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Founder: The United Insular States of Achipel

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Welcome to the New West Indies!

Have a seat, grab a drink, listen to the waves, and enjoy your stay!

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Achipel wrote:"Now fear me, for I'm the Venetian velociraptor Merkel."

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Regional Power: Moderate

New West Indies contains 117 nations, the 141st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in New West Indies

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, New West Indies is ranked 10,215th in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Galactic Imperium of Nationalist German EmpireCorporate Police State“Peace, Order, and Justice”
2.The Confederated Comarcas of SmaragdinaNew York Times Democracy“Da pedra máis sombría, vén a xema máis brillante.”
3.The Destructive Hosts of IdiocarasiaCompulsory Consumerist State“The fires of destruction, shall forge greater creations”
4.The Grand Duchy of TennorNew York Times Democracy“Libnerton! (Did I say it right?)”
5.The Rogue Nation of Cartel de la LetraCompulsory Consumerist State“Plata o Plomo”
6.The Federal Republic of New United CarolinasNew York Times Democracy“Esse quam videri”
7.The Ferrari of 250 GTOCorporate Bordello“250 GTO”
8.The Kingdom of Five SicilysInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pride and Industry”
9.The Free Land of SandhillAnarchy“Liberty or Death”
10.The Starship Manufacturer of Pegasus StarshipsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Don't just shoot for the stars”
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Last poll: “Vote for GAR #40 - Repeal "Ratifying the Treaty of Novia"”

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New West Indies Regional Message Board

Ventus Prime wrote:On the way back to Szel, Lysithea was sitting in her room, absorbing everything that had happened when she suddenly heard a scream outside. “Raphtalia!?” Lysithea suddenly got up and went to the door. She saw Raphtalia standing outside her room, looking panicked. “What’s wrong!?”

“We forgot about Kiyomi!”


“We took off and left her there without saying goodbye!”

Lysithea facepalmed. “Raph, I’m sure she’s fine, I don’t think anyone was after her and even if they were, did you not notice the bodyguard with her?”

“Well, I did, though to be honest something about her. She was difficult to read.”

“Pretty sure that’s a good thing for a bodyguard.”

“Maybe I’m just overthinking it. That being said...I really want to check up on her!” The look in her eyes would’ve broken even the strongest of wills and unfortunately Lysithea couldn’t resist either.

“Alright, alright go ahead. I mean you can speak freely to any leader now that you’re Vice Chancellor.”

Raphtalia blushed as she rubbed the back of her head. “Y-Yeah...I’m still adjusting to all this...”

Dear Kiyomi,

As I write this, I feel terrible I didn’t get ahold of you sooner. I hope you’re okay and I hope you can understand why we had to leave like we did. Don’t worry though, we’re okay, though I did get wounded by that...thing. Just a flesh wound though!

I have to be honest, this whole thing seems rather terrifying. I know being a leader has many risks, but to just kill someone in cold blood... I also feel a horrible amount of guilt. Six people died, five of them brave soldiers who’d give their life to defend Lysithea. If I had acted sooner, maybe they would still be alive...

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be acting all mopey and sad, I’m just happy you’re safe. Unfortunately, Lysithea probably won’t be making any future trips anywhere so I’d be going in her stead. If you’re ever in the mood to chat and have some tea, please let me know!

Your friend,

Kiyomi has been stuck in her Imperial Palace for sometime, after the incident. The National Public Safety Commission has decided to ramp up security around the Palace for a few months or weeks. The fact that an alien had the ability to take on other identities was a scary thought for Kiyomi. A few nights she would be thrown back to the scene where she had seen the aliens killing, stabbing and hacking innocent people. And sometimes she can see herself being a victim to the monster. Until waking up at 2 AM with her heart beating faster than the normal rate, she had calmed herself down during these nights by making trips to the shrines in the gardens of the Kyoto Palace where she would give her offerings and prayers to the Kami of the Shrine.

Kiyomi hadn't had experienced any actual combat. Even though she was in the Imperial Japanese Army. She had only learned discipline, shooting weapons, and other protocols. Japan has never been at war during its isolationism. So for now she has rejected taking medicates to help her feel happy and decided to seek spiritual help or healing. Any alternative cares for herself.

