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Welcome to the Melayu Archipelago.

Melayu Archipelago or sometimes referred to as Western Oceania is a subregion with a total area of 6.8m km2 and a total land area of 2m km2. It consists of islands that are geographically west of Australia, southwest of Indonesia, south of India and east of Madagascar.

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Melayu Archipelago contains 30 nations, the 571st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Influential in Melayu Archipelago

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, Melayu Archipelago is ranked 10,704th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Islamic State of LibonesiaIron Fist Consumerists“There is no might nor power except with God (الله)”
2.The States of TololDemocratic Socialists“Jaşınler Yumatchıni!”
3.The FLOATING PARADISE of Southern Palm IslandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“GOOD AGAINST EVIL”
4.The United Kingdom of PemecutanInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Jaya ring Pesamuan”
5.The Unitary State of South East UnitedInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Kerja, kerja, kerja”
6.The Kingdom of EramanNew York Times Democracy“One Eraman”
7.The Crowned Federation of Samudera DarussalamNew York Times Democracy“A Land United and Prosperous”
8.The Ngwaziate of ZiwanaCorporate Bordello“Chimwemwe chilichonse chimatsata kumapazi achisoni”
9.The Community of Melayu ArchipelagoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Make Melayu Archipelago Great Again”
10.The Dominion of HavynwildeScandinavian Liberal Paradise“The Empire of Endless Summers”

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Melayu Archipelago Regional Message Board

🌅 Good Morning Melayu Archipelago! 🌅
🎉🎉Our third issue of The Enadian Morning Post is here!!! Please enjoy the updates about our region, fun articles, and the featured inter-regional newsletter! Don't forget to upvote this dispatch. It would mean a lot to us!

August 28 || Friday || Issue 3

News Headlines Role Play Opinions Politics Inter-Regional

Enadian Royalty, Politicians and Role Play Shines in the Region

Topic: Enadian Royal Interview
By: The United Australian States

Interviewee: HM King Craiggy Land
Interviewer: The United Australian States, Editor-in-Chief | The Enadian Morning Post

On June 1, 2020, Enadia held its election for Monarch. The incumbent, United Republic Empire, and Craiggy land were the two candidates. After citizens cast their votes and the electoral commission counted them, Craiggy won with a landslide 71.4% of the vote. Since this time, Craiggy has remained as Enadia’s ruling monarch and has been present in various round-table meetings, social functions, and other regional events. Today, it honors us to interview Enadia’s elected monarch to discuss the state of affairs of the region, his goals and royal insight into the success of the region.

The United Australian States: Good morning your Majesty. It is absolutely our pleasure to interview you and we appreciate the time you are taking to discuss your role, ideas, and goals for the region.

To start off, as the monarch of Enadia, what is your current function in the region and how have you been able to fulfill this goal?

HM King Craiggy Land: My function is to represent Enadia during events and foreign events. As King, I also have my own initiatives such as providing entertainment for the citizens of Enadia. I also have other projects in the works that are yet to be announced!

I believe that I have fulfilled my role as King. These include opening parliament, uplifting the citizens of Enadia and providing Enadia with a huge amount of tourism.

The United Australian States: After your rather astonishing and strong victory during the election, what do you think this says about the perception that the region had of you? Do you believe that you still have the support and trust of the Enadian people?

HM King Craiggy Land: I believe I have a very strong relationship with my subjects. I maintain constant communication with the citizens of Enadia and I'm able to engage with them in text chat, parliamentary sessions and round table events.

The United Australian States: What would you consider to be your favorite event you have attended or presided over in Enadia to-date? What made it special?

HM King Craiggy Land: My favourite event was the opening of the Enadian Parliament. I gave a speech to citizens and the Honourable Members of Parliament. However, the Round Table events have always been good events with massive turnout as well! They have allowed me to engage with many citizens of Enadia and listen to their views.

The United Australian States: Many critics unfairly cite your NationStates nation ceasing-to-exist twice as proof that you are unable to perform your role as monarch. What is your response to these claims considering the fact that you are active on discord and our other community platforms?

HM King Craiggy Land: Let’s see at the next Monarch Election.

The United Australian States: Moving forward, what aspirations or goals do you have for the region? Do you believe that these are in agreement with the elected government and citizenry of our region?

HM King Craiggy Land: Enadia is a glorious region and will continue to be so in the future. I hope I can continue my place in helping make Enadia the best region in NationStates. I look forward to seeing the region grow and evolve into the future.

