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WA Delegate (non-executive): The Kingdom of Soracana Islands (elected )

Founder: The Community of Melayu Archipelago

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Welcome to the Melayu Archipelago.

Melayu Archipelago or sometimes referred to as Western Oceania is a subregion with a total area of 6.8m km2 and a total land area of 2m km2. It consists of islands that are geographically west of Australia, southwest of Indonesia, south of India and east of Madagascar.

Current RP:
Wiki: LinkEncylocpedia Melayu
Politics & Diplomacy: Ladonka Summit
Sports & Recreation: Melayu Sportswire | 4th CMFA Champions League | CMFA Nations League
News & Events: Melayu Archipelago Journal
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Please endorse our WA Delegate and Secretary-General, Soracana Islands!

Embassies: India, Assembly of Regions, Southfield, Africa, The Confederacy of Aligned Nations, The Moderate Alliance, The Embassy, Bharat, Fredonia, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Montrandecs Neighbours, The Western Isles, Sunalaya, One big Island, The Land of Yoob, Nusantara Archipelago, and 20 others.Auctoritan Commonwealth, Portugal, Democratic Federation of Malaysia, Emery, Lardyland, China, Nova, Union of Democrats, Global Assembly, Nation of Earth, Enadia, Indonesia Raya, Slavers Bay, Ecolyspal, Allied Conservative States, Old Zealand, Wishtonia, The south India, New Reich of Bunicken, and RAMS.

Construction of embassies with SEC Fanatics has commenced. Completion expected .

Tags: Capitalist, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, General Assembly, Independent, Map, Medium, Modern Tech, Pacifist, Role Player, Socialist, and Sports.

Melayu Archipelago contains 31 nations, the 528th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Melayu Archipelago

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, Melayu Archipelago is ranked 8,645th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Islamic State of LibonesiaIron Fist Consumerists“There is no might nor power except with God (الله)”
2.The Rogue Nation of Aglio OlioInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Democracy is the way in”
3.The Republic of Lang TengahNew York Times Democracy“Ready to serve, loyal at all times”
4.The Republic of PenzariaAnarchy“Bersatu Bersesama”
5.The Republic of MangasiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Service above all”
6.The Autonomous Territory of Labuan and CempakaCivil Rights Lovefest“With Unity Comes Strength”
7.The Atoll of KencanaCorporate Bordello“Together We Stand”
8.The FLOATING PARADISE of Southern Palm IslandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“GOOD AGAINST EVIL”
9.The Federation of AcastanhaTyranny by Majority“Unidade, Liberdade, Prosperidade”
10.The Community of Melayu ArchipelagoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Make Melayu Archipelago Great Again”

Regional Happenings


Melayu Archipelago Regional Message Board

So after they withdrew the amendment, they wanted to compromise, So this was our compromised amendment. This new amendment will make the AoR more direct to the voters and more democratic. It will add another way for citizens like you and me to check the power of the AoR. If you beleive in making the AoR more democratic, VOTE YES:

Recall, Initiatives, SNAP Amendment
Author: Speaker of the House of Delegates Ohino

Article 57: Recall Elections are elections that take place only at the Council of Regions. In order for a recall election to take place, citizens of the home region of the Regional Councilor are allowed to collect 10% of their region’s population signatures and must present it to the Executive Branch of the Assembly of Regions and to the Council Chairman. When that happens, a 15 to 25-day period will begin where the incumbent will have to run an election in their local region. The Region has the right to make the election rules. Recall elections may not be called within the 20 days of a Council of Regions Election.

Article 58: People Initiatives are laws that are passed by citizens of the Assembly of Regions. For ballot initiatives to be approved, 5% of signatures based on the voting turnout of the House of Delegates Election in a majority of regions must be collected by petition and Presented to the Minister of Justice. After the petition is approved, an election must take place within 15 to 25 days but not on a weekday. To be approved, 50%+1 is required for the ballot initiative to be approved.

Article 59: Veto Initiatives are laws already passed by the Parliament of the Assembly of Regions that can be put on the ballot for the people to approve. 5% of signatures based on the voting turnout of the House of Delegates Election in a majority of regions must be collected by petition and Presented to the Minister of Justice. After the petition is approved the law cannot be enforced temporarily, an election must take place within 15 to 25 days but not on a weekday. To be approved, 50%+1 is required for the ballot initiative to be approved. If 50% + 1 vote against the bill, the law is repealed.

