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The Security Council has voted for independence from the merger with The Mystical Council as such the region is now open again

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Birth of The Solar Alliance: 12th January 2016

Embassies: The Mystical Council, Yarnia, Eastern Roman Empire, Australia, Right to Life, United States of America, Pluviostan, Holy Regime of the German Chocolate Cake, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, Barbaria, The Bar on the corner of every region, Star Wars Battlefront, The Commonwealth of Crowns, The Embassy, Avadam Inn, The Illuminati, and 29 others.Grand New Earth, The Regional Alliance, United Empire of Islam, Regionless, Arab League, Sunalaya, Axiom Supercluster, International Debating Area, Dauiland, Krumpelberg, The Alterran Republic, NationStates World Regions, Middle East, Circumspice, Followers of the Ferret, The LCRUA, Elparia, Order of the Southern North, The United Coalition of Nation States, Driselbia, Brasil, Wakanda Republic, The Universal Order of Nations, Union of the Kind Ones, The Erviadus Galaxy, Union of Nationalists, Monarchist and Democratic Alliance, The Mystical Alliance, and The Great Universe.

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Solar Alliance contains 11 nations, the 1,282nd most in the world.


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The Nudest in Solar Alliance

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, Solar Alliance is ranked 11,127th in the world for Nudest.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federal Empire of ForestaviaCivil Rights Lovefest“The old magic of our land grants eternal life.”
2.The Republic of MelzaeNew York Times Democracy“विश्व के कामगारों को एकजुट!”
3.The Kingdom of North WinterfellInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Winter is Coming”
4.The Solar Empire of LaharaoScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Ours is the Fury”
5.The Commonwealth of New WilhelmslandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“E Pluribus Unum”
6.The Kingdom of TriwenNew York Times Democracy“Unity is life”
7.The Kingdom of ParakkaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Out where the truth lies, I will follow”
8.The Kingdom of BrunicaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“God be with us”
9.The Kingdom of KriechInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Kriech is eternal”
10.The The Swabian Kingdom of TimmerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Sucess is nessesary”

Last poll: “SA - UCN Unification Act”

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Solar Alliance Regional Message Board

Hi, with over 250 embassies, the process I have for delivering news has become too inefficient. I feel bad for doing this, but I'm going to streamline by closing our embassies. If you'd rather keep the embassy open, please let me know on The NewsStand RMB.

If you want to keep up with the news, you can always add The NewsStand to your dossier, and catch up whenever suits.

Thanks for having had the embassy with us. It has genuinely meant a lot to have had your support for so long.

Regional Announcement

Current poll taking place in The Mystical Alliance that could see the reactivation of this region and achieving of the other.

Parakka wrote:I forgot all about the above executive order... so looking at the Security Council votes

Timmer - No
De anglo dutch union - Yes
New Wilhelmsland - Yes
Triwen - Yes
The United Russian Republic

As such whilst the poll will continue to run till its conclusion the Security Council of the Solar Alliance has decided to vote for independence from The Mystical Council and The Mystical Alliance.

Anyone who wishes to go over to Solar Alliance may do so.

Founders Exective Order 2020.6

Based on the above all previous Founders Exective Orders are now null and void. The region is to be rebuilt with Embassies established in due course with all The Mystical Alliance embassed regions.

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The Ambassadors Reception wrote:*Sends you a diplomatic Cable*

If you'd like regular notifications of this monthly newsletter, please post the word "subscribe" on The Embassy RMB.