The United Australian States: As the monarch, you wield immense privilege in the region and have the ability to sway public opinion. You have many supporters in the region. However, we live in a time where our government and elected officials struggle to properly uphold the democratic processes they are charged with preserving. Do you believe that your role as monarch is more crucial than ever during these troubling times?

HM King Craiggy Land: My role as king is an unpolitical one. I will not comment on political matters, but I will advocate for every Citizen in Enadia to use their right to vote!

The United Australian States: Do you have any closing comments?

HM King Craiggy Land: I just want to thank the citizens of Enadia for giving me the privilege to serve as their Monarch. I'm looking forward to seeing the region grow and prosper into the future and I hope that I can count on their support in the Monarch Elections in January.

Other than that, I will continue my work, engaging with Citizens, promoting Enadia and serving my statutory duties as set out in the Constitution.

Thank you and God Bless me and Enadia.

The United Australian States:Thank you once again for sharing your royal insight, thoughts and ideas about Enadia. You have an integral role in the government, culture and fabric of our great region. Staff at The Enadian Morning Post are pleased to interview you and we wish you the best in your continued just and fair reign.

Topic: Commerce/Culture
By: God-King Rorschach

In 2018, under the Rorschach Administration the right to create a business and bring creativity in the region was established. Fast forward two years later, the Enadian International Business center in “The Plaza” is booming with new and well established firms and businesses, created by Enadians for Enadians.
The biggest and most prominent business in Enadia is the Latrovian “Graphics Haven”, a company that primarily focuses on delivering designs of all kinds. Starting with top quality flags, to headers, banners and just about anything that can get in the company’s hands. Emoticons and logos as well as logos for new businesses have also been delivered by this firm.

The Enadian Morning Post is the second largest company in Enadia delivering the hottest headlines in the region. Anything from community initiatives, to global projects, to government scrutiny all the way down to this very article, and so much more are carefully curated and sent to you by our dedicated team of authors and staff.The first two pieces of our newspaper have both hit a total over a little over than 700+ views.
Recently three more businesses have opened. The “Enadia Analytica '' created by the well known Reformist candidate Lisbane KC focusing to become a top Political Consulting Firm, that helps form Campaign strategies and manages Campaigns, both on Social Media, in the Regional Message Board, and on the Discord. Enadia Analytica’s core tenets are "Professionalism, Efficiency, Success". And if that is not good enough for you, then you may pay a visit to the “Regustis Cafe,” the first-ever café established in Enadia. Whose only priority is the satisfaction of all customers. Coffee, tea, and snacks will be handed out before round table meetings and parliament plenary sessions is one of the many promises this company has made.
Now is a perfect time to start your own business or join one of the many developing members of our community.

Topic: Enadian Royal Interview
By: The United Australian States

Interviewee: Honorable North Eastern Cheshire, MP
Interviewer: The United Australian States, Editor-in-Chief | The Enadian Morning Post
August 23 Enadian Plenary (Parliament) Session

On August 23, the Enadian Parliament met for another weekly recorded plenary session on the public chat of the Enadian discord server. Speaker Rorschach had his hands full with two motions, a ratification of a new Act, and an amendment to previous legislation. The first motion of the House of Commons congratulated region members who received exam results that would set them up for future University and College opportunities. While this motion recognized real-life accomplishments and events in a light and cheerful tone, Motion Two emphasized the political and democratic unrest in the region. The Enadian Parliament passed Motion Two, which was a statement regarding the voided House By-Election on August 16 under the Recall Petition & By-Elections Act 2020. After a complicated and tumultuous campaign cycle for the one remaining seat in Parliament, the Electoral Commissioner of Enadia voided the results because of inappropriate campaign practices cited to have been the fault of the independent candidate Denver.
The voiding of election results was an event that caused a public outcry in the region’s public discord channel, and the Enadian government responded with the ratification of the Electoral Commission Transparency Act, which streamlines the campaign rules, process, and structure. The one-party Reformist parliament voted unanimously to enact this legislation, and this event came in the wake of private citizens discussing the creation of a new political party to rival the reformist-led government.
Finally, the parliament enacted an amendment to the Definition of Crime & the Process of Amendment Act. According to Honorable Speaker Rorschach, “This Parliament… does hereby define this set of scenarios as illegal and in breach of this bill. This Parliament also does set forth a process of amendment to add such crimes that may have been unforeseen by this bill.” The new amendment to this Act will hopefully create a more concrete and definable role for the Enadian judicial system, and combined with the ratified bill, will pave the way for a more efficient and transparent government.