Article 60: Citizens have the right to call a SNAP Election within either house of Parliament by collecting 5% of signatures based on the voting turnout of the House of Delegates Election in a majority of regions must be collected by petition and Presented to the Minister of Justice. After the petition is approved, an election must take place within 15 to 25 days but not on a weekday. A Vote must take place 10 to 20 days of approval to ask voters to call an election of either the House of Delegates, Council of Regions or both. If 50% + 1 vote to call an election, the election must take place within 15 to 25 days but not on a weekday. These elections cannot happen within 10 days of their respective election.

Article 61: All Parliamentary approved Amendments must be approved by the citizens of the Assembly of Regions by majority vote. The Minister of Justice of the Chancellor can decide on when those elections take place and how they take place.

Article 62: Council of Region election will be administered by the Assembly of Regions if a region decides to hold an election for it, whether it does or not. The Council will be picked by ranked choice voting. Council membership by regions is optional.

Article 63: The Elections Division will be made up of 3 citizens who are nominated by the Chancellor and approved by the Supreme Court. They can not be currently affiliated with a political party. The Elections Division’s job is to administer Elections for the Assembly of Regions.

Read dispatch

GPP has a sentiment to build on AoR's forgotten military and to make it an organized ministry which will provide safety for all AoR members, so we don't have raiders which have raided our beautiful member regions and their territories in the past such as Novus Lucidium and Lasagna. We recognize and acknowledge that not all regions like the idea of a military, so the military will be an optional branch that member regions and citizens of AoR can choose to join upon their will. We promise to build on this in the next term as it is very important we do so in order to upkeep a region's sovereignty.

Some bills that GPP has produced and passed in AoR are the Regional Unity Celebrations Act which declares that once every 4 months, there shall be an Expo which shall be held in AoR so all regions can mingle with each other and get to know one another better.

The Regional Unity Celebrations Act is an act that will get all member regions to become more united with one another and for all regions and nations to get to know one another better.

Article 1: Every Chancellor term, a celebration of culture and history of each regions shall take place during the middle of the term, so that regions can have time to prepare.
Article 2: The celebration time period can be anywhere from 1 day to 1 week depending upon the Minister of Interior and/or Chancellor.
Article 3: The celebrations shall be in the form of an Expo where there can be speakers, presentations, displays, etc.
Article 4: The event shall take place on AoR's RMB and on discord for the convenience of all citizens and regions.

This bill highlights the unity that AoR can achieve, but also a chance to learn about different cultures and regions.

This bill was the wonderful idea of Katanga Vristaadt and written by Awell Islands, both proudly representing GPP.

Read dispatch

I already talked about the HoD Expansion, so you can find that in the past rmb messages or in the last rmb page. This was one of our greatest accomplishments and further representation of all regions in the lower house including Lasagna.

In order to properly describe and outline what "legal raiding" and "illegal raiding" is in AoR, GPP came up with an excellent soltuion to this which makes it perfectly clear.

All regions involved in illegally raiding would be disbanded from AoR

Legal Raiding Practices

- liberation of an AoR member region
- liberation of an AoR associate or non-member region
- the act of preserving an inactive regions for historical purposes
- having a war declared upon an AoR member region and attacking the war-calling region

Illegal Raiding Practices

- raiding an AoR member region for pleasure, revenge, or power
- raiding an AoR associate and non-member region for pleasure, revenge, or power

Ministry of Internal Affairs,
Awell Islands

Ratified by current Chancellor,

Read dispatch

The Vocals Chambers Act is a law which enforces proper civility and etiquette in both parliament chambers of HoD and CoR so it stays professional on discord.

The Voting Chambers Vocals Act is a measure taken in order to put an end to individuals talking about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING else other than the normal voting procedure along the lines of Aye, Nay, and Abstain. In order to keep the Voting Chambers clean and easy to manage and keep track of, the following Articles are needed:

Article 1: Voting Chambers

Section 1: All nations in both parliaments of AoR cannot speak on the CoR and HoD Voting Chambers other than when there is a vote going on in which case they are allowed to say something along the lines of Aye, Nay, and Abstain.

Section 2: Nations outside of the two parliaments who have the ability to post in the voting chambers cannot post in it no matter what.

Section 3: Only the Speaker or Chairman of the House of Council shall have the power to speak words other than something along the lines of Aye, Nay, and Abstain as long as it is in a responsible manner.

