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Kingdoms of Abisa RMB

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Founder: Abisa

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World Factbook Entry

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We have relocated to Land of Abisa.
Please find us there!

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    Kingdoms of Abisa Constitution

    FactbookLegislation by Abisa . 297 reads.

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    Law of Kingdoms of Abisa under Derpstronacan Presidency

    BulletinPolicy by Derpstronaca . 18 reads.

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    The 420 Act

    BulletinPolicy by Derpstronaca . 19 reads.

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    The Election Interference Prevention Act

    BulletinPolicy by Derpstronaca . 6 reads.

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    The Swaglavanyan space act

    FactbookInternational by Swaglavanya . 41 reads.

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    Maps of Kingdom

    FactbookGeography by Progressive un . 501 reads.

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    Supreme Court

    FactbookLegislation by Progressive un . 117 reads.

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    Emperors /Presidents/world delegates (chronicles)

    FactbookHistory by Abisa . 58 reads.

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    Abisa Imperial Premire League

    FactbookMiscellaneous by Abisa . 40 reads.

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    Regional Stock exchange

    FactbookEconomy by Abisa . 64 reads.

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

    MetaReference by Testlandia . 66,184 reads.

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    NationStates Guide

    MetaReference by Amerion . 60,233 reads.

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Kingdoms of Abisa is home to a single nation.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Kingdoms of Abisa

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Kingdoms of Abisa is ranked 4,824th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Spicy Meme of DerpstronacaNew York Times Democracy“If you can do it, you can derp it!”

Regional Happenings


Kingdoms of Abisa Regional Message Board

Here are the poll results:

We should refound Kingdoms of Abisa:
KingdomsOfAbisa: 227.
Abisa: New ex patria.
Abisa Kingdoms:
Land of Abisa: Koalatopolis, Citrine games, Swaglavanya, The imperial states of maryland, and Please understand.
Other (RMB) It's not too late to suggest names.: Ducktocratic freedom.

The imperial states of maryland

Koalatopolis wrote:Spaghett.

S O M E B O D Y T O U C H A M Y S P A G H E T T !

Ducktocratic freedom

I have returned to activity.

Koalatopolis and Derpstronica

Ducktocratic freedom

Lands of Abisa.

Totombi, Renegalle, Koalatopolis, and Derpstronica

The latest Force Flyer is out!

SCUT Referendum

Great controversy over our membership in SCUT began after the Emperor of the organization, Morriband, gave orders to all members of our military to stop all military operations ran by Force from happening and move them to SCUT. After this continued to go on, much of it behind the scenes, Renegalle decided to hold a referendum. At the time the controversy broke out elections for Prime Minister were ongoing so the referendum didn't start until elections were over. Based on debate of the topic and discussion of it on the RMB and Discord; it is looking increasingly likely that Force will vote to leave SCUT when voting starts on January 30th.

Dunkar Re-Elected Prime Minister

After another exciting election; Dunkar was re-elected Prime Minister. There were 3 candidates: Dunkar, the incumbent; and Seoul-Pyongyang and Harkhirchluvo, both newcomers. Dunkar received 9 votes, Seoul Pyongyang got 2 votes, and 2 voters abstained. Dunkar is looking forward to another successful term with many new challenges to face.

Enormous Population Growth

Last month when we came out with the Force Flyer our main region had a population of 82 nations and our colony, The New Kingdom, had 25 nations - a total of 107 nations. Now, our main region has a population of 113 and our main colony continues to have a population of 25; making for a total of 138 nations. That means our region has grown by 31 nations in a single month and is going above our record population virtually every day. It also means Force as a region will be more active and be able to have more serious foreign relations with other regions. Quite a few new members have also become involved and we hope to continue to see this happen.

New Ministries; New Ministers

Back in December a bill was unanimously passed by The Assembly to among other things, create a Judicial Affairs Ministry. The following month, another bill was passed to create a Culture Ministry. Then just a week or so ago, Dunkar appointed Harkhirchluvo as the Minister of Judicial Affairs and Arrow Dynamics as the Minister of Culture. The Judicial Affairs Ministry is designed to be a safeguard in place to oversee the Prosecutor and ensure that all Court rulings are fair and based on fact. They also help maintain the records of the Court in case they need to be referenced in the future. The Ministry of Culture is designed to plan and come up with events and holidays for members of Force to participate in. With the addition of these Ministries with their respective Ministers; it is our hope that Force can become an even more interesting, fun, and fair place for nations to call home.

Colony of Heart Created

In the past few weeks, Force got a new colony. Heart. In order to make Force a place worth living in for all; we have 3 very different regions. Force is more of a neutral region and the home for nations who prefer to be in the presence of those with different ideas and interests. The New Kingdom was designed to serve as a place for people interested in medieval life, kingdoms, and the like to reside. Finally, the newest addition, Heart, is designed to be a place for nations with high political and civil freedoms and for regions who are strong supporters of democracy. In the next few months we hope Heart will grow and eventually be fully functional and active.

Copyright 2018 by the Force Foreign Affairs Ministry

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Ducktocratic freedom wrote:Lands of Abisa.

Now that I think about it, maybe we should do Land of Abisa because it says that our region is one land, which of course contains many nations, and Lands of Abisa makes it seem that our nations our just 'lands'. Should we change the region name to Land of Abisa instead?


On the move? Send a new embassy request if you'd like me to continue deliveries.

Read All About It! This week:
- The Force Flyer - will Force leave SCUT?
- More Euro Gazette
- The FCG Tribune returns
- And the scoop on the coup, from The Elparia Herald

- Visit the World Arts Fair
- And play 🔺Higher or Lower?🔻 at The Sands


We have moved to Lands of Abisa.

This is week one of our three-part debate series on Globalization. There are three kinds of Globalization:

Political Globalization- the heightening of influence nations can have over the domestic policies of other nations, like the UN or NAFTA or NATO.

Social Globalization- the spreading of ideas, through literature and music and culture to other countries.

Economic Globalization- the spreading of goods, services, labor, and capital to other countries.

The line between them can be gray, but we're asking everyone to stay on the topic of specifically POLITICAL Globalization this week, so if you have any questions about distinctions, just let us know in the RMB and we'll answer them.

Don't forget to vote! And don't forget to bicker!

We have moved again to Land of Abisa.

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