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Red Wolf Alliance RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The United States of Madison and Wisconsin (elected )

Founder: The Free Republic of NewLeinster

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Welcome to the Red Wolf Alliance!
A region based around democracy and RP, where all players have equal opportunities! Founded January 30th, 2018.
Please endorse our WA Delegate Madison and Wisconsin

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  • 1st Cathartes Aura Government passes vote of confidence in the Senate

  • Server sees new restructuring after passage of the NSFW Content Order

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  • New RP Committee electioned

Government of the Red Wolf Alliance

Government Secretaries shown below:

Embassies: The Democratic Republic, The League of Conservative Nations, The LCRUA, Force, New West Indies, Enadia, New Western Empire, Confederacy of Layem, The Moonlight Battle Born, Southfield, and India.

Tags: Democratic, LGBT, Large, Map, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: Moderate

Red Wolf Alliance contains 81 nations, the 219th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Influential in Red Wolf Alliance

World Census experts spent many evenings loitering in the corridors of power in order to determine which nations were the greatest international diplomacy heavyweights.

As a region, Red Wolf Alliance is ranked 3,407th in the world for Most Influential.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Holy Communist Monarchy of Pure Blooded WhitesCivil Rights Lovefest“The only thing we have to lose is our chains!”
2.The Free Republic of NewLeinsterInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Bás absolutism, saoirse do na daoine”
3.The Imperial Commonwealth of Provident NationLeft-wing Utopia“The nation stands as the people unite.”
4.The Memeland of NotagenjimainLiberal Democratic Socialists“Let us hope for a different outcome”
5.The Federation of The Catt ThessDemocratic Socialists“We Will Endure”
6.The Gigantic Gazebo of EstarianaiaAnarchy“Help is for the weak.”
7.The United States of Madison and WisconsinCivil Rights Lovefest“Forward”
8.The Kingdom of SjkejiFather Knows Best State“Men of Sjkeji! The fatherland looks proudly to you!”
9.The Dictatorship of North Atlantic EntenteFather Knows Best State“Kraft durch Einheit! Egal zu welchen Kosten!”
10.The United Social Democracy of Sation NateCivil Rights Lovefest“Ea incolumēs erunt in populō ā nobis aedificatō.”
1234. . .89»

Regional Happenings


Red Wolf Alliance Regional Message Board


Many Engineers stepped forward after the King speech and have proposed a possible new design for the Capitol, The designs range from Extremely Urbanized and Luxurious to a Defensive Citadel aimed at repelling any kind of attack. The King asked for a Capitol to protect the Government and people but to make all places magnificent and equal as well as a massive Revo. SF Complex to send Rockets to the stars, as well as a palace and Military HQ near each other. His idea was one of multiple anti Air Towers surrounding the city as well as chemical and nuclear silos as well as the Iron dome system proposed by scientists. To use the nearby by mountains on 3 sides of the city. Using these mountains as massive Silos and Space Launchpad.

Hausklo Today
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Prayer Book Authorized
An act passed by all three branches of the Bund authorized a new prayer book for use among all Christians in the Orthodox Church. The prayer book is titled "Book of Common Worship"(BCW). The BCW combines several prayer books namely:

1. Agpeya or "Prayer Book of the Hours"(Breviary)
2. Siddur(Personal Prayers)
3. Alternative Service Worship(Liturgical Book)
4. Qurbana(Liturgical Book)
5. Psalter
6. Shehimo Book Of Common Prayer(Personal Prayers)

This combination of books is meant to help simplify worship as the church moves in a direction of reformation while also maintaining its traditions. The prayer book draws from Orthodox, Jewish and Reformed traditions. The Book of Common Worship will be available to the public for free in churches where it will be distributed to all Christians.

Coffee Chain Explodes
The coffee chain, Gold Bin(Gold Bean), has reported a growth in locations across Hesperia and some proposed locations overseas. The company pulled in a revenue of ₸23, 850 and is expected to grow. Gold Bean is a chain starred in the Romb Beach town of Netanya Park in 1968 during the Communist years. It remained a local chain with only five locations in Romb Beach until the Communist regime fell in 2000. The chain started growing in the Republic years and took off during the Restoration of the Monarchy due to the massive regulation cuts of the new government.

