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Founder: The Crumbling Empire of The Legion of Mankind

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Osiris moment

Embassies: Federation of Conservative Nations, The Interdimensional Community, The Galactic Empire of Britain, The Dank Meme Alliance, The Sands, The Bar on the corner of every region, Christmas, Gypsy Lands, Land of Turtles, Strawberry Hill, Kentucky, and Galactic Imperium.

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Monarchist and Democratic Alliance contains 20 nations, the 830th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Cheese Export Sector in Monarchist and Democratic Alliance

Qualified World Census Cheese Masters nibbled their way across the globe to determine which nations have the most developed cheese exports.

As a region, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance is ranked 7,539th in the world for Largest Cheese Export Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Your broken oneRight-wing Utopia“Mission Accomplished”
2.The Republic of R5-D4Benevolent Dictatorship“Unity, Discipline, Work”
3.The Republic of Scp-073Corporate Bordello“Twirling Toward Freedom”
4.The Electrical Headman State of EmercondiaFather Knows Best State“Death is cool, I want to die”
5.The Galactic Empire of DeltaSourceIron Fist Consumerists“Дельта-источник будет процветать до конца времен”
6.The Republic of NM-185Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Hummanty is at risk we must FIGHT”
7.The Republic of Furbish Regional Garrison XXXInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Mission Accomplished”
8.The Reigning Empire of The Dawn of JordaIron Fist Consumerists“Though we set, we rise again”
9.The Republic of Rhodesia ZimbaweConservative Democracy“Rise oh Voices of Rhodesia”
10.The Band of MarillionMoralistic Democracy“On the outskirts of nowhere On the ring road to somewhe”

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Monarchist and Democratic Alliance Regional Message Board

Holys Puppet wrote:'Welcome to the Monarchist and Democratic Alliance!
Region is currently in the end stage of its life.'

Now that's a tad dramatic, isn't it Legion?

Anyway, its Holy Roman Empires2, I wanted to drop in to say hi, but with you nihilists...

Have a good day guys

thanks, I do my best. He's the nihilist, I'm the guy who's holding on

Marillion wrote:And now without furtherado after nearly a month of nothing here I go
john and Jax take a breather trying to understand the sution. Delta is still passed out as jax makes the call

J: Genreal mission objective failed target escaped, but sqaud weakened

V: Come assit me in clearing u this mess then

the mess she speaks of is the seen inside the main lobby the last point of resstince for the UA forces agisnt the Hoszten forces. The UA forces is now a group of cilviians with few soilders amoungs them trying to hold the open area. the makastan forces are pinned under cover and the even the legionaires have slowed there advance to protect some of the weaker units.


She quickly servers past a shell hole from the battle. Upon reaching city hall they eject themselves out and see rose with a platoon of forces. Beta quickly flips the car as hey get out to provide some shelter in the gun fight
A small transport arrives and disembarks some extra forces near Firbrand's postion.

Lilith: Target aqured mission over. By the order of the High genreal I am comendereing this vessal for transportion of target

Piolt: For makasta!

the cage holding osiris is loaded up unto the transport along with Lilith. The transport takes off heading back towards Isle Makasta. Firebrand takes the squad back to the city hall to flush out the rest of the UA forces
Luna orders her sqaud to find Aura and caroline. As they near one of the otehr entereinces the lights go out shielding them in pure black. Ryia steps over a mond of metal that seems to be drawing a horde of flies when she sinces the pressinc eof others. She quickly elteryfies herself lightint he area massivly reviling the man who was here earlier, but this time two others stand behind him. The mass below her is the bodies of the legionaires. RYia summons her sythe as Lyia turns into what apears to be a knight as issaic and Luna pull out there guns and open fire. One of the poeple behind the main man quickly seems to melt and provide cover for the other two in a mass of metal shimmering liqud. Lyia charges forwarss but quickly appears to shatter into what looks like a mirror seeing one of the men inside. the man sqaures off simply nodding and pullig out his own sword.
Isis and Aura meet up with lukia and Hecktat. Lukia chares forard towards the two as hecktat opens fire from behind. Isis takes avantage of Lukia's boldness and shoots her in the shoulder whicth dispte cuasing a wound seems to do little to stop her. Aura engages in combat with Lukia but due to the trian and the sheer fury that lukia is fightijg with its clear shes being overwelmed. Isis tries to take shots at hecktat but eeps getting ditsracted as memmoires from her child pour in breaking her focus

Zeta's forces begin to fire back with lion leading raven out of the main gun fight. as the two try to get away rose apers before them, tae out her sythe she lungues at lion who pushes raven down and parries the blow. rose is Quick to keep bounceing around preventing lion from gaining a satble footing and bailty to properally resist as attack after attack riens down from all derections, Lion Blocks as many as she can but at least she is struck in the back and tumbles down. Rse quickly seeks to expolt this opening takeing lions sword and handcuffing her before a shot is fired. Raven from her little dicth pulled out a psitol and sussful shot rose in the arm. Rose screams in pain falling to the groung herself as raven walks over. when raven finnaly over towers her to fire the finanly shot Rose simply smiles as she fades away. and Raven shoots lion in the back. Raven trips over herself trying to understand what just happened as rose apears from behind and knocks her out

