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WA Delegate: The Regional Protector State of The Democratic Nation of Unovia (elected )

Founder: The Galactic Empire of The Kingdom Historia

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Quote of the Week: "Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand." - Neil Armstrong

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— ROLEPLAY September 2080


    > Saint Indopeland has started a flagmaking service! TG them for a new flag!
    > The Region voted for a Flag Contest! Let your creativity flow! All flags are due by 9/30 (30/9)
    > New World Union is deciding what to do for N-Day following the revelation of the Potato Alliance Terms for N-Day.

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Regional Power: High

New World Union contains 68 nations, the 263rd most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Influential in New World Union

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, New World Union is ranked 1,119th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Regional Protector State of The Democratic Nation of UnoviaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We Protect The Region From Harm. We are Unovia!”
2.The Democratic Federation of United ChristianNew York Times Democracy“Duc, sequere, aut de medio fiat”
3.The Eternal Domain of WerrealesDemocratic Socialists“血まみれの”
4.The United Federal Republic of AghamScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Reunited Through Time, United Forever”
5.The Galactic Empire of Unified EmpiricusInoffensive Centrist Democracy“All Hail Britannia”
6.The Global Hegemony of The Unified American FederationInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Per aspera ad astra”
7.The Nationalistic Empire of TheHelghastFather Knows Best State“Если один человек выходит из строя, мы все делаем”
8.The Free Germanic Republic of Aleciton LandsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Der Baum der Freiheit muss oft mit dem Blut von Tyranne”
9.The Galactic Empire of The Kingdom HistoriaDemocratic Socialists“For Yitoria”
10.The High Imperial Monarchy of VandeemInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Faithful until the End”
1234. . .67»

Regional Poll • Should we join with The Potato Alliance for N-Day

Poll called by The Schweizerreich of FNU

Voting opened 10 hours ago and will close . Open to residents. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Last poll: “Are you guys in favor of a regional flag making contest?”

Regional Happenings


New World Union Regional Message Board

Prusmia wrote:I can change that.

Things will get loud from here, come hear the dirge of Slaanesh

*Deafening Dubstep plays*

The Democratic Nation of Unovia wrote:Hello New World Union,
I am sending this Telegram to you to discuss our plan for N-Day. As you probably are aware, the last few years, we have done it alone. We have a traditional plan, which we intend to follow through with. However, I also intend to encourage this Region to join in with Forest. Forest is joining the Potato Alliance for N-Day. I am currently in discussions with them to get the Region included on their alliance.

In addition, I am asking that the Region state on the RMB what role you want, either shield production or weapons production. As is traditional, I am going to be running Shield production. If you want to join in with Shield Production, please let me know. I think Emp will lead Weapons Production.

Thank you, and we will get through this together.

Several Factbooks of Interest:

Zombie Preparedness Act of October 2015 Updated 2016 Updated 2017 Updated and Renamed the Mass Destruction Preparedness Act 2018

Authored By: The Democratic Nation of Unovia United Christian

Section I-Introduction
This Act is designed to prepare and instruct the Region for the Z-Day/N-Day Game Event, held each year near the end of October/Randomly Assigned respectively. In each of the following sections, this Act will cover what each protocol will be to better prepare the Nations of this Region for the coming threat. This Act codifies the Z-Day Plan enacted in October of 2014, by the Delegate Unovia. First coded for Z-Day 2015, Recoded for Z-Day 2016, Recoded for Z-Day 2017, Recoded for N-Day and Z-Day 2018.

Section II-Regional Protectionary Procedure
The Region shall protect itself from the threat. Immediately after the notification comes out about the event, the Region will shut down all Regional borders. The Region will be placed on immediate Category 5 standing of the Threat Category System, the highest and most threatening standard. Category 5 rank states that “the most severe cases require this. Severe cases include Z-Day and other such events.” This standard now includes N-Day.
The Founder or Delegate will place a password on the Region to set the border. The password will not be known except by a select few nations. The password shall not be lifted for 48 hours after the event ends.
The following sections will address the protocol for each option listed in the event.

Section III-Curing/Shield Protocol
Production of the Cure or Shields are one of the two accepted national responses for the event, the other being Military Intervention. Nations that produce the cure or shield are expected to come together as the Zombie/Nuclear Response Team (Z(N)RT).

Zombie: All nations in ZRT are asked to continue producing the cure throughout the event. Once the cure is officially created, members of that team will be firing missiles throughout the Region, helping all they can to reduce the disease.