Raids Conducted
Several raids were conducted in border towns near Tenelia to arrest the suspects in the Metro Gassing. Already 5 were arrested by police with 2 turning themselves in at local police precincts. All are foreign citizens with some from Tenelia and some from Arm Alth. More are suspected to be in hiding or have fled the country across the borders.

Royal Police have issued arrest warrants for the remaining terrorists and will cooperate with foreign law enforcement to bring all of the terrorists back to Hausklo to stand trial. Already the Royal Prosecutor Office has said they will seek life imprisonment.

Kandiz City News

Change on the Horizon

First Councilwomen Steele as announced her new mandate following the opening of Kandiz to the world, the mandate she says is in response to the growing crime and the general disparity between citizens in Kandiz. Since opening Kandiz little over a month ago agreements with other local cities has seen the Kandizian economy flourish as the city as grown from 1.2 mil citizens to 1.5 mil, along with this a increase in crime has been seen as a increase in smuggled goods both in and out of the city, and the opening of underground clubs. KMP officials have denied that there might be an organized crime ring growing in the City stating that, "Such a thing would be impossible as KMP officers are on every corner of town no one can get past us." Despite this Ms. Steele has issued a warning to neighboring states to be watchful of any increase in ilegal goods or activities in the shadier districts of their port towns and cities.

First Councilwomen Steele and the seated members of the Kandiz City Council shall be taking a more direct role in the regulation of Trade guilds and Corporations operating in Kandiz to better insure fairer prices and allow those living in the poverty class to buy goods necessary to daily survival. This move as come with quite a bit of backlash among several unseated members of the council and their corporate backers as what they describe is the beginning of the end to a free market, that if the impoverished wish to survive they should work for it not have the Council drag them along.


In other news several Trade Guilds and Corporations have expressed interest in several different enterprises raging from out sourcing mercenaries, international indenture programs allowing other nations to send prisoner to Kandiz to serve time for his or hers crimes while providing a service to our city, exportation of local herbs as a form of incense and herbal remedies.

Redlight celebrity Tatyana Gossage, owner of Kandiz's largest redlight districts and proprietor of the most expensive company money can buy has announced the building of a new and possibly largest club in Kandiz known as, Tatyana's Pleasure Palace. While many has expressed excitment at a new place to go bar hopping and possible some action on the side, many within the more conservative circles have expressed disgust.

Membership to the Cult of Plenitude has hit a all time high as more and more immigrants are forced to turn to the cult operated investment firm in hopes of making some quick cash to get on their feet in the cutthroat business Kandiz runs, as such the rate of indentured as also increased sparking some talk into investigating the cult for mismanaging citizens money.

Hausklo Today
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Churches Merge
A recent convocation of the main churches in Hausklo reached a settlement and a radical change. The 4 main churches:

1. Hausklo Orthodox Yidda Church
2. Hussite Church of Hausklo
3. Old Catholic Church
4. Evangelical Lutheran Church

Have all agreed to merge under the Hausklo Orthodox Yidda Church and under the Ecumenical Patriarch. All churches passed the Articles of Reform that state:

1. Freedom to preach the word of God
2. Celebration of the communion under both kinds (bread and wine to priests and laity alike)
3. Simplifing of prayer to the commonfolk
4. Freedom of conscience
5. Use of a Presbyterian and Episcopal polity in a communion structure
6. All Christians are obligated to live a life of piety

This was approved by
7. We are Orthodox and Reformed(Protestant) in our theology. The Reformers were not in a state of sin but sought to bring the church to its original state.
8. All Christians are obligated to unite in brotherhood(Akhdus Fun Di Brider)
9. Recognition of the 2 Sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist and the 5 Sacramental Rites
10. Use of the secular tongue with Aramaic reserved for the Words of Institution.

This merger passed the Bund and the Monarchy approved of the unification. All priests in the denominations are by default of the merger, priests of the merged church. The theology is described as "Orthodox with Reformed Aspects" and recognizes the Reformers Martin Luther, Jan Hus, John Wycliffe, Peter Waldo, and Thomas Cranmer as being major figures in the church and her doctorine.

Pan Hesperian Railway
The first Phase of the Pan Hesperian Railway connecting Provident Nation to Hausklo is nearing completion. The Railway is a joint effort by engineers on both countries.

The railway will connect with the expanding Red Line of the Hausklo Metro that will terminate in Grand Central in the Downtown district of Yerushalyim.

