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Founder: The All Seeing Eye of Machtpolitik Admin

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Welcome to MACHTPOLITIK, where might makes right. Fill out your Application to join us.

Region founded: 31 January 2018

Point of Divergence: 20 January 1937

Machtpolitik is an alternate history roleplaying region set in the WWII era. Take control of a country and rule it with a system endowed with unparalleled freedom, depth, and historical accuracy. Carve out an empire through the combination of high-stakes diplomacy, cunning schemes, and military prowess. Carefully guide your nationstate through expansion and colonization to the position as a dominant global empire.

Current Date: October, 1937

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Embassies: The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, The Illuminati, Gypsy Lands, World Congress House of Lords, Hollow Point, International Debating Area, The Alliance of Dictators, World Conference, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Curtain of Steel, Novo Brasil, RGBN, Union of Nationalists, Yarnia, Barbaria, The Embassy, and 22 others.Bus Stop, Regionless, The Antichrist Trump, POLATION, Historia Novorum, The Great Universe, Avadam Inn, Lardyland, SECFanatics, Imperial Fatherland, Commonwealth of Liberty, Small Globe, Arconian Empire, The Land of Subtopia, Embassy Hub, Alternatus Historia, The Reich, Fredonia, Extalia, Lezra, The New Horizon, and Greater Middle East.

Tags: Casual, Democratic, Fantasy Tech, Featured, Imperialist, Map, Medium, Past Tech, Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and Steampunk.

Machtpolitik contains 26 nations, the 518th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Furniture Restoration Industry in Machtpolitik

World Census analysts spend quiet weekends in the countryside in order to determine which nations have the largest Furniture Restoration industries.

As a region, Machtpolitik is ranked 7,400th in the world for Largest Furniture Restoration Industry.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Not a Shogunate Yet of Shogunate of New JapanCompulsory Consumerist State“Faith in the Shogun”
2.The Integralist States of BrazilivCivil Rights Lovefest“Deus, Pátria e Família”
3.The Confederacy of Ilu ConfederationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Praise Oduduwa”
4.The Senatorial Province of VulpinasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Better first in a village than second in Rome.”
5.The Republic of United Meiji JapanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Enrich the country, strengthen the military.”
6.The Imperial Song Dynasty of Xin Zhong GuoFather Knows Best State“All under Heaven, Heaven under Us”
7.The Third Republic of The Nation of FranceMoralistic Democracy“[Insert meme here]”
8.The All Seeing Eye of Machtpolitik AdminCorrupt Dictatorship“Where Might Makes Right”
9.The United Kingdom of The Fascist British EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“Britain Lives and Marches On!”
10.The Confederacy of AmarkevorepusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Unity, Discipline, Work”

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Cascadiuh wrote:It went on infinite load for me...RIP

same for me

You know what’s crazy. It took me to start doing non nationstates rps to realize these aren’t supposed to be 85% warfare

Hello, everyone.

Ilu Confederation wrote:You know what’s crazy. It took me to start doing non nationstates rps to realize these aren’t supposed to be 85% warfare

I realized that looking at Vulp's RPs.

Itaaly wrote:Hello, everyone.

You seem... familiar. How are you?

The Nation of France wrote:I realized that looking at Vulp's RPs.
You seem... familiar. How are you?

I'm good. How are you?

Itaaly wrote:I'm good. How are you?

I'm doing well. Now where do I know you from?

From Fire

The whiskey was nothing too fiery. It was from Renmark, the town they were in. The town had a 'major' t-junction that marked the town's effective middle. Located in the east of South Australia, it sat at the border of the riverlands and was home to wineries and distilleries for as far as the eye could see. In the inn, sat a thin man with semicircular spectacles. His coat had been thrown recklessly on the bed as he himself sat in his dark brown pants, harsh black shoes and leather suspenders. The window was behind him and through it the evening light barely shined, instead he looked at the bright fireplace. He held in one hand a letter and in the other he circled the top of a glass of whiskey that rested on the table by his couch. He read the letter with stringent interest, frowning as he neared the end.

... There is the anticipation that as October ends, Japan will heighten its aggressive posturing following July's bridge incident (See Appendix B(1a) for ACTU letter), consequentially it is expected that war may break out in full by year's end...

The man reached the end of the letter; ...hence, it is the determination of this office that an East Asian War is likely. Signed, R. H. H.

He scrunched the letter up and threw it into the fireplace watching it burn. His other hand gripped the whiskey and he gulped it in one. It was old, that's all he knew, what else mattered? He stood, picking up the bottle from which the dark liquid had emerged and pouring himself a more than healthy serving and approaching the window behind him. He looked out at the main street of the dilapidated town. The Depression had devastated horticulture, who buys wine when they can't buy bread? Who buys whiskey when they can't buy apples? Instead the farmers had reluctantly relegated acres of horticulture into fruits, hoping to pick up a profit. Those that succeeded were still around, those that didn't went under. The man sipped his whiskey more conservatively this time, out on the street there was only his car. That told him more than enough information about how poor the public had become, two floors down was what should have been a busy restaurant. Instead he could hear a town singer quietly play at his vocal chords and not another soul, what should be a bustling townly Friday evening was a quiet torrid affair.

He looked at the whiskey, swishing it around, then in one fell swoop gulping and swallowing the rest of his glass. He looked at what remained of the bottle, barely another glass. He put the cork back on, acutely aware that another glass would have him more tired the next morning than he needed to be. From outside the window he could see the open grass from which he'd deliver his address the next morning. The stage was set, the podium set, the flags and chairs would be set out at about sunrise. He picked up his jacket, effortlessly slinging his arms into it and shortly thereafter leaving his room. Down two flights of stairs for if his wife knew he took the elevator she'd nag about his heart, and soon enough he entered the empty bar. The singer was drinking water before his next song and the man took a seat at the bar.

"You look familiar," the barman said bluntly.

The man smiled, extending a hand, "John Curtin, pleased to meet you."
The barman beamed, "Mr Curtin! Prime- Prime Minister!"

Curtin gestured to the empty room behind him, "slow night?"

"Been like this a while," the barman said, somberly. He extracted a glass and a bottle of whiskey pouring a glass for Curtin, "it's on the house."
Curtin took the glass, placing a one pound note on the table, "keep the change."

The barman was about to protest when the singer began to sing a new tune... I came from the dreamtime. From the dusty redsoil plains. I am the ancient heart, the keeper of the flame... Curtin turned to listen to the melody. He saw what seemed like a brief flicker out the corner of his eye, then a scream and then the doors burst apart and Curtin felt his body pushed from his stool onto the floor as fire engulfed the building. He heard a shout, a yell, what sounded like gunshots but he couldn't raise his head, and the black took his vision - there came the darkness.

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The Fascist British Empire
The Nation of France
Shogunate of New Japan
America the Ambitious
The Chinese National Government

Did someone noticed that the russian ocean isn't that explored?

I am going to have to depart this region, due to the fact I am going to focus on getting employment. It will let some one more active and competent to claim as Hungary.

Greater Hungarian State wrote:I am going to have to depart this region, due to the fact I am going to focus on getting employment. It will let some one more active and competent to claim as Hungary.

Good luck finding a job!

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