This evening she received word from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and she handed a letter to her which read the following contents written by Vice Chancellor Raphtalia. Raphtalia was at the party, she has remembered, she had got to be at the party after all she was the Vice Chancellor and Chancellors Lysithea's bodyguard. Kiyomi would hate to see her killed or hurt by that thing on New Years Eve. Raphtalia was interesting, interesting in the fact that she was Kemonomimi however being elsewhere in the Galaxy. Though she had also grown up alongside with a family who wasn't genetically related to her. It was sort of like Kiyomi's situation.

Kiyomi being born, her mother was strapped into the bed after a car accident and she had ever since been dying in that bed. Kiyomi left the bed there but she has always kept that room locked, only entering it to have reminisce the past and her mother's face. Her ruby eyes and her soft toned face. Her facial features sharp and her silk charcoal hair that ran down like a river stream, it had all been taken away from her! She didn't want to end up like her mother, strapped, nowhere to go, unable to talk, with your dependency on machines you don't know, you don't understand, nor know how they work, but yet keep you alive, alive to suffer until they can no longer support you. People in coats coming in and out just to monitor you, sure they bow but they can't accompany you for short talks. No one spoke a word to her. Not even father who was too embarrassed to see his wife. Ashamed he couldn't protect her, sends her daughter to the Military Academy as he couldn't handle to rule a country and passes away because he had been unable to take the stress.

I had a new parent and that was sensei Horikiri Reiko. She had been my caretaker and while she maybe rough she had a sweet personality and would protect me from anything as if I were her cub. However, I wished my mother didn't venture around Japan trying to fix problems when she could've send her personnel to do it, I had done what my mother did, I stepped out of the Palace and almost lost my life, just like my mother, just like my mother, just li--

Servant: "Your Majesty, Kiyomi! Satsuki Kitsune!" she would hear as she spoke to herself in her head she regained herself back and she dropped a katana that she got from somewhere. She stepped back in fear of herself, has she gone mad!? The lights would go dim and slowly her world became black as she fell to the ground.

Regaining herself she woke up on her bed with doctors around her, a breathing mask was put around her while she was unconscious to help supply her oxygen directly.

Doctor: "Ah your Majesty, you are awake finally," the doctor says as he writes a few notes down on a piece of paper on his clipboard.

Kiyomi: "How long was I out?" she asked still rather dazed out after waking up from her slumber.

Doctor: "For quite sometime, about a good 14 hours? It's 3 in the morning and the other doctor left at 12AM so I came to fill in for her."

Kiyomi: "Why is this happening to me, I feel rather ill after the event."

Doctor: "My best conclusion is that you're suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder,"

Kiyomi: "Pfft, I am not, I am clearly fine Doctor,"

Doctor: "Oh really?" the Doctor says as he looks over his spectacles and stars down at Kiyomi with skepticism, "Your Majesty, when is the last time you had a nightmare on the event,"

Kiyomi: "Yesterday I believe,"

Doctor: "Right and have you ever tried to hurt or take your own life away,"

Kiyomi: "Never on Earth,"

Doctor: "Oh really? One of your servants said she saw you holding your ancestors katana and you were about to take your own life with it until she called out your name," he said, Kiyomi fell silent, her fox ears tilted downwards and she was rather in disbelief of her actions, "Look Your Majesty, you have got to take your medications, it will at least reduce your anxiety and depression. I also recommend you see a therapist to help you reduce the stress of the awful event and hopefully improve your sleep. Though I urge you your Majesty that you must take the medication, there are really no ways out of this and people are looking up to you, Japan is looking up to you, we will take care of you, and you will take care of us," he replied.

Doctor: "Now please get some rest, the phone is nearby if you need it to call someone," the doctor said as he left the bedroom. Kiyomi would wait a few seconds and ring the Minister of Foreign Affairs and tells her to draft a letter to Raphtalia, the Minister would get a letter and a pen and bring it to the bedroom of the Empress, the Empress would then tell her what to write as she told her.

