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Founder: The Queendom of Nyx and Nyx Territories

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World Factbook Entry

Everything here only involves the real life nation of the Queendom of Nyx. Only Nyxi citizens are allowed here. If you wish to be a citizen. Request to join this region or telegram me your name(if uncomfortable, then send me nation name) so you don't have to leave your region. With your help, the Queendom of Nyx will come to life. This is not a role-playing nation. This is 100% real life, with real laws, real government, real land, and real life issues.

Ave Rex, Vivat Regnum.

Founded: September 21st, 2017
Current Leader: Queen Breckingridge I
Prime Minister: Austin E.
Total Population: 59

Facebook page:

Embassies: The Great Universe, Hollow Point, Zero Zero Zero Zero, Slavija, Lardyland, SECFanatics, The Embassy, Mission Crabs, and Anti Fairy Pact.

Tags: Eco-Friendly, Human-Only, Independent, Minuscule, Monarchist, National Sovereigntist, Neutral, and Serious.

Queendom of Nyx is home to a single nation.


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As a region, Queendom of Nyx is ranked 12,111th in the world for Most World Assembly Endorsements.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Queendom of Nyx and Nyx TerritoriesDemocratic Socialists“Ave Rex, Vivat Regnum”

Regional Happenings


Queendom of Nyx Regional Message Board


Post by Northren-japan suppressed by Nyx and Nyx Territories.


*Bows deep to his new Queen.*


Post by Northren-japan suppressed by Nyx and Nyx Territories.


I have found a possibly great RP region, called Colderia.

Post self-deleted by Nyx and Nyx Territories.

Whoever sees this, i will leave my region open for you to either visit or become a citizen. If you have any questions or concerns let me know.

Sorry for the inactivity i have forgot to post that the Queendom of Nyx government is shutdown for winter break till February 19th, 2019 by Order of Queen Breckingridge I. All news has stopped but piling up in a list. Currency production has stopped, flag production stopped, constitution writing has stopped, the Ministers Court is off, and the Prime Minister's administration is also off. All Government jobs are off until the date said above. My apologies to the ones who did not get this news. This is our 2nd Winter Break Government Shutdown and our first longest one(3 months and 14 days).

We are reopened today!

I will create a fact book that will show everyone on NationStates that we mean no harm and we are not "recruiting" anyone to our region. We don't necessarily care about it as much as some role players and gamers do. Like we said we do not play this game the way it was ment to be played. We are here to attempt to gain citizens and store documents. Thats all. Nothing more and nothing less. Our region is always opened to anyone whose interested to become a citizen or even a visitor.