Welcome and thank you for sharing such an informative article :)

Orientis stein was a settlement on the frontier of the eastern provinces. It was quite simply a standard medium settlement of around 15,000 people well laid out and well organized. It was however on the frontier and had only recently come under the attack of an Ork war band and had it repelled and send back into the forrest and over the great eastern river. It was when more and more and more attacks happen to more and more settlements were attacked the calls was made to request a legion to deal with the ever-growing threat of the Orks. The legion they got, however, was maybe not the legion they hoped for. They might have hoped for one of the famous 5 legions. The legions with the most fame and battle honour the legions that date their history back to the founding of the old kingdom of Kriech. Instead, they got the messenger hawk that they would receive the Aurem Minotari. A frontier legion that was not green but had bloodied itself in its nearly 120 years of existence on the northern frontier fighting orks barbarians and even the occasional Brunnic raid. They had earned their experience in those wars and fights and were responsible for the destruction of the barbarian mountain kingdom of Cunda they had simply put destroyed the kingdom and its people. The rumours surrounding the legion spoke of a legion where the more brutal fire bending techniques were practised, that its soldiers painted their uniforms red in the blood of their enemies.

The legion arrived and with it brought dark clouds and rain, they arrived singing their marching songs. The different centuries marching with their banners, with the legions standard-bearer at the front showing the Minotaur head. After the Legatus legionis the commander of the legion had met with the leader of the local province which was under attack. As the Legatus met the legion began setting up his camp and 3 days later the Legatus met with his commanders and a strategy was drawn up in another 3 days. Thus after 6 days, the Legion began packing up and marching towards their intended destination. They marched for 5 days and were joined by local auxiliaries. They began then the strategy of crossing the so-called Black stone border and the large bridges that connected Kriech with the other side of the eastern river. While the orks were going the via the mountains they knew that the Orks had a large settlement that would have to be simply burned to the ground.

To achieve this they set up camps and artillery began the construction of artillery around the settlements, they began setting up everything and they knew the Orks would likely come out and meet them it was thus that they were preparing. While the attached cavalry cohort began scouting and drawing out the Orks. It was 2 days later that the orks came but not as they expected the orks came in hard and fast and the battle turned brutal quickly, the Legionaries managed to push the orks away as the fire benders burned the orks to the ground that did not getaway. As they fled the artillery opened fire and thus the legate realizing that this Ork which was actually somewhat competent ordered the remainder of the legion to form up move forward and slowly but surely deal with the orks they would now go on the offensive.

It all came down to the great battle of the ruby river.

The Legionaries as their reputation was true to some degree moved hard and fast and brutal and the fact that the Orks were more numerous and larger did not matter for when the fight began the regimental and disciplined nature of the Legionaries managed to slaughter the independent ork warriors. It ended after some 2 hours of fighting and the army was burned to the ground, what followed then was the slaughter of the Ork settlement the legionaries knew what they had to do to rout out the Orks to make sure no more investigation would come after they left. Thus in another series of skirmishes, they defeated the last remnants. They then came into the settlement which was more like a small city destroyed its walls and then went on to murder every ork women and child and elderly it did not matter they were burned down. The screams of them were heard for leagues and leagues around.

For it was that they were not given a slow death, the hatred for the Ork ran deep within the Legion, for their shields were painted, black with the greenskin skull painted on the front of it in blood red. The Orks were put on spiked ran over butchered kicked stoned stabbed burned in cases of the older onces all sorts of horrible deeds were committed. All because they were Orks and within the Legion which had lost countless men to the Orks they wanted to see their kind death. Thus when the legion marched away from the now burning settlement there was nothing but ash and the surrounding area was aflame for this was how the Kingdom dealt with Ork investigations hard and brutal.

The Kingdom of Parakka started life as a city state, known as Parakka (now known as Gar Jenna). Through the cleaver leadership and ruthless aggression of House Gar, it was able to expand its borders along the River Gem; taking towns a villages from local warlords or petty leaders. Within 6 months the towns and villages along the River Gem had been brought under the control of the City of Parakka. Thus The Kingdom of Parakka was born with the the capital being renamed in hour of King Gar wife Jenna.

However, as The Kingdom of Parakka expanded north towards Mandora coast in 20AF (After Founding) it soon brought them into conflict with the Mountain Ork Tribe and Wood Elves within the region. This soon became known as The War of Three. In the beginning the Kingdom was on the losing end having never fought the Elves before who possessed superior archery and armour than that of the Kingdom. Though when the Mountain Orks invaded the Wood Elves Forest they were forced to divert forces from the Kingdom of Parakka. As a result the Queen Helen Gar ordered full mobilisation of the Kingdom which resulted in any able body man being forced to join the Kingdom army.