Dear Raphtalia,

It is great to hear from you! Especially after the New Years Party which didn't go as I thought it would. I'm rather sorry to hear that the alien thing hurt you and I hope that wound gets treated. ThoughI understand why you had to leave in such a hurry as so did I.

I had hoped people from Earth or elsewhere would at least show a bit of kindness to sentient beings but it turns out some are rather cruel, wicked, and want to watch the world burn and bleed upon their daggers. You shouldn't feel guilty for something that can't be changed because of your reaction. Whatever is done is done. We must face the future and honor those who have protected us when they have sacrificed themselves to buy us time to prepare and attack. Their brave acts shall not be forgotten I hope.

I have been doing fine physically. The event had rather shocked me in a way I feel that I don't know who people are anymore. The sight of innocents dying has really changed how I view the worlds morality. I understand that you or the Chancellor shall not be making anymore visits to Terra until your business with your rivals are finished. I will make sure to contact you in the case we would wish to have you or me over for some tea. It is a pleasure writing to you my best friend. I wish you best as Vice Chancellor on your war efforts.

Warmest Regards,
Kiyomi I Kitsune.

The Sakura Nippon wrote:Kiyomi: "Well you are allowed to wear shoes outside the palace and inside the palace, really there had been a few times Western political leaders visited this place and wore their shoes inside the palace as well as a few of the Imperial Palaces being used for tourism. However I treat my palaces as my home, this is where I was born and where many of my ancestors or Emperors and Empresses came from." she replied as she walked towards the entrance of the Palace, the two guards who guarded the door opened it the Palace doors as they walked, "Our nation has been in isolationism after the 2nd Russo-Japanese War. My Grandmother being Imperial Empress Shizuka I thought that if Japan went into isolationism like during 1639 to 1853, she thought that she can have Japan prosper again in population and economic growth. Population did grow but unfortunately this took up more agricultural land and the economy didn't grow. She simply didn't know that in order to prosper in this timeline. A nation would have to become globalized. Japan is far from being globalized. Still we have many nations to make contact with and many draconian laws to change that has crippled the nation's safety and welfare of its people. Thanks to the Regents 'democratic' government which was funded by Zaibatsu's. However I had the backing of the Imperial Army, Navy and Air Service which had led a coup to establish a military rule, then another coup to establish me as an Absolute Monarch," she explains.

Kiyomi: "People have high hopes for me, if I disappoint them I may risk being overthrown, hence why they call this Era 'The Kiyomi Restoration'. Restoring Beauty to Japan and bringing peace after centuries of turmoil. Hard to do so without the help of the Ministers and other educated people, she says, she then enters the Palace and takes her geta off, she then also takes off her socks revealing her feet that seemed to have shined like a pearl upon the suns reflection, as she brushed her hair off her shoulder, "Aha perhaps I could try one of your shoes when I'm in a more formal attire? This is more of my traditional outfit, I always wear it for diplomatic purposes, not to force my culture upon people but it is more for beauty and traditional purposes and I hope people are to appreciate that I carry on the tradition of an Empress wearing traditional clothing," she replied. She then walked on further and walked towards the living room of the Palace. When they entered it seemed to have a mixture of modern equipment and traditional furniture. A flatscreen TV hooked onto the wall and there was a Kotatsu facing it.

Kiyomi: "So what exactly made your nation go into isolationism, or has it always been isolated from the world?" she asked curiously with her foxy tail wagging gently left to right.

"I understand, which is interesting, since I'm not of Western birth Celestial Empress. I remember living under your mother Celestial Empress Ayumi I. I'm excited and pleased at what you are doing and have done for our homeland. In fact, we too are a Monarchy, that is mostly absolute, but we have a certain way of running our nation that seems to please the people rather well. If I may Celestial Empress, as a girl who lived under the same laws that you claim to be so draconian, i had never been a happier, more prosperous girl ever. Marrying my Adi is the only thing that possibly could best it. I have the deepest respect for you, the Katsune Imperial Family, and the nation of Japan." Momo politely bowed and then walked close to Kiyomi. Making sure to remain a respectful distance away however, so as not to insult her Imperial Majesty. "As for your agriculture, we have found that our nation produces vast amounts of grains and produce. So much so, that we have been sending the excess to High Charity II to be sold, which is somewhat contradictory since the city is self sufficient. Perhaps you might be interested in some of it for your own people. We would be honoured to assist you in any way we can. A gift from our people to yours."

