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Embassy hub of Lily

Lily, interregional military organization.

“Peace through unity, unity through conquest”

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    Good Bois and Gurls

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    Join Lily today!

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    Reasons to join Lily

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Embassies: Lily, The Grey Wolves GWS, Obama Moment, Cacophonous States of Unanimity, Kazakhuzbekistan, Thanksgiving, Brasilistan, Northern Virginia, New Pandora, Union of Free and Independant States, Christmas, Pencil Sharpeners Puppet Storage, Malphe, Magna Europa, The Alliance of Luck, Anarchical Assembly, and 1,046 others.Pandoran States, Grace, GWS The Grey Wolves, South Chedakia Archipelago, Union of the Stars, Hallyu Sanctuary, The Alliance of Eros, FishCenter Live, Ravenclaw Coalition, Sub Saharan Africa, Union of the North, The Confederacy of Carolina, Groovy, DOOMania, Where the future is behind the moon, Peloponnesian League, Stranger Things, The Irish Kingdom, The Hegemony, dictadura, Northlandia, West Veridian, Dyzia, The Allied Brethren, Portugal de Direita, TroutFarmers, Night Rise, Vil lizzamgynasia empire, The League of Based Nations, Joe Mama Oof, sad, Nooblands, Teds Nationstate Emporium, The Worst Continent, Federal Republic of Binus Serpong, The Menagerie, The 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Union of Workers, Dark stars, The Rhinopact alliance, The Protectorate, Lamnarland, Sconch Kingdom, NO CAPITALISTS ALLOWED, The United Rogue Nations of Alteria, Meep, Infinite Skies, Existence, La Katyn, Society of African Nations, Free Florida, Death and Taxes, The Debating Thunderdome, Kerala, Lawshire, Pretzeland, Fenrir, the Western Confederation, The Lost Islands of Bjourg, Solum of solemn shtets, Land of Thrive, Savinkov Pact, The lemon hub, Cog Nation, Irish Free State, The Green Shrubbery, The Communist Assembly, The Preston Republic, Pacific Islands, The Souls of Many, Catnip, Pangea Oceania, The Canadian Dominion, The Colony of the Giant Rat, Order Of Assassins, NCCU, What the heh, the dipomy federation, UwU Palace, The england tea, USSA and SCU, Gardner Dam, BackRub, Philosopher Kingdom, Look at that tree, The Faithful Union, Indo Afrika, Lost Region, Morro, The Quadrant, Russaina, Wavewrack, The Nine Divines, Union of Powerful States, Union of Communist African States, 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Congress, The Wasteland of No Longer Used Nations, Calamari Union, Golden Triangle, zoom vroom, Raid this region, TAHS, Ostavalon, Union Against The World Assembly, United Countries Of The Northern North, Libertalia, Aesira, Pound Town, Association of the Countries of the Free, the union anarcho socialists, The Normandy Nations, WADMT, The Empire of Banana Sundae, Valencian Compact, central europe, romans, Intiaga, Comas Archipelago, 00000000000000000000000, The South Indian Ocean, The Xerxes Union, The International Socialist Alliance, Anomaly, Aswanny, UU Universal Union, The Atanid Legacy, ReunificationNations, WIG, 0000000000 Soviet Union, League of Memes, ChungaChanga, Kush Connection, The Invictus Coalition, The Seagulls, Great Galactic Empire, Magyar, Vexil, Province of Mactan, The Holy United Nations of HellSushi, The South Atlantic League Of Nations, The Computer Spider, Region Balkanskih Nacija, The puppet place, Ligma, Echo, Gooch Hill, The Grand Authority of Empires, Imperial Confederation, Naimark, The THICC Region, SenatusPQR, Memeage II, The Dictatorship Of The Moon, The Irish underwater, Axloriya Treaty Organisation, the AnCap Empire, Delta of free conglomerate nations DeFCo, Juan Cena Jr, RaidRegion, Omnia, Middle Wesley, NationStates Tea Party, The Christian International Alliance, Nodak, Schmorrisville Planet, Sanesssia, Commonwealth of Maine, Scandinatus, The National Socialist German Workers, Italiano Trujillo, Duuloc, United Nations Federation, Corvid Compact, The Unity, Verbundenkraj, BOTSWANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, The Wubbs, Ilha do Povo, New Formed Islands, Annedom, Nova Terra, Dogecoin