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WA Delegate: The People's Union of TESDAI (elected )

Founder: The Invisible Hand of Mercantana

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Quality Over Quantity

Welcome to Lands End! An independent region primarily focused on the free exchange of goods and ideas.

We are one of the few regions that represent a public corporation, headed by our current CEO Bonnie Blue Republic and the Board of Directors.

Want to become a Shareholder? Join the World Assembly and apply today!

LinkDiscord | Augustin Alliance | Board of Directors | Embassies | Roleplay | Joint Task Force | Map | Coming Soon...

Proudly serving you since March 17, 2017. Please do NOT use this region as puppet storage.

Embassies: Augustin Alliance, Cape of Good Hope, Ridgefield, Conch Kingdom, Narnia, Dawn, Anteria, Karma, Capitalist Paradise, Commonwealth of Liberty, The Free Nations Region, Abydos, and NationStates Today.

Tags: Anti-Communist, Anti-Fascist, Anti-General Assembly, Capitalist, Enormous, Free Trade, Independent, Map, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and Role Player.

Regional Power: Very High

Lands End contains 249 nations, the 83rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Populations in Lands End

The following nations have the greatest number of citizens.

As a region, Lands End is ranked 18,506th in the world for Largest Populations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Acetylcholine Inhibitors of Deadly Night ShadeCompulsory Consumerist State“A psycho bomb in a cute little package”
2.The Parent Company of HollipCapitalizt“If you can't beat them, buy them.”
3.The Invisible Hand of MercantanaAnarchy“No Such Thing as a Free Lunch”
4.The Ziurgabetasuna of EtxetxoakInoffensive Centrist Democracy“galdera guztia”
5.The Glorious Communist Utopia of Bonnie Blue RepublicFather Knows Best State“The only problem violence can really solve is violence.”
6.The Holy Yellow Veins of Grennick GoldCapitalist Paradise“All That Glitters”
7.The Federation of AtkemriInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
8.The Free Federal Republic of NordhpadhanNew York Times Democracy“One for all, all for one”
9.The United Capitalist federation of The Democracy of Red StarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“stronger as one!”
10.The Holy Realm of New TussiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Eine Nation, ein Gott, ein Volk”
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Regional Happenings


Lands End Regional Message Board

The Tribia wrote:FIRST:

"Hey dad. How was today?"

"Oh, it was rough. We had to pull out of Biggonia. Not my first choice, but most certainly not my last."

"Oh, and why must you insist on declaring the world under Triban rule? A world is composed of many nations, not just 1 single one."

"Son, can we not go through this again. I'm very tired and sick of arguing over this topic. You will be Chancellor some day. Why would you throw away everything the Valdez family has worked for?"

"I'm not throwing it away, I'd be saving Tribia from being attacked by foreign powers. You realize, this whole Valdezism thing, it's a thing of the past. I've kept that to myself for a few years now. This isn't the 19th century anymore. We have to move with the times. On the current track your on right now, you'll have Tribia destroyed before you die."

"How dare you talk to me like that! I am not only Chancellor of Tribia but your god damn father! Your lucky I don't throw you in jail. You disgrace the Valdez family name!"

William beings walking over to Maximus while he is still shouting, going over to one of the walls with a sword behind him that belonged to his great great grandfather.

"You will bring ruin to Tribia, and to the Valdez family name if you go through with this Maximus!."

What a theme for soap opera! Don't sue any corporacy if you see some series with suspiciously similiar plot on any rasumplian TV channels...

The WUF and Eisenfront felt betrayed. They signed a ceasefire together because of the event of war; a war which never came. As a result of the war preparations, there was a major crackdown on either side. Now, they were furious. Men from either side took up arms in Albangrad and fired at officers, checkpoints, whatever they could. Within minutes, there were columns of black smoke rising from the city. Soon, the sides met and began fighting each other. Evacuations were taking place as military personnel entered the city. Jets flew overhead as well as helicopters flying in; the city was under siege.

Imperial Biggonian news, in honour of his majesty

Tragedy struck the nation of the Tribia today, as the Chancellor Maximus Valdez was murdered with a sword through the heart by one of his own generals, no doubt upset over the signing of peace with Biggonia. His son William Valdez will be soon ascending to the rank of Chancellor, and it is as of yet unknown what his new policies may be.

Both the Lord Chancellor and Princess Ricardina have sent official condolences, and saying how terrible it is for both of these great men to lose their lives so soon after ending their conflicts with one another. We are all now family in our respective tragedies, and we here in the office would like to wish the new Chancellor the best of luck.

May 13th, 2021
Albangrad, Tussia

There were lines of civilians at one of the various humanitarian aid camps. With Tussian soldiers and officers guarding it, there were multiple lines of registration officials. Those with possible ties with any terrorist or rebel organization were sent to be processed and vetted; some detained. Those who passed the process were let into the Albangrad Superdome; one of, if not the, largest sports stadiums in all of Tussia. It could house up to 100,000 fans so it was perfect for this kind of job.

Food, medicine, and water were being passed out as explosions and gunfire were heard off in the distance. There was the occasional flyover of Tussian jets and helicopters. Occasionally, some of the transport helicopters would land and drop off food and pick up civilians to evacuate them. It was a slow process, but would be deemed necessary so the Superdome wouldn’t overflow.

