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Sonindia RMB

WA Delegate (non-executive): The Kingdom of Europaterre (elected )

Founder: The Ancient Commonwealth of Kesi Xina Minzu

Last WA Update:

World Factbook Entry

Welcome to The Republic of Sonindia!
Sonindia is a region of great depth, from our native defender army, to our significant roleplay, to the symbolism of the powerful trident.

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Please endorse Delegate Europaterre, Vice Delegate Atlantic Imperium, and all Regional Officers.

New to Sonindia? Check out our handbook and the SWAI.

Looking for Embassies? Please see our embassy policy.

Regional News:

Embassies: Forest, Yggdrasil, Wintreath, Enadia, and Thalassia.

Tags: Defender, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Enormous, Independent, Magical, Map, Religious, Role Player, and World Assembly.

Regional Power: High

Sonindia contains 237 nations, the 51st most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Most Extensive Civil Rights in Sonindia

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, Sonindia is ranked 11,777th in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Commonwealth of The United Word FederationAnarchy“Forward unto the dawn”
2.The Holy Empire of Nagathar Karumuttu ChettiarAnarchy“Puppet of Nagatar”
3.The Republic of SzaiaAnarchy“From Many, One”
4.The Kingdom of NoisoroAnarchy“Glory to the Emperor.”
5.The Principality of HrigvadAnarchy“The most secret hold in Skyrim.”
6.The Kingdom of AnoloenAnarchy“Twin sister of the forests of Lothlorien!”
7.The Free Land of North Western AtlanticAnarchy“The North Western Atlantic!”
8.The Rogue Nation of Scotch-Gaelic CeltiaAnarchy“We have retaken Celtia. Now, the world will see.”
9.The Protectorate of BrazishitoAnarchy“Prefecture of the heavens! Land of the Rising Sun!”
10.The Dominion of Kashon-MolaskhaAnarchy“Kash-Mol and its peoples will rise to victory in all!”
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Regional Happenings


Sonindia Regional Message Board

Results of the October 2019, Prime Minister Election:

Congratulations to incumbent YoungGunners for his victory. YoungGunners won against the worthy opponent South Valleys in a landslide with 87,5% of the vote.

  1. The Celtic Empire of YoungGunners won 87,5% of the vote;

  2. South Valleys recieved 12,5% of the vote;

  3. 18 votes were cast, 16 valid, and 2 invalid - a lower turnout than average of 25% of those endorsing the Delegate and 5% of the total region.

This, my 7th alt, has reached 2 billion today.


Soviet red coats wrote:I feel like I'm going to get judged by people who hate my hobby

And that hobby is? And yes you prolly are being judged by them. But it's up to you how you deal with them and what you're going to do about it.

Results for the October 2019, Head of Parliament and World Assembly Delegate positions

Head of Parliament:
Congratulations to Europaterre for winning their first term as Head of Parliament! The results were:
1. Europaterre won 44.4% of the vote;
2. Kobanie received 38.9% of the vote;
3. 16.7% of voters abstained;
4. Gomark received no vote
I'd like to congratulate the runner up Kobanie for their effort to run as well, the Head of Parliament elections were extremely tight, with Europaterre winning the election by a single vote.

World Assembly Delegate
Congratulations to Sorentia on winning a landslide for their first bid at the World Assembly Delegate position.
The results were:
1. Sorentia won 72.2% of the votes;
2. 22.2% of voters abstained
3. Atque Coetibus received 5.6% of the vote.

21 total votes were cast, 18 valid and 3 invalid - a turnout of exactly 25% of those endorsing the outgoing World Assembly Delegate, 18.75% of all WA members in the region, and 7.6% of the total region.

Please join me in congratulating our new HoP Europaterre and WAD Sorentia

Prime Minister of Sonindia

Fellow Sonindians!

This is yet another historic day and a glorious triumph for Sonindia as a region that highly values democracy. Personally I have been privileged to have your support in this elections and it will be a my honor to serve the region as the World Assembly Delegate. Throughout my term I will do my best to reflect Sonindian values and make sure we have a stronger, more decisive presence in the international community. I hereby extend my gratitude to all those who supported me as well as those who supported this elections by their participation. I am in need of every suggestion and assistance that I could have so I ask you all to telegram me if you think you could be of any help in my attempt to serve our region.


Yours sincerely
Elected WA Delegate

Dear nations of Sonindia,

I would like to personally thank everyone for your support once again. This is the third time I receive your trust and I am very honoured for that.

I am willing to continue serving the interests of our region for another four months. I am ready to make my campaign reality. I want to come up to the expectations of my voters and prove to the rest that Iím responsible enough for this post.

Congratulations to Kobanie as well for the worthy debate before the elections and the very close result - it was a single vote that designed who the winner is.

Congratulations to YoungGunners for his landslide victory with nearly 9 out of 10 voting for him! I hope for a term as constructive as the first one and I am sure that the excellent cooperation between us is going to continue.

Finally, congratulations to Sorentia, my successor and the next Delegate of the Republic! I am really eager to assist you and give you valuable pieces of advice!

But congratulations to all of you that decided to vote as well. Elections are the core of the democratic regime of Sonindia.

Yours faithfully,
HoP-elect of Sonindia

P.S.: Please start endorsing Sorentia!

I would like to congratulate YoungGunners and Europaterre on their respective electoral victories. I look forward to working with both of you and I am positive that we can address some of the issues we now face as a region and make Sonindia a better region by the day we leave office.

I will need all the help in my role as Sonindia's new WA Delegate and I will especially seek assistance from our most experienced Delegate, Europaterre.


Congratulations for Europaterre. I am sure you will do a great job as HoP. Also congratulations for YoungGunners, it is almost useless to say that we trust you to continue your good work. Sorentia welcome in the government! I hope you have a good time and believe you will do a great job as well.

Also a big thanks for everyone who voted for me!

Political Question of the Week

The Israeli-Arab Conflict: Who do you support? Do you believe there is a solution to the seemingly endless cycle of violence in the Levant? Should Palestine be a state?

(Note: If this is annoying I will stop. I just like to hear different opinions on issues.)

Ultior wrote:Political Question of the Week

The Israeli-Arab Conflict: Who do you support? Do you believe there is a solution to the seemingly endless cycle of violence in the Levant? Should Palestine be a state?

(Note: If this is annoying I will stop. I just like to hear different opinions on issues.)

Ideally the people of Israel and Palestine could live together in peace within one state. However, it is a very unlikely solution to the situation since the tensions between the Jews and Palestinians are too high to accommodate development of a healthy democratic and secular society. A huge issue is that religious extremism is gaining support on both sides which in turn will increase the Jewish settlement efforts on the West Bank which will increase the number of terror attacks on the Jewish population. In the words of John Kerry "Israel can be democratic or Jewish, it can't be both". Either Israel has to renounce its status as a Jewish state and give full political and civil rights to the Palestinians or it will have to withdraw from Palestinian soil.

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