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Montrandecs Neighbours contains 201 nations, the 65th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Corrupt Governments in Montrandecs Neighbours

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, Montrandecs Neighbours is ranked 7,613th in the world for Most Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Jingoistic States of AughlandFather Knows Best State“Badgers or death!”
2.The Catgirl Empire of Free Radio StatesFather Knows Best State“Catgirl rights now!”
3.The Holy Empire of WackodoniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Teehee”
4.The Rogue Nation of Mechanical kaiserreichIron Fist Consumerists“Blood in Steel”
5.The People's Republic of ShutupshanePsychotic Dictatorship“Doin your mom doin doin your mom”
6.The Matriarchy of Nico RobinIron Fist Consumerists“I want to live!”
7.The United Socialist States of HentaihavennetPsychotic Dictatorship“OwO, What's this?”
8.The Dictatorship of TrumpenisiaIron Fist Consumerists“Love it or leave it!”
9.The Federation of ZaderistanCivil Rights Lovefest“Do you come from a land down under?”
10.The Dictatorship of The Spagboian EmpirePsychotic Dictatorship“Science and Obedience are the only way!”
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Montrandecs Neighbours Regional Message Board

Mori Land wrote:Murica’

He means United states of America montredec

Montrandec wrote:uwu sweden,classywhats that? XD sorryi knew that already (:GB nice (:

Well, it was classy, As of now, I would call it a sinking ship :D But it works I suppose :)

Matinal wrote:Well, it was classy, As of now, I would call it a sinking ship :D But it works I suppose :)

Sweden or the UK?

Elwana wrote:Sweden or the UK?

I was talking about Sweden, Don't know that much about the UK

Why'd Sweden be comparable to a sinking ship?

South Kalmaria wrote:Why'd Sweden be comparable to a sinking ship?

Criminality is on a high incline and the worth of the Swedish Crown has gone down significantly. It will hopefully get better shortly but for the moment it's quite bad according to me.


Ayyyyyyyyyyyy lmao

I got 0 govt size. I have succeeded

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