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Red Wolf Alliance RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Holy Communist Monarchy of Pure Blooded Whites (elected )

Founder: The Free Republic of NewLeinster

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World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the Red Wolf Alliance!
A region based around democracy and RP, where all players have equal opportunities! Founded January 30th, 2018.
Please endorse our WA Delegate NewLeinster

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  • Business resumes after major presidential and senatorial election

  • Senate by-election on the eighth of May

Roleplay Events
Soccer tournament being ran by Norlas,

New Roleplay Committee members,

Government of the Red Wolf Alliance

Government Secretaries shown below:

Embassies: The Democratic Republic, The League of Conservative Nations, The LCRUA, Force, Thaecia, New West Indies, Enadia, New Western Empire, Confederacy of Layem, The Moonlight Battle Born, and Southfield.

Tags: Democratic, Enormous, LGBT, Map, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Red Wolf Alliance contains 111 nations, the 155th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector in Red Wolf Alliance

World Census analysts extensively tested concept muscle cars in empty parking lots in order to estimate which nations have the largest auto industries.

As a region, Red Wolf Alliance is ranked 10,243rd in the world for Largest Automobile Manufacturing Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of AgarsenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From Many, One”
2.The Holy Communist Monarchy of Pure Blooded WhitesCivil Rights Lovefest“The only thing we have to lose is our chains!”
3.The Federal Republic of MyobokuCivil Rights Lovefest“Equity and Prosperity”
4.The Republic of CenlhCapitalist Paradise“Pride and Industry”
5.The Greater Republic of TeneliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Stärke durch Rationalität und Freiheit”
6.The Corporate State of SukuuvestaaCompulsory Consumerist State“For the Good of the State”
7.The Confederacy of The Free State of LiberlandAnarchy“We believe God intended for us to be free”
8.The Federal Republic of NotteterraCivil Rights Lovefest“Bon Vinuti”
9.The Federation of Arm AlthAnarchy“Striving towards Perfection”
10.The People's Republic of FrederonstanLeft-wing Utopia“By The People For The People”
1234. . .1112»

Regional Happenings


Red Wolf Alliance Regional Message Board

Hausklo Today
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Triparte Meeting
With the power vacuum in the old nation of Ver Islandon continuing on, a meeting has bene called. The remnants of the old regime in Ver Islandon, Provident Nation and the representatives of the United Kingdom will meet on the fate of the region. The meeting will involve the power sharing of the land and granting it "Commonwealth" Status.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Ministry of Defense and the Orthodox Church will send delegates lead by the King himself. A hot button topic is the citizenship of the nationals as well as how to properly defend the area from aggression.

Religious Order Convenes
The Ordo Templi Sanctae Crucis(OTSC) or the Order of the Temple of the Sacred Cross will convene their annual summit at Cedar Grove Church. The OTSC is a is a Prelature and Order in the Orthodox Church. The group is known to be very secretive in terms of membership and the nature of its rituals. The summit is reported to be a combination of esoteric ritual, cook out and church.

Post self-deleted by Paroania.

Hausklo Today
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Unusual Broadcast
The shadowy nation of Paroania released a transmission from the Islai region. The broadcast was picked up by local broadcasters and the FSB. The broadcast speaks of taking land "one way or another". The FSB was able to track the location to the nation itself and are continuing to investigate the broadcast and the motivation.

Royal Consort Has Daughter
Royal Consort Pura delivered a healthy baby girl today. The name was released by the royal family, Anastasia Qasqirov. Young Anastasia was surrounded by her parents, her brother and her grandparents. The Ecumenical Patriarch paid a visit later on to offer prayers of good health and happiness to the little girl.

Landslides On Elbra
A massive snow melt on Mt. Elba resulted in a landslide of snow, ice and mud. The landslide caused considerable damage to the camp grounds on the trails on the North and Eastern slopes. Minor damage was reported on the Western slope with trails being washed out by the melted snow. Search and Rescue teams were dispatched to search for trapped climbers. With the temperature expecting to stay at 26°C(80°F), no freezes are expected. This can make the search easier as the snow and ice will not freeze over the mud, preventing trapped climbers from freezing to death.


The referendum had an astounding turnout, with around 96% of the voters participating. The people have spoken, and the votes reflect their will:

- 78.3% of the people have voted for a purely republican and democratic system, no different from the pre-war one
21.7% of the people have voted for a constitutional monarchy

And so it shall be.
One week from now, the term of the Loen Sisters ,former Chieftains, will end, end a new couple of Chieftains will rise to shape the future of this new, old Republic.