However, behind the Superdome and away from the public eye bodies were being piled onto trucks to be shipped off for identification. Most of the bodies were civilians, horrifically caught in the crossfire of the on-going siege. The Tussian military was slowly being pushed back; overwhelmed by the number of rebels, gangs, and other factions fighting against both the government and each other. The city was about 1,200 square miles, but only half of that if that was still under the government’s control and it was steadily decreasing. The Superdome was far inside government territory but there was fear of an artillery shell striking it or the rebels managing to take it.

News reporters would arrive and interview the citizens. Some were shaken up, displaced by artillery strikes hitting their homes. Some talked about having lost family, friends, or have family members fighting against their advice. Everyone was affected by this one way or another. Suicide bombers had hurt their family, destroyed their homes, injured them. Some people were shown awaiting medical attention for bullet wounds, burns, or explosions. Tussian medical teams were overstretched across the entire city, trying to tend to the wounded civilians and soldiers. Smoke columns were seen as well as explosions being seen, gunfire being heard. It was horrific, and it was now these people’s lives.

An International News Event

To celebrate the peace in the world with the end of the Tribian-Biggonian conflict, the end of Maximus Valdez regime, and the progressive pushes made by William Valdez in Tribia, the Union of TESDAI is alerting the world of a large music festival, event, and competition in the city of Stoorburg.

More details to be released soon.

TESDAI wrote:An International News Event

To celebrate the peace in the world with the end of the Tribian-Biggonian conflict, the end of Maximus Valdez regime, and the progressive pushes made by William Valdez in Tribia, the Union of TESDAI is alerting the world of a large music festival, event, and competition in the city of Stoorburg.

More details to be released soon.

Thats fantastic! Air Rhodesia is about to publish its winter timetable - Im very sure citizens of SCR will be keen to enjoy the activities of your festival & will ensure several additional flights for the week up to & week after the festival are added:

CURRENTLY: 5 flights a week from Salisbury to Stoorburg. INCREASED: to 9 flights a week (daily plus a double/additional Friday & Saturday service).

CURRENTLY: 3 flights a week from Cape Coral to Stoorburg. INCREASED: to 6 flights a week (daily except Tuesday).

Tourism & Flight adverts will screen this evening on television.

May 13th, 2021
Neues Konstantinopel

Protesters were outside the House of Parliament, clad in black-bloc clothing and chanting anti-government slogans.

“Death to the Parliament!”

“Long live the Proletariat!”

“Down with the bourgeoisie!”

And various other slogans. They chanted and chanted, encroaching on the riot police before a few firecrackers went off at their feet. The police got spooked a little before multiple molotovs hit the lines, lighting them up in flames as a few gunshots rang out. It wasn’t certain who fired the shot, but it was for sure that a clash ensued leaving multiple rioters and police officers dead or injured. The situation continuing to escalate in Tussia.

What does negative value of "Foreign aid" mean? Does it mean that you recieve the aid without giving it back? Or does it mean that you pillage the struck countries?

Rasumplia wrote:What does the negative value of "Foreign aid" mean? Does it mean that you receive the aid without giving it back? Or does it mean that you pillage the struck countries?

I think the negative value is that foreign aid is sometimes seen as an insult to the country you will give it to.

The bright sun shone onto the white paved street of Ivasburg, glinting off the elaborate lampposts which lined the sides. At one end of the Way of Emperors; the primary road in the Capital; the Church of Mourning was preparing for the funeral of it's Emperor. Carpenters were sizing up his body for the perfect coffin, and priests were preparing their sermons. Lord Chancellor Nigel was directing the whole operation from atop a lectern, with Princess Ricardina beside him.
"Sir, we have the dimensions for his coffin. Should we begin the carving?" the master craftsman asked. A nod from Nigel confirmed them to do it.
"Come on my Lady. We should go outside to view the preparations there."
"Of course." Ricardina responded.

Outside baskets of flowers were being hung from the lampposts, which the people would customarily throw onto the coffin during the procession. "Here is where your father will be carried along. From the Church of Regality to the Church of Mourning. You will need to be leading the group, and standing just in front of the coffin."
"Yes, yes. I know. I just wish I wouldn't have to be wearing that stuffy outfit."
"The mourning black colour is very important. It represents how upset you are about your father's death. You are sad about it, right?" Nigel joked
"Of course I am! I just think that the outfit is a little, well, restrictive."
"Too bad. It's what you're wearing and what you'll have to wear. Then of course there will be the week of mourning, where nobody may see you. Don't worry, you won't have to stay in the crypt all that time."
"I'm glad. Just make sure I get back to the palace without anybody noticing and we should be good." Ricardina sighed, relieved
"At the end of the mourning period, it will be time for your coronation. At the same time, of course, your father's statue will be unveiled. For now, I'd advise you take a rest. Have you given your measurements to the tailor?"
"Yes. You're not my mother you know! I can look after myself."
"I'm just trying to make sure. We cannot have anything going wrong on the big day. Now then, you should get back to the palace."
Ricardina walked back to the palace. It was not a long distance so she could safely cover it on foot without the need for an escort, though she knew that once the coronation had occurred that would no longer be possible. It would be so much responsibility, she thought to herself. Ruling a nation. Millions of people would look up to her for guidance and leadership. And although she had been tutored for this since birth, Ricardina still worried if she could live up to the expectations lumped on her shoulders. As she arrived at the palace steps and came inside, she wondered what her own legacy might be. Would Biggonians look back to her as an Empress who loved her people and made their country great? Or maybe she would be remembered as somebody who was a fool and led them down the drain. Only time would tell.

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