air raid sirens are sounding off as government leaders are being moved to isolated bunkers and the people are taking refuge in fallout shelters and basements across the region. Nuclear war looms over the world. The nuclear powers of the region are rising to DEFCON 1 as nuclear submarines and bombers, as well as all missleers and silos are on maximum readiness as launched are anticipated within less than 2 hours as tensions all over the world escalate. The J o Jian military has pooled all available forces and is preparing to defend and attack in the name of their country and their region.
Read dispatch


N-Day 2018

The first N-Day that J o J took part in. J o J fought under several different factions, launching and striking several times, most notably on the Sayre Nuclear Program, while suffering casualties in its puppet department from larger factions. J o J failed to achieve a high amount of strikes and score due to inexperience. J o J eventually ended up in the leading faction at the time, UPPERCUT, which became the number 1 faction of N-Day 3

Factions Struck: Sayre Nuclear Program
Strikes: 127
Nukes shot down: 116
Radiation: 500

N-Day 2019

N-Day 4 was the second time J o J participated in the annual nuclear holocaust, and this time went much better than the previous one. J o J quickly formed a faction and began striking as many communists and ANTIFA forces as possible. The poor forces of The People's Front were sent flying as they were already being targeted by several other factions, so J o J fired hundreds of nukes at them and obliterated at least 10 enemy nations, including the founder. Several nations from the Fifth Empire and Nuevo Amanecer came along to help out in the attacks, with the score rising to around 1,000 at the time. The faction fluctuated between 7th place and 9th place throughout the first hour and a half of the event, later ending up in 12th place.

After the successful attack on The People's Front, J o J went offline and removed its puppets from the faction, but other allied nations did not do the same, resulting in the loss of 700 score, resulting in a score of around 300. This wouldn't be the end of it, as J o J brought its puppets and new allies from J o J into the faction to renew the offensive with a new strategy. Due to the newly witnessed savagery of N-Day 4, the top 10 factions were eliminating all factions below them, so the J o Jian Nuclear Program and its allies decided to produce a stockpile of shields, nukes, and production scattered within the top 10, then move back to TJNP and then strike, allowing them to remain open to attack for less time. The new target was The United Ascendancy, which saw several targets destroyed at the hands of the J o Jian Nuclear Program, bringing the score up to around 1,100 and placing it back in 9th place. The faction was then targeted while puppets were being removed by several different aggressors. J o J and Imperial Fascist States both had 2 puppets locked in the region by targets, resulting in a lengthy exchange. J o J shot down approximately 600 incoming nukes before running out of shields and losing the puppets. IFS also lost their 2 puppets still in the region, reducing the score by 500, bringing the score from 1,100 to around 600.

J o J still wasn't done, and gathered remaining puppets to use up the rest of its power to bring the score up as far as possible. The assault brought the score up to around 870, until more aggressors targeted the faction and destroyed a J o Jian puppet and a random joiner, reducing the score to the final total of 679, placing it at 14th in the world.

We solemnly remember those in our faction who fell during N-Day 4 in the fight against the communist menace:

- Brazika
- Imperial Fascist States
- Vlandia1
- Scandinavia-Britania puppet
- Moureel
- Wessenberg
- The Old Town
- Sacra Terra Libertatis
- 4 J o Jian Puppets

Faction screenshots at the 19 hour mark



Factions Struck: The United Ascendancy, The People's Front, Wintercrest Revolutionary Guards, Hunting Wolf
Strikes: 1,849
Nukes shot down: ~1006
Radiation: 400

Total Statistics

Total Statistics:
Factions Struck: 5
Strikes: 1,976
Nukes Shot down: 1122
Radiation: 900
Total J o Jian Score: 1,076
Total J o Jian Score (+NSD): 2,298


Z-Day 2018

The first Z-Day that J o J took part in. The J o Jian military played a massive role in exterminating all zombies within J o Jian borders, then sealed them shut. Several puppets were sent abroad, to locations such as the then-active The Followers of The Great Steve to quell small infestations. The entire event went over smoothly for J o J, as no nations were completely overrun, and casualties were minimal. A majority of the data from the event was not recorded, however, and it is therefore approximated based on the population lost by J o J and other related statistics to create a close estimate.