Equilibrium Chronicle
Sept. 18
Issue 214

A small firefight broke out between local police forces an an insurgency in the streets of Raleigh at 1616, CST time. The fight started on the street of Lewis and Clark Avenue, where the unsuspecting, poorly equipped police force were fired on by insurgency forces on the 3rd floor of the Raleigh Central Library. The police forces were driven back to CastleGate, a small road in south Raleigh. Several units desperately covered fire while citizens were moved away from the premises. Finally, a FFDF unit arrived on the scene, forcing the insurgency forces to retreat out of the city. Over all, 3 units were wounded in the small exchange of gunfire, which lasted only 7 minutes. The city has ordered a temporary stay-at-home order, while additional forces has been placed on patrol around the city.

At approximately the same time, flight 1724 of Nebula airlines that just took off the ground in Aurora exploded into pieces for unknown reasons. The remaining structure of the HG-i7 nosedived into the East Terminal in Aurora National airport, before again, exploding. All 214 passengers and the 5 crew of the plane died, along with 27 citizens and 3 staff in the airport terminal. 30 have been wounded. As said, the cause of the explosion was unknown, the plane has been kept under good maintenance since it was added to the fleet. The airport has been closed, with parts of the remaining plane brought in for investigation.

On a happier note, a cat set the world record for the fastest time of going 1 mile on a tricycle as a cat. The cat, April, went one mile in 12 minutes. Don’t ask me why this was included.


Good Evening, this is Gabriella Muñoz with the latest national and international news from around the world.

Director of the National Metro Network declares that the network will no longer have human operated ticketing booths by November 2020.

Carlos Juan Sanchez issued this statement to the press this morning as the Ministry of Transport met to discuss future upgrades for the metro network. It is not yet clear how many jobs could be lost but rough estimates put the figure between 250-400 employees.
The metro network has been rolling out automated ticketing machines for some time, with newer stations such as La Universidad de Fortazela being fully automated. In a surprising move both the left-wing party La Verdadera Izquierda and the far-right party Ciudadanos both condemned the move. We were able to speak with the newly-formed Ciudadanos's leader, Manuel Fraga:

The island has simply become a playground for wealthy foreigners to splash their cash! As a nation we've become so focused on outdoing nations like NewLeinster and Provident Nation the government has completely forgot about its own people. Income tax for citizens has reached dizzying heights whilst corporation tax is at 12.5%! We are all for lower taxes and jobs but only the far right will cut the welfare programme which is propping up lazy migrant workers so that we aren't paying such ridiculous tax rates which on average are around 57%. The complete automation of the metro network is just one step too far and I encourage workers to strike till the government starts looking after you and I and not wealthy Providentists who are sipping cocktails on Playa Cristal whilst good hard working Monzievardians are being crippled by tax and losing their good, honest jobs!

Director, Carlos Juan Sanchez defended the move stating that the network "needed to modernise and that the estimated job losses "were simply ridiculous because the majority of the existing staff will now be working on the concourses which will allow the network to help even more travellers and enhance customer service."

Prime Minister Lorenzo Mayen reflects on "very, very dark week for the region."

In a statement given outside of Parliament today, the Prime Minister offered his condolences to citizens in both Floyssauu and Revolutionary Usa:

"It's been a dark week for the world as we saw major losses of life in two countries over this week which have been simply terrible.

The magnitude of violence in Revolutionary USA was simply senseless and I believe could have been avoided through diplomatic means. Now, in the aftermath of such destruction it is really the citizens of Revolutionary USA who've been left out and left in limbo and that is what is truly sickening about all of this. Innocent people, trying to get on with their day-to-day struggles, being exposed to such shocking scenes that we as Monzievardians fortunately have not had to experience in over 40 years.

I send my condolences to the citizens of Floyssauu in what was a terrible aviation tragedy. My heart goes out to the victims and I'm sure the Monzievardian Aviation Disasters Agency will be more than willing to help if needed.

Democratic Institute "concerned" about levels of press freedom in the region.

The Democratic Institute, a national think tank that seeks to analyse social and political issues in the region, released a report today in which it highlighted its concerns about Press Freedom in the region.

In particular the report cites the Allied Fascist Union as a nation in which there has been the significant "weakening of press freedoms and civil liberties."

