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Last Flight RMB

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Final Transmission of The Last Flight of the Osiris

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

From the nest we fall, on the way down we learn to fly, then we soar.

Embassies: Gypsy Lands, Embassy Hub, The Embassy, Hollow Point, The Animatrix, The Great Universe, The Planet X, and Kogaion.

Tags: Cyberpunk, Enormous, and Password.

Regional Power: Moderate

Last Flight contains 198 nations, the 58th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Publishing Industry in Last Flight

The World Census tallied social media complaints from students regarding overpriced textbooks to determine which nations have the largest book publishing industries.

As a region, Last Flight is ranked 2,660th in the world for Largest Publishing Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Freedom of AmendmentAnarchy“We, The People, demand better cards! 🧐”
2.The Storage Exapansion Iteration of Codestream IICorporate Bordello“Where everyone is just living their dream!”
3.The Sweating Semtex of Bombastic IICorporate Bordello“Don't touch me if I'm ticking! Oohhh too late! 💣”
4.The Corrugated Shantytown of Cardboard Lootbox IVNew York Times Democracy“Gotta keep on catching 'em all!”
5.The Vault of Card Storage XXICorporate Bordello“If it fits, it sits!”
6.The Macabre Marionette of Card Puppet VCivil Rights Lovefest“No strings attached!”
7.The Potato Haven of Card Storage IIICorporate Bordello“One potato, two potato, three get it. 🥔”
8.The Macabre Marionette of Card Puppet IIIILeft-Leaning College State“No strings attached!”
9.The Colony of Cardportal 03Anarchy“The flop, the turn, the river, my winning hand!”
10.The Vault of Card Storage XIIAnarchy“If it fits, it sits!”
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Regional Happenings


Last Flight Regional Message Board

And so it begins...

Potato card 20

This is a Region for NationStates Card Trading-centric people, and contains card trading and card storage puppet nations.

