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Ridgefield RMB

WA Delegate: The Corporatocratic Monarchy of Betmet (elected )

Founder: The Town of Ridgefielders

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World Factbook Entry

Ridgefield is a small town that serves as the capital of the Meritocratic League, a politically-neutral organization characterized by mandatory World Assembly membership, unrestricted trade, and a sacrosanct community where the leaders of each member nation live and conduct diplomacy with otherwise distant members of the union.

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This Week's Theme: National Languages
Roleplay Date: 1962

Originally settled in October 2010, reclaimed in January 2017.

Embassies: Augustin Alliance, Conch Kingdom, Cape of Good Hope, Lands End, Narnia, Dawn, Anteria, Carolingia, The Union of Democratic States, and Kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire.

Tags: Game Player, Independent, Issues Player, Medium, Offsite Chat, Regional Government, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Ridgefield contains 47 nations, the 308th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Scientifically Advanced in Ridgefield

World Census researchers quantified national scientific advancement by quizzing random citizens about quantum chromodynamics, space-time curvature and stem cell rejuvenation therapies. Responses based on Star Trek were discarded.

As a region, Ridgefield is ranked 2,263rd in the world for Most Scientifically Advanced.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Technocratic Hexarchy of HelawDemocratic Socialists“Pancakes make good frisbees.”
2.The Borderlands of Technical DifficultiesIron Fist Consumerists“Ni!”
3.The Holy Superior of Holy Bolivar EmpireLeft-wing Utopia“Our Souls Lead Us to Righteousness.”
4.The Holy Red Zombie Land of BrokemiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Suffer, puny peasants!!!!”
5.The Republic of Fenger GuoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“By The People For The People”
6.The Democratic People's Republic of TiskaiyaAuthoritarian Democracy“Opreznost nad Periljem!”
7.The Golden Liberty Hounds of DiRito-OpolisCapitalist Paradise“Trade in gold, be free, and be economically aware.”
8.The Empire of AntarcticaoMother Knows Best State“The sun never sets on the Antarcticaon Empire”
9.The Corporatocratic Monarchy of BetmetCivil Rights Lovefest“Oh Betmetian Youths, Raise the Sound of Betmet”
10.The Galactic Country of GreenfeatherAnarchy“If it bleeds, we can kill it.”

Regional Happenings


Ridgefield Regional Message Board

After horrific news Emperor of Brazil Imperio spoke with @The City Or Rlyeh@ minister regards the civil war and decided to send 15,000 thousand men to help the monarchy regime to supress the communist uprising and stabilise the country again. However Emperor is against slavery and asked leader of the country to abolish slavery as soon as the civil war ends. To make sure people are living freely without compulsory work in camps and also to secure country's stability in future.

Die Riech has begun to produce the "Riechan beetle Riech,   the cheapest car one can buy (only 300 reichmarks) as of now the first batch of beetles will be arriving in the north port of azathoth. In other news the Riechan airforce has begun to faze out the bf-109 sending many to museums and scrapyards, it shall be replaced by the newest Riechan fighter: the me-262

The Civil war continues on into its third month as another failed landing by the Holy Senate's army continues to be destroyed by the Azathothan army. Current casualty estimates place the deaths in the hundred thousands to low millions.

The leadership on both sides are getting increasingly desperate for an end to the war. Currently, there are rumors that the Senate is in secret peace talks with this breakaway state.
But time will only tell how the war goes.

The Riechan chemical warfare department has successfully made two chemical weapons. This creation being nova 6 gas Upon inhalation, it causes vomiting, violent coughing, muscle convulsions, bleeding from the eyes, and blackening of the skin followed by an agonizing death within 10–20 seconds of exposure.  As well as nova 6 gas mk 2 the effects being violent coughing, nausea, vomiting, suffocation, bleeding from the eyes, and scaling, burning skin, with death occurring before the body can even hit the ground. This version has a 100% fatality rate.
In other news the riechan navy has begun to phase out ships that no longer are capable of fighting and replacing them with more capable vessels, on top of that kaiser Ludwig has ordered the modernization of Die Riechs production lines, remodeling of factories and training factory workers how to effectively use the new equipment being used to help in maximizing production

Following into the 4th month of the Rlyehian civil war, a large uprising has occurred on the Island of Azzorha-Tha. These rebels were mainly disgruntled soldiers and the middle class of Rlyeh. They have taken the entire island of Azzorha-Tha, declaring it the Sovereign Rlyehian Republic.

Rlyeh seems to dive ever deeper into chaos.

Adog Hitbar in a dark green millitary outfit filled with medals walks up to a podium and begins [b]speaking
Great citizens of Duby, we're glad to announce that we have weaponized any dogs that have been infected with rabies, we'd like to ask you for your canines if they have rabies in them. They'll be put to good use in the military serving your country if we ever should get into a great conflict. That's all citizens, continue on with your day.
Adog walks off the stage

The broadcast comes on and Empress Charlotte is on the screen.

“My loyal peoples, we are yet ever advancing in our technology. I have 3 announcements for you today.

The first announcement concerns the AN-71 bomber. The air force has deemed it inefficient for a bomber. We have so decided to convert it into a spy plane. All bomber specs will be retired and converted into uncatchable spy planes.

The second announcement is the AN-75X fighter. Our new advanced fighter has now taken to the skies. Being able to cruise at Mach 2.8, it is the fastest fighter ever built. We expect for 100 to be in service within 4 months.

The third announcement is the Introduction of the Leviathan supersonic bomber. Able to cruise at Mach 3, we are now able to produce the fastest strikes on the planet. Also cruising at a mean 77,000 feet, it is also uncatchable like the AN-71.

Thank you for your time and long live the Empire.”

Broadcast ends.

The war continues into its 6th month. Almost half a year has passed and millions have died in the brutal civil war. We move our attention to the smallest island of the archipelago, Aletheyia. This Island is home to one of the Holiest sites on the Archipelago. The Great Shrine.

We go to the monks in the shrine praying their morning prayers. And exiting the shrine afterwards. Soon they make their way to the capital of Aletheyia. And there they peacefully remove the governor of the island from his seat.

They soon declare themselves The Holy Brotherhood of Aletheyia, and immediately declared neutrality in the war.

Now the Holy Senate only control the main island of Cthulhu. The war continues on. As life drains from the islands.

The war broadcast begins, showing footage of the Rlyehian civil war.

The footage starts showing the view from the cockpit of an AN-71 spy plane. To the left, there are 6 Leviathan bombers. And to the right, the same. It appears that the AN-71 is acting as an aiming plane, coordinating with the bombers. Suddenly, the bombers start dropping bombs. Based on the bomb itself, it appears to be a knockout gas canister. The radar shows dozens and dozens of U-Boats traveling towards Rlyeh. They are followed by landing craft.

The next broadcast should happen when the men land.

End of broadcast.

A great tragedy has struck, as in a terrorist attack on the holy Senate building, a bomb killed all 142 High Priests.

Following this attack, a few lesser priests fled to the island of Shogohth and set up their own government there. Declaring themselves the New Holy Senate.

As a power vacuum was left on Cthulhu itself, a popular priest rose up and has Declared himself as the First High Priest King of Rlyeh!

The old status quo is gone. It has been replaced by senseless violence and death. Tens of thousands of civilians and soldiers die everyday. There seems to be no end to this war.

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