"People of Everywhere."
⦁ Are you tired of high taxes?
⦁ Are you tired of the political drama between the parties?
⦁ Are you tired of the diverse issues in the United States?
⦁ Are you tired of paychecks not being enough in your life?
⦁ Are you tired of your rights being threatened by the state you live in?
⦁ Afraid that the current Congress might ruin your life and or your country?
⦁ Afraid to change the policies of your city, county, state or federal government due to threats or violent opposition?
⦁ Are you tired of homelessness and people without jobs?
⦁ Do you enjoy the island life?
⦁ Do you enjoy agriculture life?
⦁ Do you enjoy small-town life?
"Come become a citizen of the Queendom of Nyx!"
*It is currently located within the boundaries of Jefferson County, Commonwealth of Kentucky as divided private properties.*
⦁ "Live outside of Jefferson County, KY? NO PROBLEM! The 5 Un-administrative territories(not being governed by a governor) expands in the direction they were mapped out.
⦁ "For Example: Live in a western county?" You'll most likely be in the Western territory of our Region."
⦁ "Lived outside of Kentucky?" NO PROBLEM! The Territories can expand outside of Kentucky's state lines to reach your property or properties.
⦁ "Moving out one property/city/state/country to another?" NO PROBLEM! The Same policy will apply with the territories OR your new home(just incase you left the United States) could potentially be new territory for our country.
⦁ "Does it cost anything?" Currently with the recent pause on making with our constitution our nation is under an absolute monarchy policy where the Queen and Prime Minister makes sure that money comes in and comes out to the people if we have jobs that people can be paid for. Currently, we have three types of businesses. That said, paying money is entirely voluntary but it would be appreciated, we are currently pausing our tax system until we get our island and we are negotiating with citizens to discuss how much they are willing to donate to the economy each month.
⦁ "You said island, where is it?" At this point could be anywhere, our plan A island was sold recently, therefore, we have set our eyes on island B known as "Isla Tortuga"(Turtle Island) off the coast of the Los Lagos region of the Republic of Chile located in South America.
⦁ "What if we don't want to move to the island?" Simple, don't do it, it's your right to live where ever you want and still become a citizen of the Queendom.
⦁ "What Happens to the citizens who live in other countries once Nyx gets an island?" They will no longer be taxed for living in foreign countries UNLESS citizens live in a community owned by the Nyxi Government run Real Estate Company. They will also not be under the jurisdiction of Nyxi law to respect other nation's sovereignty.
⦁ "How can you ensure our safety as citizens of Nyx?" Our constitution states the citizens has the right to bear arms against foreign invaders and terrorists but is not allowed to be used in forms of rebelling against the government. The Nyxi military is voluntary, there are four branches of the military; The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Military Police. In times of war, all non-combatants will be evacuated and the combatants can voluntarily stay and defend the Queendom. The government also plans regardless of what country it is, is to declare independence diplomatically and make a Defence Agreement for them to protect us for something in return. In this current time, it will be Chile or the United States or both.
⦁ "What makes you so different than other countries?" We're smaller, more organized, a lot more freedom, run by a Monarch family, Prime Minister is an elected position, two-party system no other parties allowed, Four Branches of Government, One city which is the Capital city for now, we truly go against corruption and take it very seriously, we do not have checks and balances system but tend to know who has more authority, just in case of corruption the Queen has the right to support the people to abolish the government and establish a new one most likely along with the founding members of Nyx as well as the people, there are three government phases our government goes through, we have a small national parliament, royal court, and Ministers court. We have our own flag, our own coat of arms, our own currency, we plan on growing crops or gardens for the people or people can provide for themselves, plans for the future of Nyx, more environmentally friendly towards the plants and animals, energy efficient but not too far with it in case something happens, the government keeps nothing classified other then how the currency is made, potential hurricane zone, potential earthquake zone, national symbols, respect for history regardless of how horrifying, embarrassing, or disturbing it is, parliament members do have term limits but can run for re-election afterward, royal court justices are chosen by the Queen instead of a political party, very very low taxes at 0.5% of everything such as paychecks, properties, and sales. But every two years the taxes will increase by another 0.5%. Prime Minister is elected by political party majority in the parliament voting for their party's candidates, Prime Minister can only leave office if resigned, death voted out of office in a no-confidence vote, or impeached. However, the 1st Prime Minister which is me can't leave office or affiliate with a political party until we have our island. Parliament members are elected by popular vote with a term limit of 2 years. More Libertarian than conservative and Liberal.
⦁ "Where can we sign up to become citizens?" Here are the links you may look up about Nyx and our facebook page is where you can sign up.

⦁ We have Three Nyxi born businesses 2 of them aren't entirely created yet but they could use the help if interested and the other one is what anyone can do depending on the size of their property's yard(s) which is making a garden or a farm.

⦁ Sign up at the Nyxi Virtual Consulate: Go to the link, send member request, and we'll get you started).

⦁ All our citizens are located here: (This is where you can meet with all of our citizens).