Hello Honorable Cheshire. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to receive some insight into the recent developments in the Enadian Parliament. We hope that this interview will inform the region on the activity of the government and the legal and legislative developments of our region at large.

The United Australian States: First, what are your thoughts on the efficiency and developments of the August 23 plenary session? Do you believe that the Enadian Parliament had a successful session overall?

North Eastern Cheshire: Yes, indeed I do.

The United Australian States: On August 23, The Enadian parliament passed two motions, one act, and one amendment. Let’s start with the Electoral Commission Transparency Act. Recently, citizens of Enadia have shown their dissatisfaction in the oversight and activity of the Enadian Electoral Commission, and the government seems to have delivered.

What are your thoughts on this new legislation and how do you think it will shape the electoral process in the future?

North Eastern Cheshire: Well, it is certainly a necessary first step, but I look forward to seeing the further improvements that can be made.

The United Australian States: On August 16, the Enadian Electoral Commission suspended the region’s parliamentary by-election and cited a candidate’s inappropriate campaign practices as one reason for this. As a result, the Enadian Parliament issued its second motion for the August 23 session that recognized the suspension of the by-election and mandated the scheduling of a fresh election.

The Enadian people have yet to have another elected MP. Is there a time that you believe this will take place? Also, do you believe that the Electoral Commission Transparency Act will clarify the electoral process to all Enadians interested in running for elections or who are just following the elections?

North Eastern Cheshire: Yes I do indeed, I also think that the actions that led to the Commission’s decision serve as a clear example as to what people should not do in an election campaign.

The United Australian States: Moving on, let’s discuss the amendment to the Definition of Crime & the Process of Amendment Act. The Speaker of the House stated that this amendment will clarify the specific crimes that the Enadian government, and specifically the courts, can act upon and prosecute.

Which members of parliament contributed to this amendment process? Do you believe that this amendment will establish stronger legal precedents for the region?

North Eastern Cheshire: I authored the amendment to rectify an issue I realised a couple of months ago which I think will make Enadian justice fairer for all and will ensure that justice will always be delivered.

The United Australian States: In its first motion for the session, the Enadian Parliament recognized and congratulated members of the region on their recent exam results. Do you believe that real-life circumstances such as school, work, and late summer activities will cause the Enadian Parliament to lose activity? If so, how will you and your party work to remain active during this time?

North Eastern Cheshire: I think that they could, if we were not all dedicated to delivering strong and stable leadership in the regional interest.

The United Australian States: Any last thoughts on the August 23 plenary session?

North Eastern Cheshire: No, thank you for having me.

The United Australian States: Thank you for your time and insight into the August 23 plenary session. Staff at The Enadian Morning Post appreciate your thoughts on the session and look forward to presenting this to the region.

Topic: Enadian Role Play Feature | All content is edited for clarity
By: Helvetiorus

Meet the Participants:

The United States of Ontario [USA]: "I am a stealth fighter guy. And this is my F-22. She weighs 43,430 lbs and costs more than 500 million dollars. It costs 33,000 dollars to operate this aircraft for one hour. Some nations think they can outsmart me. Maybe, maybe. I've yet to meet one that can outsmart F R E E D O M."

The Third Aexodian Empire [France + UK]: "If I was a bad Demoman Cruise Missile User, I wouldn't be talking about it, would I?!"

The Kingdom of Cintria [Italy]: "Let's go practice medicine."

The Sikh Republic [India]: "Did anyone happen to kill a traitorous Sikh Empire on their way here? No? Then we still have a problem."

New South Wales [UK]: "Professionals have standards."

Lincoln [Australia]: "I don't even know where to start with you. I mean, do you know who you're talking to? Do you have any idea? Any idea who I am? Basically, kind of a big deal. You listening? Basically, grass grows, birds fly, and brother, I hurt people."

Cydonia [Japan]: "Hey look buddy. I'm a nation state. That means I solve problems. Not problems like "What is democracy?", 'cause that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems."

Jaeji [South Korea]: "If fighting will result in victory, then you must FIGHT."

Craig [Israel]: Stares menacingly with Mossad.

Credits to Helvetiorus

Disclaimer: The Enadian Morning Post does not endorse, side with, or promulgate any activity in the Enadian discord. Our mission is to showcase the activity in Enadia and present objective coverage of the region and observations and analyses of the region from our experienced staff.