"I too have high hopes for you. I am sure that like your mother, you will be more than capable of carrying out your duty as the leader of our nation. Personally I couldn't be more pleased with how you are taking this. That being, how prepared you seem to be and how seamless your transition has been." Momo bowed before entering the palace, sliding her flats off, revealing her feet, which were as close to perfect as was biologically possible. Her bright pink toenail polish lustered and shone beautifully. "Oh im not worried in the slightest. youre free to try them whenever you want. I actually brought along my yukata as a change of clothing. You are hardly pushing your own culture in your own nation." Momo replied smiling.

"We went into isolation the moment we founded. The first Emperor, Wilhelm I, didn't like outsiders. We then had a 7 year civil war in 2081. We call this "The Great Struggle." and it put Erwin's family into power. Erwin I was an influential General Prefect and was quite popular with the people. In fact, he moved the capitol to what is now ShangXiang. After that, isolationism remained, because Erwin didn't want a distraction of other nation's affairs while we rebuilt the nation. Erwin II, my dear Adi's father, was a bit mad in the head, and didn't care much for outsiders either. So yes, it took my husband to bring this nation out of isolationism and try to make some friends." Momo finished, smiling at her Empress.

Oriental wrote:BREAKING NEWS

The King is dead! Long live the King!

His Majesty King Caracé passed away this morning at the age of 60, surrounded by his wife Queen Magdalena, his son Prince Tabaré, his wife Princess Bianca and grandson Prince Yamandú.

The announcement was made by the Estévez Royal Palace. The King lost a year long battle to lung cancer. His son Prince Tabaré will be crowned as King Tabaré after the 7 day mourning period that the Prime Minister Gonzalo de Orgaz announced once the news was confirmed.

The funeral will take place at the Royal Palace, in Zorrilla, the nations capital.

News in progress

-Most Serene Ministry of Foreign Affairs-

The Most Serene Republic of Cymiopolis would like to extend its deepest condolences to the Uruguayan Royal Family. We would like to inform the Kingdom of Oriental that Doge Andreas Mavrokordatos himself will attend His Majesty King Caracé's funeral in Zorilla. The Doge would also like to request a meeting with the soon-to-be crowned King Tabaré if he so desires.

-Antonios Kapodistrias,
Minister of Foreign Affairs




DESCRIPTION: BEING-1125X is a 9'10" humanoid with pale skin and pure white eyes. 1125X has so far eluded capture and is to be considered extremely dangerous. Currently the Pretannian Government has ordered the lock down of the Provinces of [REDACTED] to combat this threat. This being is to be designated UAB-003 upon capture and will be referred to as such throughout this document. It is currently believed that there is only one of these beings in existence, with no evidence of others in the general vicinity or on global scanners. It can be noted that this creature is balded across its entire body with no hair being seen or felt by those who got close enough. UAB-003 also has a constant smell of dead decomposing bodies around it and its hands are perpetually covered in a blood red substance, believed to be originated from humans. UAB-003 is considered extremely dangerous ad can in fact kill by making eye contact with its prey, immobilizing it 85% - 90% of the time. UAB-003 has been recorded to travel up to 57 km an hour though it is hypothesized that it can go faster. UAB-003 can sense its prey from an approximate distance of 25 km or less and will travel towards that being as fast as possible whether it be an animal or an intelligent being. The origins of UAB-003 are currently unknown as not enough information has been collected on it to get a complete analysis. 