Zombies Exterminated: ~125,000,000
Zombies Cured: ~12,000,000
Population Casualties: ~22,000,000
Regions cleansed: J o J, The Followers of The Great Steve

Total Statistics

Total Statistics:
Zombies Exterminated: 125,000,000
Zombies Cured: 12,000,000
Population Casualties: 22,000,000
Regions cleansed: 2

Region R/D


Refounding of Historical Regions

The historic regions of Ceskian 1st Reich, Ceskian 3rd Reich, Ceskian Federation, and the The immense region of Fuf Juj were refounded on February 25th, 2019 in order to prevent a new region under the same name causing historical confusions and/or inaccuracies. It was a simple and fast operation, as well as the first operation to ever be launched by the J o Jian R/D Military. The Followers of The Great Steve was also refounded for the same reasons as it was a region with ties to J o J historically.

Operation Payback
(8/25/19 - 8/30/19)

A week long operation during the last week of August, 2019, in which small and/or empty regions of leftist, weeaboo, or other degenerate relations were attacked in response to ANTIFA related aggression against J o J-friendly regions such as The Iron Confederacy, which was invaded and captured under false justifications. Regions including KGE Communism, Alliance of Communist Republics, OwO, and Socialist States of America were seized by J o J, and several other regions were attacked by J o Jian R/D forces. Several other larger regions, such as The United Republic of Socialist States, were captured by J o Jian forces for a while before being liberated by interventionist defender regions who shall not be named.


There is nothing too special about this preemptive founding, I just wanted to have this region because it is the name of my home region. Also, all hail West Virginia and Greater-Appalachia.


None yet..

None yet..

Roleplay Wars

- J o J-Femdom Empire War

The Femdom Empire was once again committing massive atrocities and crimes against humanity. War soon broke out between Cesken and other free-world allies, and the Femdom Empire. This event was quickly noticed by J o J, who also declared war in order to assist its ally Cesken. This state of war between 2 member states dragged in the rest of J o J.

Many of J o J's member states participated in cooperation with numerous allied regions in order to crush the evil of the Femdom Empire, a nationalist feminist state which sought to imprison and enslave all men within their borders. Within weeks, a massive coalition was formed, and the Femdom Empire was wiped out, at the cost of heavy casualties on all sides.

After the conclusion of the war, and the Treaty of Stahlstadt, the region of J o J acquired many new territories and gained international recognition for the assistance in the destruction of the Femdom Empire.


- The Northern Revolutionary Wars

In late August, the Kal Lodemantesistanian Revolutionary Front and the Peoples' Planarean Empire rose up in revolution against their respective government. Both entities declared war on J o J, drawing in the Titanium Pact and several third party nations such as Cesken, and escalated into the Northern Revolutionary Wars.

The Northern Revolutionary Wars saw some of the most brutal fighting in mankind's history, and it marked the first time space-to-surface weapons were used. The J o Jians utilized the ODIN-J2 Space Battle Station to obliterate nearly 10 million PRA soldiers and all of their equipment, winning a huge tactical advantage over the area. The conflict also marked the first time nuclear weapons were used in the region, as Cesken dropped several atomic weapons over Planare, while the PPE returned with a dirty bomb detonated in a Cesken coastal city, then another in a J o Jian town. The KLRF was eventually beaten back for the second time after their first insurgency a few months prior to the war.


Issue Chain Wars

- J o J-Brasilistan War

When J o J was confronted with the "International Incident" issue chain, J o J chose the militarist course of action, deciding to launch a full scale military invasion of Brasilistan due to its interment of J o Jian tourists. The first step was a full scale air campaign, followed by a ground invasion, then the annexation of the enemy. Brasilistan following this incident became an annexed territory of J o J.

All Conflicts (Gameplay AND Roleplay)

- N-Day3 (Gameplay)

- N-Day4 (Gameplay)

- Z-Day7 (Gameplay)

- Operation Payback (Gameplay)

- J o J-Femdom Empire War (Roleplay)

- The Northern Revolutionary Wars (Roleplay)

- The J o J-Brasilistan War (Issues)

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