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WA Delegate: The Obesotocracy of Treadwellia (elected )

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LazCorp HQ wrote:Please Wash Your Hands! We're dead serious!

Lazarenes are encouraged to join the World Assembly, and endorse the Delegate.

⚠️ Endorsement Cap: 130 if endorsing the Delegate, and 20 if not.

🛡️ Please Endorse the Delegate (CEO): 🎅 Treadwellia, Vice-Delegate (COO): 🐈 New Rogernomics, and the Security Auditors: Custadia, Debussy, and Leonism for regional security!

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Regional Power: Extremely High

Lazarus contains 10,162 nations, the 2nd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Inclusive in Lazarus

WA analysts ranked nations based on whether all citizens were commonly treated as equally valuable members of society.

As a region, Lazarus is ranked 9,279th in the world for Most Inclusive.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Benevolent Queendom of Divine CervineDemocratic Socialists“Where the deer’s swift leap startles the wild bee”
2.The Republic of TellesopiaDemocratic Socialists“What the heck?”
3.The Federal Republic of BrillnuckCivil Rights Lovefest“Liberty, Equality, Democracy”
4.The Republic of SilverforkLeft-Leaning College State“Grand, meaningless statement goes here.”
5.The Kingdom of North WinterfellNew York Times Democracy“Winter is Coming”
6.The Republic of Future CascadiaDemocratic Socialists“We Succeed United”
7.The Federal Republic of AiganiaLeft-Leaning College State“We know it”
8.The SybilSocialist Megacluster of The City of GuelphDemocratic Socialists“早 め ま す 420”
9.The Socialist Republic of Iechyd DaDemocratic Socialists“'Mochel dan yr ambarel a cherdded fel brenhines”
10.The Radical Matriarchy of ZevistanPsychotic Dictatorship“The worst woman is better than the best man”
1234. . .1,0161,017»

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I've just finished summarizing the various political parties of Fluffiness :

Fluffiness is an anarcho-communist nation with a multi-party system.
While the country is very much left-aligned, capitalist or conservative parties are not banned, although fascist ones are not allowed.





Acknillan Worker's Party
This party is the Fluffinesian branch of one faction of the Acknillan Civil War.
It is an anarcho-communist revolutionary party.

When war seemed lost in Acknilla, an important part of the rebels migrated to Fluffiness to flee the purge.
Since then, the AWP has set its long-term goals to overthrowing the Acknillan conservative government.

Anarchist Federation

It is an anarchist party, promoting the end of all oppressions.
It is sometimes considered as the "main" party of Fluffiness.
Indeed, even though it has rarely had more than 20% of the ballots, it has remained the most popular party for the pas decade.
It features quite a diverse range of opinions among the party, from the most pacifists to proponent of armed revolution.
Thus it may not be united on every issue.

With this wide range of opinions, the AF maintains ties with the ICM and the AWP.

International Communist Party
This is a communist party.
It is a strong proponent of internationalism.
It keeps close ties with the AF and the AWP.
Although it is quite close to the SCM on some issues, there is an intense feud between the two parties.

Liberty for Everyone

It is a capitalist party.
This is the forefront for capitalism in Fluffiness.
It is traditionally considered as an opposition party.
However, its voting base make it a non-negligible party, and as such, it may quite often be represented in the Council.

Marchennoirean Minority Party

It is a party for people from Marche-Noire.
It is politically on the center-left.
As such, it is prone to find allies in both LfE and SP.

North-Eastern Voter's Union

This is a left-wing party from the North-East of Fluffiness, comprising the Whimsea Mountains and some regions nearby.
This is not a secessionist party, but it still is a regionalist one.
It tends to align itself with the ICP, the AF, the SP and the AWP.
However, it sometimes shares the opinion of the SCM.

During the Acknillan Civil War, as a territory bordering Acknilla, the North-Eastern part of Fluffiness has welcomed refugees, and some of the NEVU have taken part in the fights in the neighbouring country.

Responsible Citizens
Responsible Citizens is a centre-right party, with progressive policies.
While economically capitalist, it shares many opinion on social issues with the AF.

It is a recent political party, created to uncover corruption and clean up the political spheres, demanding more transparency.

Sovereign Communist Movement

It is a nationalist and communist party.
The SCM wants Fluffiness to close its border under the pretense of fighting capitalism invasion.

Socialist Party
This is a socialist party.
It has progressive policies, but tends to reject revolution as a mean to achieve its goal.
It may ally itself with the AF, ICM or the LfE depending on the issue.

Whimsean Secessionist Front

The WSF is a separatist group from the Whimsea Mountains.
Its aim is the creation of a breakaway state centered on the mountains.
It is a right-wing conservative party.

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The Sigometh Dynasty wrote:Just got reclassified as a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise. Seeing as though those are the best countries in the world to live in, I've won Nation States.

Being a Tubbian doesn't count as winning?


The Sigometh Dynasty wrote:Just got reclassified as a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise. Seeing as though those are the best countries in the world to live in, I've won Nation States.

Treadwellia wrote:Being a Tubbian doesn't count as winning?


Well, what is winning anyways? Life doesn't stop at this point.

Bob bobberson wrote:i am now offically a christian nation


Related to religion I am now officially a kale pizza nation. Worship the kale pizza all ye who dare to tread here.

Omae wa mō shindeiru Nani?

Guiness Freaks wrote:Related to religion I am now officially a kale pizza nation. Worship the kale pizza all ye who dare to tread here.

There are some things His Immensity will not eat.

Treadwellia wrote:There are some things His Immensity will not eat.

Beer leader is confused?

Guiness Freaks wrote:Beer leader is confused?

Kale pizza does not deserve a spot in the Rumbly Tummy.

I just banned cars in my nation

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