Whilst the Orks and Elves were fighting it seemed for a long time, that the Humans had been forgotten as a result in 25AF the Kingdom expanded towards the East and North East coastline. Content to avoid the forest and take over the smaller kingdoms throw either political marriage or conquest. In 27AF that the High Council was formed to aid the King or Queen govern The Kingdom. In the later half of 25AF a punitive force was sent to the Elvish woods. Upon arriving they discovered that within the 7 years of war that had taken place during which the Parakkans had been left to their own devices, The Elves had taken serious losses with only a couple dozen warriors left to guard their children. Upon the arrival of the Punitive Force to the heart of the Forest the Elves surrendered. However, Queen Helen Gar rather than punishing the Elves and forcing them into slavery offered them to swear fealty to the crown and become apart of the Kingdom, to which they accepted.

Whilst this resulted the war of three becoming the war of two. In 28AF the Orks marshalled their tribes and marched towards Gar Jenna seeking to claim what they deemed as the destruction of weak humans. The initial force that was sent out from the city of Zeratul failed in stopping them. Despite the call for reinforcements the city was ransacked and its inhabitants being killed. The again the Queen was forced to ride out ahead of the Kingdoms army. The Battle took place on the South side of the Wood Elves Forest. The Battle lasted for eleven hours strait with the result of the Ork Tribes being routed. Unfortunately Queen Helen Gar was killed by a stray arrow. With her son Ethan Gar taking the thrown a week later.

Since that time the Kingdom has expanded across the River Gem taking parts of the island of Gemstone. In addition to that in the year of 59AF the Kingdom took parts of the Turbid Mountain Spine. It was at this time that The Kingdom managed to form trade relations with Timmer (Swabia-Swissland) a kingdom on the West coast of Turbid. In the following year the Kingdom formed trade relations with Kriech a nation on the Mandora continent. Whilst relations with these two new Kingdoms had rocky moments they were predominantly positive.

In 102AF The Kingdom had a brief war with a nation to across the sea known as Triwen, who had started to raid the Kingdoms shores with the city of Calash seeing the majority of the action. This war ended 4 years ago though relations between Parakka and Triwen remain tense with occasional sea skirmishes and or raids still taking place today.

The Kingdom of Triwen was nation on the north of the Mandora Sea. The Kingdom was known for a number of things such as its trade in furs, timber and mining industries along with its raiding of other ships and nations to the south.

The Kingdom is ruled by King Max Kunze, and the council of chiefs. The Kingdom was formed 10 years ago by King Corey Kunze who managed to subjugate the seven tribes. in what was known locally as the 7 year war. As a result Kunze Tribe was made the ruling tribe of all Triwen but the council of tribes was formed. When a King or Queen dies the council elect a new ruler amongst them. When despites arise between those that wish to be king, they then must fight till the death or submission of the other.

The Kingdom competes with the Dwarf tribes located around the Crown the routine range surrounding the northern most border of the kingdom. Whilst in some cases the competition remains civil there have been been tensions recently regarding a large gold deposit. That has put the two sides on a collision course.

Relations with the The Kingdom of Parakka have been rocky with a recent war ending only 4 years ago. In what some within the Council of Chiefs perceive as a defeat due to not being able to capture the city of Calash from the Parakkans. However, others on the council view it as a learning exercise regarding the military prospects of the southern kingdoms.

You guys are merging again? I hope it works out better this time. I had no idea the previous merge was going to be such a flop. Good luck guys. Find some good dedicated RP people. Solar Alliance deserves nothing less.

Oakplumington wrote:OOC:
You guys are merging again? I hope it works out better this time. I had no idea the previous merge was going to be such a flop. Good luck guys. Find some good dedicated RP people. Solar Alliance deserves nothing less.

The only real thing to merge is the membership and discord servers. SA and UCN will continue to still be active

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