Nuclear: In the event of N-Day, members of the NRT teams use their shields to destroy incoming nukes. You can see who is under attack through the UI system.

Section IV-Military Intervention Protocol
Military Intervention is one of two accepted national responses for the event, the other being Cure/Shield.

Zombie: For those Nations that chose Military Intervention, they are expected to work together to purge the disease from their Nations. Afterward, they are asked to do what they can to help all Nations militarily as much as possible. Solutions include, but are not limited to: Biological, Nuclear, Incendiary, Chemical, and Explosive Weapons. They are also encouraged to take in any civilians (to assist them if they are not infected) that wish to get away from the dangerous situation. Civilians who are moved have three options. They can go to a CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) for search and rescue after the fact, ZERT (Zombie Emergency Response Team) effectively a militia, they protect NCPs (Non Combat Persons) and get them to a ZRT, ZERT or CERT location, or they can go to a ZCRT decontamination facility close to the military camp where they will hide out till the event is over.

For those Nations that chose Military Intervention, they are expected to work together to avenge the region. New World Union is a strictly retaliatory region, meaning we do not attack unless attacked. Those in this team are expected to build up their nukes until ordered to rain h*llfire by either the Delegate or Defense Minister.

Section V-Zombieland: When A Nation Decides To Join The Horde
Zombieland is not an accepted choice. The two subsections in this section state what the Regional and National Responses will be to Zombieland.

Subsection a. Regional Response
Nations that choose Zombieland (Join the Horde) will lose control of their Government within the Region. All pending National Elections will be suspended, reinstated once the event ends. Nations that have produced the cure will go into action, firing cure missiles into the Zombie Nations. They will control the Government of the Zombie Nation during the event, restoring control of the Government to the former Zombie Nation.

Subsection b. National Response
Nations that share borders with Zombie swarmed nations are directed to shut their borders until the event ends and the Zombies are confirmed to be struck down. All treaties between those Nations will be suspended, and all trading practices will be shut down until the event ends.

Subsection c. Banjection
All Zombieland nations are at risk of a non-vote banjection while the region is on lockdown.

Section VI - Nuclear Treason
This is when a nuclear team member either attacked a member of the region or aggressively attacks another nation. The two subsections in this section state what the Regional and National Responses will be.

Subsection a. Regional Response
Nations that choose Nuclear Treason will lose control of their Government within the Region. All pending National Elections will be suspended, reinstated once the event ends. Nations that have produced the shields will be ordered to NOT defend this nation. In the event the Nuclear Treason is domestic the nuke team will be ordered to destroy this nation.

Subsection b. Banjection
All Nuclear Treason nations are at risk of a non-vote banjection while the region is on lockdown.

Section VII- National Borders
Z-day will be considered effective martial law. Meaning REGIONAL TEAMS ONLY will be entering and exiting nations at the discretion at that team's leader. NO national militaries are allowed to free travel. And all regional laws will still be in effect.

Section VIII-Enactment Procedure
This Act shall be enacted beginning as soon as the Regional Borders are closed for the event.

Read dispatch

[Regional Z-Day & N-Day Plan]


How to Take Part (and Prepare!)
Potato Alliance N-Day Guide



Basic Information

N-Day is an annual event in NS that pits regional factions against each other in a simulated nuclear war. This year we are joining with many of our ally and friend regions into a joint faction called Potato Alliance. (It's named after the unofficial mascot of Spiritus, the potato!). Whether you are a newcomer or a nuclear veteran, reading and understanding what to do will prepare you for the event and help you both survive and work effectively with your regionmates and our allies.

Before the event begins:

  • Familiarize yourself with the contents of this guide, the Ground Rules, our Strategy, and Testlandia's guide N-Day: What You Need to Know— all of which are linked to in the header of this dispatch. This guide will focus primarily on how our faction organizes and how we fight effectively, while Testlandia's focuses on the basics of how the simulation works and how to navigate the controls. Understanding both is essential to success.

  • Join the LinkPotato Command, our joint N-Day command Discord server. We will be coordinating from there. Coordination is the essence of success in this event, so regardless of your feelings about Discord, the importance of using it (even if only for the event) cannot be overstressed.