UAB-003 was spotted on September, 9th, 2148 AD by local hikers in Northern Pretannia near the city of [REDACTED]. The AGS has been looking around this region for a creature of similar nature since July 2120 under DIRECTIVE 1548-A after a series of urban legends began to spring up from the area, all siting a pale white creature with white eyes and bloody hands. UAB-003 is to be considered a High Risk Threat to local life whether it be human or not. Currently it is unknown what its total mortality count is though estimates put it between 120 to 514 due to missing person reports and confirmed deaths in the region in question. Current efforts to capture and contain UAB-003 have resulted in the deaths of several members of Task Force Echo-3, Alpha-14, and Centaur-5. The AGS hopes to capture this creature soon for the sake of the organization itself and the people of the region. This is all.

"Command... Command come in..."

"Command Station Alpha-11 Reporting, whats the status on UAB-003?"

"Still no sign of it... currently activating a marking beacon to show location."

"Very well, report back to me when you spotted it. Remember, don't let it see you."

"Understood Sir."

The night sky was truly something beautiful in the mountains of Northern Pretannia, the closest you could really get to the stars themselves without the light from the cities polluting the skies. Commander James Eaton, leader of Mobile Task Force Alpha-11, though was barely even paying attention to it. For him that didn't matter as the wind made the tree branches move around him. He had his hand on his gun as he walked, behind him standing two more armed and armored members of MT-A11.

"Keep an eye out boys. This thing could be kilometers away and still know we're here."

"Understood Eaton, we'll be sure to keep an eye out."

Eaton walked for a little while longer, making sure his footsteps were quiet and light as to not attract any attention, even so though the slight crunch of his foot hitting the ground in the silence of the forests around him still managed to annoy him. All the sudden he heard something rustling in the bushes. He quickly got his gun out and cocked it, the other two with him training their weapons straight at the bush in question.

"What the hell.." Eaton said with a rushed whisper like tone. The seconds passed by as if they we're years before the rustling stopped, all the sudden they we're confronted by a small rabbit hoping along. Eaton put his weapon down and sighed.

"Thank god... I'm gonna rally up the men. It's clearly not here tonight."

The other two nodded as he grabbed his communicator and sent a signal to his men. He knew there we're five teams he had spread out to search the area, though something concerned him. He only got four return signals back.

"Wait... didn't we have five signals.."

"Yes, yes we did...well sh!t."

Eaton thought for just a second, wondering what could've happened, all the sudden though the communicator went off, ruining the silence around them.


Eaton shut off the communicator quickly before looking at the two soldiers with him. Private Amy Wallace and Private John Oliver.

"Wallace I need you to get their signal locked down now."

"Yes sir."

"Oliver, just stay close. That thing is in the area now.. and we just lost three men trying to capture it."

Before he could say anything else Amy's radar beeped, tracking the communicators signal to only about 10 km away from them. Eaton motioned them northwards in the direction of the creature, as they got closer the air only getting more uneasy. Eaton could tell it was there still, the smell of death permeating the entire area, almost making him gag. It took them about an hour to reach the area where the men were but by then it was far too late, what was left was skeletons strewn out across the grounds before them, blood everywhere.

"Oh my god..." Amy said while John and James began moving slowly inwards.

"Dear god what happened here..." Eaton said to himself as he found a skeleton covered in blood by a nearby tree, seeing traces of his uniform around him.

"This thing is rather savage..." John said to which James merely nodded. All the sudden they heard more rustling. In their peripheral vision they could see something heading towards them. All three got their guns and turned, ready to fire. Though it was only another part of their Team.

"Dear god Gregory... you scared me..." Gregory laughed for a second before patting James on the back.

"Oh c'mon sir you shoulda known it was me now."

"Yeah well three of our members we're just killed so I had to be careful..."

Gregory looked at the bodies, behind him stood Vincent and Rachel.

"Wait... where are the other teams at..." Rachel asked to which both Amy and John shrugged their shoulders. Eaton stood up and looked at her.

"We don't know... we thought you all had grouped up to head back to us."

"No.. we thought the other two we're with you guys."

James facepalmed.


All the sudden they could hear a Banshee like screech, it seemed close, very close.

"Get your weapons ready people!" he said as he heard screams in the distance. The group started running towards it, only stopping when they finally saw it. The being itself, ripping one of his men in half. The group hid behind bushes and trees, making sure the creature didn't notice them.