It seems as if all the candidates are much less extremist, with the predictions giving less than 10% of the votes to extremist fringes of both sides, and the main two couple of Chieftains going against each other share a belief in liberalism, secularism and free-market capitalism.

Kasta Nieta
Norlen Brodkasta Nieta
Norlan Broadcasting News

BREAKING - Election Results

Yesterday elections were held for the Paljament following President Nisk's dissolution of it following a disagreement with a coalition partner Befry Nolbe. This party is one that advocates for the independence of the Nolbe Province from the rest of Norlas, however in recent weeks this independence movement has exploded following the dismissal of the government of the whole government of Nolbe by President Nisk. On the night before the elections, the party announced that it would officially be boycotting the elections saying that they believe that President Nisk would block them from recieving any seats.

In the actual elections, the Sosoldemokrags made large gains as well as Norlen Unin, who recieved a lot more seats than expected to the decision by the BF to boycott the electoins. The losers of the election was NorlaErste, the nationalist party, who is in the midst of a scandal due to sexual assault charges being laid against many members of the Party Leaderhip.

Sosoldemokrag(Social Democrats): 94
Norlen Unin(Conservatives):91
GrenAllian(Greens): 37
Liberale Tisammens(Liberals):31
Befry Nolbe(northern separatists):Boycott
NorlaErste(nationalists): 11
Independents: 25

Evangelist Herald (Sorry for Repost)
Praise Qriknera

Transmission begins

- Hierophant Helina Paasuke

"Sveikinimai RWA tautos, I am Hierophant Helina Paasuke of the Evangelist Church of Paroania and Temporal Empress of the Holy Empire of Paroania. The Empire has lived in quiet isolation in Islai content with what we had, but news of neighbors mobilizing, of nations from across the sea wrecked by the war of kin, I have decided to reveal our presence to the world."

"Now I must warn you, we know now that the world is larger then we thought with lands to our east without strong leadership, land that would better serve our now fledgling empire. We will take this land one way or another, their people will serve ours, our fields, our industry, do not interfere least you bring the wrath of Evangelista upon you."

Transmission ends with a Evangelista War Chant

Kasta Nieta
Norlen Brodkasta Nieta
Norlan Broadcasting News

BREAKING - Protesters storm Norstad government building

As protest continue in the city of Norstad against the federal government of Norlas. group of protestors have broken through police barricades and entered into the Legislative building of the Nolbean Government. This group of protestors was later joijned by members of the radical independence party, Befry Nolbe, who boyocotted together. President Nisk has said she or the federal government will not recognise any actions taken by anyone in the chamber. We spoke to a Protester within Norstad today:

"This government has violated the rights of the province of Nolbe in the federation! We can't just allow the Norlen Unin to supress our fight against the tyrannical government which has sought to strip away the rights of the province. Maybe if they hadn't illegally dismissed a government which the PEOPLE ELECTED, people wouldn't be so angry or annoyed"

Currently it is unknown what will happen inside the building but it is not looking to be good for the federal government who has not done anything to quell the protests, most likely in fear of agitating more protests. Instead President Nisk made a speech today:

"The government has taken action against the government of Nolbe as time and time again we have seen its inability to effectively govern the province. This is not a political move but an administrative one as the federal government aims to make sure every Norlan has a competent government. As was said before we are still continuing are plan to reform the Provincial government but while these protests continue, it will be very hard for us to do anything"


The term of the deceased Loen Sisters is over, and so election week has ended; the Vice-Chieftains that have covered their term since the sisters' death stand in front of the Azure Palace waiting to greet the Chieftains that will take their place.

From the Purplay Limousine a new couple gets out: Wan Kiloa and Bui Foor.

Wan Kiloa is a 32 year old woman, with a wife and two adopted children, with liberal views and a short but extremely successful carreer in the Senate.

Bui Foor is a 35 year old man, still single, with a fervent passion for eco-capitalism and an extremist look on the criminal justice system.


After having met with the staff and set up everything needed, the Chieftains immediately got to work, presenting to the Parliament a series of Amendments to the constitution, the first ones in the history of LahZoo, in order to prevent any repetition of recent history in future years.

The Constitutional Amendments

Amendment I , 08/07/2020

The First Amendment hereby defines the term of 'Amendment' as an added Article to the Constitution. In order for an Amendment to be introduced or removed it must be voted with absolute majority of two third by both Houses within a period of 6 months.
Amendments may not contradict or surpass the Constitution.

