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Auditorium, Tabu Academy, Enderya

The Professor Alruzep from the University of Otuklara's lecture had filled up as filled to maximum capacity, as he was about to give a special lecture on the '5003 Coup that gave birth to the ugly face of Endeiran Nationalism'. Professor Alruzep is the first time person to ever be a guest speaker at Tabu Academy since the rise of the Enderian Revolutionary Party, who also happens to be a public opponent of the Enderian Revolutionary Party. The classroom was filled with students from both the Kerwolves, Young Cemiyet Leugue, and other party youth groups. A tense room as the Professor finally spoke.

"As the Enderian Revolutionary Party grows stronger, the faces of the Enderian people smile. That was the slogan of the Enderian Revolutionary Partyin 5026 when they upset the nation and won a majority of the Provincial governments, a precursor to the 5028 elections. For many at the time this was a shock, a mistake. How could a party that seemingly was never mentioned in the papers, never mentioned on the radio suddenly be as powerful as the President and Basaklara without controlling a single seat in it. This is the story of the Enderian Revolutionary Party, this is the failure of the 5003 Coup, the Coup that gave birth to the ugly face of Enderian Nationalism. Now it is important to remember the past of the man behind the Enderian Revolutionary Party, Bozku Tusekur born in Jirre (South of Tabu) to a lower middle class family. The son of a nargile smith, and the only child to survive childbirth in his household. Losing his mother at a young age to a dispute between two towns that saw her caught in the cross fire, he was only seven. His father, a man who was commonly known as lazy and of no significant value, was a devout man. One who supposedly tried to live his life according to the Galatistikla (Enchen Bible), this drove young Bozku insane. The idea that his mothers murderers were left free, while his fathers hope in Enche prevented them from seeking revenge. Despite this, he would graduate with record numbers from his class at age 18, and thanks to the Rural Development Act he was able to attend this very school. Tabu Academy. But we must ask what brought about the Rural Development Act, and why is it so significant. This act was signed into law by Supreme General Murat Okmeyal as a way to put down the protests in Kibuz over the cost of University that had gotten to a boiling point as non of the Kibuz provinces had recognized the Supreme General as President to that point. But after the act, the Kibuz provinces placed their support behind the Supreme General. This is why the Enderian Revolutionary Party has such a brash attitude, the Kibuzi attitude of confidence that trumps the other islands. Hence the mastery of the this art by Bozku Tusekur at his rallies, taking constant aim at the NDP as traitors for allowing the coup to happen. Back in 5003, the Republicans had been in office for 8 years at that point. Having expanded the Basaklara by 62 seats in order to minimize the growth of the Conservative Ascension Party, this was the first straw. The second was when the NDP tried to rig the Supreme Electoral Committee by buying it off, so they would announce staged results that would give the party a super majority. Luckily the General Okmeyal had caught wind of this, and stopped it before it was too late, even lowering the total MPs in the Basaklara to 650 to undo the damage done under the Republicans. Despite these efforts, after the seven year coup period the Republicans and AJP would win the same amount of MP's in the Basaklara creating a joint government for the next four years. The Iremel-Geceye Pact which was historic at the time was overshadowed by what would come. The return of the NDP, the NDP which had been outlawed by the Supreme General was brought back by the ruling AJP who broke their coalition with the Republicans in 5014 to force a new election which they emerged victorious in winning 40%, the largest in history up to that point. In the 5020 elections though, the threat of the growing Republican Party which started to bring in former NDP members would have become enough to topple the AJP, in a heavily disputed move the AJP restored the NDP. This had the simple effect of breaking down the Republican Party, but this would have three effects. First, the spike in Socialism, the Workers Party would become the third largest in the Basaklara preparing to dethrone the new ruling government. This was the NDP, the second effect, the NDP would finally makes it comeback to the governance of Enderya. But the most significant result of this was the rise of the Enderian Revolutionary Party, at this point only known here in Tabu as the ruling party in the special 5025 elections. The Enderian Revolutionary Party was expected to come in forth or barely even get into the Basaklara, but in an upset won 60% of the vote. Now looking back, this can be described as a combination of many things. But Bozku Tusekur himself put this best himself."