⦁ Some information about Nyx:

The Queendom of Nyx
The Queendom of Nyx(abbreviated as QNX, NYX, or NX also known as Nyx) is a self-proclaimed LinkMicronation located in the minds of its citizens so far, that is proclaiming independence from the United States of America, The size of the Queendom, for now, is currently the sum of the acres, Square miles, and square kilometers of all of the properties(mostly houses) of its citizens which is currently 0.98 acres. "The Queendom of Nyx" was founded on September 21st, 2017 when Austin and Ladelly decided what country what they were going to be. The Independence movement they started was founded on September 25th, 2013, The Independence movement was more of a State of Mind. Gathering people to diplomatically declare independence from the United States of America.

Sections top to bottom:
  • History

  • Independence Movement

  • Other Things About the Queendom of Nyx

The nation is founded by Madame Ladelly also officially known as Queen Breckingridge I and Prime Minister Austin on September 21st, 2017, to declare independence from the LinkUnited States of America due to the corruption and money taking government employees ruining the lives of its citizens. So the goal of the Nyxis is to get over 500 acres of land regardless if the land is split in pieces to out size LinkThe Holy See and The LinkPrincipality of Monaco. The National Flag Is a Royal Blue flag with a silver line diagonally going across the flag and with the National Coat of Arms in the center. The Coat of Arms, is a Golden Eagle with a black shield, purple band, silver crown on the head of the eagle, a silver crown above the motto banner, sword on the left, ax on the right, leaves around, the name of the nation on the bottom, the national motto to the top in Latin, a black rose on the left and a black rose on the right. The National Anthem has not been chosen yet. The Queendom of Nyx is a Linkconstitutional monarchy with the Head of State been Queen Breckingridge I and Prime Minister Austin with 4 branches of government: Executive, legislative, judicial, and Supremacy. The plans to buy McLean island on the Mississippi was put to a dead stop due to a US citizen bought it for $1.8 million. It didn't stop the Queen for creating an idea of "Real Estate" buying pecies of land on the island and making it into a colony or "Overseas Territory". The Nyxi Government plans to buy land in the US States of Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Wyoming to create overseas territory that will increase the economy and population of the Queendom of Nyx. Turtle Island locally called, "Isla Tortuga" is the next island the Nyxi Government plans to buy and take over. If that happens, Queendom of Nyx will have to declare independence from the Republic of Chile as well as sigining a defence agreement with Chile as well as the United States. The Queedom of Nyx founded the Compact of Free Association Treaty to support struggling small nations politcally, financially, and trade. The Queendom of Nyx is a member of the Micronational Association of North America and the International Bank of Micronational Economies and Funding. Baseball became the nation's first sport with the people in process of creating teams. On May 13th, 2019. The People of Nyx has voted to move our country to Hog Island, North Carolina to buy and takeover. It costs $2.5 million and its 600 acres big.


National Flag

National Coat of Arms

Queendom of Nyx
Motto: Ave Rex, Vivat Regnum (LinkLatin)
National Anthem: N/A

Official Language: English
Capital City:
  • Coamo(Future De Facto)

  • Powell(Nyxi Central Government Territory of Powell)*Current De Facto*

Largest City:

  • Territory of Witchhill(Current De Facto)

Regional Languages
LinkEnglish, LinkSpanish, and LinkFrench
LinkEthnic Groups(No percentages yet)
LinkNative Americans
LinkDemonym Nyxi


  • LinkHead of State
    and Head of the Government: Queen Breckingridge I

  • King Consort: Talabot I

  • Prince: Michael I

  • Prime Minister: Austin(Not Affiliated with a Political Party as of yet)

  • Commissioner of Domestic Policy: Bruce
    Chief of Corporate Affairs: Marcy
    Tribunal of Corporate Discipline: vacant
    Tribunal of Corporate Rules Enforcement: vacant
    Tribunal of Corporate Control: vacant
    Chief of Interior and Beauty: Mya
    Tribunal of National Parks and National Monuments
    Protection Service: vacant

