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Founder: The Anime of Yuno Kawaii

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Welcome to Kawaii!
🐰 The Official Alliance of all the Cutest nations and regions in all of NationStates, and home of The Kawaii Armed Forces. 🐰

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Together we will turn NationStates into a cutetopia! ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

NOTICE: I'm looking for interested individuals to help re-open the region. At this current time, the region has been passworded to keep out poachers/advertisers. If you are interested in helping re-open Kawaii, please send a detailed telegram letting me know to my main nation, Kawaii Schoolgirl. Thank you.

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Embassies: Yuno, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Avadam Inn, Thanksgiving, Order of the Southern North, The Universal Allegiance, The Embassy, Chinese Republic, Solid Kingdom, Karma, Doll Guldur, Archdymia, Democratic States Alliance, and Japan.

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Kawaii contains 6 nations, the 2,549th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in Kawaii

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Kawaii is ranked 4,783rd in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of YummeriaLibertarian Police State“Order, freedom and eternity.”
2.The Anime of Yuno KawaiiIron Fist Consumerists“燃え燃えキュン❣”
3.The Queendom of Princess KawaiiMother Knows Best State“Free Ice Cream Everyday! ≧◡≦”
4.The Moon Princess of Watatsuki no YorihimeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Flee, Flee for your lives”
5.The Republic of Kawaii GoldfishCorrupt Dictatorship“Swimming”
6.The Collective of Imperial Northern StatesCorrupt Dictatorship“From ash, we build anew these Venerable Lands.”

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Kawaii Regional Message Board

Anti Winxian Fairy Hunter Base Planet wrote:Anyone active



Post by Anti Winxian Fairy Hunter Base Planet suppressed by Yuno Kawaii.

Hello everybody, fairies commit genocide and are imposing tyrannies across reality, help us stop this by joining the anti fairy pact. If you want to join just telegram me and you'll be in it.

By joining the Anti Fairy Pact

  • You are anti fascist

  • You agree that fairies and raiders are a wicked force that must be destroyed

  • That fairies aren't allowed to be citizens in your nation

  • Fairy hunters are legally allowed to kill fairies

  • That your nation is against fairy kingdoms

  • You support fairy hunter nations.

You can join in three ways

  • Join by going to the AFP Forums and start a new topic about joining. Application Template is Linkhere.

  • Telegramming me

  • Posting this dispatch on your OWN region if you're the founder or an RO officer

All nations that agree to this are the following.

  • The Fairy Hunter Republic of Anti Winx - Fairy Hunter Master

  • The Republic of Fairy Hunter Zenith - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Republic of Anti Fairy Solaria - Fairy Hunter Guardian

  • The Republic of Anime Fairy Hunters - Fairy Hunter Guardian

  • The Kingdom of Elsund - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Republic of New Melody - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Community of The seven gates of salem

  • The 2nd Pure Republic of Eastalandia - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Matriarchy of Tiyana - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Democratic States of Yhinda

  • The Republic of New Scarlet - Fairy Hunter Guardian

  • The Confederacy of Shire dwellers

  • The Pure Lithuanian Kingdom of Qanzlia

  • The Independent Republic of Copper-black cross - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Nationstates Provinces of Southern Igaliaris - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Comfy Armchair of Voxija - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The United Fiefdoms of Rleesrikhani - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Dominion of Staregger

  • The Principality of Nationalist Mexican America - Fairy Hunter Apprentice

  • The Republic of Mushunito - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Republic of Dogs cats - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Protectorate of Anderlusia - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Holy Empire of Holy Roman Empires2 - Fairy Hunter Guardian

  • The Constitutional Monarchy of Aarothiaa - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Anime Empire of Yong - Fairy Hunter Apprentice

  • The Republic of League of skeptics - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Republic of Lavette - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Colony of Vigo II - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Marxist's Workers Federation of Vireia - Fairy Hunter Apprentice

  • The Democratic States of Dphq - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The New World Order of Corazistan - Fairy Hunter Master

  • The People's Republic of Revolutionary Liechtenstein - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Trotskyist Union of The New Soviet Supremacy - Fairy Hunter Master

  • The Free Land of Athena-Helios - Fairy Hunter Trainee

  • The Circus of the Dead of Sister Location

  • The Colony of Upper Citerria

Read factbook

The evilest creatures ever known in existence.