'And I quote' "We have all suffered like this, Enderya more than any of us."

"That is what President Elect Bozku Tusekur said in 5028 on the night he won the elections that would change Enderian history forever. We have all suffered like this, Enderya more than any of us. The threat against our democracy that according to the Enderian Revolutionary Party has been Cemiyet, the NDP, the Socialists, the Communists, the Religious, the educated. Now the same people that stood side by side with them in the True Path Party. The Enderian Revolutionary Party in its core are the people who say they will save Enderya, but have triggered the same path to bring our nation down to its knees. The same path that the NDP once took, now that they have broken the Basaklara, and control ever aspect of the government. President Tusekur doesn't need anyone to govern, not even the Imperial Restoration Party which he has given the Vice Presidency. Since the 5003 coup, the idea of a dictatorship has been normalized. Now many may say Tusekur isn't a dictator, he was democratically elected sure. But his actions speak louder than words. He put his own name in the new constitution, moved Enderya's capital back to Tabu. Has removed term limits on the Presidency, and has even given woman the right to vote. The last one has been done in an effort to boost the parties popularity amongst households. This was seen just two weeks ago when he was reelected. President Tusekur is a man of anger, a man who feels as if he is the successor to all past Emperors of Enderya. The successor to all who have ruled over Enderya, the successor to the might of the Enderian navy. He and the Enderian Revolutionary Party view themselves as the single thing holding the Enderian Republic together. He views himself above Asekur. That is a scary thought. Now legally he is, removing any mention of Asekur from the constitution, and officially separate the Cemiyet from the government. Something which would be unconstitutional under the old constitution, which he abolished thanks to his super majority. He can purge the generals, which he has demoted all who publicly have opposed him and promoted his allies. That had left the Cemiyet as the only check on the Presidency, which is now gone. Ladies and gentlemen, you are the future of Enderya. You will decide if we will be free, or be in chains. Slaves to the Enderian Revoluiontary Party."

Before the Professor could continue, a security guard rushed the stage in order to help the Professor to safety. This was due to the increasing hostility being shown by the Kerwolf students at the Auditorium, the lecture definitely striking a nerve with the party loyalists. Back in the Presidential Office, President Tusekur was also in a rage, having listened in on the high profile lecture from the radio he had installed in the Auditorium. Speaker Yander as well as first lady Aliya were able to calm the President down, but only time would tell how he would respond to this attack by Professor Alruzep.

Sacrementas and Lieobria

Goodbye Old Enderya 5024 p.1

’Worker’s Rise! Workers Rise!’ the chants grew louder and louder in the streets of Jirre. The Workers Party had been gaining mass popularity ahead of the 5024 Parliamentary elections, looking to become one of the biggest parties in the parliament. The Workers Party had seen its peak of popularity in rural Enderya, as well as cities like Otuklara. The city of Tabu though was extremely competitive against the Nationalist Movement Party, now known as the Enderian Revolutionary Party. Jirre was the same city that just a week ago greeted NMP Chairmen Bozku Tusekur with banners ‘Welcome Home Our Saviour Bozku Tusekur’, not just the city but the province heavily divided between the two parties. It was on Jirre that the Workers Party would be holding a rally just hours after the ruling AJP and President Geceye. Workers Party Chairmen Hirez Iremel, son of former President Abruh Iremel, spoke to a crowd of over nearly 40,000

“Hello Beautiful, hello the beautiful future that awaits our nation! A nation free of the establishment, of the wealthy. A nation where the fascists, elite, and Enchens who benefit of their followers will be punished! A new Enderya, the Socialist Paradise. In the vision of the global workers movement, we will first unite Enderya then one by one! One by one we will unite the rest of the world using the might of the Enderian war machine. This election when we fight to enter the Basaklara remember this, when we enter the ruling coalition, we will bring Enderya closer to achieving it’s ultimate goal! To become the first socialist state!”

