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Welcome to Laotis.

Auctoritas non veritas facit legem
Alterra est mortuus, dum vivet Laotis!

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Laotis was created on the 27th of August 2016!

Year: 1 AFA

1 Year per IRL week

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    The Constitution

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    Laws of the Laotian Revival

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    Laotian Revival Citizen & Map Application

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    Laotian Starship Classification System

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Laotis contains 45 nations, the 298th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Welfare Programs in Laotis

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, Laotis is ranked 5,889th in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Parliamentary Cyberdemocracy of Kharaz-A-KharakDemocratic Socialists“Onward, Upward, Outward.”
2.The Unified Republic of FinislandiaDemocratic Socialists“In practice of tolerence, an enemy is teacher”
3.The Celestial Republic of SalizeneInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Celestial, Strong and United”
4.The Republic of JunlandtDemocratic Socialists“For Order over Chaos...”
5.The Great Empire of Aldia-KarelCorrupt Dictatorship“We Own the Stars”
6.The People's Republic of PirohniaNew York Times Democracy“Fight for the past and future”
7.The Protectorate of KarljanaFather Knows Best State“Proletarje, spojte sa!”
8.The Free Men of The Island of WebbInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The sword shall bite the blood-stained child”
9.The Empire of GooutofhereInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I've seen things”
10.The Federation of SlavgardPsychotic Dictatorship“One for All”

Regional Happenings


Laotis Regional Message Board

Junlandt wrote:Coordinates AO50: Unchartered system

Kal'a-zor Star System

This system's star is visible from Arlekia and was named Kal'a-zor centuries ago, at the formation of the Republic. Kal'a-zor was a figure in Arlekian cultural history who - herself an artist - had sacrificed her life to save pieces of artwork (it was later found she had also protected her fellow artisans and allowed them to escape; many of whom produced works that existed in museums to this day). This was during a particularly dark period of Arlekian history when art and culture were not just banned from being produced, but were actively destroyed due to religious doctrine. Long range analysis by the Deep Space Observatory around a decade previously had earmarked this system as a prime candidate to hold a planet that could support life comfortably.

Above the tandem planets, the orbital scans and atmospheric analysis were complete; surface missions were authorised now that solar activity had reduced.

At each of the two planets, 5 APC dropships entered the atmospheres of these tandem worlds. This was a truly historic moment as, although expeditions had landed on other planets none had done so on a planet not orbiting the home system.

All personnel were to wear PBA (Personal Body Armour) or space suits until a full toxicology and virus / bacterial scan was complete. Conversely, these were pristine worlds and Arlekians could carry diseases unwittingly that could have a huge impact on the ecosystems of these worlds.

It was by ballot that the first Arlekian to set foot on each planet was decided. A civilian scientist was to set foot on Kal'a-zor 3a and a Jemn Hadar Sergeant on Kal'a-zor 3b. Neither planet had been formally named yet.

The craft at either location came to rest on the alien worlds...

Pirohnia wrote:The Great King Of Pirohnia:Yes, we can make Exchange we will tell you about basic information of Our nation

Commandor Wolf: Ok then we can make exchange *while eating pirohnian food after adding antipoison to meal*

Junlandt wrote:Kal'a-zor Star System

Kal'a-zor Star System: Planet 3a

Remote controlled or VI program
4 x multi-vector magneto-repulser
12mm Titanium A3
2 x 20mm 3-barrel Assault Cannon or
2 x Multi-Spectrum Point LASER cannon

Read dispatch

The Hornet drones raced back to the landing site. There were three of them holding close formation, one with its weapons array removed and a large amount of infometry equipment in a module attached to it. The other two were armed and providing escort. This way thousands of km could be covered in detail and in safety: their pilots on board the APC dropships parked near each other and fanning out from a semi permanent structure that acted as the command and control for the Arlekians.

The structure was similar to those used on the missions to Maasi some years before. They provided a large space that could be accessed via airlock. This would allow them to work and sleep without the need for armour or space suits.

With around 1000 Arlekians on the surface, this was a sizable structure. The Mar-Pol Merchant Naval Freighters had carried these plus water, food and supplies for the entire flotilla. Water reclamation wasn't a real issue - the ships and the hab structure were 98.9% efficient in water recovery. Food stocks were OK for several months and He3 fuel stocks were in good health.

The data from the Hornets was downloaded and logged. A good quality map was developing of the surface. The issue was that under the sea hadn't been searched at all. Being a race with aquatic origins; this wasn't a serious issue but until toxicology and viral/bacterial screens came back none of the Arlekians would be having a swim anytime soon...

