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Renegade Islands Alliance RMB
Renegade Islands Alliance was Commended by Security Council Resolution # 173

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Burger Town of Dixadoing (elected )

Founder: The Sleeping Giant of Shizensky

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to the flying islands of the Renegade Islands Alliance, an internationally renowned region founded in 2004!

Want to focus on managing your nation, join one of our several role plays, or become a major player in regional politics? The RIA is the place for you!

The rumbles of another reboot are among us. Let's not screw this one up!

LinkJoin the Discord Server!

All Hands On Deck Orders:

Stay tuned...

Contact Dixadoing for more information.

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    Things to Do in the RIA

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    Map of the RIA

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    Repeal of Assembly of Renegades & Proposal of Citizen's Congress Reenactment

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    Operation Refresh: We're Still Here

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    The RIASF All Hands On Deck Initiative

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    BulletinCampaign by Timothia . 166 reads.

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    NationStates Guide

    MetaReference by Amerion . 77,395 reads.

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    The Constitution of the Renegade Islands Alliance

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    The Renegade Islands Alliance Foreign Legion

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    Why We Fight - The Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces

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    RIA Institute of Cartography (Current)

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    The Timothian Dispatches

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Embassies: 10000 Islands, Mordor, the Rejected Realms, Texas, Wintreath, Spiritus, International Northwestern Union, Nasicournia, The Order of the Grey Wardens, Gay, The European Union, European Union, The Alterran Republic, and Atlantis.

Tags: Commended, Defender, Democratic, Featured, Game Player, Liberal, Map, Medium, Modern Tech, National Sovereigntist, Offsite Chat, Offsite Forums, and 3 others.Regional Government, Role Player, and Social.

Regional Power: Moderate

Renegade Islands Alliance contains 36 nations, the 496th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Smartest Citizens in Renegade Islands Alliance

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, Renegade Islands Alliance is ranked 2,539th in the world for Smartest Citizens.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of JuteLeft-wing Utopia“Life is hard, but worth it”
2.The Republic of UtopianstateCivil Rights Lovefest“For a better tomorrow”
3.The Sleeping Giant of ShizenskyNew York Times Democracy“Esse Quam Videri”
4.The Multiverse of The Unified Terran CoalitionFather Knows Best State“Audemus Coalitio nostrum defendere!”
5.The Corporate Federation City of HexadapolisCorporate Bordello“Waiting for a perfect strike”
6.The United Socialist States of DaggriaDemocratic Socialists“Perservere, hold fast, soar higher.”
7.The Republic of Sahin the FalconlandFather Knows Best State“Hillary 2020”
8.The Federal Republic of BentriaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Simul Nos Firmiores”
9.The People's Socialist Union of UsniyaCorrupt Dictatorship“Victory to the Workers of the World!”
10.The Subcontinental Union of FinRusslandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“хува пайва”

Regional Happenings


Renegade Islands Alliance Regional Message Board

FinRussland wrote:Ngl Ive been here low key for years and never heard y'all's voices

I remember maybe three years ago we briefly talked on discord, where I learned how to correctly say “Usniya” and I still maintain that the way I thought it was pronounced is much better then the way he does.

The Sith Empire of Korriban wrote:I remember maybe three years ago we briefly talked on discord, where I learned how to correctly say “Usniya” and I still maintain that the way I thought it was pronounced is much better then the way he does.

What? How's it pronounced then? Is it not "Oos-knee-ya"?

Pensyltuckee Island wrote:What? How's it pronounced then? Is it not "Oos-knee-ya"?

That's how I say it...

Greetings to all.

Greater Maui wrote:Greetings to all.

How's it going?

Pensyltuckee Island wrote:What? How's it pronounced then? Is it not "Oos-knee-ya"?


Dixadoing wrote:
How's it going?

Alright, I guess.

Pensyltuckee Island wrote:What? How's it pronounced then? Is it not "Oos-knee-ya"?

That sounds about right, U as in Blue, I as in Lincoln, and ya as in... uh... idk... 'Straya

*Meanwhile, somewhere in Pen City.....*
*A 1978 Plymouth Fury with a blue light on the roof and "Pen City Police" painted on the side is slowly cruising down a neighborhood road.*
Officer Kent: *takes a sip from a coffee cup and then takes a quick bite from a pawpaw fruit*
*The radio is playing quietly in the background.*
Radio: "Howdy Pen City. This is your host, Brett Sewell. It sure is a pretty day here in Pen City. We're a goin to be lookin' at a high of bout 82 and a low a 63. Oughtta be a little bit cloudy, but 'at Sun'll be peekin' out every once a while fer sure. As far as how the world's been a goin, it's been awful quiet lately, don't y'all think? Usually, all them other nations is a bickerin' and a fightin' with each other or sumem, but there ain't hardly been nothin' lately. Ain't been no wars or embargos or famines or nothin'. In local news, Gus Powell in northern Pen City has finally killed the fox that has been stealin' his hens. He shot the critter late last night and says that the fox is the biggest one he's seen in over 40 years. He'll be taxidermyin' it, of course, but wanted to go and get an official weight done for them records. We'll be sure to update y'all on the story. In other news, the bridge on Sticky Ridge Pike headin' up to Springfield goin' over Caney Creek is out. Some trees have been drug across the road as a barrier. Make sure to..........."
Officer Kent: *takes a bite from the pawpaw* "Huh..." *steps on the brake pedal and rolls down the window*
*A 5 year old boy is sitting on the sidewalk, using a pair of pliers to empty the gunpowder from a large pile of 22 rounds into an old paint can.*
Officer Kent: "Howdy Sam. Whatcha doin?"
Sam: "Makin' a bomb."
Officer Kent: "Hahahahaha. Alrighty then, be careful with that thing. Don't go stickin' it in people's mailboxes or nothin' or I might have to have a word with your pa."
Sam: "Oh, I won't. I'm just gonna go blow me up a wasps nest."
Officer Kent: "Alrighty, have fun with that. Stay outta trouble, y'hear?"
Sam: "I will, Mr. Reeves."
*The 78 Fury slowly drives away and goes around a bend.*

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