League, The Weebs united Land Mass, Warbond, The Representatives of the Council, Anime Skynet, Mare Australe, 84 point 25 Anomaly, BigBois, Machina, Dinoiumian Puppet Storage, MHOCLand, The Three Kings, Schlesierland, Hibernian Eire, Endordsa, Legion of Adequacy, Island Of Union, Commission for World Justice, Wesleyan Gang, Milky Way Nations, The Imperial City, Empire of the Trident, Valyrn, Ytic Emirc, Interplanetary Congress, Legacy of the Great War, The Quintesian Dependancies, Northwestern confederation, why not, Tanabiku Galaxy, Scandinavica, American Capitalism Nations, Hetopia, DennistanRepublic, Lands of Nuva Varros, Union of Royalists, Ezo, Calradia, Bloc, Liberationists, Safeguard, Holy Kevin James Earth, Polar trade commonwealth, Kingdom High Jackers, Meow, The Monzy Balkans, Lucozade Pink Lemonade, International Safety Defence Alliance, The Tea Ceremony, New World Order Powers, Arnoldia, The Grand Citadel, Universal States, Wuhan, Euros, The Confederation of Calf Worship, The Falstife Region, Eurerre, Holy Empire of America, Llemgotiut, Battle Royale with Cheese, Newer New Neosis, Raider prevention, Earf, Globemaster, The Country of Snakeistan, The League of Sovereign Nations, The Fascist Bloc, Room 307, West East North South Central Pacific, Sitio treinta y cuatro, Stans of Yi Sunshin, Basically Heaven, 8Beria, NetZellan Trey, A Roleplayers Haven, The Bluejackets World, The Antarctic Isles, The Maxim Pact, Federation of Kloper, The New Hegemony, Ravenclaw, KPop for the KPope, The Briefing Room, Yakkotopia, Nord by Norway, Evans Wet Dreamland, Allied Nations, Walbard, Handsomest Kings, Brotherhood of Charaxia, Middle Naranja, REGION 2020, The Region of Founded, Terrater, Terrasia, West Capitalist Agreement, The Flaming Territories, The Allied States of North America, PetersKingdom, 24116, The Emerald Island, Best Region, The Worst Choices, We live on, Alliance for the protection of bees, The Ancient Realm, slay, Earth Federation, Eastern Nordia Union, Middle Eastern League, Megalosian Empire, TheBenisBois, Boys Next Door, GrubBerg, United Federation of Planets alliance, The Confederacy of Cooperative States, Rathaia, The United nations of Esnal, Global Association of Nations, New Dessalines, celabrate, The Conservative Assembly, The Fallange, Steam Punk, The United Nations of KLASS, Villains Lair, SuperOrion, Carnosaka, Dystopic Depravity, The New World Society, The Kartoffelreich, Germa State, Summer, Dandys and Lodglings, RLX World Conquest, New Fanian Commonwealth, Anterra, Next Power, Ingerlund, League of American States, DuoLand and the Kelsey Coalition, Non Conformists Unite, CTSN, Union des peuples libres, calticboy, United NationStates, Muggles United Against Wizards, The Bois, Beyond the Edges, The Finns, Deus Ex Machina, EwE, The League of Liberated Federations, The Unholy Trinity, Alliance of the Empires, The Union of Rhetorical Republics, The freedom patrol, Capitalist Federation, The Greater Star Region Of Bleria, The Zaibai, Besizco regioeneo, the region of car lovers, Oceanosphere, Poop, The Embalian Futorran Pact, Big Boy Bulgaria League, Danganronpa Talent Sector, Net Neutrality is a Form of Hate Speech, the cohort, Earenland, Worldwide Muggles, Indomalayfioiausvietkambolaomyanindibang, Nirn, The Ultimate Dictatorship, Eastern Germanic States, The Great Eastern Utopia, Cydonia, Main Event, The Randoms Reinstated, fluffy squishfish, NeoEarth, Crypto Twitter, Tradelands World, World of Final Fantasy, Allied States Republics and Kingdoms, New Chrysalis, Hyperclovian colonial empire, Earthen, Comunnistic West, Essos, Citillan alliance, Anniki, Dsaks Union, Austrian Third Empire, Kemet, Kapital Alliance, Sacred Island of Nevarea, The Cosmere, Karen land, Altopiano della Vigolana, The Coolest Region, Before 2200, United Radicalist Front of the Ogo Clan, Total Chaos, The Land of Emperors and Kings, New Region Name, Petershauser Park, PieTopia, The Colonies, Czarist Russia, Luminus Arces, The Grand JELLEAIN EMPIRE, Tweanthe, Puppet Storage, The Russian Warlord States, North Aemedia, Ayy lmaoland, A Land Resplendent With Dank Spicy Memes, Eastern Missouri, Poll News Network, The Free Lands of Mirth, The