"no... no no no nonononono NO-AGH" said one of the fallen men as the snap of his spinal cord could be heard. James winced as he looked at the others, all with their guns ready. James quickly radioed into command.

"Command.. Command are you there!"

All the sudden the creature perked up in their direction, the others began to sweat.

"Command Reporting, MT-A11? W-"

James quickly interrupted the man speaking to relay the needed info.

"We have a confirmed lossage of six men sir, currently two confirmed surviving squads within MT-A11 and one missing. We found the creature but it-czzzzzzzzz" The sound of gunfire and screaming could be heard as command tried to get back to him.

"James? James..... JAMES?! ANSWER ME DAMMIT! Oh no.... get Atlas Base on the phone now!"

"SH!T" James said as the creature began running towards them, James dropped the communicator, oblivious to the command officer demanding a response.

"FIRE DAMMIT!" he said as he began taking shots at the creatures head, though for all the ones that hit they simply just melted into its skin.

"What the fu-" he couldn't finish his statement as the creature looked over to him, James quickly covering his eyes as the creature let out another banshee screech. James quickly ran, taking cover behind a rock and only peering over to take more shots. John and Vincent quickly found cover with him while Rachel began circling around the creature and taking more shots, keeping its attention for the time being. James looked around in the distance to see a rather large structure in the distance. It looked like an abandoned barn. He motioned to Vincent and John to follow, whistling to get Amy, Gregory, and Rachel's attention. Gregory and Amy quickly made their way over while Rachel, still distracting the creature seemed stuck. James groaned as he motioned the team to head towards the barn as he moved to help Rachel.

All the sudden though the Creature side swiped rachel, forcing her to the ground. The creature looked at her, causing her body to stiffen. She was unable to move.

"NO!" James said as he ran towards her, covering his eyes from the being and taking shots at it. The being started to screech a little bit as he moved away from Rachel and started running after him.

"GO GO GO!" he said, prompting Rachel to run towards the barn. The others watched as James ran around, shooting continuous shots at the beast in question. Though he had a problem, he was running out of ammo.

"dammit..." he said as the creature once more made a loud screeching sound. The Creature began charging after him, James making a b-line for the barn. Once inside Amy and John quickly slammed the doors shut, the group being able to climb up to a high place to avoid the creatures paralyzing guise. Though James had noticed something interesting. It only seemed to paralyze you if it was looking directly at you, once it stopped you could move again. Even so that info really wouldn't help them in this situation. All the sudden though the creature busted through the barn doors, utterly demolishing them as it barged in.

"god dammit.." James said while the others readied their weapons. James looked around at the equipment they had in stock. Some explosives, more ammo, trackers, comms units, and more. His mind wen't back to the explosives.

"Wait.... how many explosives do we have..." he said, Vincent catching on quickly and beginning to count.

"Why ask?" Rachel said to which he only looked at her.

"Well... since bullets only seem to be a distraction for this thing... why don't we try some fire?"

Rachel couldn't help but smirk before Vincent came back with the count.

"we have six sir."

"six? damn... the creature would probably catch me having to set up six..."

John and Gregory looked over.

"we could distract it while you and Vincent set those up."

"I can't have you all do that."

"Why not? Its our job."

"Yes but most likely you'd..."

Gregory spoke up.

"Die? Yeah we know, its in the job description."

James smirked.

"alright.. but if you see any openings that could lead to your survival take them."

He looked over to Amy and Rachel.

"You two... distract the thing from above. I don't want to see you two on the ground."

The two nodded. James stood up and smirked again, readying his gun and holding the three small but powerful explosives.

"Alright team... lets do this.."

"URAAA" The creature looked up, only to be barraged by bullet fire, it let out more screeching. Meanwhile James and Vincent went around, setting up the different explosives one by one.

"KEEP FIRING!" James yelled at the four, Gregory looking back at him and nodding. However as he did so he got snatched by the creature.

"GREGORY!" James said while John ran for cover.

"GOD DAMN CREATURE!" Gregory said as he felt its grip on him tighten. The thing forced him to stare into its eyes, paralyzing him.

