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In a peaceful corner of the world a gentle breeze plays upon vast fields of golden grain. This is Oatland, a free community of nations committed to the ideals of national and regional autonomy and democratic governance.

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Oatland contains 57 nations, the 309th most in the world.


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The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Oatland

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, Oatland is ranked 2,969th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Loosely Affiliated Cities of The Peoples Place of LivingDemocratic Socialists“A place where people can live”
2.The Empire of LenniaCivil Rights Lovefest“Quasi Lapis”
3.The Matriarchy of Luna SuenaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“To the moon!”
4.The Constitutional Republic of AclionAnarchy“𝒩𝑜𝓊𝓈 𝓈𝑜𝓂𝓂𝑒𝓈 𝒸𝑜𝓃𝓉𝓇𝑒 𝓁𝑒 𝓉𝓎𝓇𝒶𝓃”
5.The Kingdom of NokgarInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
6.The Eternal Collective of The Ascended Transhumanist SociocracyLeft-wing Utopia“We Are One - We Are All - Ascendant”
7.The Kingdom of HospeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We stand united”
8.The Holy Democratic States of Broken EdgeLiberal Democratic Socialists“Quod Superius Continue”
9.The Commonwealth of The Northeastern LandsLiberal Democratic Socialists“All shall be free, always.”
10.The Republic of KeyynDemocratic Socialists“Freedom and control put together.”

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Xakememorinatri wrote:Let's liven things up with a sharing of opinions.

What is your nation's view on immigration and the un/willingness of said immigrants to conform to your cultural standard?

Well, I dont know law lingo, and I'm pretty sure I've mistakenly enacted laws in my nation by mistake that contradicts some of what I'm about to say because I dont know legal jargon well enough, but, ideally...

In Tronna, we allow immigration, but in a controlled amount. The number of immigrants taken in on any given year is roughly 1% of the nations average growth in the previous census period (IE, if the population of Tronna's Full Citizens increased by an average of 1 million during the previous census period, we will allow 10 000 immigrants per year over the course of the next census period, which lasts 5 years).
We don't take wealthy people from poor nations. We fail to see the benefit of importing people who accumulated large amounts of wealth while their fellow citizens suffered in poverty. We take wealthy or poor people from wealthy nations, or poor people from poor nations.

Immigrants deemed to be wealthy, and from a wealthy nation, must pay a tax to enroll their children in Tronnan post secondary education. The tax is equal to 1% of the tuition required to enter the post secondary program.

We do not allow immigrants from nations that Tronna is currently at war with, nor its allies.

We do not allow immigrants from countries that Tronna has been at war with in the last 100 years. Potential immigrants from allies of countries we have been at war with in the last 100 years will be considered on a case by case basis.

Tronnan Language (english), Tronnan National History, and Tronnan Legal tests, as well as thorough criminal background checks, are the most important parts of the immigration process, with a clean criminal record, and a minimum of 86% on each test being the minimum requirements to be granted immigrant status.

Tronna provides an 18 month educational program known as Tronnan Immigration College for a fee. The cost of which is returned to successful immigration applicants upon being awarded Permanent Residency status (see below for details on Permanent Residents), in the form of Tax breaks.

We allow anyone to practice their native religion, but it is limited to the confines of their homes and places of worship.

We do not allow the religious or cultural celebrations of other nations to impede on our nations day to day life (I.E. we dont block off city streets for parades other than native celebrations).

Religious garb (such as turbans, jewelry, monks robes, etc...) are permitted in private or public unless it is a weapon (IE a kirpan) or if it impedes on safety precautions (such as wearing a helmet while biking), in which case they will still be allowed in the confines of ones own home, or place of worship. If said item is deemed unfit for the public domain then it must be safely and discreetly transported to and from places of worship, where it can then be legally dawned.

The only holidays of our own that we enforce immigrants to partake in is our countries day of mourning for soldiers who have fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy (Novembrance Day) and the holiday celebrating the birth of our nation (Foundation Day). By partake, we mean, you may not conduct business on said days, unless your business is deemed an essential service (IE grocery stores) If they decide they dont want to take Christmas or Thanksgiving day off, they are free to do so.

We allow anyone to speak whatever language they like in their homes, places of worship, and in general public amongst themselves (a park, a bus, etc), but all domestic business and public speaking events must be conducted in Tronna's native English. Exceptions are made for the Arts (IE music concerts).

We allow immigrants who can prove it necessary to enter the welfare program to do so for a maximum of 1 year, with routine checks to ensure they are doing everything they can to get off welfare. Thorough investigations are done when immigrants are unable to get off welfare after a year. If it is found that there is just reason, then they are given an extension of 6 months, and supplied with government funded resources to help find adequate employment. If during that investigation, any employer is found to have discriminated against said immigrant, legal action is taken against that company. If any immigrant is found to have exceeded their time limit on welfare without just cause, they are deported (further information on deportation below).