Reformed Nations of Civilized Europe, Ipherios, Waldonia, Republic Senate, To See the Light of the World, The East Africa Region, Exterminators, Virgolia, Asea, The Morixan Empire, Duhmerican Alliance, The United Empires of Albion, Meh, Southern Utopia, Bobberino, World is mostly Turk, Mountain, The Jungles of the Amazon, Nova Hispania Spanish Region, Lyonesse, Infinity Earth, Light Mode Dark Mode Equality District, Arkio, Sraqn Genc, The Test Pacific, Wyndmark, Union of International Christian States, Regional Representative Realm, ItBeLikeThatSometimes, fart, Greater NewCiv Region, Right wing Libertarian Party, SOL Confederacy, Machtpolitik, The Peoples Region, North Africa, Amsterlands, The Liberty Block, The Dust Settles, Those Weird Countries In a Corner, The nations of Aevuros, The United Republic of Socialist States, ENSA, The United Front of Community, The Grand Party Alliance, Kingdom of cats, High Fascist Councel, Sixth Internationale, Patriotia, The Greater Union of Korea, Repubblica Cispadana, Confederacy of the Iron Cross, Concorde, Fortnite Lovers Pact, Cyride, Freedonia, Gemuhabu, Greater Union 2020, SHS, 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the armed republic of baruch hagever, StellasGarage, Union Nacionalista, Authoritarian Isles, Eleven, EQDverse, Reichi, South Europeia, Asta Fan Club, Koopa Cape Silly Funny Land, Everything, Insert Cool Name Here, The Empire of Rowania, Cinbelin, Ikaros, Niro Capital Association, Union of Nomadic Peoples, Northwood, Philonia, The Eastern Solace of Himora, Adaliumocun, Crandallian, Prince of the Cumbrians, Senatus Cohortis, Scottland, Coastal Plain, Sovereign Democratic Union, Jeffersonia, Vespuccia, The Warrior Alliance, The Greater Sphere of Independence, The Mothership, The Territories of the North, Greater Qiqis, THICCEST THANGZ, oppression is the best, Chaotic Good, Windows NT, Anville, Falcon16, Sanhab power region, Duhad and Friends, Fixolasbasiquex, Warzone Raid Me, Free Realm, Skribbonivstan, The Allied Mynal Sectors, Ramsania, Slooginid, Rotri, The Templar Order, Kofitopia, Drenthe, The United Chinouian Nations, Darifel, The 10th Crusade, Colony Pluto, Imperant Rally, West Chilladelphia, Majorkills Wasteland, The Holy Empire Of Asteraland, Hugosia, The Soviet Socialist Council, Argal, The Toaster, The Glorious and Just Empire of Satan Jr, The Swedish Kingdom, Cinye, African Pact, Pripyat Pact, the nation states mittles, East Russia, The Banevetegonia Valleys, Harold Godwinson, Amuria, Instituto de las Naciones Unidas, League, Oarii Holy Order, KFC Mukbang, 0527 northern pintail, Cambodian Federation, Sorority, Banana Emporium, Birdeys, The Colossus Federation, The GeoFS Region, Wotanaz, Margarita Planet, The Region of Nations, 0527 Orinoco goose, Chestnut Bellied, FREPP, MT Office Region, Synergy, Resurrection Land, Eunomia, Jolly Foods Coalition, The Lemurian Alliance, Non Aligned Mutual Assistance Block, United Panemian Districts, H i r a e t h, The nolands, WASP, Jojos bizarre reigon, 0527 common redshank, Region of central Europe, The Eastern Bloc and the Black sea, The United Nations for Socialised Health, The Universal Federation, Boss Apples, Suture, Stick Tale, Eastern Blockade Of Warriors, Lead and Zinc Alliance, The Highland Peninsula, Flabby Pringles, Tweeby land, The Isles of Greenspan, Stanford, Pazzo Haven, 0527 Blue duck, Sweet Like Dumplings, Meridia, Anti Neko Alliance, United Christian Empires of the North, Anti Authoritarian Coalition, Eucha, Hemlock Grove, HONOR TRIBUTES TO MR KOEM KAB CARD KING, CPCPIlandia, Northern MHBK, Star Haven, TF2, Kats land, Terra Nova, A New Dawn, The Allied Powers, Arkansas, Universalis, Imperial Shipyard, The United Democratic Nations Of Hills, Canaria, Enewetak Atoll, Roma Invicta, The federated states of eurasia, The Soaring Ocular Structures Nations, Super disappointing place, 0527 new zealand plover, ASEAN REGION, The Eternal Entente SciFi Edition, Greenfronted, The Best Union, Stephen of Blois, Harrow on the Hill, The Kraftian Regional Nation, Enadian Union, New Terran Blood, Shu, The COG, Aelle of Sussex, The Socialist Federation, Dubian Conference, 0527 bairds sandpiper, baarut, and 0527 garganey.