    Tribunal of Nyxi Environment Protection Agency: vacant
    Tribunal of Animal Protection and Breeding Programs: vacant
    Chief of Economy and Banking: vacant
    Tribunal of Nyxi Banking: vacant
    Tribunal of the Treasury: vacant
    Chief of the Nyxi Guard Force: vacant
    Tribunal of Homeland Security: vacant
    Tribunal of the Royal Coast Guard: vacant
    Chief of Veteran Affairs: vacant
    Tribunal of Veteran's Healthcare Office: vacant
    Tribunal of Veteran's Welfare Office: vacant
    Chief of Nyxi Healthcare Services: vacant
    Tribunal of Nyxi Health Research: vacant
    Tribunal of the Charitable Health Services: vacant

  • Commissioner of Foreign Affairs: vacant

  • Commissioner of Commerce: vacant

  • Defense Commissioner: vacant

The Nyxi National LinkParliament
(Unicameral)(Executive Order #4 forces the Legislative Branch to house 8 members of Parliament):
1. vacant(N/A)
2. vacant(N/A)
3. vacant(N/A)
4. vacant(n/a)
5. vacant(n/a)
6. vacant(n/a)
7. vacant(n/a)
8. vacant(n/a)
Governing Party: N/A
Opposition Party: N/A
Royal Court of the Queendom of Nyx:

  • Royal Justice vacant

  • Royal Justice vacant

  • Royal Justice vacant

Supremacy Branch:

  • Head of the Branch: Queen Breckingridge I

  • Vice Head of the Branch: Prime Minister Austin

  • Minister Vacant

  • Minister vacant

  • Minister Cheyenne

  • Minister Vacant


  • Jodi(7/24/2018) as Minister

  • Ashley(3/1/2019) as Minister

  • Chelsey(5/8/2019) as Minister l

Independence from the LinkUnited States of America

  • Proclaimed Independence September 21st, 2017


  • Total:
    0.98 acres(0.003km)(0.001sqmi)

  • Water(%) 0%


  • 2017 Estimate 16

  • 2018 Estimate 29

  • 2019 Estimate currently 26

LinkGDP(LinkPPP) 2018 Estimate

  • Total $67.19(USD)

  • Per capita $158.97(USD)

  • Total N158.97(NXP)

(De facto) Nyxi Pound(NXP) and Nyxi Shillings(NXS)
(De Joire) United States Dollar(USD)
Time Zone (EST) US Eastern Time Zone(Currently)
Date Format MM/DD/YYYY
Drives on the Right
LinkCalling Code +502
Sister City(s)

Inspired by

Following the steps of

The Independence Movement(September 25th, 2013)
The Independence Movement was founded by Ladelly and Austin after United States 44th President Barack Obama did acts that were unfaithful and plutocratic throughout the years, on September 25th, 2013. Ladelly and Austin were high school students in Louisville, Kentucky by the time they started the movement, they've gotten a lot of support and manage to prop up a project country. "The United Commonwealths of Kentucky" which became defunct due to a lot of inactivity which was caused by personal family things and of course school. The United Commonwealths of Kentucky had a flag, capital city of Louisville, Plans on how to make counties into Commonwealths, military, police, diplomacies with other countries, plans for native Americans, gave native Americans the ability to govern their own province with full native American authority while under the constitution of the federal government. A Constitution was never finished. 4 years later on the same month when the independence movement started, Ladelly and Austin had enough of plutocratic politics in America so they began the independence movement for "The Queendom of Nyx" on September 21st, 2017, 4 days before the 4th Anniversary of the "Independence Movement Day".
Other Things About the Queendom of Nyx
Military Branches of the Queendom of Nyx:

The Monarch Royal Knights
The Royal Army
The Royal Coast Guard
International Organizations the Queendom of Nyx is a member of:

  • United Nations(Pending)

  • Inter-Micronational Marketplace(IMM)(5/26/2018)

  • International Micronational Bank of Economies and Funding(IMBEF)(6/6/2018)

  • Micronational Association of North America(MANA)(6/6/2018)

  • Organization of American States(OAS)(Pending)

  • World Association of Micronations(WAM).