"I-I can't move! DAMMIT I CAN'T MOVE! FU-" the creature acted fast, pulling off his head with its razor sharp teeth before dropping the rest of the body to the floor.

Vincent and John merely looked at it in horror while James set up the next explosive.


The creature began screeching louder and louder, though finally as if it had taken days the explosives we're all connected.

"THEY"RE SET! RUN FOR IT!" Vincent said as the group began running past the creature. James looked at his tablet.

"Explosive charge set off in 10... 9... 8... 7..."

"Go go go go go GO!" he said as he looked back and fired several shots into the creatures chest, causing it to stop for a moment.The creature though only kept speeding up. As the others ran past him he could only run faster in pure adrenaline powered fear. All the sudden the creature grabbed onto him.

"COMMANDER!" John yelled out but he motioned them to keep running, the group fired shots at the thing as it picked him up.


All the sudden a bright white flash could be seen, one final screech from the creature as everything was blown to bits. James sat up for a second after the explosion. Before him lied what seemed like a dead creature in the rubble. He sighed in relief as the others ran back towards him, all the sudden though through the thing punched through, standing up and staring at him. James gulped.

"We're screwed aren't we..." he said to which John only nodded. Then however several helicopter lights began shining on it. James began to smirk as he looked up and saw several black helicopters in the sky. Thankfully they had invested in the AI technology. Several armored men came down from the helicopters and aimed their guns at the creature.

"Mobile Task Force A-11 stand down, AGS personnel have this under control."

James merely nodded as several heavy round shots we're fired into its chest, seemingly immobilizing it."


"We found that the head was an ineffective area to hit it at, the chest is where the weakspot is."

James nodded. Just another night for them in their minds. They lost a lot of people and one of their squads was still missing, probably dead or something though.

"Alright men lets get this thing to Atlas Base asap. We have work to do."

-NWI Department of Internal Affairs-

Another month, another regional cultural event. Surprise, surprise: It's another themed flag competition. Following a recent Discord social poll, it has been decided this month's theme will be Colonialism. Flags can therefore be the you old colonial flag imposed on you by your colonial overlord or, in the case that you're nation was a colonial empire, the colonial flag of one of your now-defunct or current colonies. Considering the results shown in previous flag competitions, I expect only the best from this region. The submission period will end on Sunday July 12th and a 2 day voting period will begin on Monday. Please send your flags via Telegram or Discord DM to Cymiopolis. The winning entry will receive a 100 000 km2 expansion to their claim or a custom map made by yours truly. May the best flag win!

Secretary of Internal Affairs


Hello everyone! It’s to let you all know that I have decided to change my nation to Parva Domus, but I will remain in Uruguay. I will no longer use Oriental.

Thank you!

Post self-deleted by Frellor.

Due to a recent influx of cash, with R&D investments, weapon purchases, and insurance frauds, PotaTown is happy to introduce that the PotaTownian Arms Manufacturing Company has developed a new weapon that will hopefully get the company back on its feet. With your help, we can become the best arms company in the universe! So please, find spare change in your education budget and buy some for your snipers. It could save your life. . .

Brought to you by the PotaTownian Arms Manufacturing Company

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The only thing that is holding back this rifle, is the user. This workhorse of a shot will be known as your best shot and colloquially as your enemy's worst nightmare. This weapon is a twelve-shot, magazine-fed, single-fire rifle is a weapon to be reckoned with. The gun shoots newly made .48 Caliber bullets out of its magazines that hold 15 bullets each. The gun is self-loading with jam protection, by ejecting any bullets left when removing the magazine. This weapon is already being administered through the PotaTownian Armed Forces as a signature weapon for our long-ranged special forces. With a confirmed effective range of 750 yards, while some tests proved ranges up to 1.000 yards! With the range of a sniper, the effectiveness of a marksman rifle, and the deadliness of a snake, you can't go wrong. The barrel is fit for customization. The weapon is also fit for a bipod, to help combat the strong recoil that accompanies this gun. Based on the Mosin-Nagant/Mosin's Rifle, and the Gewehr 43, this weapon evolves on what worked. This gun has an 18-inch barrel, the barrels were designed to take advantage of the newly made .48 cartridge with custom rifling to improve accuracy. With this gun. you'll be as accurate and lethal as an old man hunting a Snake.

