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Libertatem - NationStates premier Libertarian region
Founded August 5, 2012

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Brief History of Governance:
1st Constitution: January 18, 2013 - June 18th, 2016
Libertatem Empire: February 9, 2013 - July 28 2013
2nd Republic: June 18th, 2016 - September 2, 2018
Interregnum: September 2nd, 2018 - May 10th, 2019
Consulate: May 10th, 2019 - Present

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Libertatem contains 38 nations, the 349th most in the world.


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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Primordial Republic of MiencraftAnarchy“Vidiy ner Esae Esaeiy Minsarkh”
2.The Lack of A better nameInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Things fall apart”
3.The Duke of Reagan City of RateriaAnarchy“For Rateria!”
4.The Commonwealth of NarlandAnarchy“Are We There Yet?”
5.The Republic of The United States of PatriotsCivil Rights Lovefest“Don't Tread On Me”
6.The Retired President of PevvaniaAnarchy“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”
7.The Private Citizens of Jadentopian OrderCivil Rights Lovefest“Condealus Vult!”
8.The Retired President of VenomRingoCapitalizt“Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”
9.The Free Republic of Suzi IslandCapitalizt“They are interdimensional demons”
10.The Supremacy of JinkyrInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If you choose the action, accept the consequences”

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Skaveria wrote:The only things he needs work on are free trade, which I was under the impression he supported when I voted for him,

Trump, I believe, views free trade as an end goal. We live in a world of states that will do anything to ensure that their economies, and the rent-seeking voting blocs that live within them, are 'taken care of'. Free trade has to be equal and fair on both sides, and we have really not seen that in practice. Dozens and possibly hundreds of nations use subsidies, currency manipulation and indeed tariffs of their own to prop up their own economies. Trump is leveling the playing field by using tariffs as leverage, and by doing so can (and has, in many cases) bring down trade barriers on both sides. This is why Ron Paul called NAFTA 'managed trade' and called for its repeal.

And at a geopolitical level, I think it's absolutely necessary we confront China using any means necessary, because it's clear if their actions (both political and economic) continue unabated, they will replace America as the world's superpower.

Skaveria wrote:To be fair, a lot of his executive orders were to get rid of previous executive orders from Obama, but he's surpassed that by far now.

The Trump Presidency should lay bare to the left the danger of expansive executive authority. It grew to monstrous heights under Bush and grew even further under Obama. When we protested this would lead to adverse consequences, we were dismissed as "conspiracy theorists". But now that Obama's "pen and phone" presidential model has been taken to new heights under Trump, will Democrats learn their lesson? I doubt it. They just want the right dictator in power.

I do think, though, that Trump has weakened federal power on net.

Narland wrote:The part of Trump with which I disagree (a more pervasive and somehow more efficient medicare/social security system, federal funding of local and States' infrastructure), are/were blocked by hostile "moderate" GOP and every Democrat in Congress. He did sign that atrocious spending bill. Democrats are willing to cut of their noses to spite their collective faces in refusing to work with him on Democrat policy that they agree. Had Congress worked with Trump, he would be much less praiseworthy.

You and others may disagree with me, but I actually agree with a program to improve American infrastructure. I think one of the few roles the government should play is facilitating commerce and greasing the wheels of the economic machine. I would like to see privatization of poorly-performing government authorities and infrastructure networks, and of course widespread deregulation to cut through odious planning and labor laws that can delay infrastructure projects for years on end. But I also think some grants from the federal government will be necessary to start some of these projects, which will mean a lot of federal dollars spent on improvements and construction. Am I wrong?

"Marxian exploitation is the exploitation of people's lack of understanding of economics." - Robert Nozick

I think we generally agree on many things (such as deregulation, living within budget, real money, honest banking, privatization, limited government etc) but disagree on the particulars of returning to Constitutional governance.

I am a strong Federalist (generic definition), such that each jurisdiction should be responsible for and is more likely to care for its own stuff (infrastructure) when that infrastructure is in control of the persons most directly utilizing it, either as a public utility benefiting those citizens directly (who own the controlling interest through enfranchisement), or competitive private contractor(s) (also controlled in the aforementioned process). Privatization at the most local jurisdiction prudent is my preference.

We don't need Federal monetary grants to do that. We just need the government to get out of the way. IMO the best government grant is when the government does get out of the way for the People rise to the occasion to do what they do best as self-governing individuals. The Fabian Socialist "rational professional administrative" bureaucrat state has, is, and continues to fail us -- as it was meant only to be a tool for Socialist transformation. It must be dismantled and there deeds to be a return back to Lawful governance.

An argument can be made for Federal maintenance of coastal waterways, postal roads specifically, armories, and such, but not for our local, state, and national roadways in general, and nothing for cities, ranches, farms, and individuals in particular unless they are in a duly constituted Federal Service (except for Washington, DC and infrastructure in the Federal Territories and Trusts). The only thing I want to see from the federal government is to progress to spending and consuming less than 5% of the GDP/GDI without destroying the Navy and National Guard effectiveness (as an idealized target, not as a hard target).

As someone who was raised on a ranch, and as part of communities that built and maintained our own roads (its not that difficult, and better quality better engineered roads can be made/maintained at a fraction of the cost), I will personally attest that we can do it better than some nameless, faceless bureaucratic highway district or transportation department that has no interest in the communities they supposedly serve and in many cases no understanding, nor direct engineering skill/expertise in roads allocated to the department that they oversee.

Narland wrote:

Couldn't some infrastructure projects be justified by the interstate commerce clause? And I do totally agree about a return to federalism and constitutional adherence; I am thinking with my consequentialist hat on this one.

Muh Roads wrote:Taxation is theft

He speaks.

Highway Eighty-Eight wrote:He speaks.


Muh Roads wrote:Taxation is theft

In other news water is wet

Miri Islands wrote:In other news water is wet

"Taxation isn't theft"
~ Literally the most retarded person ever

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