Section 4: Any interruptions to this bill's statements shall be dealt with by the Speaker or Chairman

Section 5: In order to show civility and order, no emojis or reactions can be done in both voting chambers.

Article 2: Proposal Chambers

Section 1: All proposals/bills are to be posted here for it to be discussed and voted upon by the two respective parliaments.

Section 2: All CoR, HoD, and other members of AoR are allowed to propose bills with the exception of judicial judges, associates, and of course non-members.

Section 3: Only proposals/bill are to be posted in the proposals channel of each parliament, nothing else.

Section 4: In order to keep the parliaments at the topmost standard, no emoji's or reactions are permitted.

Archives of Votes HoD:
Ohino / Union of Democrats / Green Peace Party:
North / The Monarchy Alliance / New Democracy:
Virgin Islands / The Monarchy Alliance / New Democracy:
Holy Roman Empires2 / The Monarchy Alliance / New Democracy:
Alpstein / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Katanga / Africa / Green Peace Party:
Genevea / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Latiouthel / Union of Democrats / Green Peace Party:
Marieholm / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Neo Kerala / India / Green Peace Party:
Ruzzio / Southfield / Green Peace Party:
Soracana Islands / Melayu Archipelago / Green Peace Party:
Yis / Southfield / Green Peace Party:
Sir Rost Dreadnorramus / New Reich of Bunicken / Homeland League:
Sandraudiga / New Reich of Bunicken / Homeland League:
Victorian Isles / Eastfield / United Global Democrats:
Blackflayme / Eastfield / United Global Democrats:
Overall Vote:
Pass or Fail

Archives of Votes CoR:
Andhrastate / India / Green Peace Party:
Wintermoore / Southfield / United Global Democrats:
Clovena / Union of Democrats / Green Peace Party:
Bigman / New Reich of Bunicken / Homeland League:
South East Asia / Melayu Archipelago / Green Peace Party:
Mombombu / Africa / Green Peace Party:
Odinburgh / Novus Lucidum / Independant:
Overall Vote:
Pass or Fail:

Written by: Awell Islands

Read dispatch

Additionally, GPP nations started an AoR Roleplay for AoR which I would like to invite you all to! It is a nation-based roleplay and open to all AoR regions. It is done on discord, but is also available to roleplay on AoR's rmb.
Please contact Awell Islands or Katanga Vristaadt for more information and to get involved! It is a great way to be involved.

Finally, GPP managed to push the government and court of AoR to extend the voting day for HoD from 1 day on July 10, to 2 full days, so from July 8-10, so more people can vote and AoR's citizens can be fully represented. Please feel free to join our discord server for GPP as well if interested to be involved:

Have a good day!!

Mmm.... Silent



Cup Of Harmony
- Sharktail finished 2nd in the Group Stage and reached the Round of 32 of the competition
- Eraman finished 4th in the Group Stage and failed to qualify to the knockout round

World Lacross Championship
- Havynwilde is still in contention to qualify to the knockout stage with 2 more group matches to go

Mattijana Open
- Syamim Kevin of Sharktail lost in the final of the tournament and finished runner up
- Ngurah Putra Muliawan of Pemecutan reached the semi-final before losing to Syamim Kevin
- Naim Alex of Sharktail reached the quarter-final before losing to Mindy Waterford
- Batera Siwara of Eraman and Maria Sophia Lubis of Pemecutan reached the Round of 16 before losing to Bartolo Sabanero and Ajla Vesnic respectively


World Baseball Classic
- Marigred has confirmed participation. Signups still open.

U21 World Cup / Di Bradini Cup
- Eraman and Springmont have confirmed participation. Signups still open.

U18 World Cup / Sporting World Cup
- Eraman, Libonesia, Sharktail and Springmont have confirmed participation. Signups on waitlist.

Ice Hockey
World Cup of Hockey
- Kayangan and Sharktail have confirmed participation. Signups still open.

Rugby League World Cup
- Kayangan has confirmed participation. Signups still open.

Hamilton International
- Tennis players from Eraman, Kencana, Pemecutan, Sharktail and Springmont to compete. Signups closed.

14th Summer Olympics
- Springmont has confirmed participation. Signups still open.


Club Football

International Federation of Club Football
Cutoff for the third cycle of competitions of the International Federation of Club Football (IFCF) will be Sunday, July 12th, 2020, at 23:59 UTC.

Confederation of Melayu Football Associations
Cutoff for the fifth CMFA Champions League will be on the final post of the third cycle of competitions of the International Federation of Club Football (IFCF).