Hizdahr wrote:Lord Hadrian eyed it, then shrugged and stepped back, evidently assuming that the chip was for the other man.

The console beeps again, and reveals that the Grand Admiral already has the proper earpiece installed, and this one is for Lord Hadrian. Talks cannot begin until he installs it.

Aldia-Karel wrote:The console beeps again, and reveals that the Grand Admiral already has the proper earpiece installed, and this one is for Lord Hadrian. Talks cannot begin until he installs it.

Lord Hadrian considered the wisdom of placing an unknown piece of technology so close to his brain, which he considered to be very important. He then considered the idea that no one else thought that, felt a flash of bone deep weariness and proceeded to hesitantly don the earpiece, idly mumbling, "Queen willing, I will survive."

Hizdahr wrote:Lord Hadrian considered the wisdom of placing an unknown piece of technology so close to his brain, which he considered to be very important. He then considered the idea that no one else thought that, felt a flash of bone deep weariness and proceeded to hesitantly don the earpiece, idly mumbling, "Queen willing, I will survive."

The earpiece quickly let out a series of beeps, before stating in perfect Sakooran that the neural connection had been established.

    Grand Admiral Ioannes Angelus "It sure took you long enough. If I wanted you dead, I would have simply sent a rifle cohort down here and had you shot. Now, barbarian, state what you want from the Magna Imperii, and do it fast, I have little time to waste on bandying words."

New-Order2 wrote:The expitdition is sent on its way, through the gate. Carrying with their ship of 8 crew, are the equipment they'll need to take many readings, along with many supplies. Two unmanned cargo tenders will be included, to ensure they have the supplies needed, with the plan that they will tow the other ships until they have used the supplies from them, and then cut them loose. With over 2 years worth of supplies and food, they go through it, and into a new era.

Having gotten passed it, they find a new system. The planets, are very bad to be frank, though this does prove that they were meant as some kind of slingshot, not a weapon. There is another of the cannons in the system, and the scouts attempt to study it; after all, they have plenty of supplies to do it and make it home too.

New-Order2 wrote:Finally, the main waves of colonists arrive. Highly skilled people in their own right, their main tasks will involve running complex machines to do the massive labor involved in all of this. In the coming weeks and months, more ships will arrive, bringing more people and supplies, as work finally begins to shift from doing what's needed to support the population to being for profit exploitation.

As the colony continues to grow, the population now exceeds 50k, and resources flow from it to the capital. It is considered an ideal colony, and is what will be desired for new colonies, which are already being prepared.

Junlandt wrote:Kal'a-zor Star System: Planet 3a

The prototype probe was lowered into the nearest coastline to the base.

It was very similar to the Hornet drone but it didn't utilise magneto-repulsion effect for propulsion, just more primitive (and reliable) turbines.

The infometry package was adjusted for under-water application and the pilot guided the drone from the shallows. The connection should work down to 8km and the depth at the nearest trench was 7.5km. The range could be boosted by dropping a signals buoy and one remained on standby.

An hour into the survey, only 15 fish and crustacean species had been identified with examples collected from each. Water temperature and SONAR indicated a hydrothermal vent nearby. This was what the research team were especially interested in as such events on Arlekia had cradled their ancestors many thousands of years ago.

The drone approached carefully and took readings until it was hit from the side. The probe was unarmed but had equipment such as welding torches and robot arms. The pilot turned the main camera around to observe the attacker, only to see several tentacles smash into the other side of the drone. The pilot tried pulling away but was being drawn into a 3-jawed mouth that snapped open and shut. With the probe's arms trapped or disabled, the pilot opened a covered red button and pressed it.

6.75km underwater the huge squid creature thought it had a tasty meal. This was stronger than most of its prey and better armoured but crack the shell... The squid was about to bite into the strange creature when a massive static discharge forced it to let go. With almost a shriek of pain, it withdrew most of its hooked barbs and swum off; discharging an ink as it swam off. The strange creature, seemingly immobile, burst its top as a gas balloon dragged it upwards towards the surface.

An APC hovered over the ocean where the balloon first broke the surface, then the probe. This was winched aboard with two squid tentacles still attached and taken back to the lab for analysis...

Slavgard wrote:Commandor Wolf: Ok then we can make exchange *while eating pirohnian food after adding antipoison to meal*

Kevin:So let me introduce myself. my name is Kevin.

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