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Founder: The Visodym of Vallanmoor

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World Factbook Entry

Scoria was founded in 2012 as a near-future RP region, later expanding into a constantly evolving world-building project. We're a region of worldbuilders, artists and writers, and do most of our shenanigans on Discord. For nearly 7 years we've been writing and telling the story of a world, a history across several eras complete with events, characters and conflicts. Scoria is is a series of adventures worth remembering.

Feel free to message any of us if you have any questions/comments/concerns.

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    Map of Scoria, 612 CE

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    The Complete List of NSCodes

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Embassies: Terrum Novum, Commonwealth Assembly, Paradisum, International Debating Area, The Embassy, The Communist Bloc, Avadam Inn, The NewsStand, Bus Stop, Lardyland, SECFanatics, Zero Zero Zero Zero, Simul, and Union of Conservative Nations s.

Tags: Capitalist, Casual, Democratic, Large, Map, Monarchist, Neutral, Offsite Forums, Password, Post-Modern Tech, Role Player, and Socialist.

Scoria contains 51 nations, the 264th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Welfare Programs in Scoria

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

As a region, Scoria is ranked 6,041st in the world for Largest Welfare Programs.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of NyterriaCivil Rights Lovefest“Liberty and Freedom over Tyranny”
2.The Confederacy of IsiloLeft-wing Utopia“Stronger together, divided we fall”
3.The Yamian Monarchy of GuwakiuCivil Rights Lovefest“Noqob hnoea rno noqob xom.”
4.The Socialist Republic of SalicrudePsychotic Dictatorship“Stand victims of oppresion”
5.The Committee of The Scorian NationsDemocratic Socialists“We shall, through candor and fairness, execute laws.”
6.The Grand Imperial Republic of KantasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The journey is clear, our ancestors have paved the way”
7.The Republic of DanzhouNew York Times Democracy“和平與繁榮”
8.The Tsardom of DonassaFather Knows Best State“Direnseg Donarsag!”
9.The Democratic Republic of ArkosiansInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Che mesu theu Ahan imus. A chis Mukaru, nesu rom..”
10.The Federation of KalontrisDemocratic Socialists“Nos conminuere meis.”

Regional Happenings


Scoria Regional Message Board

Today marks a year of our fellow member Nyterria representing our region at the World Assembly. Your emissaries have done us well on the international stage. Here's to another year of your delegation!

Dear Comrades, Greetings from the Communist Bloc

Here is a document from the Communist Bloc's Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the January Foreign Update. Please read it as within it you will find important updates and events which happened in the Communist Bloc during the month of January. It will also be useful for you region to know what is going on and see how our system works.

Thank You for the time Comrades

We're going to start posting Weekly Recaps in the Message Boards here;
-Rising political tensions in Danzhou (See pinned factbook)

-Khadhurast grants Platypustan permission to build bases on the border with Salicrude in response to the Nyterrian buildup in the region.

-Majkar (Majko) Feud has ended. Milwano has been returned to Isilo while the Valmorans (Vallanmoor) have been ordered to arrest and dispose of the Majkar Government.

-Hraena's government referendum has ended, with overwhelming support for a constitutional monarchy. The former Admiral-President, Adrina Kosamo, has been made the Duchess and ruler of Hraena in an odd effort to leverage power against influential religious leaders. Kosamo's new monarchy and elected government is in favor of populism, Pan-Valscorianism, and the restoration of Hraenic cultural values.

-Perenorian electrical grid is finally complete, assuring access to electricity for everyone in the region of Chadurim. The Kasevaean Modernization Effort is still underway.

-Danzhou accuses Kantas, Donassa and Vallanmoor of arming insurgents within their borders.

-Duralam has declared formal war on Danzhou and currently occupies much of the former border between them. Danzhouhas requested SUN Intervention and sanctions against Duralam.

-Civil unrest continues in The wasli. Valscorian troops are hesitant to leave in fear of increased violence in the region.

-Sulgunarland has arrested the last of former dictator Obokole's cabinet. They are being transported to Nolsgrad where they will stand trial for their crimes during the Abysmal War.

-The trial against President Rhodes of Westvalde and his role in his corporation's human experimentation in Samundar has taken a turn. Substantial evidence has been released that Rhodes and his wife were never told of, nor consented to the experimentation taking place, but rather they instructed their executives to build a lab for agricultural analysis of the New World. President Drofsauer is expected to pardon Rhodes as the trial shifts gears into questioning his executives in charge of the New World operation.


-Majko formally annexed by Vallanmoor. The SUN, criticized for being biased against Majko, was swift to recognize this change in territory. Trials begin in Nolsgrad (Nyterria) against the Majkar government.

-President Drofsauer of Westvalde has pardoned former President Rhodes and his wife Erika, after the evidence of their lack of involvement in their corporate schemes in the New World came to light.

-Khadhurast Monarch Serzh III has made a bid at the recent 2063 Northern Orthodox Conference for a formal union between the nations of Vallanmoor, Guwakiu, Khadhurast and Donassa. Serzh cited examples of similar faith, ideologies and culture, as "strengths" to create an organization between these nations.

-Delscoria now hosts the largest statue/monument in the world. The "Hraenic Monolith" serves as a memorial to the Hraenic War, and as a cultural landmark of Valscoria. Inscribed are the names of Delscorians who perished at the hands of Wisdoh, or in fighting them. The memorial also bears proverbs and poems in various Valscorian languages, as well as hidden sculptures of Valscorian mythological founders within the base of the monument.

-Jhirdland approves a high-speed rail system that will extend as far East as Lejonmark and as far south as the Gurikhli Isles (Khadhurast). Upon completion, it will be the largest public/international transport service in the world, promising "safe, long distance travel", and the ability to "reach either end of the continent within 2 hour's time."

-Nyterria arms the Minarchist Faction in the escalating Danzhou crisis.

-Much of the International Community implements sanctions on Duralam for military intervention.

Isilo hosts a national day of celebration and parade in Milwano following it's liberation, and is granted a monetary fund from the SUN for rebuilding.

-The first official meeting for the newly formed Terrevalde Union begins. Members include every nation in the region, except for the currently suspended Duralam and Danzhou due to the ongoing conflict.

In addition, we'll try to feature a factbook every week from a different nation. We'll use this to promote further readings, current events, or just to promote general interest in the featured country.

No weekly recap for this week, it has been a slow week in terms of international affairs.

Featured factbook of the week: Nyterria in the Great War (1942-1949)

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