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Qocleusia RMB

WA Delegate: The Dictatorship of BlackPlague (elected )

Founder: The reksapus

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Qocleusia shall never be threatened by a region like The Black Hawks.

W.A Delegate BlackPlague

Vice-Delegate Assassinisland

Embassies: Hollow Point, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Medio, and Fredonia.

Tags: Founderless and Minuscule.

Qocleusia contains 5 nations, the 3,234th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Stationary in Qocleusia

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

As a region, Qocleusia is ranked 14,596th in the world for Most Stationary.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of Quigon JinnInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Do or not do, there is no try.”
2.The Republic of LeimentipeCorrupt Dictatorship“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
3.The Psychotic Dictatorship of AssassinislandPsychotic Dictatorship“There is no end to your suffering.”
4.The Dictatorship of BlackPlagueIron Fist Consumerists“NO”
5.The Democratic Republic of Greenland with IceInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength Through Compliance”

Regional Happenings


Qocleusia Regional Message Board

Post self-deleted by Germanic emipre.

Germanic emipre

In light of a recent poll, it has been decided to eliminate the Fascist label from Qocleusia.

Thank you.

Germanic emipre

Our Cheif Officer of Security Utoria, has recently left our region. Had it been under any other circumstances, it would not be a big deal. Utoria however, has left to form his own region which is considered to be a crime against the Region, defaulting Utoria to be an enemy of the State.

We will be defaulting Cheif Security Officer to Wiggeria.

Thank you for your time.

Germanic emipre

The system of Officer Ranks has been struck down.

Germanic emipre

I would like it if everyone could join the World Assembly and also do the Citizenship application so that we can officially make everyone citizens. A link for the application can be found in the World Factbook.

Germanic emipre

Recent events have taken place to cause an unsettling threat against our regional security.A select handful of nations, appearing to have a connection to the Army of The North Pacific, had their group moved to a region of North Pacific puppet nations called Birb, and from there had moved into Qocleusia moments before the World Assembly updated. This allowed them to swiftly and successfully move into our region, take over, and deteriorate out structure of power in a mere matter of minutes. In light of these events, our regional founder has rerisen once more, to eliminate the threat and reclaim his place of power once more. As a result of this raid, we are temporarily placing a password on Qocleusia. For security reasons, the password will not be visible to the public eye, and regulations to who can be in the regional government will be strict. Thank you for your time, and stay safe!

Germanic emipre

- Update from the Offices of Regional Security -

Due to the recent events that have taken place, and with the return of our founder, it has been deemed unnecessary and unsafe for the regions W.A. Delegate to have and keep Executive Status.

Germanic emipre

- Update from the Offices of Regional Security -

Measures have been put in place, such as stripping the W.A. Delegate position of all powers with the obvious exception of W.A. abilities, to ensure that the events having taken place here never take place a gain. It is with great honor that the Qocleusia Regional Security Agency deems the Security of this Region safe.

Signed by Secretary of Regional Security,
Germanic emipre


Post by Trev11 suppressed by Germanic emipre.

Hello everyone! I saw your region and saw that you are recruiter friendly so I figured Id invite you to my favorite region! Yall should join United Federation of Opportunity! This is a great, and very political region and I hope all of you will join. They have just declared independence, and Im excited to see the future there! So go join and upvote the Declaration of Independence!

The Declaration of United Leadership and Freedom

We indulge in the fundamental truths of good around the ideals of Unity, Freedom, and Liberty. We hold dear the beliefs that all men are created equal, and that we all are entitled to the common rights protected by government. Because of this it is our duty to form, overthrow, or create a new government of the people when the current governments are insufficient. Because of this it is our duty to declare the sovereignty of the United federation of opportunity. We stand a united region with a united goal of unity, freedom, and liberty for all. It is with these principles that a region thrives, a new culture is born, and the love of freedom and a government by the people prospers. As a citizenry it is our job to protect our rights from government tyranny, and always remember the government is our creation, not our master. Because of this we stand strong in the face of tragedy and good times, stand fiercely behind the ideals of unity, and indulge in a belief in fundamental rights owed to the people. Our future will not be determined by a government, a master, or a leader. Our future will be determined by great patriots that stand for a government led for by and of the people. We dissent as a new region in the hopes of new found freedom, liberty, and unity. With a government that is working for the people, with the people, and by the people. With the end of this document comes the start of a new sovereignty of liberty, freedom, and Unity that will forever secure the blessings the people hold dear.


Read factbook

- Region Update -

Due to recent events that have taken place. I have made sure to restore Qocleusia to its former glory. although I can't restore the original flag. But I have found one from a few years ago that should work. When the ex W.A delegate Germanic empire returns to Qocleusia I will make sure that he will become the W.A delegate after me to fix my mistakes trying to restore the nation to its former glory. I will try to keep this nation safe and secure.

Thank you for your time
Signed by W.A delegate and other nation
BlackPlague & Assassinisland (main account)

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