Amendent II , 08/07/2020

It is possible to claim LahZooan citizenship if:
One is born in LahZoo
One is born outside LahZoo but at least one of their parents is LahZooan
One has lived in LahZoo for 5 uninterrupted years
One has married a LahZooan and live in LahZoo for 3 uninterrupted years

Amendment III , 08/07/2020

Each of the elected Chieftains shall present during campaigning a Vice-Chieftain.
The Vice-Chieftain shall be the first in the line of succession in case of death, resigning or incapacitation of the Chieftain by whom they were chosen.
The Vice-Chieftain shall preside over the Senate; In this capacity, the vice chieftain is responsible for maintaining order and decorum, recognizing members to speak, and interpreting the Senate's rules, practices, and precedent.
If, in fact, a Vice-Chieftain is to rise to the role of Chieftain in the event of the death of his selector Chieftain, said Vice-Chieftain may only cover this role until the term of the former Chieftain ends.

Amendment IV , 08/07/2020

The country shall host no prisons for the incarceration of a criminal but will rather utilise other means specified by law to provide security for the citizens and rehabilitation for the criminal

Read factbook


Hausklo Today
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Election Results
The results are in from the elections:
1. Geoist Party(Alliance of Libertarians)
2. Nationalist Conservative Party(Conservative Alliance)
3. Christian Democratic Party(Alliance of Libertarians)

The Geoist Party took the majority seats and have have nominated Sergey Svetov to be Prime Minister. The Deputy Prime Minister is also from the Geoist Party and is Zhozefina "Jo" Volkov. The National Conservative Party nominated Erik Saroyan for First Minister.

This recent election shows a Right leaning coalition in government with two Christian parties being prominent. This is also historical as First Minister Saroyan is the first openly homosexual married man to be in a high government position. Saroyan previously served as a governor and an acolyte in his church.

Prime Minister Svetov issued a brief statement
"I am honored to serve as the Prime Minister of this great country with my Deputy Prime Minister and First Minister. Together, we will continue to make this country a better one and stand out among the nations of the world"

Tourists Found Alive
A rescue team on Elbra found a group of foreign tourists buried alive. The rescuers heard tapping from a collapsed lodge that was half buried in snow and mud. Upon investigation they heard shouts from the ruins and quickly called more rescuers. The trapped identified themselves as being climbers from Provident Nation and Vuspaebia. The rescue team had to dig through broken wood, branches, snow and mud to reach the trapped survivors. All of them were injured with one tourist from Provident Nation dying upon being freed. They were all flown by helicopter to a hospital for emergency treatment.

NAE Military Tribunal

Embassy Outrage
Ever since The Confederacy of New Solon passed Senate Resolution 32 (2020) & Deputorial Resolution 120-223 the North Atlantean embassy within the country has expressed its outrage over what they call an "Absolutely ridiculous decision." The North Atlantean government has decided to ask that the government of New Solon consider exempting the NAE from such a law or that, "...the North Atlantean Embassy staff in New Solon will be recalled back to the NAE, and all cordial relations with the Confederacy of New Solon shall cease."

End of the LahZooan Civil War
With the conclusion of the civil war in The Republic of LahZoo all North Atlantean military personnel have returned to the NAE. The North Atlantean people seem to have been content with the outcome of the war and the NAE's involvement. However, Brigadegeneral Jürgen Schwarz has been very vocal about his disappointment with the outcome of the civil war and in a press conference said, "We sent thousands of good men and women into that sh*thole of a country to try and make their lives better. But the snowassed and schieves screwed it all over and we lost good soldiers in vain. I always told high command that we shouldn't have wasted time hunting commies and branchies in that 'sacred' forest, we should've burned the whole d*mn country down! We fought and died for them and they just sat down and gave up! They were never worth our time and we should've killed more when we had the chance." While the government has been quick to claim that the generals statement does not represent the opinion of the NAE and its military, Jürgen's message has seemed to reach a sizable amount of the population.

Navy Task Force to stay deployed
The naval task force sent to defend the North Atlantean Northern Islands during the LahZooan civil war has reportedly not been ordered to head back to port but to wait in the area for the time being. More will be reported as it occurs.

IC Membership Bill struck down
Today after a vote in the Unterregierung on whether or not the NAE should join the International Council, and a wait of five hours, the votes have been counted with 89% of the Unterregierung voting NO on the resolution. With many representatives stating that the NAE should not join a failing and dying organization that would only hurt the North Atlantean people. The North Atlantean public seems to support this viewpoint and the next Unterregierung elections may have surprising results.

Gefjon 2 Launch Successful
Today the NLR has once again sent a rocket into space with its most recent mission, Gefjon 2. The rocket launch itself was uneventful as was the mission since it was simply a satellite launch, however the satellites deployed will be vital to the Gefjon programs future missions.

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