Confirmed Participants (28 clubs from 7 nations):
Eraman: Royal Daulapura, Anara, Royal Puncakpura, Damaisari
Kencana: Kota Damai, Kuala Aman, Cintamata, Teluk Udang
Kayangan: Kelasi, Puncak Persetan, Setanggi, Kota Kiambang
Pemecutan: Pesepoh Pohgading, Pesedilan Pemedilan, Pesepdu Pedungan, Pesemogan Pemogan
Sharktail: Kota Jembal, Kota Lama, Freedom FC, Kota Lama Ranger
Springmont: Finanger United FC, Meadbrook Ranger FC, Ashburn United FC, Clovercrest Condor FC
Tanah Jaya: Setangi Sailors, Royal Tanah Jaya Police, Lions FC, Southern Falcon FC

Pemecutan New Year celebration ended today.


Remember to vote for AoR HoD election and Amendment.

Hello everyone. In accordance with the provisions of the constitution, I will be opening the ballots for the Assembly of Regions House of Delegates, as directed by the Minister of Justice. I encourage everyone to vote in this election, as this is important to the functioning of our democracy.

Hallo zusammen. In Übereinstimmung mit den Bestimmungen der Verfassung eröffne ich auf Anweisung des Justizministers die Stimmzettel für das Delegiertenhaus der Versammlung der Regionen. Ich ermutige alle, an dieser Wahl teilzunehmen, denn dies ist wichtig für das Funktionieren unserer Demokratie.



The Homeland League now has opened a server so that all who vote for the Homeland League can also have a say in the party.

We hope you will give the Homeland League your vote as a vote for the Homeland League is a vote for all of AoR.

Our Party Plateform

Homeland League

Platform: The Homeland League, seeing it as our duty to protect the rights and powers of the regions composing the AOR, advocate just that, regional sovereignty. In times in the recent past, the AOR, established as an alliance, not a union, had been gradually expanding its authority over the sovereign governments of its unique and independent member regions. We oppose this, especially the course on which this is merely the first step. That course leads to Federalism, which we fear will warp the AOR from a good, and just association of free regions, based on mutual respect and friendship, into a corrosive and tyrannical superstate which will sign into law the destruction of the identities of tens of unique regions. Thus, the center point of our platform is the prevention of any federalization of the AOR, and the containment of its power over member regions to those absolutely necessary to maintain cooperation and order among member regions, and to foster friendship between said regions. In regards to non-AOR issues, Homeland League advocates social conservatism, and conservatism in general, believing that traditions, social norms, and culture all lead to a generally happier, more stable society. A society in touch with its roots and soul is a society for the better. We also advocate nationalism among regions and in the real world. The AOR should be a free alliance and association of proud regions who respect one another as well as themselves, and seek cooperation and friendship. This is central to our model. We do not want a tyrannical and destructive federation, or a weak and meaningless council that exists for flavor alone. We seek an alliance of regions, firm in friendship, and grounded in respect for the regions themselves, and their compatriots. Of course, this is very different from the isolationist anarchism of what was once the Regionalist Party, as we seek maintenance of close bonds among member regions, cooperation between the AOR as a whole in military and diplomatic affairs when appropriate, and an AOR government that will work to these ends without trampling on regions' freedoms. Additionally, with the topic of parties fresh off the tongue, we absolutely support the prevention of partisan bickering and party politics rising as a dominating factor in AOR politics. If the dream of a free, prosperous, and coordinated AOR is to be achieved, it must have a functional and symbiotic political machine. In fact, while federalism is our greatest enemy, we view partisan polarism as a far more disgusting opponent. Polarism along partisan lines would be a severe detriment to the AOR as a free association, and it would be even more of a threat in a federation.

In essence, the policies and ideology advocated by the Homeland League are as follows:


Regional Sovereignty

Social Conservatism (and conservatism as a whole)


Friendship initiatives among AOR members

Multi-partisan cooperation to achieve virtuous ends

Responsible and transparent government

Representation and pursuit of the interests of member regions

These are our core tenets. We seek an Assembly that is powerful in its limitations, and remarkable for its responsible governance.


Chairman: Prussian Mittleafrika

Members: LadyMorrighan, Selven, Xenhe Lous, Skyonder, Christian Confederation

Read factbook

If you support having direct elections for the Chancellor of the AoR, please sign this petition

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