27 October 1930
Renolian General Assembly Elections

The Renolian General Assembly - the lower house of the government's legislative branch - plays a pivotal role in Renolian politics. The General Assembly is responsible for debating and voting upon national bills that all provinces of the Federal Republic must abide by, along with having other functions such as managing the government's financial and budgetary policy. Representatives are elected every two years, and that time has come once again. Observers note that in recent years popular support for both socialist and fervently nationalist movements have been growing, leading to greater political divide between an increasing number of Renolians. Notable changes in the G.A. include the first seat representing the Nationalist Coalition, and the sudden decline of the Libertarian Coalition as Renolians flock to the Socialist Coalition, which saw a 22% increase in the number of seats representing them.

Of the 100 seats in the General Assembly and considering all changes in control of each seat, the following net changes in representation occurred:

Conservative Coalition: +1 seats

Federalist Coalition: -1 seats

Libertarian Coalition: -3 seats

Socialist Coalition: +2 seats

Nationalist Coalition: +1 seat


Goodbye Old Enderya 5024-5027 p.2

The 5024 June Presidential elections, the emboldened Socialists have pulled many stunts, even gathering in droves for Workers Party Chairmen Hirez Iremel as he marched on the Basaklara in Otuklara to send a clear message to President-Elect Kizgin Atesh of the NDP that the Workers Party would implement its vision of Enderya even if they weren’t ruling the nation. It has only gotten worse since then, as in October the rebranded Nationalist Movement Party has become the Enderian Revolutionary who has begun to see its popularity surge in Kibuz. Even with ERP Chairmen Bozku Tusekur announcing his bid for the Presidency in December (5024) during a rally in Jirre. 5025 wasn’t any better of a year seeing the first ever ERP march on Otuklara, the party sending a clear message to the NDP and other parties in Enderya. The year also saw the largest spike of party violence with the ERP and Workers Party being responsible for over 80% of the conflict. The biggest incident was seen in Zonoz leaving over 50 hospitalized because of it. However this year also happened to be a major shocker, seeing the ERP winning a little over half of Enderyas municipalities during the 5025 local elections. 5027 saw the breakdown of the ruling NDP-Republican Coalition, forcing the Basaklara into a state of turmoil that would last until the 5028 elections. Now stands Bozku Tusekur, face to face with President Kizgin, just a month away from Election Day, with Bozku confronting the President on the footsteps of the Basaklara with media and his followers behind him. This tension was caused due to President Kizgins recent comments on Bozku calling him a “fascist egomaniac”. The two shouted off back and forth before Bozku was able to quite down the President and spoke to everyone around them.

“Remember the battles we would fight side by side, us versus you. The weak majority versus the strong few. The difference between us! Us the Enderian people is that we stand our ground and march forward! Against all tyrants!”

Secret Service begin pulling President Kizgin back up the stairs away from Bozku and the crowd. As they do Bozku stands his ground. Gradually raising his right hand up pointing straight at the President he shouts, almost like a roar as he speaks.

“But do not forget! Do not forget that we are not defeated when we lose, no no. We are defeated when we give up! And do the Revoluiontaries give up?”

‘Never!’ shout the supporters around him.

“We are never going to give up! For the kids who wish for a better nation grow up in! For our elders who wish the next generation will enjoy the same peace they did! For parents who will want a safe world for their children! For Enderya!”

His fingers slowly merge forming the Kerwolf salute, the dozens of supporters around him do so as well. Bozku leading signals the supporters to begin chanting as their shouts can be heard from the top where President Kizgin and his administration stood watching the ordeal continue.

“Our enemies say the Revolution won’t grow
Says it won't ravage its surroundings
Most glorious Bozku Tusekur
Says he won't abandon the Revolution
The Enemy has crossed into the Basaklara
And harassed the Enderian people
By the orders of our enemies
Six decades have gone to waste
I struck my sword on the socialists m
The socialists were split from end to end
Bozku Tusekur the renowned
Live thousands (of years) with your soldiers!”

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Rzeczpospolita poland wrote:((OOC: Hello!))