This has most likely come about after the nation's broadcasting network was ordered to cease broadcasting recently as it reported on suspicious activities in Fort Aukh, a large military base in the country and the devastating atomic bomb which exploded in a town called Celestial Springs.

Whilst Monzievard has little in the form of any international ties with the Allied Fascist Union, the report concludes that "The national government should use its position of influence on the world stage and as an ITO member to actively seek to promote democracy, press freedom and diplomacy within the region."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, responded to the reports findings and was able to speak to MBC earlier today:

"We completely agree with the reports findings and are currently monitoring the situation in the Allied Fascist Union and the potential international implications of their trivial use of nuclear weapons. The situation there is not entirely clear yet but is quite worrying at present.

Now, it is time for the weather with Javier:

"Good evening, as we head towards spring temperatures are on the up in Monzievard and I'm sure those of you watching are already beginning to enjoy the sunshine. Tomorrow morning we can expect some heavy cloud cover, but the sun should manage to break through come midday. We should be able to expect highs of 27 degrees celsius and lows of 22 so it should be a very pleasant day tomorrow.

Thanks Javier, now for our A1 Traffic watch with Leticia:

"Currently Gabriella we have an outside lane closure before Junction 20 at Fortazela due to a breakdown but overall its relatively quiet for this time of evening.

OK, this has been Gabriella Muñoz, with your late news have a very good evening.

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Palikaya T'Rehkuh

"Hurry up, I can hear them coming," an insurgent man said to the intelligence operative assigned to the unit.
"I'm going as fast as I can," the operative snapped. He kept his eyes on the monitor as he spoke, looking back and forth at the lines of text and code, "but GS encryption is incredibly difficult to crack."
"Relax, Steven. Everything in due time," a grey-haired man wearing a long, thin jacket said to the first insurgent.
"Sorry sir."
"Alright, give me a few more seconds aaaand.... ok you're live, sir," the operative told the man. The man coughed before approaching the microphone next to the computer the operative was at.

"People of the Allied Fascist Union, please, hear my words. Our people have faced many things from civil war to war on other nations, and we have endured. However, there is a force out there that seeks to drive apart the very fabric of unity that has kept our many peoples together, a force that seeks to crush our hopes and dreams until nothing remains but fear, and a force that easily covers its tracks behind the curtain of lies and mystery. That force is none other than the Crimson Empire and their Empress, Qiana Sectonia.
I come here, first, to shed some light on a few things that have happened. The atomic blast over Celestial Springs was no accident. Our movement had begun to organize a significant presence in the town, and they caught wind, so they began an evacuation of their loyal residents and destroyed the town with an atomic bomb to send a message to the rest of us. Second, Fort Aukh was secretly sympathetic to our cause, and GS moved in to snuff out the entire base. By now, nothing remains of the base but a gutted interior and the bodies of the massacred
And even then, so much has not been published by the now-defunct press that it only scratches the surface of what this regime has done to us who are not loyal to their cause. So, people of the Allied Fascist Union, rise up and meet the challenge. Face those who have put us down and stomped on all we have held dear!"
In the broadcast, a very loud thud is audible followed by gunfire in the background.
"They come to snuff us out now, but it is too late. To those outside, it pains me to ask outsiders, but this is our most desperate hour. Help us, please, we ne-"

The broadcast is cut off and the channel goes to static. The man with the jacket slams his hand on the table the microphone was on, scaring the operative next to him. Suddenly, the door in front of them is knocked down, and through it a woman in incredibly elaborate combar armor walks through. The men in the room immediately recognize her as Ang'jmizn T’Peyra Vakh. Behind her several IGF soldiers flood the room.
"Well, this is a surprise. We all thought you were dead, Mr. Autumn," TPeyra said to the man in the jacket.
"Augustus is dead. I'm his brother," the man responded. T'Peyra pointed at the operative and the insurgent soldier and nodded her head before the soldiers killed both of them instantly.
"Arrest him. Her majesty wants him alive," T'Peyra said. The soldiers complied, handcuffing the man and carrying him out of the room.
"And you, set charges to eliminate this broadcasting tower. It no longer serves for the good of the Empire."

Dearly, LahZoo

Following the report from Monzievardian journalist Gabriella Muñoz , which aired a couple of days ago on MBC national news, a channel offered on the service of the Provident Fiber Network, LahZooan spirits bursted in flames.