The Controller of Planet X, Pandoras Storage Unit, Cardboard Lootbox II, Cardboard Lootbox III, and 303 othersCardboard Lootbox IV, Card Storage I, Card Storage II, Card Storage III, Card Storage IIII, Codestream II, Valenzza, Codestream III, Thelemite, The Last Flight of the Osiris, Zion Archive, Card Storage V, Cardboard Lootbox V, Cardboard Lootbox VI, Card Storage VI, Card Storage VII, Card Storage VIII, Cardboard Lootbox VII, Card Storage IX, Card Storage X, Card Storage XI, Cardboard Lootbox VIII, Codestream I, Card Storage XII, Card Storage XIII, Lootboxes, Lootboxes i, Lootboxes ii, Lootboxes iii, Lootboxes iiii, Lootboxes v, Lootboxes vi, Lootboxes vii, Lootboxes viii, Lootboxes viiii, Loot boxes x, Lootboxes x, Card Puppet, Card Puppet I, Card Puppet II, Card Puppet III, Card Puppet IIII, Card Puppet V, Card Puppet VI, Card Puppet VII, Card Puppet VIII, Card Puppet VIIII, Card Puppet X, Open pack, Open pack i, Open pack ii, Open pack iii, Open pack iiii, Open pack v, Open pack vi, Open pack vii, Open pack viii, Open pack viiii, Open pack x, Card Storage XIIII, Refenestrated, The Hair Bear Bunch, Refenestrated i, Refenestrated ii, Refenestrated iii, Refenestrated iiii, Refenestrated v, Refenestrated vi, Refenestrated vii, Refenestrated viii, Refenestrated viiii, Refenestrated x, Cardboard Lootbox VIIII, Amendment, Amendment I, Amendment III, Amendment IIII, Amendment V, Amendment VI, Amendment VII, Amendment VIII, Amendment VIIII, Amendment X, Decimal, Decimal I, Decimal II, Decimal III, Decimal IIII, Decimal V, Decimal VI, Decimal VII, Decimal VIII, Decimal VIIII, Decimal X, Card Storage XV, Numerals, Numerals i, Numerals ii, Numerals iii, Numerals iv, Numerals v, Numerals vi, Numerals vii, Numerals viii, Numerals ix, Numerals x, Utopan, Utopan i, Utopan ii, Utopan iii, Utopan iiii, Utopan v, Utopan vi, Utopan vii, Utopan viii, Utopan viiii, Utopan x, Cardboard Lootbox X, Card Storage XVI, Card Storage XVII, Card Storage XVIII, Card Storage XVIIII, Card Storage XX, Cardboard Lootbox XI, Bombastic, Bombastic I, Bombastic II, Bombastic III, Bombastic IIII, Bombastic V, Bombastic VI, Bombastic VII, Bombastic VIII, Bombastic VIIII, Bombastic X, Cardboard Lootbox XII, Interstitial, Interstitial i, Interstitial ii, Interstitial iii, Interstitial iiii, Interstitial v, Interstitial vi, Interstitial vii, Interstitial viii, Interstitial viiii, Interstitial x, Gramophone, Gramophone I, Gramophone II, Gramophone III, Gramophone iiii, Gramophone v, Gramophone vi, Gramophone vii, Gramophone viii, Gramophone viiii, Gramophone x, Card Storage XXI, Card Storage XXII, Card Storage XXIII, Card Storage XXIIII, Cardboard Lootbox XIII, Cardboard Lootbox XIIII, Cardboard Lootbox XV, Cardboard Lootbox XVI, Card Storage XXV, Widget, Widget I, Widget II, Widget III, Widget IIII, Widget V, Widget VI, Widget VII, Widget VIII, Widget VIIII, Widget X, Totem, Totem i, Totem ii, Totem iii, Totem iiii, Totem v, Totem vi, Totem vii, Totem viii, Totem viiii, Totem x, Card Storage XXVI, Card Storage XXVII, Verve Remixed, Verve Remixed I, Verve Remixed II, Verve Remixed III, Verve Remixed IIII, Verve Remixed V, Verve Remixed VI, Verve Remixed VII, Verve Remixed VIII, Verve Remixed VIIII, Verve Remixed X, Blue Notes, Blue Notes I, Blue Notes II, Blue Notes III, Blue Notes IIII, Blue Notes V, Blue Notes VI, Blue Notes VII, Blue Notes VIII, Blue Notes VIIII, Blue Notes X, Card Storage XXVIII, Card Storage XXIX, Card Storage XXX, Potato card, Potato card 1, Potato card 2, Potato card 3, Potato card 4, Potato card 5, Potato card 6, Potato card 7, Potato card 8, Potato card 9, Potato card 10, Potato card 11, Potato card 12, Potato card 13, Potato card 14, Potato card 15, Potato card 16, Potato card 17, Potato card 18, Potato card 19, Card Storage XXXI, Card Storage XXXII, Card Storage XXXIII, Card Storage XXXIIII, Card Storage XXXV, Cardboard Lootbox XVII, Cardboard Lootbox XVIII, Cardboard Lootbox XVIIII, Cardboard Lootbox XX, Card Storage XXXVI, Card Storage XXXVII, Card Storage XXXVIII, Card Storage XXXVIIII, Card Storage XXXX, Cardportal, Cardportal 01, Cardportal 02, Cardportal 03, Cardportal 04, Cardportal 05, Cardportal 06, Cardportal 07, Cardportal 08, Cardportal 09, Cardportal 10, Green Card, Green Card 01, Green Card 02, Green Card 03, Green Card 04, Green Card 05, Card Storage XXXXI, Card Storage XXXXII, Card Storage XXXXIII, Card Storage XXXXIIII, Card Storage XXXXV, Card Storage XXXXVI, Card Storage XXXXVII, Card Storage XXXXVIII, Card Storage XXXXVIIII, Card Storage XXXXX, Cardboard Lootbox XXI, Cardboard Lootbox XXII, Cardboard Lootbox XXIII, Cardboard lootbox xxiiii, Cardboard Lootbox XXV, Card Storage L, Card Storage LI, Card Storage LII, Card Storage LIII, Card Storage LIIII, Card Storage LV, Green Card 06, Green Card 07, Green Card 08, Green Card 09, Green Card 10, Card Storage LVI, Card Storage LVII, Card Storage LVIII, Card Storage LVIIII, Card Storage LX, Card Storage LXI, Card Storage LXII, Card Storage LXIII, Card Storage LXIIII, and Card Storage LXV

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