Price: 14.999.99 Caribbean Dollars
Model: PAMCDMR1 - (EB, MB, FH, C, SMP, SHQ, VZS)
Finish: Tan, Black
Sights: PAMC-TM 6450 - Accessory Rail & Back-Up Iron Sights
Weight: 6.8 lbs

Accessories Available For Purchase
  • Extended Barrel (Threaded) . . . 499.00 Caribbean Dollars (Extends effective range and accuracy)

  • Muzzle Brake . . . 300.00 Caribbean Dollars (Reduces recoil and increases flash slightly)

  • Flash Hider . . . 150.00 Caribbean Dollars (Reduces flash greatly and slightly reduces recoil)

  • Compensator . . . 300.00 Caribbean Dollars (Reduces muzzle movement, slight reduces recoil)

  • Silencer (Mass Produced) . . . 1000.00 Caribbean Dollars (Reduces sound of gunfire, reduces muzzle flash)

  • Silencer (High Quality, Custom) . . . 2550.00 Caribbean Dollars (Reduces sound of gunfire, eliminates muzzle flash, slightly reduces recoil)

  • Variable Zoom Scope . . . 500.00 Caribbean Dollars (Increases accuracy)
    Additional Information

    • Sliding trigger

    • Elongated barrel

    • Fired cases are ejected outwards, away from user

    • Shipped from PotaTown

    • Stock removable

    • Bipod not included

    • Barrel attachments not included

    • Magazines not included

    • Magazines are 30.00 Caribbean Dollars

    • Ear Protection is REQUIRED when firing this weapon, especially with a muzzle brake. Hearing loss highly feasible.

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In light of recent events, Frellor has decided to better arm itself for defence.
We’d like to purchase 10,000 Klein’s, 300 Ends, each with varying amounts of magazines, from PotaTown.
We’ also like to purchased 500 Kuroko suits from The Sakura Nippon.

Brimstone Forest, Northern Aragão, Thyostega
"Mr Torres, you sure this is the right way?" Samuel asked his guide for the fifth time. "It seems like we've been going nowhere for ... Ouch! Stupid rocks!".
"Yes," he replied patiently. "Now keep quiet, I'm trying to concentrate."
"Why couldn't Fernando take this so called genius through here," he thought as they crossed a shallow river. "What does he think he'll find? Aliens or something?"

They come to a steep mountain cliff.
"You want to see Stoneface Creek? You'll have to climb." He turned towards the Volirumian astrologist and couldn't stop himself from laughing, for his face had turned as white as snow.
"What is it, Mr Crabby? Afraid of heights? I thought you loved the stars" he couldn't stop grinning
The astrologist frowned. "First of all, that's Mr Beaumont to you, second, I'm a Scorpio and thirdly, I don't like breaking my neck." he replied sternly, only causing his guide to laugh even more.
"Don't worry, Mr Scorpion. If you fall then my name isn't Alexander Torres," he said as he started unpacking the climbing gear. "Now, hold still while I put on your climbing gear."

Halfway up, Alexander felt a strong tug on the rope, nearly causing him to lose his grip. Can't that idiot figure it out for himself that I might lose my balance if he does that.
"Sorry, lost my footing. Guess you'll have to carry me up" the astrologer said, although Alexander could tell from his tone it was on purpose.
"Fine, just don't swing about then," Alexander gained a mischievous look. "And don't look down," he said.
He grinned as he heard a frightened yelp.

"Now, Mr Scorpion, we're only about a kilometer away before we reach Stoneface Creek," he said as he hauled Beaumont up. "So you don't have to worry your little head anymore,"
"Thank you, Mr Torres, I certainly couldn't have done it without you," the scientist said as Alexander turn his back on him, not noticing the needle. Before he knew it, Alexander fell to the ground semi-conscious.

"That dosage may not have been strong enough, but at least you can't move" Samuel said as he smashed Alexander's tracker. "Have a nice fall" was the last thing he heard before before being pushed off the cliff.

Thyostega continues

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