Executive Order #4:
Executive Order #4 is an Order passed by Prime Minister Austin that was approved by the Queen, to temporarily create the Queendom of Nyx into a "Mainland" Country within the borders of the United States of America. The Order also "Voided" all laws regarding anything involving the island or islands Nyx may control in the future, Instead of 5 City-States there are now 5 Territories such as Nyxi Central Government Territory of Powell, Nyxi Northern Territory, Nyxi Western Territory, Nyxi Eastern Territory, and Nyxi Southern Territory, the North, South, East, and West Territories are allowed to have elected Territorial Governors, their own Territorial Parliament, but cannot have a Royal Court. The Nyxi Central Government Territory of Powell or just Powell for short Is controlled and run by the Federal Government such as the Queen, Prime Minister, Ministers Court, Administration Chambers, Royal Court, and the Nyxi National Parliament which due to the order given, their now can only be 8 members of Parliament because there are only 4 territories which each have 2 representatives.
Timeline of Nyx:

  • (9/25/2017)
    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes The United States of America.

    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes Quebec, Catalonia, Scotland, Gibraltar, Northern Ireland, and Kurdistan as independent nations(to an extent if the citizens of those nations reached their vote or fight for independence.)

  • (9/30/2017)
    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes "The Empire of Austenasia" as an independent country.

  • (10/3/2017)
    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes "Holy Wallonia" as an independent nation.

  • (10/4/2017)
    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes Canada, United Mexican States(Mexico), Greenland(Independently), Republic of Honduras, Republic of Guatemala, Republic of Nicaragua, Republic of Panama, Republic of Belize, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of El Salvador, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Albania, People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, Principality of Andorra, Republic of Angola, and the Republic of Argentina.

  • (10/5/2017)
    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes The Bahamas and the Republic of Cuba.

  • (10/7/2017)
    Queendom of Nyx officially limited the recognition of the Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Armenia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes the Republic of Traxa and the Republic of Austria.

  • (10/8/2017)
    Holy Wallonia is no longer recognized as a country by the Queendom of Nyx.

  • (10/30/2017)
    The 11th Amendment will stay in the Constitution.

  • (10/31/2017)
    There will be no laws on how the government should spend money to help and support the ones in need.

  • (11/4/2017)
    United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Austrailia, and Ireland will be the countries to talk recognition too.

  • (11/11/2017)
    We will join the United Nations but will not join the World Trade Organization.

  • (11/29/2017)
    Mclean island, Missouri in the Mississippi River between the State of Missouri and The State of Tennessee.

  • (12/6/2017)
    Native Americans can now have Government Office positions and have a say in our country. Their voices will be heard.

  • (1/26/2018)
    Our island nation will have an advanced expensive sewer system to control our waste.

  • (1/27/2018)
    We will import food from other countries such as the United States of America.

    We will retain some vegetation for the forest on the island.

    We will have a total of 5 settlements/cities on the island.

    Only medical marijuana is legal throughout all of the Queendom of Nyx.

    Hunting is legal only when overpopulation on the island is imminent.

    Hunting Deer, Turkey, Ducks, and rabbits are legal to hunt but Foxes and other games are illegal to hunt.

    We will have a mine or mines for mining but strip mining is illegal, we find a hole in the ground then mine.

    We will have the option to use green energy as our source of power and electricity.

  • (1/29/2018)
    Six Amendments have been signed into law for the honor of Prince Michael I on National Holiday: Prince Michael's Birthday.

  • (2/6/2018)
    Bill #16 Capital Status Bill passed: Coamo has been declared as the Capital city of the Queendom of Nyx.

  • (2/14/2018)
    Bill #17 City-States and Territorial Rights Bill 1 Passed.