Rose: "need medical team over near my postion, a target hahs been servelly inurgeyed but both both have been cpatured. Prepare for a retreat, as these dog have called in some frinds"

rose grabs raven and starts to run towards one of the imprumtu command centers set up in a hellicoptor./i]


[i]Zeta and her squad having been pinned down provide fire supprot for the xsiting troop formations pusing into the city hall

Zeta:" Hey Beta, think we could pull a leaf city here?"

Beta: "why the- ohhhhh"

Beta using his strght picks up the car thery where using as a baracade and begins to rush forwards zeta and gamma in suit follwing behind laying down surpising fire as the group reaches enemeny lines and proced to cause havok allwoig for the UA forces to procesed closwe rot the city hall
Osiris starts to regain consionnous seeing where he is and who he is with

Osiris: "HEY! Lil! its me your brother you have to rember, could ya help me out here da-"

Lilith: "Call sign 'lil' not accpected, target you will remain quit or I will be forced to appely extra force to ensure this mission is completed, waiting for responce"

Osris: " darn robot Sis, please try and break out of whatever he did to you me and caroline can help you we know poeple please try and lis-"

Lilith: "Call sign 'sis' not accpected, target you will remain quit or I will be forced to appely extra force to ensure this mission is completed, this is your final warnign before I-"

Osris: "SHUT UP WITH THAT your a human being not some emotionless droid! act like it sis! you taught me that!"

Lilith: "Call sign 'sis' not accpected, noting for log, target had to subdued for journey home"

Lilith presses som buttons on a pannel next to her and parcues just slumps over again being knocked out
Luna obvlsily in sheer confusion on what is going on lungues at one of the men, when she reaches him he falls over as luna impales him with her knfie deep into his chest slicing it open laughing all along was she does so the flyies that where coving the whole area just disaper. ryia takes up her sythe and with ssic lowering the tempter masily prepares to engage the other man.

weird dude: "wow I surrender no need to shoot an old man like me"

Ryia doesnt seem to care as she walks close a sadstic grinn on her face

weird dude: "a;rlight then I warned ya"

ryia is knocked to floor as if gravty itsself is bein used aginst her slowly being crushed by the air around her, she sparked up enough aboubver her to cretate a tiny black hole that counteracts the crushing gravty as she starst to aproch the man once again. she falls down himself in sheer horor as ryia smiles and hits him with the backend of her sythe knocking him out ryia looks over to luna and shakes her head and luna looks a little mad at this jesster

issiac: "hey guyys thats great and all but where lyia?"
lyia appers to be in a carbon copy of the room she was just in but without her squadmates and just the one guy. her powers have seemingly also dispered as she is in her normall form. She whips out her pistol to fire it at the strnager finding that even though its fully loaded it wont fire

man: "hello lyia welcome welcome want a spot of tea? or justto chat?"

as he says this a tea set and table and chair manfiest wheicth he motions to her to sit, she refuses to move gun still pointed at him

Lyia: " WHO ARE YOU!"

Man: " well some call me grandlord, some call me keeper, others call me a god, but the name I like for myself is X, spooky and mystis isnt it, and as for the next question you where going to sk, welcome to my wonderland! im a god here in all since of the word, and your in here with me till I decide to let you out, say take a walk with me?"

the walls aorund sseemingly crumble revling a landscape stright out of candyland with everything being so pink bright and candy like
Isis and aura keep trying to fight agisnt lukia and hecktat but with isis on the verge of a mental break down and aura just a machine of blind furry they are fialy quite misrablly. that is untill a fimmler wistling is herd from behind

Quetz: "yoo hoo Isis! Aura! back up is here!"

Quetz presses on his wcath and a hologrhpic form of riply emrges and begins to engage hecktat allowing isis to regin her focus and help aura in the fight. as Aura feels comed by the precnce of quetz she notices an opening and expolts it overwelming lukia forces lukia and hecktat to withdraw for the time being
odin and caroline sussfully make it to an imptume commad center esblishd by reforcements and get caroline to safty as odin heads back in with a team of soilders to help out tin any fight

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Thank you for liberating us Wascoitan, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I had to live with evil such as this:

Furbish Regional Garrison XXX wrote:Cognitive behavioral therapy

Oh joys Raiders tagging my RP region, Could you guys like Not?

- New Makasta's RP puppet

Thanks Osiris very cringe.

Post self-deleted by The COT Corporation.

Yay! Another thing to fall apart!!

Now can I die?

Emercondia wrote:Yay! Another thing to fall apart!!

Now can I die?

Gotta keep going soldier

DeltaSource wrote:Gotta keep going soldier


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