(Literally got them from the villains wikia)

A fairy doing genocide

Fairies are sapient beings with bug-like wings, apart from angels who's wings resemble more like doves and birds. Fairies are either small like a bug, or just the size of humans. Usually their magic are elemental in a certain way for example, some fairies have powers linked to plants, some linked to ice and more. Although fairies are classified as species and a lot of fairies were born fairies, it has been noted that under some conditions, a human or another creature has become fairies and vice versa. It should be noted that both small and large fairies can do and will do some serious crimes. Smaller ones tend to murder creatures that they thought are to be inferior, which includes monsters, goblins, trolls, and others. Sometimes even humans.
Larger ones are more self explanatory as they are more associated to rulers and make sure oppression continues, and democracy is far away. It was probably the reason why after the roman republic, there was no democracy. They've might also have called for genocide with multiple races. They could be said to be on multiple planets.


Not much is known about their history, but somehow they came about and started murdering races one by one and trying to establish their dominance on others. This is where fairy hunters came in. Either voluntarily or paid, many fought against fairies destroying fairy groups trying to destroy many races protecting others. It was sometimes dangerous as there were powerful fairies trying to kill them. Many people from many different species including humans and youkai became fairy hunters and thanked the fairy hunters for their service.
However fairies were smart, they decided to go to the core of this. Many started establishing kingdoms known as fairy kingdoms which were absolute monarchies and sent fairies to influence the other nations. Eventually, those nations became under control by fairies. And what started happening is that races started going against each other. This was a way so fairies could gain dominance as other races divided against others. The kingdom under fairy control became oppressive and corrupt, just like the fairy kingdoms.

Fairies also made sure to put a good picture of themselves, this is why many are unaware of the oppression of fairies. In order to establish further control, fairies also made sure to put the guy in charge of a non fairy nation with absolute control. That way no one could oppose them and could just control one person rather than multiple ones. Fairies made sure democracy was long gone so nobody could oppose them. Many even tried to play god and would state that without them, there would be chaos and destruction of even nature everywhere. This way, everyone would only think good about them rather than oppose them.

With large influence on a large expanse in the universe, fairies started their genocide. Fairies made sure these races were looked upon as evil so nobody would even care if they were killed. An example of this was goblins

Another example were monsters, these were especially targeted by fairies which's why anti winx welcomes them.

A monster being killed.

There are so many more races that fairies want to kill that it would take too long to list. There genocide was so extensive that they were even able to commit genocide to extinction. On planet of Andros, fairies have been said to have fully killed the Melusina to extinction. The planet till today is still under control by fairies. Fairies have also made every race they hate be depicted as evil which in truth many are good people.

Fairy Hunters

Fairy hunters during those dark times were despised and sometimes have to fight against species that aren't being destroyed by fairies yet. As fairies will kill a group of species before taking on the next group. During those times, many were on the run while fairies influenced the public to start killing more and more fairy hunters. Eventually fairy hunters had enough and decided to do something about it.

Some fairy hunters would start getting people to start revolution against their governments into democracies as they were the first to adopt that. Others would even try creating their own nation against those stupid fairy monarchies and autocracies and turn it into a democracy of inclusiveness. Still others try to bring light to those races oppressed and attacked by fairies and would gain influence. It is especially becoming much of a success today.

In the end fairies are just truly evil creatures.

Read factbook




Post by Anti Winxian Fairy Hunter Base Planet suppressed by Yuno Kawaii.

Firepinguin123 wrote:Hey

Hello, I'm the nation that runs this regions since everyone else is inactive

You run the region?

Kawaii Goldfish wrote:You run the region?

No, he does not, he's a poacher and has been banned from the region.

If you or anyone else here is interested in seeing a re-opening of this region, please send a telegram to my main nation, Kawaii Schoolgirl. In this telegram, please state:

1. What would you like this region to become should it be reopened.
2. What position in the region you see yourself in, (this does not have to necessarily be a leadership position.)
3. What goals you might have for the region to strive towards.

Any old members of K.A.F. wishing to enter the region while it is passworded should also send me a telegram along with the original nation you used when you were enlisted here. You will be required to log in to this nation to prove your identity, and may have to take a verification test; this is for security purposes.

Thank you for staying with us for as long as you have, members of old and (relatively) new. Though Kawaii sleeps now, it may soon be time to re-open and re-brand ourselves. Whatever the future might hold for this place, I will see to it that we achieve whatever end we seek.


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