Citizens in every city quickly organised and are now uniting in marches and demonstration in Eder and Baegon, where investments and presenceof the Allied Fascist Union are the most felt in LahZoo.

Reports show streets being occupied, chants about freedom of the press and freedom from liberty and, perhaps most worryingly for AFU authorities, acts of vandalism on AFU-owned hotels and casinos, mainly graffitis of slogans such as “ Never Forget Fort Aukh”, “Justice for Celestial Springs” and “Down with the Empress”, as well as glorified portraits of the mysterious rebel leader who sent a message to both AFU citizens and foreign nations of the misdeeds of Quonia Sectonia.

Authorities have not spoken about the happenings in Eder and Baegon, but the fact that the police force was not sent to stop the demonstrations or acts of vandalism shows clearly where LahZooan politicians stand on the issue.

This is an Official Imperial Broadcast

The screen, after showing the Imperial flag and playing the anthem, fades to a set, where Ang'jmizn TPeyra Vakh sits at a large desk with guards behind her standing at attention. She tilys her head upwards and puts on a stern look before speaking,

"Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of both the Allied Fascist Union and the International Community. Unfortunately, her majesty, Empress Qiana, is unavailable at the moment, so I will be addressing some concerns that have been raised within these recent days.
First, I would like to talk to the people of our dear nation directly. Citizens, please do not let the few ruin the work so many have died for. Our nation has indeed faced many challenges to get to the position it is in now, and to disrupt the stability and security we have worked so hard to obtain would be to spit in the face of all those who have bled and died for it. Do not listen to the words of terrorists who seek only to divide us so those outside can pick us apart one by one. Instead, fight against the evils that rise to destroy our very way of life.
And to the outsiders, do not take the words of terrorists as truth. They wish only to harm the image of our glorious Empress, who has done nothing but bring us into a new era of peace and stability. These so called "freedom fighters" have no proof of their allegations, in fact they seek to blame us for their misdeeds. They are the ones responsible for the explosion at Celestial Springs, and they tried to make a simple fort retirement seem like a massacre. They are the ones who hide behind a veil of lies, seeking to destabilize a country that has finally gotten itself together.
With all this being said, her majesty has issued several decrees in order to stifle the efforts of these terrorists. First, her majesty wishes to announce the closure of our borders in order to make sure that these terrorists remain within the nation and do not spread their disease to others. Second, her majesty has decided to enact a curfew in order to limit the movements of the terrorists. Finally, and this move is more a response than a security measure, citizens of the Union in other countries on official business have been immediately recalled, and all AFU assets in other countries are to be gutted and abandoned, excluding coalition member nations. Her majesty even has a note that says... 'if they can't protect what's ours, then why is our stuff even there?' For further information, review your local decree manifest, or call your local hotline.
In conclusion, her majesty wishes to send her best regards to all within and outside the Empire and the Union, and we look forward to working with those outside once the terrorists threat has been dealt with. Glory to the Empire!"

The feed cuts to the Imperial flag, and the anthem plays in the background until it finishes, after which static returns.

Hausklo Today
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Imperial Broadcast Raises Concerns
The nation of Allied Fascist Union made a broadcast that stated no one should listen to the words of "terrorists" in regards to the explosions at Celestial Springs. The broadcast made several charged statements about how people are dishonoring the monarch by listening to said terrorists.

This comes after a report by Monzievard criticized the freedom of the press in the AFU. In response to rising tensions, the nation has closed its borders and has implemented a curfew.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed deep concern for the freedom of the press and that the measures being undertaken by the AFU government can lead to a draconian state. Any and all reporters in the AFU are advised to leave immediately. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense stated that any attacks on Hausklovi journalists attempting to leave will not go unpunished.

All movement and trade to the nation has been temporarily suspended until the situation clears up.

Expose Of Institution
The Soche Home For The Disabled in the town of Soche, Sevaast Kraj has been under investigation for cases of neglect and abuse by the home. One of our reporters recently did an expose series called "Suffer The Little Children". The series will air tomorrow and will detail mismanagement, neglect and abuse by caregivers at the institution. The home goes back to the Communist years and has since been left to the care of the Sevaast Ministry of Human Services. Tune in tomorrow at 8pm for part 1.

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