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WA Delegate: The Kingdom of France of Balticonia (elected )

Founder: Sparkhill

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𝔚𝔢𝔩𝔠𝔬𝔪𝔢 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔇𝔬𝔪𝔦𝔫𝔦𝔬𝔫 𝔬𝔣 𝔏𝔢𝔷𝔯𝔞!

The desert has its holiness of silence...
...the crowd its holiness of conversation.



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Welcome to Lezra. May the fun times here continue!

The Quote of the Day:
"Sometimes you have to die a little on the inside in order to be REBORN and RISE again as a STRONGER and WISER version of you."
- Unknown

RP Date: Late Winter, 1005

From the ashes we rise again, better than before.
Currently in the roleplay: Development
Roleplay: Medieval Fictional World that is based in reality with 11th century technology.

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Tags: Casual, Democratic, Founderless, Map, Medium, Regional Government, and Role Player.

Lezra contains 15 nations, the 955th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in Lezra

World Census agents infiltrated a variety of out-of-the-way towns and festivals in order to determine which nations have the most developed Basket Weaving industries.

As a region, Lezra is ranked 8,055th in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of Brotherhood for lifePsychotic Dictatorship“Na'Fatu will protect our union”
2.The Thirteen Colonies of RednedoniaNew York Times Democracy“For Freedom and Liberty!”
3.The United Imperial States of IvoricaFather Knows Best State“We would rather fight than be a coward”
4.The Kingdom of France of BalticoniaCapitalist Paradise“Montjoie Saint Denis”
5.The Kingdom of Imperial KorintheyaMoralistic Democracy“We will Endure”
6.The Republic of PolokkaMoralistic Democracy“Ko immeiset onnee toevotti”
7.The Kingdom of AddunheimPsychotic Dictatorship“Forever On The Defence”
8.The Rogue Nation of The land of Demonic SamuraiCorrupt Dictatorship“When the Demon lord falls the war for a new lord begins”
9.The New World Order of The SantlandFather Knows Best State“The State Stands Together!”
10.The Kingdom of Free ToastDemocratic Socialists“lez un der fir Geute servet, Toastie, verejnt Veterlind”

Regional Happenings


Lezra Regional Message Board

Ferneus wrote:Since you were gone Utopia, i need a little clarification. Will you still use Addunheim for minor things or is it just there now?

I guess I'll still use it in case someone decides to invade or whatever.

The Veleni wrote:I guess I'll still use it in case someone decides to invade or whatever.

Well then i guess it'll be a Santec visitor or something then.

One of many

While the war remains ever-present in the head of every citizen of the Kingdom every now and then it is forgotten. One of these moments is happening in an Inn somewhere in the broken Kingdom. A soldier entered, immediately yelled through the Inn at the Owner "Some Roast beef, a 'commoners drink' with alcohol and a room for the Night" and sat down at a table. A weird-looking man turns to look at the man and asked "commoners drink? That's what its called in Gostand right?". The soldier couldn't tell what was weird about the man but something about him seemed off. "Yes, I grew up there but now I live as a farmer near Parot. Going to buy some cattle from the pay as a soldier and who knows maybe I'll have enough left over to get my wife a gift", the soldier responded with a smile. "Ah, farming an honourable job! Parot is near the part of Terdan populated by Theodans, which are known for their obsession with farming. Tell me, friend, what do you know what how the Theodans got here?". The soldier had to think for a moment until responding. "They came with the Adunni but got trapped in Toastian lands when our ancestors gave them cattle and land in return for them abandoning their heathen ways". The weird man smiled at the soldier. "Correct but what did we ever get from that deal?" The soldier struggled to find an answer and stuttered in confusion until the weird man spoke again "Now tell me, what is it called when someone takes something without giving something in return?". Neither of the two had to speak an answer because they both knew it. Theft. After a moment of silence, the weird man spoke again "Of course its usury to expect to receive more than you give and a grave sin but after centuries of them stealing from us and not been considering that that's wrong and even making a profit from the things they stole from us wouldn't it be justice if we take back what is ours and what our rightful part of the fortune they made?". With shock in his eyes, the soldier whispered, quietly but still understandable for everyone who listened, "Absolutely but what if they don't have what belongs to us anymore". The weird man smiled again and suddenly smashed his fist on the table, turned around to the crowd the soldier just noticed had formed around them during their conversation and exclaimed: "Then we go south to their [INBREEDING RELATED INSULT] cousins in the south and take it from them!". The crowd cheered. All but one man who yelled: "Pah, and then? We bring just more misery onto the world and out people and in the end, we have gained nothing from following the teachings of some disgruntled drunken [INSULT]". The soldier jumped up and screamed: "Are you just going to accept that? This traitor would probably be happy if our Kingdom just gets conquered by some foreigners-" He stopped turned towards a window and pointed at a tree outside "-tie him up there and make him think about what he just said!". Then the crowd did just that. A few moments later the owner of the Inn approached the table of the soldier and handed him his meal and told him the location of his room. The weird man would then hand the soldier a piece of paper with a symbol drawn onto it, said "You could prove to be very useful for our cause when your home in Pirot and the war is over, look for a House with this symbol drawn on it and show this paper to its owner. He will know what to do." with a smile on his face and then the weird man left. The soldier ate his meal and then went to bed and once again thought about the encounter with the weird man and then fell asleep, having forgotten the war he would have to return to once he woke up.

Ok, I'm back now. Was away on vacation

The Storm fades...

The great gamble House Derovid took when launching its all-out attack on House Foretan succeded! With House Foretan losing all of its major cities it no longer can continue to fight in the war. The anti-Derovid assault on Estrag seemed to go good at first but before the city could fall the troops on Derovid returned and could with the help of the defenders of Estrag, easily destroy the attack troops. Kert Jenes, the Head of House Gorodas died in the battle and his Son Kert Jenes II decided not to press his claim to the toastian throne. Just yesterday the candidate of House Terdan, Merjy Erjich, was found dead lying on his back on the ground of his bedroom. A mysterious symbol has been carved in his back. His daughter, who is his successor is too young to take the throne of toast so his House is also out of the conflict.

The coronation of Jaon II as King of Toast has been delayed since he has received a black eye he refuses to comment on. After being asked his sister commented "Only the gods know" with a smile. Jaon has sent letters to Til-Gur (Balticonia) and Imperial Korintheya in which he thanks them "for their continued support of me and my House", invites their monarch to his coronation and hopes for "continued friendship and mutual support of the People of our Realms".

and with this, the storm above toast fades until it will inevitably return upon the next succession crisis

Found a nice RP region called The Independent Nations. Its set in the 1950s, real world. I'm playing as Iran.

Old Utopia wrote:Found a nice RP region called The Independent Nations. Its set in the 1950s, real world. I'm playing as Iran.

They reset their rp again? For the fifth time this year.

Ivorica wrote:They reset their rp again? For the fifth time this year.

lol why

The land of Demonic Samurai wrote:lol why

No idea lol

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