The embassy with Anime Skynet is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Ytic Emirc is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The New Hegemony is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Falcon16 is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with The Best Union is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with New Terran Blood is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

The embassy with Dubian Conference is being withdrawn. Closure expected .

Tags: Enormous.

Regional Power: Moderate

Plum Island contains 114 nations, the 155th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Influential in Plum Island

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, Plum Island is ranked 11,100th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kingdom of 7 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I won't jump faster”
2.The Colony of 15 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
3.The Colony of 16 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
4.The Kingdom of 1 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I won't jump faster”
5.The Colony of 19 Jump StreetMoralistic Democracy“We Will Endure”
6.The Kingdom of 9 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I won't jump faster”
7.The Kingdom of 6 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“I won't jump faster”
8.The Kingdom of 2 Jump StreetFather Knows Best State“I won't jump faster”
9.The Colony of 13 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
10.The Colony of 17 Jump StreetInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
1234. . .1112»

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Feel free to drop by again whenever you like. It's nice to see flowers bloom in the desert.

Wow, Lilly back at it again with raiding my alt regions...
Its ok, I wuv u twu Wiwwi UwU

000ppppruevaedR wrote:I declared war on Lily filthy warmongers

okie dokie!!!!

Apparently you guys raided this region like a month ago. ‘Grats. I’m keeping the embassy.

just to know, what "message" you want to spread trough the world


Oof! Major update cancelled

Oh, Raiders!


Post self-deleted by SKM.

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