Inter-regional Articles

Topic: Inter-regional Feature
By: Freedomanica

The Enadian Morning Post is proud to present its first inter-regional newspaper feature. During the month of August, staff at TEMP worked tirelessly to establish and cultivate inter-regional ties with newspapers, broadcasting services, and newsletters around NationStates. Our current inter-regional headquarters are located on our discord server and include private and government-sponsored news sources in four regions. Today, The Enadian Morning Post is proud to showcase the work of Fylkirvegr, one of our first inter-regional collaborators. The Fylkirvegr Gazette is a weekly newsletter publication that showcases all of the happenings, both big and small, of the region Fylkirvegr. Below is the link to Fylkirvegr's newsletter. The Enadian Morning Post is eager to collaborate with and showcase other regions through the medium of dispatch-based news. If you are interested in joining our growing inter-regional network, please join our discord in the link at the bottom of the dispatch or telegram [nation]The Enadian Morning Post[/i]. We believe that through collaboration and communication, regional publications such as The Enadian Morning Post and The Fylkirvegr Gazette can inform more readers around nationstates. If you like the dispatch, please upvote it!


Topic: Inter-regional Event

The Enadian Morning Post expresses its true sorrow and dismay over the ransacking and destruction of the region of 10000 Island's discord server that took place recently. As a private business with a discord-based headquarters, we believe that discord-based communities on NationStates hold immense value to their members and like any community, should be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. We wholeheartedly wish the nation of Kuriko and the leaders of 10000 Islands the best in their current and future endeavors to rebuild what has been taken from them. Please read this dispatch and upvote it to gain some understanding of this tragic event and to show support to their region as they rebuild.


.Under the Cypresses | Opinion Column.

Trouble Spinning Up
Topic: Community Correspondence
By: La Republique Louisianaise

As I am writing this, Louisiana is bracing for its second tropical system in one week. Marco came around earlier this week but got lost and weakened before reaching the coast. Laura, however, has proven more determined. She is now a Category Four on the Saffir-Simpson Scale and will make landfall near the Texas-Louisiana border early Thursday morning. The outer bands of the storm alone have triggered the local National Weather Service office to issue at least five tornado warnings today around the state capital, Baton Rouge.

For those wondering why I’m talking about random people, the National Hurricane Center (a sister organization of the National Weather Service), has been naming storms since the 1950s, with male names only coming into practice in the 1970s. The World Meteorological Organization retires names of major hurricanes like Camille in 1969 and Katrina in 2005, which both hit Louisiana and Mississippi and were such horrible catastrophes that they deserve individual recognition and remembrance.

As you can see above, this is not Louisiana’s first time riding out hurricanes. According to a study about New Orleans’ hurricane history, 49 of the 270+ hurricanes that made landfall in the U.S. Atlantic between 1851 and 2004 hit Louisiana. 18 were major hurricanes. Those familiar with Louisiana hurricane records will notice Laura is taking a similar path as Rita, which marched into Southwest Louisiana just weeks after Katrina and subsequent levee failures infamously turned the New Orleans area into an impromptu Venice.

I remember Rita, though vaguely. Growing up in Northwest Louisiana, we were far enough inland to not feel much impact except for flash flooding and some moderately gusty winds. However, Rita was different; it was strong enough at landfall to continue knocking out power into Arkansas (just as Katrina did in central Mississippi weeks earlier). Gustav and Ike would do the same thing during the 2008 hurricane season. As you can probably guess, being away at college “down south” (as we say back home to refer to the Southern half of the state) during Laura gives me a different perspective this time.

Times like these make me think about the people that keep coming back after hurricanes to rebuild New Orleans bigger and better each time. People might ask Louisianians why they would want to live in a place like this, knowing all the risks. Well, in response I’d like to ask those same people why they continue living in Oklahoma despite tornadoes or California despite their frequent wildfires. The simple answer will probably be similar among the three of us: This is home, and there’s no other place like it.

That being said, wish us luck and safety down here, and to any fellow Louisianians reading this, stay safe.

.The Days the World Stood Still | Role Play Column.

Issue Two - Battle of the Parthian Gulf
Topic: Role Play Column
By: South Bengal

The Allies fielded a sizable formation of naval assets against the Iranian formations. The Iranians were the first to engage the Allied forces, sending in nearly a dozen Shenyang J-11 fighters from their Kiev class Carrier equipped with air-to-surface missiles. The planes were to engage the ships at the outer rim of the formation of the fleet.

Following the launch of the planes, Cintrian Type 45s were quick to fire their Sea Viper missiles to take down the oncoming planes. It wasn’t all in vain, though. The Persians took down the HMS Cutlass, a Type 22 ship of the Royal Navy. Craiggaians met this attack by cutting off all naval links of Iran with the outside world. This maneuver restricted all ships, civilian or military from entering or escaping the area. The rest of the allied forces rained down a hail of missiles on the Iranian forces, and the allied forces were quick to send in aircraft to engage the Iranian fleet. The Persian fleet was maneuvering towards the Iranian coast to engage the allied fleet with coastal batteries and S-300 systems placed along the Iranian shore.