  • What to do with puppets: Puppets (additional accounts besides your main one) are greatly helpful during N-Day and many more experienced or more involved players have large sets that they use. If you have any puppets, you can and should use them for N-Day. The more nations generating production for our faction, the better. No need to move puppets between regions to join our faction— you can join a faction from any region.
    Consider taking a look at the Useful Technology + Tools page if you're using puppets. We've listed there several puppet management addons and scripts to make it easier to manage lots of nations. If you have such an add-on already, make sure it has all your puppets' information correct so there will be no problems once the nukes start flying.

Once the event has started:

  • Join our region’s faction: this faction will be called Potato Alliance, and a link will be provided to it in the header of this dispatch. Directions to it, once it is made, will also be available in the Discord and on the RMB of the The Potato Alliance region.

  • Begin production: What you produce most efficiently, and what role you take in a faction depends on what sort specialty your nation has:

    • If you are a Military Specialist: in the first few hours, create shields (even though this is not your special advantage). Then, when commanders give the order (which will be posted on the Faction page and on the Discord server), you may begin stockpiling nukes. Listen for fire orders from Command. When you get a fire order, target nations which are actively deploying nukes first. Do not launch more nukes at a nation then are needed to bring it to 100% radiation (you get some leeway on this since controls are clunky, but know that it is a potential waste).

    • If you are a Strategic Specialist: Begin producing shields. Watch the faction page for incoming nukes and prepare to intercept them. Shout out in the Discord if there are too many nukes being targeted for you to intercept them all. Be cautious that you are intercepting incoming rather then outgoing nukes. Additionally, if you see nukes being targeted at regions we are allied with, report it to Command, and you may be asked to intercept them as well.

    • If you are an Economic Specialist: Begin stockpiling production. Unless told otherwise your role is exactly the same as that of a Strategic Specialist, but you may need to help offensively as well, so you should keep up to date on what's needed and familiarize yourself with the instructions for each role.

  • Check the faction page: Our faction page will have a mini-World Factbook Entry at the top stating vital information, including our current targets, our allies and current do-not-targets, and any special instructions from the Potato Generals. Make sure to keep up-to-date on this as it will change.

  • Coordinate with your factionmates: Coordination is the determining factor in how successful a faction is and how effective you are at contributing to your faction’s success. Sharing information with our factionmates is the best way for us all to know what we should be doing, what others are doing and what we need to be prepared for. While you are online and actively launching or shielding, make sure you are on the Discord, telling others what you are doing. It is extremely important that you do this.

    The only reason you should not join the Discord is if there is a technical issue with you connecting to the service. If so, you can still follow along on the Regional Message Board of The Potato Alliance. However, you may find yourself excluded from much of the action because response times over the RMB simply aren't quick enough.

Read dispatch

[Potato Alliance N-Day Factbook Set. Read as much as you would like.]

In addition, I am suspending the Regional Flag Contest until N-Day has concluded. I am sorry for the inconvenience. The Candidate Approval Poll, as a result, is also suspended until N-Day concludes.


Attention to the Region,
Several hours ago, I announced we were in discussion with Forest to join the Potato Alliance for N-Day. After the discussions, they said we could join them, but the following terms must be met in the actual event:

"The Potato Alliance isn't really just a group of all random regions that want to join. It's pretty much all regions that have an existing relationship (i.e. an embassy) with Forest or Spiritus. In social terms, it's a group of "friend regions". It's not that there's anything wrong with other regions deciding to tag along, but we want to make sure major stakeholders are all regions that we know well and trust.
Well, whoever from your region that joins the faction will have to follow the faction's orders on what to target, who produces nukes and who produces shields, and so on.
Our command isn't really divided up among regions -- if you're participating in the faction, you need to go by the strategy decided by the leadership, which is composed of representatives from all the major stakeholder regions."-Quote from the Discord meeting.

With that said, I want to leave it up to you. I don't want the Region to miss out, but I also don't want the Region to be controlled by another Region, so I am working with FNU to make a Poll about what we want to do. I was working to get the best deal we could with the largest, most democratic collective I could. I just don't want us to lose autonomy.

The Poll should be up soon. I encourage you to vote your interest.


Wait, when does N Day happen?

Prusmia wrote:Wait, when does N Day happen?

Starting the 27th and going to the 28th.

New Quote is in. This week's quote is in honour of International Observe the Moon Night. Next week's quote will need some tea and crumpets.

Political maneuvering by Mitch McConnell is insane. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites.

Tanayfvh wrote:Political maneuvering by Mitch McConnell is insane. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites.

To be fair and balanced,
There's hypocrisy on both sides. McConnell is not insane though. He just wants power and will do whatever he can get away with to maintain it.

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