  • (2/23/2018)
    Bill #18 City-States and Territorial Rights Bill 2 Passed.

  • (3/3/2018)
    Bill #19 City-States and Territorial Rights Bill 3 Passed.

  • (3/8/2018)
    Bruce has become the first Commissioner of the Chamber of Domestic Policy.

  • (3/10/2018)
    Bill #20 City-States and Territorial Rights Bill 4 Passed.

  • (3/20/2018)
    Bill #21 City-States and Territorial Rights Bill #5 Passed.

  • (3/28/2018)
    The Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes The Commonwealth of Australia, Republic of Armenia, and the Republic of Azerbaijan lifting the 87 days limited recognition.

  • (4/14/2018)
    The Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China(Taiwan), and the Russian Federation.

  • (4/15/2018)
    Queendom of Nyx placed Brazil, Botswana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Bulgaria, and Burkina Faso under Observer Status.

    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes Antigua and Barbuda, People's Republic of Bangladesh, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Belgium, Barbados, Republic of Belarus, Kingdom of Bhutan, Plurinational State of Bolivia, Republic of Benin, Republic of Burundi, Republic of Cambodia, and the Republic of Cameroon.

  • (4/25/2018)
    The Queendom of Nyx has adopted a new flag to be the new National Flag of the Queendom.

  • (5/6/2018)
    The Five City-States of the Queendom of Nyx shall be named: Coamo, Erebus, Aether, Hemera, and Thalassa.

  • (5/10/2018)
    Bill #22 Passed through the Ministers Court.

  • (5/12/2018)
    Bill #23 passed through the Ministers Court.

    Executive Order #73 passed.

  • (5/20/2018)
    Executive Orders #74, 75, 76, 77, 78, and 79 have been passed.

  • (5/21/2018)
    Executive Order #80 have been passed.

    Marcy has become the 1st person to be admitted as Chief of Corporate Affairs of the Chamber of Domestic Policy.

  • (5/23/2018)
    Executive Order #81 has been passed.

  • (5/25/2018)
    Executive Order #82 has been passed.

    National Ordinances 1, 2, and 3 have passed.

  • (5/26/2018)
    National Ordinance #4 has passed.

  • (5/27/2018)
    Queendom of Nyx became a member of the International Micronational Marketplace

  • (5/30/2018)
    Executive Order #83 has been passed.

  • (6/1/2018)
    Queendom of Nyx became a member of the Inter-micronational Congress Association of Nations(ICAN).

  • (6/15/2018)
    The 1st Nyxi National Public Poll says 11%(Majority) has chosen AT&T to be our national Cell Phone Services.

  • (7/4/2018)
    National Ordinance 5 has been passed.

  • (7/5/2018)
    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes the Kingdom of Caelumia as an independent Sovereign nation.

  • (7/23/2018)
    National Ordinance 6 have been passed.

  • (7/24/2018)
    Executive Orders #84 and 85 have passed.

    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes the Grand Duchy of Pikeland and the Sonland Empire(Defunct) as independent sovereign nations.

  • (8/3/2018)
    Queendom of Nyx officially recognizes The Imperial Territories of Woodlend and the Xingoyian Empire as a sovereign nation.

  • (8/7/2018)
    Executive Orders #91, 92, and 93 have been passed by the Prime Minister, approved by the Queen.

  • (8/8/2018)
    Executive Order #94 have been passed by the Prime Minister, approved by the Queen.

  • (10/31/2018)
    Queendom of Nyx has founded the "Compact of Free Association" Treaty to support small struggling nations politically, financially, and trade.

  • (3/22/2019)
    Queendom of Nyx Officially leaves as a member of the Inter-micronational Congress of Allied Nations(ICAN).

  • (4/1/2019)
    Queendom of Nyx has decided its national sport to be Baseball.

  • currently updating events after previously listed date...

Read factbook

(Updated information about our nation is located here).

Welcome to the Queendom of Nyx!

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