The Royal Raptor

With the Iranian fleet losing to the allied fleet, the battle took to the skies. Hearing about oncoming US and Sikh aircraft, the Iranians sent their F-14s and MiG 29s in the battle. The Iranian forces also brought in the S-300 missile system, which is considered the best in the world. They also fielded 60 HESA Saeqeh Aircraft and Foxbats to counter the allied aircraft. Unknown to the Iranians, the US fielded the F-22 Raptor, the first of her new aircraft. Her combination of stealth, aerodynamic performance, and avionics systems enable unprecedented air combat capabilities. The Raptors easily outclassed all enemy aircraft and with the support of Sikh and US F-16s inflicted heavy damages to the S-300 missile systems on the ground. In mere hours, the Iranian Air Force was non-existent, though it went down fighting while taking down several of the F16s in the battle. The Destroyers also fired several Tomahawk cruise missiles in the Parthian gulf, disabling the Iranian SAM systems. With an allied air-superiority established over Iranian airspace, attacks on ground targets intensified. Allies soon sent the Ontarion F-117 Nighthawks over Tehran intending to shock and awe operations and to highlight the ineffectiveness of the Islamic regime.

Cruise Missile Hail-fire

With the naval battle intensifying, the Aexodian forces launched a barrage of 6,000 missiles upon the Iranian civilian, military, and industrial infrastructure. Suspension of all bombardments on the nation by General Mattis immediately followed this attack, and they gave amphibious landings on the mainland an affirmative.

Meet Our Talented Staff and Writers!

Editor-In-Chief: The United Australian States
Freelance Writer: God-King Rorschach
Role Play Columnist: South Bengal
Opinion Columnist: La Republique Louisianaise
This Week's Featured Writer: Helvetiorus
Inter-Regional Correspondent: Freedomanica

Letter From the Editor-in-Chief

It is with great pleasure that The Enadian Morning Post publishes its third issue. As the Editor-in-Chief of this growing news outlet, I am extremely proud of the work being done by our staff, inter-regional partners and followers. Without readers, our staff would not have an audience. Without staff, this paper would not exist. I am so thankful for everyone who has been involved with the production, enjoyment, and distribution of this paper. Special thanks to God-King Rorschach, La Republique Louisianaise and South Bengal for their ongoing support despite busy weeks, long days, and sleepless nights. I also want to thank members of the Enadian role play server for their encouragement, feedback, and collaboration. Creating this paper was not something that I imagined would continue, yet after our third issue we are still running, growing, and continuing to be strong. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this week's edition of The Enadian Morning Post.
The United Australian States

Announcement: At the deadline of October 31, all submissions will be compiled into The Ghost Dragons' cookbook project that will record and present the culinary talent of Enadians and all NationStates players. A link to the project’s dispatch with contact, submission, and deadline information can be found here.

Interested in featuring your important announcements, advertisements or notices on The Enadian Morning Post? Simply contact any member of our staff or join our Linkdiscord to get more information. We at The Enadian Morning Post are thrilled to showcase all regional happenings and the talent in our region. Stories and article submissions are accepted by private residents and citizens through our discord. Please contact the Editor-in-Chief The United Australian States for more information.

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The Swordtooth Standard

The The United States of Springmont has renewable energies in abundance. The country, which aims to become the first Malayan country to use 100% green energy by 2035, is currently on the verge of using its own resources. Indeed, the exploitation of geothermal energy, which the Montian population has been calling for since independence, is on the way to becoming a reality. At least that is what we can learn from the field visit of the Minister of Industries & Energy, also in charge of Natural Resources , Dr. Nicole Heangist, MP went on the morning of Sunday, 6th Sept., to the geothermal energy exploration site located in Crownbishop near Puma Creek.

More news can be found here

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Wish Colin Advance Wars a Happy Birthday!

Pemecutan wrote:Happy Independence Day Malaysia

hAPPY MALAY Indepence Day,

Wish Colin Advance Wars a Happy Birthday!
but you can have cake already because it's ur birthday 2, ya

Vote no for liberation Syria

Can you Explain Why are you Against it?

Andrha Pradesh wrote:Vote no for liberation Syria


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Because that region is still under the control of its founder. The system was abused by raiders.

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