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Save Our Planet is intended to promote discussion concerning problems and solutions that affect our Earth. The Regional Message Board will be open to all residents of embassy regions. All Embassy Invitations will be accepted, but to ensue that the embassy region truly desires to discuss environmental issues, or the future of our planet, this region will not actively solicit embassies by sending out embassy requests, except for the regions that are obviously ecologically friendly. Neither will this region actively recruit, since it is expected that the truly serious individuals will find their way here.

Join our region if you love the Earth, and want to Save Our Planet!

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Save Our Planet contains 6 nations, the 2,959th most in the world.


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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Commonwealth of SilliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“From Many, One”
2.The Free Land of William BeebeCivil Rights Lovefest“To be a Naturalist is better than to be a King.”
3.The Republic of BlheeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“La seguridad es primero”
4.The Free Land of Arg Lea PhirdLeft-wing Utopia“Strength Through Freedom”
5.The Nomadic Peoples of Yves Adele HarlowLeft-Leaning College State“Truth will prevail”
6.The Republic of Tomty gamingInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Pride and Industry”

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Save Our Planet Regional Message Board

Welcome The Free Land of Arg Lea Phird! For the love of the Earth that you have shown by becoming our First Nation, you are hereby appointed First Environmentalist with power over our borders and our polls. Congratulations! Long may you serve!

Welcome to The Commonwealth of Sillia! Your experienced nation is greatly valued and will be a true asset to this region! Do you desire a position in our government?

Welcome to The Republic of Blhee and The Republic of Tomty gaming! We are very glad that you are here. Do any of the recent articles posted here inspire you?

Global Warming Is Affecting Human Health

    "We humans evolved to live in a particular range of temperatures, so it's clear that if we continue to cause temperatures to rise worldwide, sooner or later the hottest parts of the world could start to see conditions that are simply too hot for us."

    Another study, published earlier this year, warned that heat stress could affect as many as 1.2bn people around the world by 2100, four times more than now.

    According to Dr Jimmy Lee, "it's not rocket science".

    People need to drink plenty of fluid before they start work, take regular breaks and then drink again when they rest.

    His hospital has started laying on "slushie" semi-frozen drinks to help the staff cool down.

    But he admits that avoiding heat stress is easier said than done.

    For him and his colleagues, going for rests involves the laborious process of changing out of PPE and then back into a new set of equipment

    There's a practical problem as well - "some people do not want to drink so they can avoid having to go to the toilet," he says.

    And there's a professional desire to keep working whatever the difficulties so as not to let colleagues and patients down at a time of crisis.

    People who are highly motivated can actually be at the greatest risk of heat injury, says Dr Jason Lee, an associate professor in physiology at the National University of Singapore.

Please take care when working outdoors in the heat.

Hello from The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands.
We love our embassies!

Korotania wrote:Hello from The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands.
We love our embassies!

Greetings, Friends! It is a pleasure to have you posting here.

Welcome New Nation
Welcome to Yves Adele Harlow! We are always glad to welcome another nation which loves our planet Earth.


Ancapstands wrote:hello

Welcome to the RMB! Are any of the previously posted articles of concern to you?

William Beebe wrote:Welcome to the RMB! Are any of the previously posted articles of concern to you?


Humanity has had a common weakness that has lasted throughout its history; that is; it tries to avoid or ignore grand-scale, slowly-evolving catastrophes. During the Chernobyl accident, a failure to act quickly caused large swaths of Ukraine to remain uninhabitable to this day. The inability of the United Kingdom to act in protection of thousands of children from Thalidomide left families broken. Ministers, back then, failed to implement industrial restrictions in a timely way that would have saved, perhaps, hundreds of thousands from harm. One could go on with numerous examples where, historically, humanity has failed to act quickly enough to defer a calamity of epic proportions. Although a cyclical model of history is no way to begin scientific inquiry, it does not even approximate the reality of the vast and grave damage done thus far to our atmosphere.

The negligence of the energy sector is but a small cause that contributed to an ever expanding problem of global atmospheric pollution. Chemical and energy manufacturing sectors are the heaviest contributors toward global temperature increases.(1) It is incidental to the progress of civilization to innovate products at the cost of the environment. This attitude that the environment can bear the harms of current manufacturing structures is conjecture at best.

Currently, China leads the world in atmospheric pollutants. (2) It goes without saying that China is the leader of the world's manufacturing market.(3) There is a direct correlation between the level of manufacturing, and the level of energy consumption. As more is produced by a state's industrial infrastructure, the more energy is demanded as an input. With higher levels of manufacturing, higher levels of energy input are required creating an almost 2 factor pollution output.

The needs of every state can be seen ranked by its demand for energy.(4) Albeit in recent months of 2020 the percentage of change for energy demand has dropped due to the COVID-19 situation, the drop in energy demanded has seen a drop of CO2 emissions.(5) What other evidence do people need now?

The problems we have with controlling global climate change is not in the regulation of manufacturers (not singularly because they will put up a formidable public offense in legislatures) but of energy providers. We must insure further that the cost of manufacturer's energy expenses are not shed upon the consumer. Should the energy costs of manufacturers be displaced on the costs of their goods and upon the consumer, why regulate the industries at their (the consumer's) sole expense?

To model a legal framework of climate control that looks directly at energy producers is a necessary policy that must be introduced. However, this will not be done immediately. Like it was stated before. Humanity will look the other way for a while until this gets worse and humans can no longer sit in air conditioning without sweating.


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