There are minor, percentage based quotas in place for businesses owned by Full Citizens, Complete Citizens, and international companies, based on the size of a company which are designed to help Immigrants get off the welfare program. These quotas are also enforced on businesses owned by Partial Citizens and Full Citizens. They may not own a business and only employ only Immigrants or Psrmanent Resdincies.

No immigrant is allowed to own land or a business in Tronna, nor are they allowed to Vote. Should an immigrant be granted permanent residency, their offspring (1st generation Tronnanonianites) are granted partial citizenry. Partial Citizens may own businesses, but not vote or own land. Their off spring (2nd generation tronnanonianites) are granted Full Citizenship. Full Citizens are granted the right to vote and own land.

Permanent residence is granted after 10 years of adhering to both Tronnan immigration laws, and general laws, thus not facing deportation. They are no longer held to the nations strict 2 strike policy (explained below), but could still be subject to deportation if found guilty of breaking Tronnas General, or Immigration laws, depending on the frequency, and severity of said infractions.

Partial citizenship is granted to 1st Generation Tronnanonianites if they were born in Tronna, when they reach the age of 25, with no infractions of tronnan laws be they general, or immigration laws.

Full citizenship is granted to 2nd generation Tronnanonianites upon birth. It is expected that after 3 generations of living in our nation, the immigration laws should no longer be of concern, however, if a full citizen is found guilty of breaking immigration laws, their parents and or grandparents may be deported.

The official status of "Tronnanonianite" or Complete Citizenship, is granted to 3rd generation Tronnanonianites, or the offspring of Full Citizens.

Official Tronnanonianite's are free to own land, businesses and vote, and must partake in a mandatory period of military service. However, their actions will no longer put their families' previous generations at risk for deportation.

The terms Complete Citizen and Full Citizen were specifically chosen to cause confusion by the nations law makers just because they like to mess with people like that.

If an immigrant has children in Tronna withi , but is deemed fit for deportation before their offspring reaches 25 and has had the chance to gain Partial Citizenship, they are given the option to either take their children with them, or give them up for adoption so their children can remain in Tronna and continue to pursue partial citizenship.

Partial citizens are only deported if they commit crimes such as murder, tax fraud, rape, or gang related crimes. However, if they are found guilty of breaking 2 or more immigration laws, their parents may be deported.

If a partial citizen is deported, their parents are not forced to leave.

Full citizens can not be deported, however, as mentioned, failure to comply wifh immigration laws by Full Citizens could result in the deportation of parents and/or grandparents.

Immigrants, permanent residencies, and partial citizens are not subject to mandatory military service.

Upon achievement of full citizenship, military service becomes mandatory.

All immigrants are welcomed on a two strike policy. If they are found to have violated any 2 of the laws above, they are deported. There are considerations taken for hear-say violations (I.E. someone is accused of not conducting business in english, but their is no audio or visual proof).

Any immigrant found guilty of murder, tax fraud, rape, or gang related crimes is deported immediately, regardless of their legal status regarding immigration laws.

In the event someone has been found guilty of violating any 2 of the above laws, and deemed fit for deporting, we will assess the state of their home nation. If they come from a war torn or famished nation, Tronna will not deport them back to that environment, but will expend resources to attempt to find them sanctuary in another country with less strict immigration laws.

In the event someone is found guilty of murder, tax fraud, rape, or gang related crimes, they are deported back to their home nation, regardless of the current political or economic state of said nation.

The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor.

Lennia wrote:The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor.

A sad day, may Emperor Solis prove to be a worthy successor to Emperor Basileus.. You have our condolences: Your Imperial Majesty...
-Prime Minister Adrien Fournier

The Republic of Octonovem

Lennia wrote:The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor.

"The Government Sends There regards and condolences and wish the Best", Prime Minister Matthias P. Herrera

Lennia wrote:The Emperor is dead, long live the Emperor.

"We wish to offer our solace in these trying times. Emperor Basileus was a good emperor, and it is sad to see him go. We wish the Empire of Lennia the best." - The Citizens of The Democratic States of Broken Edge

Long Live Emperor Solis!
Long Live Oatland!
Quod Superius Continue!

"The royal family and subjects of Hospe and the Hospean Border Islands send their condolences. We wish Emperor Solis the best."
-King Jeffrey Onemu

The Imperial House extends its thanks to all who expressed their condolences at the news of the emperor's passing. Lennia mourns the loss of the empire's first monarch in a tragic coital accident involving a trapeze, but the ascension of the new emperor represents a fresh start for Lennia and all of Oatland.

I'm back to my favorite government type!!

Franche Comte wrote:I'm back to my favorite government type!!


Thank you, Octonovem

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