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Random Acts of Kindness contains 33 nations, the 584th most in the world.


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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Kindness Republic of Week NashunIron Fist Consumerists“.”
2.The United Syndicates of New Guangxi CliqueLeft-Leaning College State“对一个人的伤害就是对所有人都的伤害”
3.The Kindness Republic of Week Nashun 5Capitalist Paradise“.”
4.The Loving Community of Vylixan Eleos 133Authoritarian Democracy“Pity, mercy, clemency, and compassion”
5.The Mercenary Nation of Zeroes FoxtrotInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Honor Without Dishonor”
6.The Rogue Nation of Unuus AnnusIron Fist Consumerists“Momento Mori”
7.The Holy Empire of LigIron Fist Consumerists“Raeda Manebat in Fossam.”
8.The Dictatorship of SchorntopiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Victoria”
9.The Black Muddy River of A ship of foolsCapitalist Paradise“It's just a box of rain, I don't know who put it there.”
10.The Community of Random Acts of KindnessScandinavian Liberal Paradise“The Small Things Count”

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Random Acts of Kindness Regional Message Board

You guys and gals should use your message board more often.

Nova Nova Hibernia wrote:You guys and gals should use your message board more often.

Ok. What does "Great trial when?" mean?

A ship of fools wrote:Ok. What does "Great trial when?" mean?

It's a reference to the Hearts of Iron 4 mod "The New Order" where the no no germans win and Russia is split into warlord states. The National Provisional Authority is a result of a successful Russian reunification by the warlord state of Omsk led by Dmitriy Yazhov. "The Great Trial" is what he supposedly calls a war with Germany to reclaim all lost territories of Russia and generally destroy Germany.

The National Provisional Authority wrote:When the Teutons are at their weakest, and the Russian National Army is ready.

(Anyway... Schorntopia come here you)

It's been almost a year since Dmitry Yazov died IRL. :(

As for the naming, West Siberian Provisional Authority is the regional-level name, the reunification one is the Russian Reclamation Government (Though I consider my own nation to be of post-reunification Omsk and making colossal preparations for the Great Trial, I decided to go with the regional unification name since apparently, some TNO fans were quicker than me lmao)

Also to add, the concept of "The Great Trial" was Karbyshev's idea (Yazov's predecessor and founder of the Siberian Black League/Omsk) before his s̶u̶i̶c̶i̶d̶e̶ death wherein the Russian motherland has gone through two trials which she had lost. The first trial was the Germans successfully invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa, the second trial is when the West Russian Revolutionary Front (A remnant of the Red Army which had fought the Germans before) attempted to reclaim their lost land in the West Russian War (which they had narrowly lost). Now Russia prepares for the next German onslaught which is then called "The Great Trial" which the Siberian Black League believes that Russia will be prepared best under their sole rule.

The end goal of the Great Trial is the utter destruction of Germany as a people and nation and claiming vengeance for the Russians who have lost their lives under Nazi rule in the occupied territories.

Thermonuclear War is inevitable, yes, but the Siberian Black League has prepared for it by building a vast network of nuclear bunkers (designed to sustain its occupants for several decades) under major population centers, part of the Program of National Redoubt. When the ICBMs are launched and after the mushroom clouds arise over the world, the fourth thesis states that surviving remnants of the Russian National Army that has stationed in the bunkers shall move out into the post-nuclear wasteland of Europe and destroy the remnants of Germany, whether it may be civilians or the German Wehrmacht.

(Based on my experience of playing Omsk in HOI4 - TNO)


I like how this message board has temporarily turned into a TNO discussion forum lol

Nova Nova Hibernia wrote:I like how this message board has temporarily turned into a TNO discussion forum lol

I'm a bit surprised TNO came up before Kaiserreich or Fuhrerreich, but whatever works.

hey good people :D


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