OOC: Hey there - if you're interested in participating in the RP, you can TG some of the staff or join our Discord channel to apply and find a land claim that suits you :)

Rzeczpospolita poland

Rzeczpospolita poland

The holy legate wrote:OOC: Hey there - if you're interested in participating in the RP, you can TG some of the staff or join our Discord channel to apply and find a land claim that suits you :)

(Can you send me a link to the discord? I sent my app to the founder account but haven't got a reply)


Goodbye Old Enderya p.4 (5028)

October 24th 5028, just five days before the historic inauguration of President Elect Bozku Tusekur as the 10th President of the Enderian Republic. Otuklara had become a city that was filled to its brim with members of the Enderian Revolutionary Party as inauguration day neared for the President Elect, however protestors were not far behind as groups in mass had also rallied in the city against the President Elect and his policies. Despite all this Bozku Tusekur was far from the city in nearby of Demur where the Enderian Revolutionary Party was holding an underground meeting for high ranking party officials where Bozku Tusekur was set to speak to the new leaders of Enderya, as the group of about twelve in the room would be the only words to ever hear what President Elect Bozku Tusekur had to say, this list included party founders and military higherups who at one point were working within the Enderian Revolutionary Party, known as the Young Enderian Society in the 5010s. The meeting grounds was normally used as a bar where political activists would speak from, a stage in its centre surrounded by tables, something that had become common place in many Enderian cities due to the political uncertainty created during the coup era of till 5010. Chants of ‘Long live Tusekur!’ echoed in the room as Bozku reached the centre of the room, gripping the loose papers he had in his hand before he spoke.

“We have done it, a single movement that we started years ago as nothing more than students with a dream to make their own lives better. My brothers and sisters, we have made it this far hand in hand, working as a single unit against the rest of Enderya. May it be the Socialists, the elite of Endeya, and yes the Supreme Electoral Committee. Our dear friend, Aslan Kersun please stand.” Aslan rises to his feet as instructed “This man, our brother, once marched with us against the Young Cemiyet League, and against the youth groups of the Workers Partys and her allies. But no bigger march did he take part in than that against the Supreme Electoral Committee, his heroic actions is now why we stand with a super majority in the Basaklara.” Bozku Tusekur places his hand on his heart as a show of respect to Aslan, the others in the room do so as well before Aslan sits back down. “The fist of the Revolution will shake the very foundations of Enderian society to its grounds. Brothers and Sisters I ask you this. It is not what the Revolution can do for you, but what Enderya will do for the Revolution. This world we live in has two inevitable, first that the world has an order and second is that nature will seek to restore this order. This order was once seen through the domination of the Enderian Empire that stretched across the Magaka dominating every aspect of life for those in the world who bowed the knee to the Enderian Race. By will, or by force. Whatever it may be, for thousands of years our people have been the people to bring this order. And as the worlds nature may have it, our Revolution will restore this order. Enderian democracy has been proven to be broken, and the very undemocratic institutions that we are meant to trust have been easy broken to bring us to the top. My brothers and sisters there is a reason why not just Enderya but the world as we know it was shaken to its core when the Enderian Revolutionary Party dominated our election cycle. Even we siting in Tabu were shocked to our core as the results poured in. At least some of us had been shaken, but the reality of it is that the so called democracy that the government of Ismet Ustalp that betrayed Enderya established was nothing more than a sorry power grab by the corrupted few of the Enderian Armed Forces. Later, the coup government of Murat Okmeyal gave us the greatest gift of all time. The Supreme Electoral Committee. The Enderian Revolutionary Party will destroy the broken Committee that gave us power, and stop any other party from ever taking advantage of a broken government. This is the first time since 4961 when the Enderian Empire was brought down in ashes, the phoenix will rise up and rip apart any opposition that stand against Enderya. One nation under the Revolution will lead our people to the throne of the world once more. The Enderian people stand above all else, above all other peoples, above all other religions and yes, above God. The Enderian race will be given the greatness they deserve once more. Thank you my brothers and sisters, thank you for standing with this revolution when all odds were against us. We are the kings now, we will make the best of the next years to crush all. Long live Enderya!"

He continues to shout the phrase 'Long live Enderya!' as the other party members in the bar chant along.

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